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  1. Kenjiro_

    Reflecting on year 4 of WoWS - What have you liked/disliked?

    I dislike the fact that grinding tech tree ships is almost obsolete now since there is an influx of premium ships on every tier and they are flat superior to silver ships.. I also dislike that I was around during every bad update/event while being away during the few good updates 😔
  2. Kenjiro_

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    Since I fell asleep with the kids while bedding them last night, I don't even know if I am still in hof or not 😊
  3. First step would be teaching players that it doesn't matter whether they survive or not if their team loses at the end.
  4. Kenjiro_

    Price drop on Premium Shop

    Apparently tinfoil hats are real... This is what happens when you openly expose shitty price policy of WG
  5. Kenjiro_

    Price drop on Premium Shop

    You Europeans (western ones at least) don't fully understand the price gap between steam and good old wg accounts. Due to steam regional pricing, wg shop is litterally 10 times more expensive for me during steam sale periods. I won't buy anything at all from wg shop except maybe %75 discounted premium time if they keep throwing that at my way.. Therefore, 3 euros discount over 30 euros doesn't mean anything at all...
  6. Kenjiro_

    What ships should I be working towards?

    Discounts alone are huge. Switch to steam before it's too late. Steam discounts are immensely effective depending on your region.
  7. Kenjiro_

    Buy or wait??

    I was the same way but it makes a difference when you buy many things at once... I am reluctant to buy Zao for 2 reasons: 1. I fear The Mighty Senjou has already been powercrept since I'm not seeing any around for a while. 2. I suck in cruisers, especially in high tier ones :) I already have %15 clan discount. Do they stack?
  8. Kenjiro_

    Buy or wait??

    Hello, I have a couple of silver ships to buy..Should I buy them now while upgrades are %50 cheaper..or wait anniversary hoping for better prices on ships&upgrades? Definite buys: North Carolina, Jervis, Hatsuharu Maybe buys: Zao, Des Moines
  9. Kenjiro_

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    When it will be announced? We should be discussing/flaming/applauding the actual events instead of speculating so much
  10. Kenjiro_

    Yamato vs Dakadakadaka

    Yamato's guns are still the best but she requires careful positioning and keeping at range.. If you're a brawler, she is not for you...More like for campers these days :P
  11. Kenjiro_

    Monitor from full to Windowed

    Hit alt + enter
  12. Kenjiro_

    What am i doing wrong ?

    I see two possible options here: * You play higher tiers than before hence, as explained above, your other stats go up tough not enough to carry at those tiers * There is nothing wrong with you, you are put into ultimate potatoe teams constantly by the malicious, rigged MM I am also experiencing the same problem and I believe the second option is in effect in my case
  13. Kenjiro_

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    Whatever the conditions of the replays, smoke + he spam is a close second to smoke + radar in the disgusting league..
  14. Kenjiro_

    Colorado, you're a steaming pile of you know what...

    Aside from being awfully/horribly/painfully slow, Colorado is a good ship. If she gets a little speed buff, she'll be a monster on her tier....
  15. Kenjiro_

    BB's in matchmaking

    Now that is progress 😜