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  1. ABED1984

    WARNING- dont buy LONDON

    Yeah, He needs to be in 5km range to be able to use his guns & torps.
  2. ABED1984

    Tech Tree: Left and right nerfs with 0 justification

    Since WG smacked down my Khabarovsk I can expect anything.
  3. ABED1984

    This game is like a fairy tale now

    Lame @$$ thread. Your problem is your problem.
  4. ABED1984

    "Hayate" Expected Free XP Cost?

    Any approximate speculation about the FXP cost of Hayate? Thanks.
  5. ABED1984

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    Bye Bye cursed ship & event! ...Glad I didn't pay WG a single doubloon on this event.
  6. ABED1984

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    Advise, Don't Trust CCs. They're group of fake people saying fake things for sake of attention.
  7. ABED1984

    Puerto Rico

    It's a T10 Alaska, Which means you can play tier 10 CB and Ranked with her. Plus, Her citadel is not that exposed in addition of course to the additional 3 guns.
  8. ABED1984

    My Puerto Rico Grind

    Yeah, But that's alot of money.
  9. ABED1984

    My Puerto Rico Grind

    Yes, You're right. For me, My P.R journey stops here. GG WG.
  10. ABED1984

    My Puerto Rico Grind

    25k doubloons is too much for me.
  11. ABED1984

    My Puerto Rico Grind

    Hi, Will I be able to get the Puerto Rico instantaneously if I paid for the three doubloon boosters? Note that I completed 28 stages out of 36. Thanks.
  12. ABED1984

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    I'm pretending that I haven't seen this ship & her stupid missions!.
  13. ABED1984

    The Best Solution For Puerto Rico

    I wanted the ship cuz no one hates getting new ships especially T10s but the grind cancelled that idea from my mind. Still, I hope on getting her even if I had to wait one year.
  14. ABED1984

    The Best Solution For Puerto Rico

    I hope so. Other means of getting this ship is better than this grind.
  15. ABED1984

    The Best Solution For Puerto Rico

    Make her available for Steel.