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  1. HassenderZerhacker

    how many play warships

    that's the most significant number. the chart says the player numbers have never taken off since the launch of the game.
  2. HassenderZerhacker

    What is the role of the submarine in World of Warships?

    the role of the sub in WoWS is reducing the number of players.
  3. HassenderZerhacker

    I have been stupid

    the best counter against sunk cost fallacy is to not sink any costs.
  4. HassenderZerhacker

    Unsinkable X-U2501

    your fault, you should have used a ship designed for hunting submarines, like , ummm ... a battleship.
  5. HassenderZerhacker

    Depth Charges and it's effectiveness

    couple of weeks ago I played 1 battle in my Odin against a submarine, and my secondaries dispatched it. I noticed it when it just had been sunk. Didn't learn anything about beating subs in that encounter.
  6. HassenderZerhacker

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    lol really ? I guess I'm part of "some kids". I stopped playing completely, so I don't give your types practice targets to farm. I hope most people do the same so you will be left just CV players vs CV players. And subs of course.
  7. HassenderZerhacker

    are you guys too geting a lot of free stuff from WG ?

    the more I don't play, the more free stuff I get.
  8. HassenderZerhacker

    I cant enjoy warships anymore, please help

    yes, it really is
  9. HassenderZerhacker

    Super Ships = Super Slap in the face

    lol, that answer - "there is some value" "the economy" lol already the answer alone is ... well, underwhelming, but just from looking at these two and listening ... woould I want to play their game ? nope.
  10. HassenderZerhacker

    bit desperate ?

    WANTED : cannon fodder for paying customers to shoot at.
  11. HassenderZerhacker

    Seems that Wargaming staff have stopped commenting on submarine threads.

    if they hinder many people from pressing the "battle" button, consider them broken.
  12. HassenderZerhacker

    Are these player made bots?

    wow, another post from you I agree with! I guess that kind of playerbase will grow, because most people with half a brain left already.
  13. HassenderZerhacker

    WoWs not to enjoy anymore!

    just do the sensible thing and don't play above tier 2 anymore or leave the game completely to let the sad sub and CV players battle it out between themselves. I was very sad to stop playing, but when it's no fun, it's just no fun, thank you Wargaming.
  14. HassenderZerhacker

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    and what enjoyable things has this "development" produced in the past few years except more player frustration, more CV, superships and subs ?