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  1. Halliwell83

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Not spending another penny on this game until UI scaling is implemented.
  2. Halliwell83

    Ranked feeling more like work than play?

    Also finding it much more difficult than last season. In tier 8 ships you're able to carry some teams much more effectively, but at tier 7 it's just not as feasible due to the low HP, random bullet spread and extra large citadels. If it's tier 7 next season I won't bother.
  3. Halliwell83

    New Arpeggio Missions tomorrow 1st June

    I'm actually embarrassed to use the ones I have when with company due to the stupid captain voices.
  4. Halliwell83

    New Arpeggio Missions tomorrow 1st June

    Oh great. Another Kongo to put next to the three I already have.
  5. Halliwell83

    Is ranked going to be only tier 7 ?

    BS if true. They should take it up a tier to 9, if anything. Also would like to see a limit on the number of DDs.
  6. Halliwell83

    Rank Battles returns when?

    Any kind of ETA on this? By far my favourite game mode. Team battles isn't cutting it for me.
  7. Halliwell83

    What's your most kills record ?

    7 with a DD in a ranked match.
  8. Halliwell83

    How much money have you guys spent on the game?

    £15 for premium account. Won't spend another £ until I see progress with the RN.
  9. Halliwell83

    No St Georges Day Event?

    "Countries that celebrate St George's Day include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, England, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia. Cities include Genoa in Italy, Beirut in Lebanon, Qormiand Victoria in Malta, Moscow in Russia, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and many others. It is also celebrated in the old Crown of Aragon in Spain – Aragon, Catalonia, Valencia, and Majorca. "
  10. Halliwell83

    Gearing makes me want to boil my own head.

    Thanks, but I still think this ships needs looking into. Benson and Fletcher aren't nearly as susceptible to engine/rudder/turret incapacitations as the Gearing.