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  1. dasCKD

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    Utterly awful. I don't understand why Weegee thinks the solution to the malignant cancer that is the current state of carriers is to make carriers even more proficient at tormenting surface ships. This seems like the kind of solution that follows a decision to reduce the detection range of destroyers to 0 km, not a decision to make destroyers marginally more difficult to find. Edit: Maybe Weegee should just do that. Make destroyers impossible for a carrier to spot. They clearly can't balance between the two classes, so maybe stopping the two from even being able to interact unless the destroyer wants to make use of their mostly useless AA is the best solution.
  2. Looks fine, clear, and easier to manage. With everything in one spot, there's less UI latency to deal with.
  3. She's still large and comparatively unmanuverable. She will almost certainly also receive an armor buff. Quite frankly, the Kitikaze needs many things to work. If I was given my way, I would give her the Hayate's turrets in some modernized mount, significantly improved AA, and deep water torpedoes in the style of the Pan-Asians to stop her from murdering green destroyers and far faster and stealthier torpedoes so she can actually work from cruiser ranges before she can be even a functional tier X cruiser. None of that is likely to happen though.
  4. For 9-12k damage usually, with salvos that reload every 144 seconds. Quite frankly, I would rather her get 15 km fast deep water torpedoes and improved guns. As is, she is a meme and tier X is not a tier you can afford to meme in.
  5. Just now? The forum and reddit was burning! Yeah, those torpedoes are just about the worst torpedoes to have ever been put in game. Sub 60 knots, 1.9 detection, lackluster damage. Even Japanese 65 knot torpedoes are easy to dodge because of the spotting range, these torpedoes will be close to useless. Memeworthy, but not good.
  6. Context does matter, and quite frankly her chest is barely half exposed. By most standards, that's low cut but well within the bounds of good taste.
  7. From the looks of it, she has quite the mischievous personality so the Chesire cat will fit. Depending on her voice lines, this might be an immediate oath from me. She really always did have a sleek design, and quite frankly Azur Lane has a lot more explicit poses. I think hers balances cuteness and allure very well.
  8. dasCKD

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Honestly, why does the game need yet another battleship line that craps all over 30 mm plate armor?
  9. dasCKD

    Overpens fixed?

    No changes have been made. In all likelihood, it's one of three options: Your aim has improved, and so you are landing more shells where it hurts You are ending up against more supercruisers than regular cruisers. These ships tend to be thicker and more heavily armored, and shells overpen them less. RNG has been favoring you, or you have been catching more enemies mid-turn.
  10. I think Cheshire's rigging is a bit dull, but I think she's my favourite of the bunch. I kind of like Chappayev V.2 as well. I think my main concern with these is that these ships don't look 'impressive' the same way I think PR ships should look.
  11. Head indeed seems far back and the right arm emerges a full one arm down from the shoulder. The legs and the thighs can be perfectly normal however, depending on what type of perspective lenses the drawing is meant to replicate. That kind of perspective skewing is expected if you're trying to replicate a short ranged macro lens.
  12. Put CVs in infinite suspension and mandate a rework back to the RTS CVs with AP bombs and rocket planes permanently banned by company wide mandate with the penalty being a minimum of 500 hours served in Coop on Japanese DDs against a minimum of 2 reworked carriers. Give Kremlin and Soyuz 50 mm midplate armor and not speshul Soviet steel 60 mm. Improve shell grouping on all ships and make sure that at least heavy cruisers are impervious to midplate overmatch from same tier battleships (with MAYBE an exception made for Yamamushiki). Fix the bloody Japanese DDs.
  13. The heavy cruisers tend to hit far harder, be quite similar at handling destroyers (with exceptions like Cleveland VS Baltimore), and are FAR better at handling other cruisers. They both are good at behind the island spamming, but the heavies have far better shell flight time which means that the heavies tend to perform far more consistently.
  14. Yeah, sounds good. It would do something to close the skill gap a bit and make it so that the eyes and ears of the team don't die stupidly quite as often.