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  1. Kenjiro_


    The shady thing about all WG lootbo.. err.. surprise mechanics that they don't reveal the odds. They only say "a chance of" which technically can be %0.0001
  2. Kenjiro_

    Ohio needs Buff

    Considering the time and resources needed to get the ship, I think it's only natural for Ohio to be the best TX BB. If she is indeed the best, then no buff is needed. If not, then buff her to justify the frickin' investment....
  3. Kenjiro_

    Nikolay Kuznetsov

    Broken indeed. But I still doubt he worths as much as a T10 ship (with coupon) I would go for him if I had all the ships I I'm interested.
  4. Kenjiro_

    Nikolay Kuznetsov

    Where to buy the container? Can't see in armory or shop??
  5. Kenjiro_

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Isn't that totally normal in a forum where %40 WR, 500 PR people describe themselves as "above average"??
  6. Kenjiro_

    Cant find missions, please assist

    Port screen top left icon above missions
  7. Kenjiro_

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Then maybe an EMP first to disable their dodging ability?
  8. Kenjiro_

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Why not just drop a nuke in the middle of that smoke and send them to hell in vapor form?
  9. Kenjiro_

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Well done sir!
  10. Kenjiro_

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    Wait! if AA is removed how the CV overlords will spot within strike distance those pesky little DDs who sail their AA on? Do you really want to annoy them with the burden of making a turn after spotting?
  11. Kenjiro_

    WG and WoWs needs to make changes!

    And people here still think Pay2rico was a fiasco for WG and they are sad about it. As we saw there was many people to pay 35-55k for PR and there will be many people to pay 65k for British CA. As a business WG only cares about numbers and numbers justify their actions. Forum and reddit forms less then 1% of playerbase. We should understand that and accept WG doesn't really give a crap about what is going on around here. We should focus more on the positives rather than trying to swim against the current.
  12. Kenjiro_

    Semi-noob, frustrated and confused

    In high tier games, mistakes are punished a lot faster and a lot harder. It's only natural that people remain more cautious. Of course this doesn't mean everyone should stay behind all the time. But a yoloing DD who gets radared in open water and sunk before 2 minute mark is no better than the one who stays behind during the whole match. It is important to know what to do depending on the situation. This requires map awareness and game knowledge. It's about knowing what your ship and the enemy can and can't do. 128 battles is only enough to fully understand the feel of one single ship. You need a lot more experience (in different classes) to fully grasp the game mechanics and all the different gimmicks that come with the variety of the ships in high tiers. Colliding head on with the first spotted enemy won't get you far in your career. I suggest keep playing in all classes around mid tiers until you get a feeling of each class before forcing your way up.
  13. Kenjiro_

    How many planes carrying T8 CVs?

    I recommend something like "Exorite_Flying"
  14. Free module demounting was a thing back then for CB seasons. Or am I dreaming? Why the hell did they remove this feature??