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  1. My greatest ever achievement? Getting a devastating strike with a Kiev, using her secondaries.
  2. I use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuous.
  3. How is Gallant by the way? I have her, but I'm notoriously bad at judging the effectiveness of destroyers.
  4. I'm actually against that, but for a quite convoluted reason. I might need to write a bigger article explaining myself later. To put it simply though, it exacerbates the gap between weak and strong players.
  5. She is a beautiful carrier, but her total strike weight is far too heavy and her effective strike weight is far too light and dispersed. She seems like another annoying attempt to shoehorn carriers into balancing the battleship for the dev team.
  6. Might have been nice. How do we use quick commands?
  7. She is a beautiful ship, but the drop pattern annoys me. For a CV with such a small hangar, I would have preferred if they gave her a more conventional drop pattern with fewer torpedo planes. A CV with 4/3/0 with 3 torpedo bombers per squad would have been perfectly acceptable instead of this artificially created difficulty.
  8. 11 Des Moines? Minotaurs? Montanas? The 'why' we should be asking is why are we discussing a hypothetical situation that simply does not exist inside the game? For argument, I'll just call the Zao is overpowered. There are 11 ships in the game, and you can pick one ship. For this hypothetical, we'll say the Zao has a health pool of 500k. She has the rate of fire of 1 salvo per second. She also has a 1/1 HE penetration rule and she has a 25% chance of detonating an enemy with every shell she fires. Not shell hits, shells fired. She also has a 300 meter turning radius and a top speed of 90 knots. Oh, and damage control doesn't exist. Do you pick a Zao or not? Why/why not? The problem, sunshine, is that arguing hypotheticals is pointless when the hypothetical can't be used to illustrate a point in the real world. A carrier without an opposing carrier would provide massive advantages to the team with the carrier which I meticulously detailed in my response to you which you appear to not to have bothered to have read. Honestly, I'm heartbroken. Ultimately, your point is pointless. Unless the allied CV is literally AFK, then they'll provide the assistance regardless. Oi you, stop ninjaing my points.
  9. She should also be unplayable and would crash your game when you have her selected when you join a division, just like the April's fool submarine.
  10. I think the Monarch should be automatically credited to everyone's EU account, and should be completely unsellable like the ARP ships. Unlike the ARP ships however, she should be impossible to hide.
  11. Bismark and Prinz could be the Lunarian sisters because Nazis. Ryuujo should be Tenshi because dragon surfboards. Flandre can be Yuudachi for coloration and temperament. Ashigara and Yuukari because - You know what. I'm going to stop speaking right now. Oh, and the Fletchers should be Suika. All of them.
  12. Whilst lacking torpedoes, I am more than certain that this Monarch will have a gun rate of fire at least on par with if not better than a Tirpitz and Bismark. Quite frankly, overmatching is a mechanic that has been screwing cruiser players over for a very long time. It is my opinion that the deck and side plating of any cruiser, baring the British which plays by their own rules, should be resistant to overmatching by the guns of equivalent battleships. That alone would massively increase cruiser player retention.
  13. Gimmicks are the British ship's thing, look at their cruisers.
  14. Kutuzov is a little too powerful, but then almost all premiums are. To be honest, the Kutuzov is fine. She's not blatantly overpowered like the Saipan, Belfast, or the Black. She has notable advantages over her tech tree counterparts, but they don't break the game. She's one of the few premium ships that I am honestly fine with WG not nerfing if (not when) they ever grow a pair.