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  1. ABED1984

    Ok, How to smaland?

    Smaland is a bad destroyer in general. I only can see her viable in radaring caps and that's it. This another reason Hayate is more fun and rewarding ((More torps with more damage & two more guns)) compared to Smaland.
  2. ABED1984

    What is a reasonable T10 tech tree equivalent?

    Pan Asian DD line & German CA line are my choice for resetting. I always reset those two cuz the other lines are more valuable.
  3. I really like her rush gameplay style. I guess the Italian DD line will be lots of fun.
  4. ABED1984

    Slava OR Ohio

    Ohio is better than Slava. It's more versatile with better armour.
  5. ABED1984

    Bronze Camo

    Can you make this Bronze camo available for steel in the armoury? .. I really like this camo more than "Made of Steel" Camo.
  6. ABED1984

    Games ending too quick

    There's other battle that lasted for 3 min but I didn't screenshot that one.
  7. ABED1984

    Games ending too quick

    That's alot compared to the screenshot below!
  8. ABED1984

    Worst T10 Battleships now?

    The worst is T10 BB is SLAVA mainly due to:- 1- Weak Armour. 2- Low Gun Calibre( The slightest angling to her shells makes her useless in battle. ) 3- No Viable Secondaries. 4- Her Guns aren't that crazy accurate either.
  9. ABED1984

    Your new ranked system SUCKS

    You're Welcome. "Ranked" is OFFICIALLY in the trash can (At least for me) right now. The ONLY thing that can make me return to "Ranked" is to get paid either via real money or via good amount of doubloons. Other than that I will not exert any effort in such flawed system especially with players like to play foolishly & carelessly.
  10. ABED1984

    DIV : MVR + 2X Thunderer rangemod deadeye

    This game needs a REWORK from the gound-up. I hope this game dies soon!!
  11. Your new ranked system isn't worth the effort anymore. I only get 400 doubloons & some other sh!t rewards?!! ... Really??? And all of that for more effort in your new stupid system!!! ... Your rewards are pathetic like your ranked system. Bye Ranked!! .. You will not be missed!!
  12. WG, Can you make Div invitations available in a browser so if we face this Clan/Div issues then we can find an alternative way to invite our clan mates?
  13. Yeah, Sure. Also "World of Deception" fits this game perfectly.
  14. But I'm also playing without benefiting from the ships the game has. I prefer paying once to play all ships with all camos and not to pay a lot of money to play just one ship or buy one bundle. I'm not getting the full WOWs gaming experience in this way. Didn't care to read about the full Santa's ship list but I'm talking in general.