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  1. HassenderZerhacker

    Please return flags for achievments

    yup. look, I got the same emblem as you, and after all these years I think it's better to ignore WoWS and to move on. the way the game is designed has been getting only more and more toxic in the past 2 years.
  2. how does AA remove the carrier from the game? they have unlimited plane supply.
  3. AA options are really bad - for most ships, the choice is between "viable build" and "AA build", the latter suffers heavy drawbacks, because modules or consumables that are very useful for normal combat are then used for AA instead. WG should make AA skills available without cutting too much into ships' other capabilities.
  4. HassenderZerhacker

    What really ails the anti plane players in a nutshell

    people should just leave CV players among themselves in WoWS and go play something else. problem solved.
  5. HassenderZerhacker

    Simple solution

    well, even WG recognizes that there is such a thing as "too OP" because it causes people like me to throw the towel. regarding the nerf itself, there really are only 2 possible scenarios: - CV popularity doesn't drop or not too much -> nerf was insufficent - CV popularity drops significantly -> watch as the nerf is partially taken back or another buff introduced
  6. HassenderZerhacker

    Simple solution

    I'm not surprised it's rock bottom here, but WG looks at how many players play CV. When that number drops, CV get buffed. They explained it nicely themselves. So no way I'm going to play WoWS !
  7. HassenderZerhacker

    Simple solution

    yes, correct, but that would reduce CV popularity. so it's a no-go. as long as WG priorizes CV popularity over balance, this game will remain unfun to play.
  8. HassenderZerhacker

    A test. A potato started a new account today - F2P

    it is pure horror indeed, although I had some fun at tiers 4 and 5 playing "AA escort" cruisers. I would simply escort the best BB player on my team if there was one - this also led to higher winrates.
  9. HassenderZerhacker

    Dumbing down on flags!

    this game never has been about "fair". not in the last 2 years anyway.
  10. new matchmaking to increase CV popularity... hihihi
  11. HassenderZerhacker

    WG blocks your 21 captain

    Brittany. Fairly common, though a lot died off in the past couple of decades.
  12. HassenderZerhacker

    Rejoice! No more teamkilling

    nope, they just confirmed that they can't severely punish players who pay real money into the game, so they take team damage out.
  13. HassenderZerhacker

    Situational skills and consumables should be re-thought

    actually, forget this thread and anything. I watched this video someone was kind enough to post in another thread. I guess WG will never properly balance CV and we can also expect submarines to be unbalanced because they need to be "popular". I was hoping they would get their stuff together at some point, but hell there is no way with such priorities. I especially love the official warning given to that guy who ran a division hunting CV. This was the lowest of the low. WOW. it's unsportsmanlike conduct to hunt down CV.
  14. HassenderZerhacker

    Situational skills and consumables should be re-thought

    how about not being able to do either of it? if anything, they should divide by 2 spotting ranges of airplanes.