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  1. I wish estuary would be available for tier 10. Running havoc between the islands with a Des Moines or Hindenburg sounds like tons of fun. I much prefer this map over protracted campfests like Atlantic and Arctic or badly made brawling maps like shatter. Edit: and I find that with few exceptions, this is a terrible map for a destroyer. Far too many ambush spots for cruisers and too small to farm damage consistently with torpedoes or destroyer guns thanks to how much cover there is. The entire map is basically split into four small arenas that a destroyer has to, predictably, go sailing through to get any damage done and hope they don't sail in front of the guns of a high tiered cruiser. The only destroyers that I find able to perform well on Estuary are destroyer hunters like the Akizuki or the Z-46.
  2. Well she is pretty similar, but her guns do lobe a fair bit more and she loses out on the pure firepower in the AP department of Russian destroyers. She does still have the torpedoes, but she does trade a fair bit for her torpedo capabilities compared to the former Kiev. But a flock of crippled seagulls sitting on an ironing board and being towed around by a manatee would be a superior carrier to the Lexington, so the comparison is hardly fair. In defense of Wargaming the Donskoi has about the worst tier 9 guns on any of the cruisers so sticking it on a tier 6 ship isn't quite as bad as, say, sticking the Roon's or Neptune's guns on a tier 6 premium cruiser. What I really wanted to say, and this isn't addressed at anyone in particular, is that WarGaming has taken steps to try to make it so that new lines and premiums that are released are more or less balanced compared to their existing counterparts despite the fact that they likely know that this will directly hit them in the profits from free XP conversions and premium ship sales so continuing to act like WG WANTS to sabotage their own game with short sighted business practices like a certain EA games is unfair to a company that is at least making steps towards improving. Most of the overpowered premiums remained overpowered thanks to a policy that is created to protect customers and the products they bought. Don't get me wrong, I have a whole fleet of premium ships and I still think that this policy is stupid as any ship should be changed if necessary for the health of the game. Whilst the protectionist policy is still in place however, I can't help but see a company that is at least making an effort to salvage a better game from a mess they admittedly created themselves and simply looking at WG as if creating overpowered premium after premium for players to buy an advantage in game is just not something that sits right with me.
  3. Whilst I dislike P2W, I take exception to some of your examples. Hard to say that the Atago is better than the Mogami. When she was first introduced, the Mogami was just about the most powerful ship, tier for tier, in the entire game. Even right now, the two are a bit of a trade. Atago has better torpedo angles and the heal ability whilst the Mogami, in her light cruiser configuration, can lay down the pain on battleships far more effectively. Can't really argue with this one. Why they thought that buffing the Benson with a hydroacoustic search was a good idea is beyond me. Something about polishing a turd. Okay, this may be a controversial opinion but I much prefer the Fiji over the Belfast. The problem with the Belfast is that she is just broken and that destroying matchmaking and game balance for some easy cash was a terrible idea. On a different note, I don't understand why you didn't mention the Missouri. Seems like the obvious example here, what with her being a silver ship but just better. I think that this one is also unfair. The Blys has no in-tech tree comparison and we can't know that, in the future, her British counterpart won't be just as effective. Whilst this might be true now, I would like to bring up how the Leningrad had to compete against the Kiev when she first came out. The KIEV. The Enterprise is NOT a superior Shokaku. The two ships are different with different strengths and weaknesses. The Kutuzov lacks the Chappy's radar. She does have better torpedoes, but that's far from her best weapon. I would say that this is less a matter of p2w and more a matter of trading advantages. The others are pretty P2W-ish, but this one I take exception to. Sure, the Kamikaze & variants might be some of the most powerful destroyers in the game right now but they weren't always like this. Back when the Kamikaze was first released, she was an inferior Minekaze with identical torpedoes but slower cruise speeds. When the Minekaze was nerfed, the Kamikaze was pulled from the store. I take objection with the policy of never nerfing premiums, but I can't really say that WG was at fault with the Kamikaze. The Budyonny is better at harassing battleships and the Molotov is better at ripping into cruisers. If anything, the Budyonny-Molotov is an example of differentiating premiums from their silver counterparts whilst maintaining balance between the two.
  4. I'd like to do this and play nothing but the Midway. Come at me dumdums :P~
  5. The Z-39, as is, is just a bad variant of her silver counterpart. On the one hand it means that she isn't another overpowered premium, on the other hand that makes her entirely unattractive. I think that Wargaming is going too far the other way with their premiums. I would like to cite the Atago-Mogami balance as the best way to do premium ships. One has firepower, the other has ergonomics and survivability. If they want to keep the Z-39 as the design she is, they should either give her better torpedoes (e.g. the Z-46's upgraded torpedoes) or better DPM than the Z-23. Giving her worse guns and worse torpedoes even if they plan to give her significantly better consumables both makes her unbalanced and unattractive to the vast majority of players.
  6. Hard to say without replays. Theoretically he could have had incredibly good luck. What is more likely though is that you may be missing certain modules and upgrades. Whilst possible, that amount of bad luck is unlikely. Just enable replays for now. If it happens again, we can take a look and give you a more concrete answer.
  7. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    When in a knife fight with another destroyer, it could be useful to know the place where a destroyer can fire her torpedoes and where she can't. It's mostly redundant though, as you can eyeball it and I usually get hit not because I don't know a destroyer's torpedo angles but rather because I forgot about the torpedoes in the heat of the knife fight.
  8. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    I went to the page. It mostly looks like mods to turn those players into very unsophisticated and needlessly expensive bots. For any half-decent player, the service is more redundant and overpriced than the Prinz Eugen.
  9. I landed a citadel hit on a Montana at 15 km in the Minotaur. What? What do you mean she's not a destroyer?
  10. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    So you post an image of a single game with no context whatsoever and in a language that most people on the English speaking forums are unlikely to understand and you expect this to be some kind or argument? Speccing for secondaries on anything but a Mikasa and arguably the Bismark is about the worst idea possible. The fact that you were able to soak up nearly double your entire health pool within 6 minutes is in fact just another aspect in which battleships dominate and presenting it here means nothing. Hey sunshine, here's an idea. Maybe when everyone else sees a problem you can't, maybe YOU are the one who's wrong. Have you ever considered that? Whatever, have fun with the destroyers I guess. I'll expect a thread in a few moths where you complain about how overpowered the New Orleans and radar Edinburgh is. On the topic of echo chambers, you won't believe what an echo chamber my university is! The round globers are running around with 'physics' and 'thermodynamics' and their 'scientific method' and some other nonsense! Just awful! Why can't they see that science is just a reptoid lie and the earth is a cube sitting on the bulge of a swarthy Spanish gentleman with a penchant for olives and salmon granola?
  11. Battery Mod.3 and Tier 8 BB

    Where will this end exactly OP? Should we see carriers with the plane health mod at tier 8? Should we see Kutuzovs and Kievs with the reload booster? This is just a suggestion that will just proliferate the problem elsewhere. If anything, tier 8 battleships are just about the most resilient ships when uptiered with many, I would argue, being significantly superior to their tier 9 counterparts. Amagi is the obvious one, but I would also argue that the North Carolina and the Bismark are both superior to their tier 9 counterparts at general performance tier for tier.
  12. You see, the Asashio would be one of the rare examples where a premium ship that was superior to her silver counterpart would have been acceptable. Even if the Asashio was significantly stronger than the Kagero, the Kagero is quite frankly so bad that the Asashio could have easily placed at the middle of the pack. She was never going to compete with abominations like the Lo Yang or the Kidd, but making her at least somewhat equal to the Benson in utility and performance would have been perfectly acceptable. Instead, she is a ship that is so constrained and limited that she is nigh useless in most situations. Oh, and OP. Releasing an exclusively anti-battleship destroyer isn't evidence against the battleship meta, it's evidence towards there being an undesirable BB meta considering the developers are changing the game such that they are introducing ships as solutions to battleship lines. They're stupid solutions, but attempts at solutions nevertheless.
  13. Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun: Minotaur probably. She's not exactly effective many a time and she has a habit of imploding whenever a gnat sneezes next to her but she is hilarious whilst she is still alive. Significantly more entertaining than the brutally effective but otherwise conventional Hindenburg or Des Moines. Least fun: Yamato. Glacial turrets, slow speed, and annoying bow-on playstyle. She is the ship I literally play when I want to play World of Warships but also want to eat the dinner whilst it's still hot, she takes that little effort and investment to play.
  14. How many premium ships do you have?

    -Deep breath- Tier 8: Lo Yang, Tirpitz, Prinz Eugen, Kutuzov, Enterprise, Alabama, Kidd, Atago Tier 7: Blyskawica, Hood, Duke of York, Belfast, Scharnhorst, Leningrad, Saipan, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Sims, Kaga Tier 6: Perth, Duca D'Aosta, Dunkerque, De Grasse, Huang He, Anshan, Warspite, Graf Spee, Gallant, Molotov, Arizona, Mutsu, Shinonome Tier 5: Oktober Revolution, Okhotnik, Texas, Marblehead, Kamikaze R, Kamikaze Tier 4: Nikolai
  15. Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    Secondary specs may be funny, but are largely pointless. Why melt enemy battleships at 3 km when you can play a Hindenburg, Des Moines, or upcoming Worcester and melt them from beyond 15?