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  1. If true.......those are some spicy torps On a slightly related note, Pls give us another RN cruiser WeeGee
  2. Ace_Rimmer01

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Slacked off a bit this week, managed to get all directives done but missed some of the missions within. I think I missed out on a few crates due to that. Having said that I also managed to get the Jervis mission today in one of the regular containers, along with the Acasta and Icarus missions that leaves me with a tally of 3 RN DD missions.
  3. Of course a prem Soviet cruiser, it makes perfect sense, they're pretty thin on the ground. It's not like there's a line that had its one and only prem cruiser removed from sale and could do with a replacement. /s
  4. Ace_Rimmer01

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Finally got my first mission after 35 containers opened, the Acasta, then got one for the Icarus 2 or 3 crates later. The Acasta was from a mission arc container while the Icarus came from one bought with sovereigns.
  5. Ace_Rimmer01

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    27 containers opened (24 from 2 stages, 2 bought with sovereigns and the 1 from WG) and no missions for me. I got nothing from the French BB arc either so I'm expecting to have to start the grind with Media, kind of annoying when some will be able to jump into Jutland when they are released.
  6. Ace_Rimmer01

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Jack sh*t from the containers so far, just got the last directive to do from this stage so that'll be another 2 containers. Not holding my breath though.
  7. Ace_Rimmer01

    Ships to keep or ships that are just slightly OP ??

    Nelson can get punished real heavily if you aren't angled correctly, she also suffers from HE pen a lot. If you are looking for a Tier 7 prem boat you can't go wrong with Scharnhorst , fast reload (for a BB), torps, good armor and good speed make for a fun experience. Alternatively Giulio Cesare as Verblonde mentions would be a good choice. Honestly though if you've only played up to tier 4 I would play on a bit more and see how you find the game, the next couple of tiers have pretty crap matchmaking although there are some strong ships in there (mainly looking at Fuso).
  8. Ace_Rimmer01

    Does the enjoyment improve?

    I don't think anyone is going to be able to say for certain whether you're enjoyment will increase up the tiers or not. What I can do is tell you a bit about life at the next few tiers; I've not found intentional team damage to be a frequent thing at any tier so that might just be you being unlucky in those few games, in fact I can't remember any in the last 1000 games or so. You'll get the odd person who seems to think raging at his team (or the red's) is a good way of instilling advise (normally it's along the lines of 'noob BB/CA/DD uninstall pls') just ignore them. AFK's sadly happen at all tiers but having had a couple of games where my internet has suddenly decided to go down after a couple of hours stable play I tend to afford them the benefit of the doubt. You get people sitting still for a minute or two when the game starts but normally they are moving within those couple of minutes. Very rarely I've had people decide for whatever reason that they can't face playing this game (normally if bottom tier) and so sail to map border and go AFK, these I report but in my experience they are pretty rare. You'll always have to deal with players who just go and do their own thing, be that the BB that snipes in the back or the DD that sails up the map edge looking for the enemy CV. Or my personal favorite, the team that ignores the push from the enemy towards our cap (standard battle) and goes sailing into the corner chasing one BB........no matter how many times you ask them to come back and defend. You'll have bad games but you'll also have good games whether the good outweigh the bad is something you'll only find out if you play more. An active clan could be a good choice, there are plenty out there for you to choose from. Finding a clan that has members mainly around your age range shouldn't be an issue either. If you do go that way Teamspeak would be advised if only so that you can actually talk to the people your playing with, it's easier to have a laugh that way. What I can definitely advise though is to play more ship classes, it's best to have an idea of how the 3 major classes play so you can have an idea of how each plays against the other. Tier 4 is also a really good tier to learn at as you are in protected matchmaking (you won't play against anything above tier 5). If you choose to play on up the tiers be aware that tier 5 has some rough MM as that tier see's a lot of tier 7's, I've still found most of the games to be quite fun though.
  9. Ace_Rimmer01

    How not to suck at US Cruisers?

    It seems to me that you're positioning in relation to your team and the enemy is what 's causing your early sinking. You need to pay attention to your teams deployment and your own ships strengths and weaknesses, strengths are those high arcs (means you can shoot over islands allowing you to stay in cover) weaknesses are those high arcs (yeah I know the same , long range against anything other than slow BB's is going to be difficult to hit), ergo you want to be relatively close to the cap but with some cover protecting you. Honestly I'd go with Colonel Pete's suggestion though and move back down a few tiers. You could slowly learn how to position yourself at tier 9 where any mistake normally means at best a huge chunk of your HP lost, at worst an early trip back to port, or you could play a lower tier and learn in an environment where you can survive mistakes a little easier.
  10. Ace_Rimmer01

    German battleships captain skills

    Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Concealment expert, Fire prevention, Adrenaline Rush - 3 points to spare from a 19 point captain (vigilance, JoaT, High Alert, it's up to you). That's the basic survivability build and is useful all the way from Nassau up to GK, (course you aren't going to have a 16 point captain on a Nassau.......hopefully)
  11. Ace_Rimmer01

    HMS Hood crap

    Wait......what? Since when has 18.6km been inadequate, it's more than enough for the tier. You're not meant to be playing her that far out anyway, in fact you're not meant to be playing any BB that far out. As for the guns consistently missing broadside targets at 5km, that won't be the ships fault. The guns can certainly be a bit trolly at times but you shouldn't be missing salvo's that close. Against cruisers if your aim is decent you should be rewarded, against BB's you need to aim above the main belt for consistent good damage salvo's, not huge but good enough.
  12. Ace_Rimmer01

    so how does that work then??

    They're your torps so it's your responsibility to make sure they don't endanger your team before you launch them. Check your surroundings before you torp, in this case you would have noted your team mate crossing your path and waited till he was passed.
  13. Ace_Rimmer01

    No fun, no money

    You are a bad player but, contrary to your opinion, you aren't playing the game correctly. Sometimes (for example) 'running away from the enemy' is the correct thing to do. That I think is the problem, you think you know what the right play is but more often than not you don't. You should have come on here and said 'I'm not performing well, how do I improve?' Instead you make demands of WG to team you up with players who can carry you to victory.
  14. Ace_Rimmer01

    This is why radar ships MUST be balanced by MM

    Domination with a radar advantage that heavily favours one team rarely ends well for the team with less or no radar ships. You're team can't cap as well because any decent cruiser player will use radar as soon as they notice the cap is contested meaning you're DD has to withdraw probably loosing most if not all their HP, the other teams DD smoke's up and you have no counter.....they get a free cap/s. You're already at a disadvantage early game and you pretty much have to hope the enemy team potato's. Seriously how can people actually think the OP isn't right when all he's asking for is radar balance?
  15. Ace_Rimmer01

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    Only played a few games and all those with a fully upgraded ship so no idea how she plays stock, however personally I have found the 419 AP to be fine. 20k salvo's against broadside BB's at ranges around 10-15k is not uncommon, any further than that and dispersion does affect hit rate but honestly you shouldn't be further than that once the game is in full swing, unless you need to recoup some health. If the target is angled and there's no better one available switch to HE. The rest of the ship is good as well, excellent handling, good speed, monster heal, excellent concealment.