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  1. both passes with zero errors. RAM eliminated as a suspect.
  2. I tried to switch between windowed and fullscreen, as I was too lazy to plug in a second monitor. It switched from Fullscreen Windowed to Windowed without freezing. Switched back to Fullscreen without freezing. Switched to Windowed yet again and it froze after clicking Apply in settings. When it woke up again, it declared it couldn't load some resources. I wonder if there are genuinely missing resources after now 3 clean installs or it is just a general non-specific catch-all error message.
  3. lot of good suggestions there, thanks a lot!. Will try the system monitor and try clicking about the port. Interesting thing, it is really only the container ship that doesn't hang. Equipment, camos, signals, tech tree, captain skills, combat missions, naval battles, ranks even, all of them froze at one time or another. Haven't tried dockyard yet, I don't think it is active currently tbh. No issue to open the box, I've mentioned in one of the earlier posts that I've cleaned all the heatsinks and fans with compressed air. I've also removed and reseated the GTX770. Regarding hardware in general, I don't think it's hardware related in a sense something is broken - the game works fine in a battle, no issues there. Every other game and application works fine, even intensive stuff like video editing etc. To me it appears that there is a some sort of brief hiccup, and while everything works in the background, when the game comes back to its senses from the freeze, the screen is not refreshed. As I've described in an earlier post, I can hear actions being performed (like pressing ESC you hear the Exit confirmation window popping up) but you just can't see them as the picture displayed on your screen is a freeze frame from 3,4,5... minutes ago. And btw, exactly something like your post here in the forum I'd expect from a tech support, rather than a 4th guy (or chatbot) asking again for a wgcheck report that has been included in the ticket twice already in an obivously boilerplated response. Much appreciate your effort!
  4. Mr_BIap_1

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    Thanks for the effort, appreciated! Would have been brilliant if this came as a response to the ticket I've created at the time, but really appreciate your personal effort on this.
  5. i switched Thanks for the tip - that might be a step in the right direction eventually. Tried to switch what I could away from application controlled (surprisingly only 2 or 3 things), but port still freezes. Will keep digging around further.
  6. Mr_BIap_1

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    pretty similar here, had my first time ever chatban (3 day) about a month or so ago out of the blue after playing the game almost for 6 years with karma over 400... Now I suffered PTSD as my clanmates are making fun of me, because I'm not the one calling people names in the chat and usually I'm the voice of reason asking people to keep it civil :) Also when I asked for a specific reason for the ban I was just quoted the verbatim rules violation blah blah without any actual reason/text string.
  7. nope, issue manifested with a driver from 2015 as well as the one from 14 or so days back... Can try it but not giving it much hope.
  8. Linux is the router/firewall, not the gaming PC. Gaming PC is win10 64. The OS on the router/firewall is irrelevant for the game operation as long as the game data is passing through. Could have been just as well cisco IOS, win95 or SCO Uniware or whatever else for that matter...
  9. Let's start with the firewall/router itself - it is an i7 Intel NUC I've assembled from parts, it's running linux I've installed. I've asked my ISP to switch the fiber router thing to be switched to bridge mode and put the Intel NUC behind it. I just prefer my own router/firewall rather than some huawei blackbox you can't even update yourself. There was never need to manually whitelist WoWs through, as outgoing traffic from the gaming rig is allowed to the interwebz by default and is only logged. Also the game itself authenticates me successfully with WG, and once I manage to reach an actual battle has no issues sending/receiving data. Also, for random periods of time, the game is able to communicate with servers regarding camo/signal changes, going to armory, naval battles, containers etc. Therefore I consider any discussion on the topic of firewall/antivirus moot. The gaming rig is old, i7-4770, nvidia GTX 770, 16GB RAM. System volume is SSD with win10 64. Data volume is HDD. No issues with storage capacity. However no other application freezes and the system itself NEVER ONCE bluescreened on me. Tbh, I suspect some performance optimization routines on WG side, like the authentication issue - where you had to alt-tab and back for the game to actually authenticate you. Or some time ago there was an issue with loading Armoury, where you were left staring at a spinning wheel for tens of minutes, unless you just clicked your mouse anywhere. So somewhere in the interaction between the client port display and back-end port server something goes wrong and the things hangs at first and when it comes back to, it doesn't refresh the screen (while having correct audio playing).
  10. nevermind, frozen reliably in black hole port after about 3 or 4 minutes. I don't think it has anything to do with performance. The game itself (once you manage to get into battle) runs nice and stable, regardless of what's happening on the screen.
  11. yeah, designer's table froze just like any other port. Interesting fact - container ship never freezes, I can leave it there for hours, but the animation with camera moving back from the container ship to the actual port has frozen already once or twice... Also after the initial freeze is over after a minute or few, the sound is playing in the background, when I press ESC I can hear the Exit window popping up etc, it's just that the screen is frozen to whichever frame was being displayed when it froze.
  12. what is special about designer port table? That there is no water? Or is there anything else? Will look for them black hole port mods, thx for the tip!
  13. I think there is plenty of own config data in the wgcheck report I've submitted to the support twice. Not sure I understand what you meant by your post.
  14. So, I've had this issue since about 0.9.5 or so - game randomly froze in port. Not during battle, just in port, while mounting signals, looking at captain skills, or just enjoying the view of a majestic warship in the port. I prefer to use Ocean, but the freezing demon doesn't care, freezes the port regardless of background selected :) Initially it happened like once a month or once a week, no biggie, restart, and off we go to battle. However, with every new patch it got worse, and with 0.10.x it's just unusable. Sometimes it freezes before you even manage to hit battle, sometimes you get lucky and you can go and fight. Once you get in the battle loading screen, you're safe, it never freezes there or during the battle. So after being called interesting and creative names by division and clan mates who for some reason got annoyed by waiting for my reboots practically before every single battle, I've decided to submit a ticket with WG support. And the experience has been so spectacular that I've decided to share it with the community. Here is my initial post. *edit* Not long afterwards, I got a response from a support agent, yay! *edit* I rerun the wgcheck, just if for whichever reason it was an older version since before I did a clean install. I installed the latest nvidia drivers. Still the game freezes in port. So I report back to support, together with some additional observations I've noticed while testing: *edit* Support comes back trying to help further: *edit* So I've followed all the steps as instructed, run game center as admin, performed check and repair and tried running the game. To no avail, I must admit. *edit* Support came up with further suggestions. None of it helped, not even lowering graphics setting which I was hoping for secretly. *edit* None of it helped, not even lowering graphics setting which I was hoping for secretly. *edit* And then the support drops the bomb... *edit* I was no longer able to keep a straight face... *edit* And then came the (for the moment) last post in the thread, I haven't responded to this one yet, and probably will not. I just see no sense. *edit* If I were to perform an audit or due diligence at the support organisation, I'd probably come to a conclusion that there is only 1st level service desk in place, with poorly trained agents that don't read the notes in the tickets to see which steps have been performed previously, and just run around in circles, most probably with no escalation paths defined or used. Just because I've got nothing better to do currently, I've completely uninstalled everything Wargaming related today yet again, together with manually deleting anything I could find in the registry. Rebooted. Done a clean install. Upon finishing installation run wgcheck to get a report before the first run of the game. No mods or any changes installed. Rebooted the machine. Launched Game Center as admin. Started the game in safe mode. Port died within 5 minutes... No other game/software has any issue on the machine. I've never ever had it to blue screen on me. No issues with CS:GO, Elite Dangerous, L4D2, F4AF, various retro platform emulators, Magix video editing software. The only thing that freezes is WoWs port (not even the actual game, just the port). I've even opened the box and compressed-air cleaned the motherboard, heatsinks and fans, including CPU and VGA. Still same. Do you folks think there is any sense in talking the support further or should I just forget it?
  15. Mr_BIap_1

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    client freezes in port randomly. When trying to filter ships in the carousel, or just when being inactive, within 5 minutes of starting the game. With or without the modpack. It was happening with previous patches every now and then, but I started this 0.10 thing and it's done it twice within the initial 10 minutes.