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  1. palubarac that is not entirely correct answer to the initial question. E.g. I've completed all 7 directives, but bought the gold boosters the day they became available. I think there is no way to find out unless wg shows us the real gold-free numbers.
  2. whiskey_sk


    If I travel back in time, I'll bring a current sport results yearbook with me to visit some bookies, and the business manager will instantly become irrelevant...
  3. whiskey_sk

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    just finished. What will happen with the ~860 shipbuilding tokens that I couldn't spend due to getting Puerto Rico after completing directive 5?
  4. nothing to see here komrads, we are used to issues getting solved in the proper traditional way...
  5. whiskey_sk

    Santas Boxes - Boast your "wins" here.

    over 20 santa's gift, pathetic, 4 camos is considered a Christmas gift now? some (small) amounts of coal, som free xp a few dubloons. Mega crates were a bit more interesting, out of 20 I've got 2x 2k dubloons, 2x 12500 coal, GZ, Lenin and Yahagi. Some special flags etc. Made a video of the whole container opening sequence.
  6. whiskey_sk

    On a positive note...

    it only took what, 3 years? gee thx
  7. whiskey_sk

    Massachusetts B combat mission issue

    Got the same with Alaska B. Still makes perfect sense to assign that mission to someone who doesn't have the original ship and purchased the B version.
  8. funniest bit is, who would actually buy these if they cost more dubloones than in the premium shop?!?