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  1. It would seem strange to release them this week with the current Blueprint missions ongoing, I would have thought they would release them to coincide with the end of the missions. If the NDA is up tomorrow then there will be a few streamers showcasing the new line, it will be interesting to see how they play.
  2. I believe they have just released the wiki stats for all BB's 3-10. Most interesting is Nelson and Monarch are at 7 with KGV at 8.
  3. I can't say I was particularly interested in Commonwealth Cruisers but this thread turned out to be a bit of a gem @ OP, just because there was a ship built, called Minotaur, you cant automatically assume that it is the ship we have in the game at T10.........especially when they look nothing alike. Navies have a habit of reusing names through the years.
  4. Wait wat The Fiji is one of the strongest cruisers in the game tier for tier, easily the strongest silver tier 7.
  5. True stats don't have anything to do with someone's ability to have and be able to express an opinion, but they do give you a good idea if that opinion is valid. Someone advocating a way of playing a ship that you haven't thought of yourself is going to sound a whole lot more convincing if their win rate, damage, K/D ratio etc are good. Alternately if someone else says this is a good way of playing 'x' ship and yet their stats are all red......well I'll listen but take what they say with a huge amount of salt. I was going to say that most people who post in here have a good idea of what is good play and what is bad, but threads keep popping up that would suggest otherwise.
  6. *WG deciding what tier gets what consumable* Employee 1: OK all the consumables are in the hat, pull one out. Employee 2 pulls one out. Employee 1: well what is it? Employee 2: Hydro. Employee 1: K' Hydro for tier 9.......pull another one out. Employee 2 pulls another bit of paper out Employee 1:....And.... Employee 2: Radar. Employee 1: So radar for tier 10....nicely balanced.....good, good, the players will love this....well thats one job done next we need to decide how much HP they'll heal......put 10 pieces of paper in the hat with %'s from 5-80%.....
  7. I'll be buying her on the 9th, I'd like one of the earlier bundles but just can't afford it. Don't skip Izumo, it's quite a decent ship not as bad as her old reputation would suggest and certainly playable. I'd give her a try at least in C hull config before deciding to free XP.
  8. One of the main strengths people talk about is her tankiness when angled, so I wouldn't say she was paper. Broadside on.........well which BB doesn't eat a metric ton of AP damage when broadside. As to the OP, get her when she's ship and port slot only, that's what most will be doing.
  9. I want Hood but I'm not paying £85 for her, I'll just be waiting for the ship and slot option.
  10. She is a good T6 BB, good hard hitting and accurate guns as well as excellent manoeuvrability. She does suffer somewhat with T8 MM but then to be fair so do a lot of the other T6 BB's. That said I think Kazomir was originally talking about the Mutsu rather than the Warspite.
  11. Pretty much this. Myogi has the speed to allow you to choose favourable engagements, as well as allowing you to keep pace with your cruisers.......just make sure you don't overextend. Target wise try and take advantage of any cruisers that are not paying attention to your position and so sailing broadside. Also pay attention to what your team are doing, if the group you are sailing with start to retreat and you don't notice you'll find yourself alone real quick and a lone BB is a dead BB.
  12. Nvm just noticed the date of the OP.
  13. I messed up the end of this battle and turned a potential victory to a loss, they were ahead on points with just over 2 mins left but they also had a half health Arizona which I was pushing........but he angled and I couldn't get the damage done in time to sink him and win us the game . I cried a little afterwards..........
  14. Not when it's standard battle
  15. One more Bismarck game, better this time.... The DD lived sadly on about 100hp