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  1. dasCKD

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    I mean, I don't have either but my personal advice is that it might be best if you save the FXP for the future to skip the stock grind for new ship lines. As someone who has a port full of premiums, I can say that spending so much of your resources on one ship is rarely worth it considering how often you'd end up playing that one ship.
  2. Given for free for everyone who logs in at least once during the event week.
  3. dasCKD

    how to shoot a mogador in an atlanta

    The carrier union called.
  4. dasCKD

    Smolensk Not OP

    So then either take vigilance or be aware that there is a destroyer ahead of you and angle your ship to better react. I'm sorry as there's no way to say this without it coming across as elitist, but you are far too new at the game to be getting the full potential out of the ship. It is not difficult to deal with most torpedoes, and the torpedoes that are difficult to deal with are difficult to deal with whether you're inside of a smoke screen or sailing about. Just know that a smoke screen is a torpedo magnet and adapt. This is a good thing to be aware of. Another thing you should be aware of is that being new to the game skews your perspective. You are not yet capable of pulling the full potential out of the ship. Ships do not have a uniform power level across all player levels. Some ships are fragile and difficult in novice hands and utter devastators in veteran hands. It is those veterans in Smolensks that is giving everyone so much grief. She is also one of the smallest if not the smallest of the tier X cruisers. Being harder to hit is its own survivability. It's why 40K in an over-water Zao will last you far longer than 55k would last you in a Des Moines. The armor and size of the ship is an extra layer of protection, and it's one that the Smolensk has in spades.
  5. dasCKD

    Smolensk Not OP

    WHAT MORTAL HAS AWAKENED ME?!? 8% is excellent when you consider that the Worcester has a (slightly) worse reload time and significantly fewer guns as well as worse ballistics and only a 12% chance to start fires. The Worcester is still considered one of the most dangerous firestarters in the game. Most cruisers don't need 19 km and it's stupid to engage at those ranges regardless when the Smolensk has a smoke screen. Oh no, counterplay! Just use your bloody hydroacoustic search. The Smolensk has 30 mm midship armor. This means that against British AP and Italian SAP the Smolensk does not suffer significantly more than most cruisers at tier X despite being a far harder target to hit. Or, you know, you could use the tiny size of the ship to open-water gunboat and draw fire from the enemy as you roast them. You still outperform your other tier X cruiser by a massive margin. Fiji is also a tier 7 ship that has far better matchmaking. It's hardly comparable when you consider that you are facing far stiffer competition. Tier X CVs are brutal, but so is the Smolensk in the right hands. Kleber is borderline useless if captained incompetently, and the Benham is probably the worst ship ever released. It's like they released Beta Shimakaze into the servers at present.
  6. dasCKD

    Yamato is the worst battleship?

    Her glacial turret rotation is irritating and her dispersion trolls even with the legendary module, but otherwise she's a good ship. Certainly not the first tier X that needs to be looked at. Her armor is fragile, but quite frankly the new tier X battleships should have weaker belt armor and higher citadels more like the Yamato. Exception to this is the Currywurst of course, no need to kick her whilst she's down especially since she hasn't gotten up off the ground for the last 2 years.
  7. dasCKD

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Yeah, from how heavy the tree is Swedish, would it not be better to simply have this just be the Swedish tech tree and then save the other minor European navies for the Pan-European line?
  8. dasCKD

    How to Neptune/Minotaur?

    You mount radar and faceroll destroyers, then just kite away and scream Leeeeeroy Jenkins as the BBs try to hit you. Note: do not try this when there is a Stalingrad, Henri, or Kremlin on the enemy flank.
  9. dasCKD

    Fire % on German ships ?

    I think the issue is that German ships have more vulnerable spots than other ships. Yamato, Montana, and Kremlin have relatively large main guns and a lot of auxiliary hit boxes that eat up a lot of shells. German battleships are almost all deck however, which is probably why it's so easy to set fires on them.
  10. Probably one of the battleships. The modern day CV tends to suffer most from sheer AA density, and so of the available ships it'll probably be one of the tier 8 or 9 battleships with the most formidable AA. Even if cruisers might technically have better AA, the fact is that experienced CVs will make such short work of them that it's just better to have armor and health than it is to have somewhat higher numbers in the AA department.
  11. dasCKD

    German BB accuracy gets a buff !

    The Montana still can mount the -11% battery accuracy upgrade which is still unique to American BBs.
  12. dasCKD

    Secondary Build Ship

    Republique has good secondaries. Problem is that she can't stay in secondary range for very long without getting melted because of her relatively thin armor.
  13. dasCKD

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    How dare I be thorough I suppose. Very well, let me make this simple then. The general changes to the game has essentially uniformly benefited battleships. Despite this, battleship players as a whole has demanded more and more nerfs to things than can harm them and opposed changes that would make battleships more vulnerable. Because of this, animosity towards battleship players is entirely justified.
  14. dasCKD

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    They're practically harmless to anything non-destroyer, so most better players will ignore you in favor of your more dangerous team mates.
  15. dasCKD

    Broken ships, the fault is on BB's

    That animosity doesn't come out of nowhere. I've been with this game for four years now. Almost every single design decision, with an exceptions that could literally be counted on one hand, seemed to be created as an attempt to make the lives of battleship players easier and easier. The Japanese torpedoes, the original battleship killers, were nerfed into near-uselessness. Stealth fire, something that basically affected battleships uniquely, was removed. The German battleship line was released without a citadel. The British battleship line was released without a citadel, a decision that was only recently reverted. The French battleship line was released without a citadel. The Pan Asian DDs were released as a countermeasure for battleships, only for them to screw over cruiser players harder than ever. They still got nerfed of course. On the other hand, the decision to lower the bow thickness of battleships was opposed by the battleship players until it was removed. Every change made to counteract battleships were either rolled back or removed whereas changes that benefit battleships remain in the game and continue to plague the game. When every change made to the game has essentially gone to almost uniquely benefit one class thanks to the relentless whinging of a single group gets combined with Weegee's seeming desire to always comply to their demands it is not hard to develop an animosity. The battleship group is not really much of a thing in the modern forums, but the creeping poison that they have poured into the game have not been forgotten by those like me who watched it happen. That does nothing to argue against my point. On the other hand, were you in a cruiser you would not have had a chance to burn as you're cut through the nose by battleships or if you're clipped by a single destroyer torpedo and lost half your health pool.