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  1. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    I would very much argue otherwise. The Republique and Alsace are both monsters, the Richelieu is basically a better Bismark, and the Lyon isn't half bad either.
  2. z52 rant

    How dare you compare glorious master race HE with mere IFHE?!? To the camps with you!
  3. z52 rant

    I thought that this thread was going to complain about how the Z-52 was overpowered. Because she is. She is clearly overpowered.
  4. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    It IS there. I quote myself: The new Japanese Harugumo is perhaps the worst destroyer at tier X, and not because she is necessarily a bad ship as much as that she is basically an undersized and low armored cruiser. If those were her only flaws, she may still be fine but she is unfortunately a new face of what I think Wargaming's intentions are. The Haragumo is very strong against battleships compared to contemporary gunships, but with proper positioning she is utterly brutal against even the tier X heavy cruisers (Moskva notwithstanding) being able to inflict insane levels of damage to cruisers much in the same way that the Worcester is able to. This once again comes down to the fact that a weak aspect of a ship is not an excuse for an overpowered aspect somewhere else. The Akizuki is a cruiser level artillery suite on a destroyer platform and that is not something that the game ever needs.
  5. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    We do not have to 'wait and see' any more than we need to 'wait and see' to know that the Harugumo is broken by design. There is nothing to see past the cursory look. It comes down to this: this is a destroyer with a DPM that exceeds the Zao with nigh identical penetration and at nearly half her concealment. Yes, but opinions are not admissible evidence for a reason. So does the Conqueror. So does the American AP bomb. Which comes down to the crux of the problem. You conflate being overpowered and being broken when the two things are entirely different. They often accompany each other, but they are not equivalent. A ship can be broken without being overpowered. Take the USN AP bombs. Nigh useless for a large number of targets, yet would murder others with little difficulty even under the influence of defensive fire. Nigh useless at times and completely broken at others. Hence: broken. That is inane. I could cite carriers as a weakness of the Khabarovsk before she was nerfed. The Minotaur was another: a ship that could creep up to a gun build Khabarovsk and turn her to wood chips in seconds. The problem is very simple. The Akizuki as she is outstealths and outruns just about every tier 8 cruiser and yet she can outgun a good number of them. Now you might bring up inane protests about how ships like the Kutuzov or the Cleveland in all likelihood will win most gunfights with a Akizuki, but the fact that she could equal ANY tier 8 cruiser in a brawl is a problem. This isn't some Russian destroyer chipping away at a cruiser over the matter of minutes if not dozens. This is a destroyer entering a bonefide HE healthpool trade with a cruiser and potentially WINNING. This is like WG releasing a cruiser that could outspot half the destroyers or a cruiser that could overmatch the 32 mm bows of most high tiered battleships. The cruiser might have the health of a tier 5 destroyer and the cruiser might have the rate of fire that a Yamato would laugh at, and they would still be broken. They break the rules of the game, and therefore they are broken. Their overpoweredness NEVER needs to enter into it. She is also a ship that essentially depends on the enemies to be stupid for her. She is not balanced, not by even the most generous uses of the word unless you want to tell me that the least maneuverable, most inaccurate tier X battleship with the turret angles that exposes her side to the penetration of everything but destroyer guns which simultaneously performs best in brawls and yet can neither ambush nor make consistent headway on her victims is not broken. edit: I nearly forgot: she also has the worst penetration or potentially the second worst, depending on how the Conqueror's AP performs. I barely remember.
  6. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Maybe, but the HIV's DPM is so comparatively poor without the reload booster that you could, in a Harugumo, just straight up gun her down and then turn and run away if she gets too close. She needs to be able to spot you before she can shoot you after all. You can also stack torpedoes and fire them in her direction. It's also trivial to position yourself to make sure that once you lay a smoke screen, your victim won't be able to run. The Zao also has poor torpedo angles that will allow shots directly into her broadside. There's also no real reason to surprise a Zao. If she's chasing down an allied destroyer and lay down a smoke screen 8 km away from her. Even if she decides to start running right away, she'll be lucky to get away with half her health pool. I could have just as easily cited the Akizuki at tier 8, a ship currently in the game in her broken form, and my argument will not change in the slightest. Gunboat destroyers also suffer from being radared far less than torpedo destroyers, considering that they don't need to be particularly close. None of this is a consideration that doesn't need to be made if I was, for example. playing a Minotaur. Except I'm smaller, stealthier, faster, and I have HE and no citadel. The conversation isn't whether or not it's OP. The problem is about the Worcester having a single dominant tactic that renders her nearly unbeatable to other non-DM cruiser and what it means for the larger game as it moves away from utilizing armor and using AP and HE when either ammunition is best and towards just hitting the enemy wherever until they die. The Kurfurst was given as an example of a different design mentality unseen in the current gameplay meta. It has nothing to do with it performing too well. It is, in fact, one of the ships screwed over the hardest by the current game.
  7. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    The problem is that the Haragumo is not a destroyer hunter as much as she is an actual cruiser without many of the weaknesses and many of the tools above that of a regular cruiser. She just doesn't work as a destroyer hunter considering that she is less stealthy and has less HE DPM than the upcoming Daring. What she is is a ship that could easily ambush a cruiser, lay a smoke screen, and then rip them to pieces without the cruiser having much recourse. We had destroyers with high HE DPM before, we haven't had anything that could just straight up ignore the armor of just about every tier X cruiser and go straight for the eyes. The penetration paired with the DPM makes her just about the worst thing a Zao, Henri, or Hindenburg can face. She might lose her advantage at range, but as a destroyer she has the privilege to dictate the terms of the engagement. She is basically a stealthier Minotaur with HE.
  8. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    I fail to see how that would help. Carriers are their own problem that need their own overhaul but as is, they neither majorly contribute nor detract from the stasis or dynamism of the game.
  9. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Well, just about all of them. Everything but the Minotaur and arguably the Des Moines and Moskva. The problem was never with fire though. The Worcester has decent turret angles which allows her to keep her own citadel mostly safe from other cruisers whilst her DPM would rip ships like the Zao, HIV, and Hindenburg to pieces. In a DPM race, a Worceter simply outstrips them. In long ranged engagements, the Worceter can simply disappear until a more optimal circumstance or sit behind island and control from over 16 km away. As bad as the Worcester is however, she is largely a precedent. She is ludicrously effective against other cruisers, and yet she is only the opening act to this disaster. The Harugumo is a repeat of what happens when a Minotaur catches something that isn't a Des Moines at close ranges except the Harugumo is faster, smaller, stealthier, and can't be angled against. She is basically a Worcester on speed if the Worcester had no citadels and could drop a smoke screen. The Harugumo may not come out in her current iteration, but the fact that WG is considering her at all is worrying to say the least.
  10. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Well, the Pan Asian destroyers really aren't an escalation in arms. They have stealthier torpedoes than their American counterparts, but that doesn't matter much for a battleship and matters even less for the cruisers if they arm themselves with hydroacoustics. They very much are a holding pattern where the upcoming French and British DDs are a move towards delayed damage.
  11. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Yes, but previously AP, angling, and understanding armor scheme mattered. Now, whilst the Harugumo or Worceter is technically more effective with Ap, their HE DPM is so obscene that against the targets that their HE shells can penetrate, armor choice and angling become largely immaterial. Because the biggest victims of ships like the Worceter and the Harugumo are other cruisers. Battleships either have the armor (Yamato, Montana, Kurfurst) to avoid a large chunk of the damage or other methods of getting out of the way or sustaining withering fire (Republique and Conqueror) and in all cases they have significantly more health than cruisers. Destroyers don't need to fear the Harugumo any more than, say, a Gearing, Yueyang, or the upcoming Daring. It's the moderately thin skilled but visible ships like the cruisers that get hit the hardest with this ship.
  12. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    It's just that more and more, WG seems like it wants to move away from the game mechanic of utilizing armor correctly to one where all that matters is pure armor thickness as overmatch and HE pen dictates the damage rather than understanding of armor scheme and feints.
  13. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    I am back here with my contentious opinions and weeby pics. Don't worry, this is a holiday diversion. I'm not actually back, this is a heatwave induced illusion. Fixing a recurring problem The idea of camping battleships has gone beyond the point of a meme now. The changes in game mechanic, the changes to battleships, and the release of battleship line after battleship line that are repetitively more and more immune to any type of instant destruction that many cruisers and destroyers risk. Ships like the Conqueror, which I will want to talk about later in detail, were given the improved regenerative abilities to dwarf all but the Minotaur in the list of her cruiser contemporaries despite being technically superior in armor and health to each and every one of her cruiser contemporaries with only one exception. I admit that I used to think that battleships were simply buffed over and over as a consequence of Wargaming attempting to wrongheadedly trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator to create a class that would be entirely damage proof yet at the same time far from game defining compared to their contemporaries. Looking at the changes that Wargaming has made however, I can't help but think that there is another goal beyond simply making battleships entirely immune to everything and that this is simply a consequence serving a larger and longer term goal. Whilst many of you could probably still think that I have gone insane and that marinating my brain in random so long has turned me to the dark side, I would like to defend my position by citing a few ships. I think that it is easy to say that Wargaming's balancing team is actually entirely stupid and have no idea what they are doing or that they know exactly what they are doing and that they are indeed trying to create the ubership that squashes all competition and that everyone will eventually end up playing. I am not sure how serious people are when they say that they think that Wargaming does indeed hate every class but battleships and that they will take away everything that hurts them, but I think that there is something larger going on here. The Worcester and the changes to the Japanese 100 mm guns are the causes of my suspicions. WG's newest trophy ships the Conqueror and the Republique are incredibly vulnerable to these ships with their 32 mm plates which makes it such that the Worcester and upcoming Harugumo are and will be excessively effective against these battleships thanks to their insane DPM. They are also incredibly effective against just about every cruiser contemporary and precedent to them, but that is a part of the larger argument. For now, I think that we should discuss a long and recurring issue of battleship camping and the cruisers that camp with them. The Failed Experiment The Kurfurst was something of a contentious ship when she was first released. There was the fact that she was large enough to have her own orbit and the armor to rival a Pacific Rim mech, this was to say nothing of her hydroacoustic search and her nearly invisible citadel. Back when she was first released, battleships without citadels were virtually unheard of and even the old Tirpitz could quite easily expose hers in close ranged brawling scenarios. The fact that she took 'only' 10-20k damage from incoming enemy fire was utterly unheard of. Sustaining a battleship broadside as a Yamato or a Montana at this age meant 40k damage if not instant death. This resilience, combined with her general immunity to the HE ammunition of every cruiser at the time as well as her ability to negate battleship AP to a large extent makes her incredibly strong at close ranged combat. This, combined with her secondary suite and her less than stellar main battery performance, made her the ideal ship to take into close combat. It didn't matter back then if half of her shells missed a broadsiding battleship 10 km away because it only took 2-3 citadel hits to irreparably cripple a battleship (the kinds of damage to outright kill a cruiser, but conversation for another day) which made things very simple. An American or Japanese battleship drawn into a closed range fight with a Kurfurst is dead. If they attempt to turn and run, they'll face 12 battleship caliber guns right into their broadside. If they tried to maintain their bow on position, they'll be roasted and shredded by the countless batteries of secondary guns. She could theoretically fix the problem with gameplay stasis. Whereas former battleships risked themselves far too much pushing in deeply to dislodge an enemy battleship, the Kurfurst will gain forewarning from torpedoes and her bow will protect her from incoming fire and when she opens up with her guns with admittedly poor angles, perhaps the only genuine mark of vulnerability that the battleship had, the enemy battleships would die right there. Less Stasis than Ever I promised to talk about the Haragumo and the Worcester and how they interact with the Conqueror and the Republique. Both of these ships are perhaps the largest oddity that made me reconsider my initial assumption that Wargaming was simply aiming to persistently make battleships more and more dominant in every task imaginable. These two ships are exceptionally well designed to deal with battleships like the British and the French tree crowns which is somewhat against the conceit that Wargaming wants to create a master class of ships that would dominate everything. On the other hand, I believe that Wargaming has made good on their attempt to make battleships tank more which is a bold claim to be sure. That said, I believe that I could vindicate this claim. I personally see the existence of ships that exists basically solely to either farm damage or exists to have their health pool farmed at little actual strategic implications for themselves to be an escalating problem. This is unlikely to turn around however. The impending changes to carriers will dispose of yet another decisive tactical option in the game and the introduction of yet another destroyer line with a hydroacoustic suite will heavily neuter yet another. This is something that is arguably more insidious than simply catering to the lowest rungs of players in the battleship class. Already ships that inflict continuous and undeniable damage such as the Hindenburg are held in much higher competitive regard than strategically stronger ships such as the Zao or the Minotaur as the game, more and more, continues to make the easiest and most mindless options the inherently better one. This, unlike many issues in regards to interclass balance, is unlikely to change soon. I can't help but feel we are approaching an age where dealing damage against not just cruisers but also battleships will become easy, but making that damage actually matter will only become harder and harder. The class getting screwed over the most by this whole fiasco is the cruisers again of course, their thin skin and relative visibility stopping them from being able to avoid the likes of the close to unavoidable DPM of the Worcester and the Harugumo. The game is moving away from cleverly using armor and maneuverability to defeat the enemy towards just pumping as many shells into the enemy as possible until they die and I think that is a real shame.
  14. CV is too [edited]broken

    A CV thread? In MY 2018? It's more likely than you think!