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  1. so how does that work then??

    They're your torps so it's your responsibility to make sure they don't endanger your team before you launch them. Check your surroundings before you torp, in this case you would have noted your team mate crossing your path and waited till he was passed.
  2. No fun, no money

    You are a bad player but, contrary to your opinion, you aren't playing the game correctly. Sometimes (for example) 'running away from the enemy' is the correct thing to do. That I think is the problem, you think you know what the right play is but more often than not you don't. You should have come on here and said 'I'm not performing well, how do I improve?' Instead you make demands of WG to team you up with players who can carry you to victory.
  3. This is why radar ships MUST be balanced by MM

    Domination with a radar advantage that heavily favours one team rarely ends well for the team with less or no radar ships. You're team can't cap as well because any decent cruiser player will use radar as soon as they notice the cap is contested meaning you're DD has to withdraw probably loosing most if not all their HP, the other teams DD smoke's up and you have no counter.....they get a free cap/s. You're already at a disadvantage early game and you pretty much have to hope the enemy team potato's. Seriously how can people actually think the OP isn't right when all he's asking for is radar balance?
  4. HMS Lion - you r experience

    Only played a few games and all those with a fully upgraded ship so no idea how she plays stock, however personally I have found the 419 AP to be fine. 20k salvo's against broadside BB's at ranges around 10-15k is not uncommon, any further than that and dispersion does affect hit rate but honestly you shouldn't be further than that once the game is in full swing, unless you need to recoup some health. If the target is angled and there's no better one available switch to HE. The rest of the ship is good as well, excellent handling, good speed, monster heal, excellent concealment.

    I must admit that made me chuckle as well. As to the OP, a lot of people share the sentiment but while WG acknowledges the overpopulation of BB's and claims they want to reduce it, they keep releasing content and changes that were only ever designed to make life easy for the potato BB player. In this case I guess it's a case of 'actions speak louder than words' in relation to their intentions.
  6. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    2nd, a cruiser was on top with a good game. We could easily have lost that game but with you keeping 5-6 of their team occupied they didn't push from C to B which gave us the chance to win. I like the QE, the main problem I have is I've been spoiled by Warspite, I think I mentioned in another post that while the QE is a good BB she just seems lacking compared to Warspite, her AA's pretty insane for that tier though . I've had a few of those 25-30k wins, just when things look interesting the games over because the other team collapsed Oh and I'll leave this here ;
  7. About King George V and armour angling...

    Why would you let the Scharn (or Gnies for that matter) get within torp range? You want to be kiting away from them not charging in, if you go straight for them you play to their strengths. Turn while in concealment if you can (ideally with him 13.5-14k away so you don't get seen mid turn), if not use an island as an alternative if one's around or as a last resort turn just after he's shot. Then just pepper him with HE while he futilely tries to close the range to use his torps. You'll take some damage but if it's one on one you'll win most of the time. The only time you'll loose is if you are at a massive health disadvantage.
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had Gnirf in my team on Neighbours, tier 7, myself in the Queen Elizabeth and Gnirf in the Iron Duke. I thought I recognised the name but wasn't sure. We managed a win but it seemed a bit of a struggle for the first half as a fair few ships sailed to A, most of our CA's included. We had a good chat about QE and how she compares to Warspite.
  9. Queen Elizabeth

    She has advantages over the Warspite and disadvantages, sadly the positives don't make up for the 2 main negatives. She has exceptionally good AA at the tier which in the current heavy CV meta is good (seriously I'm finding myself in so many CV games and when I'm lucky to find myself top tier half the time I have 4 CV's in the match ). The range is also slightly more which is great for when you're getting into position in T8 mm, beyond that however Warspite's range is normally fine. Her AP is fine, and she seems to be tankier from the front (correctly angled) though she still takes a crap ton of AP damage from the rear. However turret traverse is old Warspite slow which is compounded by the lacklustre handling and honestly that's what I miss most in the QE, the handling. Is she a bad BB, no, but if you've played the Warspite she just seems lacking.
  10. Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    I've not had a bad weekend win rate wise however I've seen some horrendous play. I probably shouldn't have pushed up the RN BB line but I'm weak and couldn't resist being pulled in.
  11. British battleships incoming

    It would seem strange to release them this week with the current Blueprint missions ongoing, I would have thought they would release them to coincide with the end of the missions. If the NDA is up tomorrow then there will be a few streamers showcasing the new line, it will be interesting to see how they play.
  12. British Battleship line

    I believe they have just released the wiki stats for all BB's 3-10. Most interesting is Nelson and Monarch are at 7 with KGV at 8.
  13. Commonwealth Tree Cruisers

    I can't say I was particularly interested in Commonwealth Cruisers but this thread turned out to be a bit of a gem @ OP, just because there was a ship built, called Minotaur, you cant automatically assume that it is the ship we have in the game at T10.........especially when they look nothing alike. Navies have a habit of reusing names through the years.
  14. British battleships incoming

    Wait wat The Fiji is one of the strongest cruisers in the game tier for tier, easily the strongest silver tier 7.
  15. Noobs etc..

    True stats don't have anything to do with someone's ability to have and be able to express an opinion, but they do give you a good idea if that opinion is valid. Someone advocating a way of playing a ship that you haven't thought of yourself is going to sound a whole lot more convincing if their win rate, damage, K/D ratio etc are good. Alternately if someone else says this is a good way of playing 'x' ship and yet their stats are all red......well I'll listen but take what they say with a huge amount of salt. I was going to say that most people who post in here have a good idea of what is good play and what is bad, but threads keep popping up that would suggest otherwise.