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  1. Madagaza

    Looking for a UK Clan

    PM sent
  2. Madagaza

    Looking for British Clan

    PM Sent!
  3. Madagaza

    Looking for clan

    PM sent!
  4. Madagaza

    Looking to join a clan

    PM sent!
  5. Madagaza

    UK Player LFG

    PM sent from a UK based clan :)
  6. Madagaza

    Norwegian player looking for a mature relaxed clan

    PM sent. Please take the time to read it as I've taken the time to write it ;)
  7. Madagaza

    looking to change clans

    pm Sent :)
  8. Madagaza

    Casual player looking for UK/EU clan

    PM sent :)
  9. Madagaza

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Lag spikes for me too and a lot of my clan mates. They seem to be caused by the new torp visuals. It would be great if we could turn them off somehow!?