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  1. _Nordstern_

    419mm and 457mm

    Nerf HE ( atleast fire chance or remove 1/4 ? ), Don't touch AP but increase accuracy. -419mm Don't touch shells but increase accuracy and decrease reloading time - 457mm
  2. Got around 50-55k coals and 14.5k steel. And also got 1500 more on containers.
  3. _Nordstern_

    A serious message to WG from a veteran / Divisions abuse

    or disgusting? Who knows.
  4. _Nordstern_

    WG you lied

    Well we can still explain this. If you are kiting away from someone which is at 15km but your max range is 14.5km. You are able to shoot him because he is coming right to you. But still, he is beyond your max range. It means he can't spot you but you can keep invisible shooting him.
  5. _Nordstern_

    Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    Salt is still fresh and topic is still hot
  6. _Nordstern_

    Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    I think he is dead. You are talking about skills for real? I mean, who you are or who you think you are? You are reminding me eXileDe im not sure if you are from his family or not. Why don't you get some friends and make divisons like that too? I mean this is ridiculus. What they should bring? Double Shima with CV? Sigh. I saw you several times on ranked and your trash talks, and this is awful. If you are considiring yourself as a decent or better cv, i don't know how we are gonna consider entire cv community. God? Maybe. If you can't handle AA divisions, you are far away from being avarage. Feeding mino with 50 planes? Wowo.. Having CV badge doesnt means you are good. You can easily hit 100k if you focus on damage. Just.. Just get over it and try to adapt. Those AA divisions are makes game hard and also challenging. This is what makes you better.
  7. _Nordstern_

    Oil collected without a Clan

    Excuse me since when you are deciding who is big or not? Those ships are supposed to be freaking unique not for plebs like you jezz. And also not gonna reply anymore after you say "It was just too time-consuming to put in the extra effort for Hurricane." kek. Both season we had exact 200 battles, total 400. Dont try to sh#t on players are better than you.
  8. _Nordstern_

    Oil collected without a Clan

    We only run one team both seasons and reached top 10 twice. It seems a bit stupid to see people argue about Big Clans without knowledge
  9. _Nordstern_

    Oil collected without a Clan

    Even they were informed correctly, clanless folks shouldn't have get Stalingrad or ranked specials easily. What's the matter otherwise? Even winning on Typhoon is super easy, they are putting CB specials to some marketty thing. Because it is totally BS BS BS. Some ships are supposed to be unique and hard to get. And WG broke it. Now Black and Stalingrad is on market, great. Peoples with money can easily farm containers from premium market.
  10. _Nordstern_

    The CV Captains Cabin

    They are announced WoWs; Legends. Im curious how CV gameplay gonna be there. It requires micro controls and this is what we can't on console.
  11. It's very interesting and quality spreadsheet. Thanks for this.
  12. _Nordstern_

    fix this turd of a ship ( Des moins )

    Only thing DM needs imo is better torp protection. Maybe equal to Mino? You tell me. But your arguments here is so much kek. I don't like to bring stat sh#ts but here is my T X cruiser stats ( on spoiler) Even im playing with reload module on Hindenburg, her dmg avarage is almost same with DM. Zao is more higher but less wr. I don't have much games with Henri so i didn't count her. Your arguments here , don't take it offensive or get it i don't care, is silly. Silly because there is no way to compare other cruisers with DM. Only ship that you can compare right now is maybe Mino because they both playing close to caps & islands and have same radar & hydro. If you want to burn and farm damage you can do it with DM too. Just stay bit far from islands and unleash your mighty avarage dpm. Your main role on DM is like; "Get the duck away from cap, its mine." or " Duck you CV " You are not damage maker as monqueror or other he spammer ships. Play DM as how you supposed to play.
  13. _Nordstern_

    [ TCG ] Turkish Naval Forces

  14. _Nordstern_

    The CV Captains Cabin

    3-3-2 Hakuryu is beating Midway really hard. Today, i faced decent Midway's and get air control all the time. Seems like Midway is gonna be forgotten ship again.