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  1. jako737

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    Played one battle. Was scheptical. Not touching this BS again. First and foremost: premium powercreep is REAL. That also comes in with a devastating amount of radars (and that's accross all my friends matches. Kronstadts, missouris, blacks are there in fleets). Not to mention: what went wrong with the mind of the guy who thought Arms race would be a good idea for ranked!? Overall, this is terrible. It feels like a joke.
  2. jako737

    Saipan + Enterprise = tier 8

    Boris my friend...this is my answe to you .:; See you!
  3. Naming and shaming, you are not allowed to post names on the forum for the purpouse you are going after. Second: from your screenshots you can clearly see you even bunched up all of your planes on the map edge, using your fighters to only escort your attack planes, not providing cover nor scouting. You are definetely doing it right, good stuff. From the replay you posted it's clear that dd went afk and just kept reversing. Thanks for that aswell. Maybe in your mind i should just thank him for hit "battle" cause it's so gracious out of him to bless me with his participation in the game. You hide your stats 'cause you have stuff to hide. If you did not have anything to hide you would let them public. You are counting damage in CVs. Damage is 1/3 of your job, if you still have not realized it, well you are a lost cause. Now please leave us alone from your attention seeking problems. You clearly think you are allowed to do what you want but at the same time you think people are not allowed to judge you or criticize you. I'm sorry it does not work like that. Realize it at 38 years of age please.
  4. @Drone81 I really and truly like how you went to the extent of posting screenshots of our profiles (naming and shaming policy, btw,) yet still you keep your private. Or maybe you marked them private after getting this? Oh btw, you posted a screen of me sayin' "DD the center FFS!" . You are so bright you posted the replay. Have a look at the dd. He reversed away for 5 minutes afk. Thanks for saving me the time of sending the replay to WG to get him the AFK penalty dude.
  5. jako737

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    Okhhhhhotnnnn...that thing, just for the "i'm having a stroke" alike name :D
  6. jako737

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Hi, I would like to join the lottery as well Thanks for the nice initiative
  7. jako737

    Game & Balance Improvements

    i don't think so at all. She still has the deadliest torps at tier10, simply because they are invisibile. Also, you can still much gun fight in her as proven by players i've seen in matches lately. I am of the strong believe that this is much a sentiment like the old shimakaze, where she was fully capable of gunfighting but people would simply refuse to do so for some mental block.
  8. jako737

    Game Mechanics

    Oh sure, considering i have 3 times more cruiser games than BB games i clearly want BBs to blap everything left and right, definetely a BBBaby. i'm sorry, if he had the time and chance to shoot you, it was not a well executed ambush, period. I keep seeing zero point in your answers if not for accusing me to be BBbaby. Do you have a point to make, or you just wanna keep going? I made my point. Now make yours. I maintain that above 10 km BBs should not be able to blap DDs, but under....no.
  9. jako737

    Game Mechanics

    Did i ever said anything as such? I don't think so. The goal however should not be to make all classes idiotproof. It's ridicolous that a Montana can't punish a shimakaze (or whatever) making an error and getting spotted so close to her, honestly.....Again, IMO it should be distance based
  10. jako737

    Game Mechanics

    The fact is the following: Above 10 km, it means you are sort of getting "sniped" (sort of) from a BB. Below 10 km, you are not. Below 10 km you should be taking your chances when getting near a BB. I am disregarding completely the lower tiers. The game should not really be balanced around them, especially considering the BBs at low tiers are already rather ineffective. As it is right now i feel DDs can get away way too much with stupid moves.
  11. jako737

    Game Mechanics

    BB AP vs DDs: I think the general concept is good. However i believe the application of it is wrong. My believe is that the mechanic should be governed by the distance. ie: above 10 km, only overpens, below 10km full pens possible. We must not , in anyway, promoto the stupid yolo moves. The new Snowstorm. I honestly don't really like it. For a number of reasons, but the biggest is that it really hurts your vision (meaning eyes)
  12. jako737

    Game & Balance Improvements

    I am noticing the following changes: Matchmaking: It is noticeable. I have been in a lot more of tier 8 matches as well as tier 9 matches than before. A bit worrying for T7s to run into so many T9s, but ok the rest EDIT: BB AP vs DD section moved to the "Game mechanics" topic. YY: I don't have the ship myself. It was definetely OP, so a nerf was needed. Don't think all the crying on the forum is justified. I think a lot of it is the result of people losing their OP tier 10 DD infavour of a more balanced DD. Shimakaze: I don't have it either. Hoewever in renunions i had the change to try it before the buff and honestly,playing like my gearing or z52 (sort of) by contesting the cap, it felt really ok. HE had already good alpha damage and guns had good arcs. The 15 torps also make it a scary opponent to face on a short distance. Now i had not an opportunity to try one after the buff but i played against it and i must say it is seriously a scary encounter , blowing all that damage every salvo. I ultimately think the issue with shimakaze had nothing to do with the guns itself but rather with the stupidity of the people playing it around the map edges, never shooting dds. If a buff was needed in that sense, i think a turret traverse increase would have been a more appropriate buff than an increase in HE alpha. Now a word out of this specific patch on a balance issue: Stalingrad. Nerf it. Seriously. It is stupidly OP. It does not need improved autobounce angle.
  13. jako737

    School Kids

    Best part about it is that on average i consistently found 40+ aged players to be the utmost donkeys in this game. And then again which stats is the OP talking about? The one he is hiding?
  14. jako737

    New Map ?

    this came out some months ago to mee to for one battle....at first i thought the same: "new map"....but to be honest since nothing went by then i know think its just a glitch.
  15. jako737

    Waterline discussion

    As for 2 BBs in Clan Wars: Please no! We don't need anymore "blap all cruisers out of the water in one shot" like it is in random. The nice part of CW was actually that. It was mostly action between CAs vs CAs and DDs vs DDs. As for inter-server CWs: that is really a great idea to maximise experience within a team. As for BB pen on DDs: guys be careful what you whish for! We already saw the scary dmg numbers a single salvo of HE from a british BB can do to a DD. They do that cause the basically almost always have HE already loaded. Further more, we already have enough *unintelligent* people shooting HE in high tier BBs for no good reason. This will actually give them an excuse such as "but hey dude! what if a DD pops out right now!? I have to be ready!!". As for CVs...I don't play them so i can't really speak for them. Still, what i see is that the skill gap is huge right now and really makes games go one direction or the other. However, it would also not be fair to level it to a point where basically great CV players are on par with bad ones. In the end being a great CV player has required them time and effort and it should be somewhat rewarded. I love the new stuff incoming such as the new permanent campaign to get Halsey and so on. Also is a very nice thing that they will complete the gunboat IJN DD line.