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  1. dasCKD

    High tier German destroyers

    For me, the Z-52 is one of my highest performing ships at tier X and the Z-46 was a beloved monster. That said, I think it's worth looking into anyways. Well, she never did. German hydroacoustic suites are exceptional, but only the Z-52 possesses the improved hydroacoustics of her cruiser and battleship brethren. The Z-46 ran typical hydroacoustic search which means that prior to the changes, her suite was worse and not better than it is now. She suffers from the radar range and duration increases, but she is hardly unique in that respect. 5.6 is the approximate range of the radar suite of the Roon and Fredish, not the Z-46. The Kitakaze is overpowered quite frankly, and the Jutland is a bit of a unique beast. She has a hydro suite, but hers is entirely defensive. Use it at ranges that she can spot other destroyers, and those destroyers will spot her in just about the second she open fires. The Z-46 on the other hand has a very generous smoke firing/ship acquisition window where she can pummel the enemy destroyer whilst taking no damage in return. Her ballistics, whilst poor, are also superior to the Jutland's. She remains an exceptional cap circle combatant, superior to what she was earlier thanks to the hydroacoustics range that was improved with the changes. Her torpedoes were always very wimpy in all respect, abnormally high flooding is a Japanese and not German thing. Overall, she has only improved. It was 5.88 which meant that she saw a significant increase in suite performance that now allows enemy ships a 100 m grace period before she can start smoking and shooting. Or you could just kill the destroyers that you spot yourself. Overall, both boats still perform admirably and quite frankly border on overpowered especially as the Z-52 no longer takes full battleship AP damage (one of her former biggest weaknesses).
  2. dasCKD

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    No DDs here V-25, no contest. Not really anything that appeals to me. Izyaslav I guess. Nothing really appeals. Kamikaze, the divine wind for when potatoes need smiting. Nothing really appeals. Gajah Madah, by god that thing's a monster. Cossack, gunpower is always appreciated. Kitakaze, no contest. What an utter monstrosity that ship is. Minotaur. Obviously. Without contest the best destroyer in the game.
  3. Oi, you're with us now? First time I have a clan mate I remember from the forum :cap_cool:

    1. dasCKD


      Yeah, I got scouted by Fox recently.

  4. Yes, because as WE ALL KNOW, the only reason anyone could EVER have for being against P2W premiums is that they would benefit from nerfs against those ships. Let me disabuse you of your little inane argument then. I have the Belfast, GC, Kutuzov, and just about every single overpowered premium ship out there and I LOATHE OP premiums. I think it should be scrubbed from the game and the rot from the space they previously occupied should be cleansed with fire so that they would never return again. Onto the other point. WG's recent move does reek of a blatant money grab especially with the timing and you know what? I do not care. I could not possibly imagine a circumstance where I could find myself caring less. It doesn't matter what WG's motives are, nerfing overpowered ships is the right thing to do and this go double for low tiered premium ships that the most vulnerable and unskilled players will end up encountering. It is the right thing to do. It does not cease to be the right thing to do just because WG's motivations are greed. One more point. Do you think that people don't pay for silver ships? People to spend to convert freeXP for tier X silver ships pay more per ship than the price of ANY premium and yet tier X ships are still subject to nerfs. If someone who drops 60 euros, 20 more if they also want the premium camouflage, on one ship is not immune to having the thing they pay for nerfed, then I don't see why someone who paid 20 euros or got lucky with a lootbox shouldn't.
  5. dasCKD

    Arsenal Irian

    I don't see why it matters. The boxes were in the arsenal, the money that was to be spent was already spent long ago. It's not like I could have my doubloons refunded to cash.
  6. dasCKD

    Arsenal Irian

    Good to hear.
  7. dasCKD

    Arsenal Irian

    I have more than enough doubloons. The thing I wanted was the three lunar boxes because I like loot boxes, but 8888 doubloons for 3 boxes isn't really worth it. The Irian is a tier 8, this is just a way for me to potentially get three boxes for me to crack open.
  8. dasCKD

    Arsenal Irian

    I'll tag @MrConway in here, but I'll be happy for answers from anyone. I rolled an Irian from one of the boxes which means I still have the Irian special offer available in my arsenal. Now my question is that if I buy the last box with an Irian in my port, will I get doubloons in compensation?
  9. dasCKD

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

    I wish Stalingrad had a copper camouflage so lonely misanthropes like myself can get skins for our favorite Stalinium sausages.
  10. dasCKD

    Picking up some snowflakes

    BEFORE YOU SELL YOUR CARRIERS!!! Keep in mind that your new carriers count as new ships, meaning that they have their snowflakes restored. You can farm steel off them before you wave goodbye to them forever.
  11. dasCKD

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    Give the Azuma 12 guns and put her back at tier X
  12. dasCKD

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    Eh, the Azuma will probably be happier there at tier 9. As an ambush cruiser, they are better options at tier X. As another large cruiser, she never really compared that favorably to the Stalingrad with really only her penetration to make her distinct from the Zao. I do kind of want to see a Japanese tier X ambush super-cruiser, but I never really saw the Azuma as that ship.
  13. dasCKD

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    That's not the point though. There has been a large population in the player base who have been screaming and crying at WG, not even because CVs themselves but because they despise the unicum CV base. This rework will screw over a lot of them, which will make the pitchfork and torches lot very happy. WG gets to appease an irritating part of the base, they piss off a limited amount of the players, and they get to act like things have changed until the new CVs are mastered and the problem grows to equal or greater magnitude to our current situation, but by that point it will be years down the line before they have to deal with this again and so the rework bought them time and that's all you really need for a f2p game: time.
  14. Which, as anyone who has combated destroyers in the VIII-X bracket will be able to tell you, is so rare to practically be an edge case. Destroyers, if they know a radar cruiser is nearby or could be nearby, don't just sit there, pew pewing at enemies from a smoke screen and those that do tend to be so inept that they'll die in the first 2 minutes, radar or no radar.
  15. dasCKD

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Hah, peons! You know nothing of the salt!