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  1. dasCKD

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    As oposed to the point and click FPS game? Carrier players are being prioritized because as they are at the helm of carriers, they have a better understanding of how this will compare to what they currently have access to as carrier players. A CV player would be able to play 2 battles and then judge that it is that no one but the criminally insane would think that the abomination we have under testing is possibly better than the carriers we have right now. The carriers right now are dominant, those things under testing are practically gods. Have you seen how the general user base reacts to this new change? "Oh, this looks fun. Maybe I'll try carriers." "Oh, this is so pretty!" Does anyone want them giving 'constructive' feedback? Does anyone actually believe that they'll have anything to contribute. I take one look at this compared to the current carriers and see what would happen if you took a carrier and shaved off ALL of their weaknesses with the exception of extreme AA ships. Fighter interception? Gone. Downtime between strikes? Practically quartered. Limited plane reserves? Ha, consequences. Who needs those? Time pressure from incoming enemy fighter fleet? You must be kidding. They even removed the UI lags, finally. I'd be praising them, if it didn't come attached to Skyhammer Hakuryuu Mk. II.
  2. dasCKD

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    How do you know if you're chosen for the test?
  3. dasCKD

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    I enjoyed both the Alsace and the Republique, but one thing that I certainly found was that the Alsace is good at rushing and holding positions whereas the Republique is good at kiting, running rings, and hitting from where people don't expect. The Alsace is inaccurate but she has a lot of guns and they mostly face forwards, this makes her very good at rushing into island positions with her secondaries and working her way out from there. The Republique conversely can't do the same thing but she has excellent turret angles both front or back which makes her very good at rushing the enemy to pressure them. As you have noticed she has a very thin skin by battleship standards so she needs to retreat often to heal something that she is fortunately very good at. Due to her excellent gun penetration, she is one of the battleships that remains effective against cruisers and battleships even at around 15-20 km. Her maneuverability isn't great, but neither is the maneuverability of the other tier X battleships and the Republique benefits from a very powerful engine which pushes her to top speed far faster than other battleships of her size. You just need to play her like a kiting cruiser instead of a Yamato.
  4. dasCKD

    CV Rework Discussion

    But then how would we farm dreadnoughts and close quarter expert with Hakuryus.
  5. dasCKD

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    Republique Pros: lolpen cruisers Best nominal penetration Decent accuracy Excellent AP and HE shells Formidable secondaries Good speed Troll spaced armor AND turtleback Very nice base range Cons: Thin skinned For all your complains OP, you seem to have forgotten that the Republique is a BATTLESHIP. She is not meant to have excellent accuracy regardless, the Yamato and upgraded Montana being outliers and not the rule in this respect. She is an excellent battleship that needs no change and in many ways is actually overpowered. She needs no buffs.
  6. dasCKD

    This is why CV rework is so important...

    I went to Miki's page and found this This is a player that is almost universally excellent in almost all respects. Considering your team's performance, I very much doubt the outcome would have been any different if Miki was in, say, a Worcester. I can say this confidently because his winrate in his Worcester is indeed better than his Hakuryu's win rate.
  7. dasCKD

    CV rework - are they going to start at T6?

    I would prefer restricting carriers to tier 6 and up regardless. The tomatoes at tier 1-5 still struggle to deal with torpedoes with a 4 km range, they are not equipped mentally to deal with carriers. That said, I still think that carriers from tier 4-5 should be there as campaign only ships to train the new CV players in game mechanics.
  8. dasCKD

    Arms Race - a Failure or not?

    I liked it, it was kind of unique and fun. It presents a problem though. Most ships are what they are as a result of years of balancing for randoms and ranked which just leads to certain ships outperforming others by far. Close ranged ambush killers and high DPM ships like the Minotaur and Harugumo just benefits from the game modes so much whereas long ranged ships like the Henri just becomes irrelevant whereas ships that typically do area control such as the likes of the torpedo destroyers suffer as critical areas are always changing.
  9. dasCKD

    5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Tier 4 ships will have to face tier V ships which would be, inherently, the most common British destroyers as they are the easiest ones to get.
  10. dasCKD

    5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Ah, I can explain this. It's quite simple, you see. The British DD missions are running right now and therefore it makes it such that players are playing a lot of destroyers. It takes a lot of luck to get the higher tier British destroyers so many of the high tiered players play what they could until they get missions for the higher tiered British destroyers. Or you could just indulge in your paranoia I guess. Personally if I was looking to sealclub, I would have found the likes of the Orion or the Imperator to be a far better choice. You know, the battleships. From the matches I've played, sealclubbing is no worse than it's ever been and I find myself doing far more sealclubbing than chasing sealclubbers away from my gormless teammates. Hm. Hm. Yeah. Sure. Like this is a destroyer only problem. Firstly, cruisers that can launch torps? You have tier 4 ships max, which means at absolute worse you'd be facing Furutakas. Basically every tier 4-5 cruiser has 4 km torpedoes and, in that case, I would like to ask what you are doing letting destroyers get that close to you. I played low tiers. I can play like an absolute moron and still come out alive because of how ineffective everyone's weapons are. Unless you are facing triple Kamikazes, something I haven't seen in probably over a year, then you have no scope to complain. I can only imagine what if will be like once you reach tier 6 and have to face Asashios. Shoot them then! They're in low tiered destroyers! The last thing Warships needs is to learn from World of Gold Ammo. People are at liberty to take you as seriously as they like. It is on you to earn that from them. As of right now, you are apparently being ripped to pieces by torpedoes at their most effective and you attribute your misery to seal clubbing. Let me tell you right now, battleships at the higher tiers will only get bigger and slower and harder to handle whilst torpedoes get faster, their ranges get longer, and their lethality rises. This is not a problem caused by sealclubbing, this is a problem caused by the fact that you have not developed the ability to deal with one of the most ubiquitous weapon systems in the entire game and this will not change as you move up the tiers. Sealclubbing is not your problem.
  11. dasCKD

    Too many dd

    X = 5 Y = (-) 4 So 5 + (-) 4 = 1
  12. dasCKD

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Well naturally. The problem ultimately comes down to the fact that WG will keep balancing by patching the ship. The Hindenburg is played far back as an HE spammer but has poor fire chance? Give her more penetration. The Midway lacks strike force compared to the Hakuryu? Give her more fighters. The Hakuryu now inferior to the Midway in every way? Give her another fighter squad. The thing is that I understand why they're doing it. Redrafting an entirely new ship line and concept and then implementing it is far more expensive than a tweak to an existing ship that has known weaknesses. The problem with the Hindenburg isn't really a problem with the ship concept as with the fact that she is of an obsolete design. Back when the Hindenburg and the Kurfurst were released, basically EVERYONE but Yamatos broadsided which means that ships that were punished far less severely for broadsiding was a massive asset. Now though? The players have gotten better and so the niche needed to be replaced with a better concept. The Hindenburg really hasn't gotten any worse at her original niche, the problem is now that the niche of a AP brawling cruiser with mediocre DPM but good burst alpha is no longer something that needs to be filled. The concept of a clear ship line that has a set purpose is a laudable and admirable goal, but it is unrealistic especially considering the fact that even if no new ship lines were ever added, the game niche has shifted. A Hindenburg brawling a Kurfurst or Montana at close ranges is as effective as she always has been, but with ships like the Worceter and Harugumo running around she is obsolete for that role and has to change. We're just seeing the natural consequence where the nature of the game is as much dictated by the players as the developers.
  13. dasCKD

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    And yet there are people arguing that the Stalingrad is not overpowered. The Hindenburg has the worst AP penetration of any tier X cruiser even WITH her high penetration. The improved angles won't make the ship overpowered. It might not even make the shells that much better, considering how often her shells shatter on cruiser sides even WITH her currently high velocity.
  14. dasCKD

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    They should buff the Hindenburg's armor 50 mm everywhere perfectly submerged turtleback citadel!
  15. dasCKD

    What should be my next T10?

    Minotaur really isn't a cruiser. In fact, all the tier X cruisers are very unique and play like their own tiny class. If you want a destroyer though, the Harugumo is utterly brutal and cuts everything to ribbons. Montana is a pretty great ship, boring but very effective. I would advise against the Midway and the Minotaur. Carriers, at tier X, plays very different from them at tier 8 and you'll be seeing half of your games with enemy CVs in AA divisions to make your life miserable. The Conqueror can farm a lot of damage, but I find her boring and she is very much a ship that requires the enemy to make your mistakes for you so I would not recommend her either. The Gearing, I find her boring. But each to their own.