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  1. Oh god what are WG thinking putting stock Shima torps on Yoshino.
  2. Ace_Rimmer01

    USS Washington (BB-56) - a good idea for Tier 7 premium BB?

    It would already offer a unique play style at T7 with both speed and the 406’s layout making it quite different to any US BB in the main line up to that point. You add in 27/32mm bow armour and you make the ship significantly stronger than the other BB’s at it’s tier. Especially when you add the fact that T7 ships mostly end up top tier. Also Sinop can’t be used as a measuring stick as it’s a WiP and likely to change. I think the general consensus is that the ship is to powerful in its current iteration.
  3. Ace_Rimmer01

    Montana and some idea

    514 battles and almost at tier 10, as Thiextar says you’ve probably headed up the tiers a bit too fast. I’m on my mobile so can’t check but I’ll hazard a guess you’ve mostly played your BB’s. There’s nothing wrong with having a favourite class but it can be advantageous to play all other types in the game to understand how to counter them when in a BB. Te more games you get in them the more you’ll understand how players in cruisers and DD’s think and act, which can only be a good thing in your BB. It will give you the knowledge of how to deal with those ships on the enemy team and how to support those on you’re own team. As for your question of which line to go up, either IJN or Frenchie baguettes imo. Take your time though with each ship and don’t skip any as they all help you learn.
  4. Ace_Rimmer01

    Matchmaking for new players

    As already mentioned already staying at or below tier 4 will mean only seeing ships max 1 tier higher than yourself, I'd also look at playing all 3 main ship classes equally to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each. I notice you mentioned in another thread that you don't have much experience with cruisers, if you want to improve your aim cruisers are probably the best class due to their high rpm compared to BB's.
  5. Ace_Rimmer01

    Queen Elizabeth - any point having as well as Warspite?

    There have been a couple, her turret traverse was increased from 72secs for 180 to what she has now and she was lowered slightly in the water so her citadel was less exposed. I think the turret rotation was mid 2017.......not sure about the lowering in the water.
  6. Ace_Rimmer01

    How often do you find yourself in tight equal games?

    Probably about 1 in 10 games or so, it's getting increasingly common that the game is already decided before the 10 minute mark and all that's left is either to mop up the remaining ships on the opposing team.......or be mopped up yourself.
  7. Ace_Rimmer01

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    It's tier spread; An example would be someone gaining a new tier 5 heavy tank, they might start off in battle level 6 and so be top tier, successive wins would see the algorithm place them in higher battle levels all the way up to 10 where they would face tier 9's. Even were this manipulation in place it still wouldn't do what the OP and people like @Jean_Bart claim i.e. determining the winner pre battle. Theoretically the top tier ships would be either players new in those ships or players down tiered due to a loss streak and the low tiered ships would be players who were playing well in said ship over a number of games. Both teams would be affected. How people think this is evidence of MM rigging who is going to win and lose before a game is even played is beyond me.
  8. Ace_Rimmer01

    Russian CC Q&A with S_O

    It does seem strange to hold back xp and credits for damaging/shooting down planes. Given the frequency of 2 CV matchmaking (at least in 0.8.0) I'm tempted to think they don't want people getting high numbers of plane kills and correspondingly high xp and credits, that seems a little stingy considering we're effectively guinea pig's for them right now. Sure tweak it as we go along but why deny outright. Also cheers Wilkatis for the translation
  9. Good choice by WG, I was expecting Yoshino for steel which would have left it out of reach, so glad they’ve gone for coal instead. Can stay hyped now.
  10. From what I remember it was only the central deck that was 30mm, while that will still leave the TX version weak amour wise it will allow it a small degree of protection from medium to long range hits onto the deck from any of the 16.5inch guns and below. You are right though it isn't well protected. You mean like this; I'd completely forgot this was a thing, wonder how long they've had it in the game files all modelled and ready to go.
  11. According to reddit and the Devblog there are now going to be 2 versions of Azuma, the gimped tier 9 version and a 'modernised' tier 10 with torps, improved aa and I assume unerfed armor. Slightly questionable that the original supposedly was a 'weak' TX but at least WG are listening to those who want an alternative to Stalingrad at that tier and so bringing out a 'modernised' version.
  12. I'm going to echo what the above posts have said, your best bet is to get some more games under your belt. Tier 8 MM has been rough for a while and as such you going to find yourself up-tiered into tier 10 matches frequently. Your own enjoyment will suffer as you wont, as yet, have the experience to know how best to make your ship work in that environment. As Wilkatis said, get some experience in ships of the same type and tier, learn the ropes and then take the premiums out. They are all strong in their own way but you need dedicated captains and a good understanding of the flow of a battle to get the best out of each.
  13. Ace_Rimmer01

    Servers Down?

    Same here
  14. Ace_Rimmer01

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Had a green T-22 rush an Atlanta just now with predictable results, that was pretty funny
  15. Ace_Rimmer01

    Soon new steel ship...

    The Neustrach.....Nuestrash.....Nuestr......whatever, started to be tested the same time as the Azuma. I've seen it in a few streams now.