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  1. ABED1984

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Giving DDs the 6 sec chance to run before getting exposed to all the enemy team is a great addition. Can't wait to test this on live server.
  2. ABED1984

    An Idea about AA on surface ships

    Yeah.. Submarines needs to be added to the game. But the last Submarine gameplay test in Halloween wasn't entertaining at all. WarGaming must make this class a fun and interesting to play and play against. By this concept the AA needs a real rework to catch up with the CV rework.
  3. ABED1984

    An Idea about AA on surface ships

    Then why did WG add CVs in the 1st place? As long as WG wanted to put CVs in the game then they should do whatever is necessary to make this ship class a good addition to the game either you're playing CVs or surface ships.
  4. ABED1984

    An Idea about AA on surface ships

    After watching this commentary about CVs I came up with an idea about AA on surface ships, Which is:- How about we have the option to personally control the AA while making our artillery gun controlled by AI ?? We can switch which type of armament we want to control and play with. https://youtu.be/_d319aOO4mU?t=596
  5. ABED1984

    Tier 6 Giulio Cesare

    - Khabarovsk - Yue Yang - Giulio Cesare - And the rest yet to come.
  6. ABED1984

    Tier 6 Giulio Cesare

    This has been proven by the time. Every old ship is getting nerf hammered in every possible way making way for new OP ships. I'm not surprised anymore.
  7. ABED1984

    Tier 6 Giulio Cesare

    Will WarGaming release the T6 Giulio Cesare on sale again after uptiering her ?
  8. Do you think that it's better for CVs to have their own standalone game?
  9. ABED1984

    RTS CVs. Do you miss us now?

    NO!! ... They will not be remembered nor missed.
  10. ABED1984

    To the person who approved the CV changes...

    Still better than OP RTS CVs! Yeah, Some tweaks might be done here and there but overall great fix for this OP class.
  11. ABED1984

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    All of the points you mentioned proves that Azuma would be sort of OP in competitive. That concealment + gun caliber is not that great of an idea.
  12. ABED1984

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    I would like to return the favor to you with your same GIF that you posted on my " Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration " thread . Have Fun!
  13. ABED1984

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    It's a "large cruiser", And like the blog stated :-
  14. ABED1984

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    As a Stalingrad owner I welcome this change. Thanks WG!