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  1. The CV Captains Cabin

    3-3-2 Hakuryu is beating Midway really hard. Today, i faced decent Midway's and get air control all the time. Seems like Midway is gonna be forgotten ship again.
  2. Grozovoi vs. Khabarovsk?

    Well, Khabarovsk is feels like a troll ship. She can be soo annoying but sometimes so useless. Thanks to 50mm plating, all cruiser ap's are pain. Grozovoi is have kinda same gun power with khaba but with one less turret. But there is huge concelmant difference. And better torpedoes. I would like to grind Grozovoi first.
  3. The CV Captains Cabin

    Buff on Hakuryu was necessary yea. But now, difference between both is huge. I mean, there is no reason to play Midway anymore when they launched Hakuryu this way. ( She is still in test but let's think she will come to live server like this ) They have to give something to Midway. Even with DE skill, with right hands, it is going to be hard to get Air Control with Midway. But even Midway get air control or let's say, open her TB's way from fighters, those *garbage* AA's gonna rekt them. Dive bombers are more based on RNG. They hit hard when they hit but, it's hard to hit. TX fighters and T IX tb's are what Midway need now. ( imo ofc )
  4. Battleship AP overpenetrations

    This is always been same. Whenever cruiser gives you broadside there are only two posibility. Overpen or Citadel.
  5. lol mode?

    Sure they aren't
  6. Is it bad RNG or something I do not know?

    You can citadel if you hit to citadel. There is no overpen on citadels. If Cleveland gives you full broadside and you didn't hit her citadel, result is full overpens. Because her plating is too poor. To hit citadel, yea, you have to aim below but it is still about RNG. Even you are aiming to exact point, RNG may shows middle finger.
  7. Is it bad RNG or something I do not know?

    We can call it RNG and Cleveland's citadel position. Her armor is bad, but also, your guns are too thick, result is full overpens unless you hit their citadels (unless they are not angled ) . Here is the armor layout for Cleveland; Mid citadel is almost underwater, and gun citadels are too thin. So, that's the point. İyi şanslar, sakin denizler!
  8. lol mode?

    Even on domination mode, most of players are camping at base. Idea seems *fun* but.. yea.
  9. The CV Captains Cabin

    Shokaku is always been fun ship to play. Those *garbage* AA's makes things hard sometimes but, your cross drop capability is enough. Personally, when im bot tier with Shokaku, always going after DD's and make sure they are die. Am i failed? Not a big deal, they are death as long as they are spotted. Hiryu is also fun ship to play but feels like Ryujo is more enjoyable than her. Because both have same tier torpedo bombers. So why would i risk myself for Tier IX mm? And in your opinion, why would i play against Saipan?
  10. A simple fix for BB camping

    Seems like someone forget the CV's
  11. New ranked season T10

    Stalingrad. Ssssh
  12. Wish we were in same team Hope we meet again o7
  13. Kaga just a Saipan easy game?

    As long as you don't have AA division, Kaga is really free win for Saipan. It's always the same. If Saipan knows what to do, even you are best cv, you don't have much thing to do. No penalty for exit strafe was huge mistake. But they can't nerf premium ships Btw, Kaga has *ability* to nuke T9 BB, if he is bot and no AA
  14. CV player pro vs medium player

    Let's think they are not allowed to strafe. What is the chance of IJN fighters vs US ones? Huge hp difference and %10 dmg buff for US thanks to DE. Decreasing strafe damage maybe ( not saying this is what i want to ), but removing? Please.