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  1. Madagaza

    I like the idea of having actual ship stats in port

    I imagine it would take a lot less resources than most of the fluff they put out that adds absolutely zero to the game play. I still think a lot of players would look at it and it would be nice to know which i the skinniest ship, or the size order of all DDs in game etc etc etc.
  2. Madagaza

    I like the idea of having actual ship stats in port

    But we've just established that the ships in game are often waaaay different than historical ships and many didn't even exist at all. So having a wikipedia link wouldn't really help much.....
  3. Madagaza

    I like the idea of having actual ship stats in port

    Points taken. But even length and beam, scaled to the dimensions of the ships WG have modeled and used in game, would help give more of an idea of the size differences between certain ships. As atm, it's pretty hard to tell at a glance which ships of the same class are bigger than others without taking them to a Training Room and sailing them next to each other etc. Unless I've missed something?
  4. Since they gave us the new Designer's Table port design, I've been thinking it would be really nice to be able to view the basic statistics of each ship by adding a new category on the right hand side of the port screen. For example, just above where it currently shows Armour Layout, Survivability, Artillery, Torpedoes, AA Defense, Maneuverablity & Concealment etc. Once clicked on it would show basic ship stats like this maybe: Displacement - 12,190 tons Length - 184m Beam - 18m Deck Height (above waterline) - 7.41m Draught - 5.26m Crew - 786 I can't imagine it would be that hard to do and would not only be interesting for players that take an interest in the real history of the ships they own, but also be useful for playing the game to know exactly the size differences between all the ships etc. I just wondered what anyone else thought of this idea and if it gets enough interest then maybe one day WG might implement it in an upcoming patch ;)