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  1. Kenjiro_

    Unicom. Really??

    You have enough problems as a TRB Yugumo when half the enemy team are gunboats looking for you... CV may be even a blessing for it keeps enemy gunboats in check...
  2. Kenjiro_

    Unicom. Really??

    Not in ranked tough, where the usual setup is 3DD + 3 BB + 1CA/CV I agree the ones who told OP not to play Yugumo (especially a TRB one) in ranked....
  3. Kenjiro_

    Nelson useful for credit grind?

    Of course she is not printing credits like higher tier premiums but she definitely deserves that 350k fxp price tag...
  4. Kenjiro_

    Any reason not to buy Ise?

    If you don't mind her being nerfed after you pay for her, there is no other reason for not to buy...
  5. Kenjiro_

    My Win Rate Skyrocketed since the Rework

    I must disagree. Most of them are already at the point where it's not possible to get stupider...
  6. Kenjiro_

    well mm,well balance

    While mm is indeed feisty more often than not, I don't see anything wrong here but fail divisioning fools who have to face consequences of their moronic actions..
  7. Kenjiro_

    Still waiting for refund?

    Same here. They are either overwhelmed by huge amount of refund requests, or somehow punishing the ones who asked for a refund by making them wait, for an unreasonably longtime, without any explanation.
  8. Kenjiro_

    teams are awful, as expected

    Of course teams are awful. Every mentally challenged individual (look how PC I am) and every noob with less than 10 games have a large selection of T9-10 ships at their disposal and almost nobody plays <T8... All the game modes are now a lottery about who's gonna get more dead weight idiots to carry and how much pain your back can endure...
  9. Kenjiro_

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Happy holidays! I'd like to join the raffle.
  10. Are we able to get a refund for armory santa bundle purchases with dobloons?
  11. Kenjiro_

    New Ships Announced

    Why the German cvs are ugly as f..
  12. Kenjiro_

    No CV mode?

    Nvm this thread will be locked soon anyway 😊
  13. Kenjiro_

    No CV mode?

    Why not if I'll be able to play randoms without dds when I'm In a BB or without BBs when I'm in a cruiser..
  14. Kenjiro_

    Pinnacle of Boredom: Watching Competitive Play

    I also find high tier competitive gameplay boring as f. Positioning and strategic gameplay are just fancy names for boring campfest. CVs forced those campers to move their azz and therefore are hated..