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  1. BAT_Templar

    uber lag on EU server

    LOL ,genuinely.. LOL
  2. BAT_Templar

    uber lag on EU server

    yup.. all i needed to back up my initial thoughts on you bud. actually yeah we use "uber" quite a lot at my work as a prefix to many works. most people understand what it means in the context used. Mostly we have PEBKAC errors on the service logs.... that's not an official term either but ..we used that too. the speedtest shows my connection as being fine as far as ping, upload and download speed. when considering if it's your connection or if the problem is at the other end it's accepted that you test both. I did. the post above was intended to see if any other people were having the same problem... some have but you seem to be here to get yer e-wang out and show how mighty it is. Fair play if that's yer thing but i am afraid yer not gonna get an actual bite out me. necessitate may be the mother of invention but assumption is the mother of folly. *hugs and kisses*
  3. BAT_Templar

    uber lag on EU server

    Am A+,Network +, CCNA etc certified .. and erm.. I did run tracert's and the problem was the last hop but hey... what do i know? ;)
  4. BAT_Templar

    uber lag on EU server

    tested my connection to rule that out see attached image... its not that. connection is fine not seem it this bad for a while.
  5. BAT_Templar

    Bug Reports

    Me too, every time a game finishes i get a "snapshot" of what i saw just before the game ends and have to come out to desktop and end task... and it takes some time to end that task. tried with Aslain's pack installed and with it removed.. all to the same result.