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  1. Ah yes, that was fun. Your Taiho really had it out for me, and I really shouldn't have isolated myself with a Taiho in play. I would have preferred to stay a little longer to play. Maybe next time.
  2. Here's the Minotaur. I was less than happy with this one, I prefered how the Henri turned out. Nevertheless, there's no reason to dwell. I need to move on to the Moskva and Des Moines.
  3. Because, with the exception of the tier X, the German destroyers need to expose themselves for kilometers between their concealment and combat range. Between being spotted and laying smoke and hydro, they're ships with very mediocre guns and a gigantic silhouette that takes full battleship AP damage whereas the USN destroyers are functionally some of the best destroyers in game with excellent RoF, DPM, turret mechanization, and a relatively tiny sillouhette. You can easily run away from any non-Z-52 KM destroyer and their hydroacoustic search. The same can't be said about a radar suite on American destroyers.
  4. That's the model for the new tier X Russian battleship, hence why it's on "Tears of the Cruisers"
  5. Henri IV. Took far too long, but that was time wasted on the bike mostly.
  6. I got two weeks of premium out of the second batch. Not a terrible haul. I did want a premium tier 8, but I can't ask for too much. Most people would have been overjoyed by just the Blyskawica.
  7. Me and @Teob_VG had some fun on Okinawa. The rest of the team was uncooperative, and we lost on points when the clock ran down.
  8. I got myself a Blysawica, which was nice even though I would probably never actually play her. I wanted an Enterprise though, but I wasn't that lucky. Yet. Hopefully.
  9. I'll be honest, camping battleships have gotten a lot less annoying since I got myself a Moskva. I can just camp along with the enemy battleships, and they will get sick of it looong before I will.
  10. Well, tbf I did already make Hindy. She's still my favorite after all, which is why I find her standing design to be so plain. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=63458530 I'm thinking of binning this current design and going back to the drawing board, but I'm not sure where to start. I might do it after I finish with the tier X cruiser collection.
  11. Excuse me, but what do you think these are? Certified 240, 220, and 203 respectively. I'll have to see. I guess it's really the little things that creates the nuances of the personality. What would you suggest for this 4?
  12. I do need some consultation. I'm still working on the tier X cruiser girls right now, and quite frankly the Hindenburg design I have right now is a little dull. Here's what I have so far, what do you think I should do to make them look a bit more interesting? Input will be appreciated.
  13. ...I have to play the Shima?