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  1. well, he got my kill and his cruiser torped him while he was on reload... instead we could both have killed our marks and won the battle... but nooooo
  2. always humourous you are sure there is kill stealing, and there is also kill stealing with nasty consequences playing Scharnhorst, approaching a sinop which just shot his salvo, there is that kagero 1 km behind me letting loose all his torps against sinop, with me at 60% health in between... I died, sinop lived... or there is that BB battling a cruiser which is just 7 Km from him, but instead turning his turrets to shoot 20 Km on the low HP cruiser I was going to gore with my DD...
  3. HassenderZerhacker

    Share of real ships for each nation

    the low percentage for Germans is very easily understandable when you consider the most advanced historical German ships maxing out at tier 8... Also, German shipbuilding until the 30ies was very severely restricted because of the diktat of 11.11.1918
  4. HassenderZerhacker

    tactical advice for CA/BB on high tier maps please

    that's easy: when a CV is there, it's even more difficult to hide. short range guns + high islands make a for a very boring battle.
  5. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    mission details: - shoot down 300 aircraft - tier 8 and above - European ships.
  6. HassenderZerhacker

    t7 bb shocking

    anyway, those concealment modules are pretty ridiculous. look at that concept: we install some stuff on a big ship tall like a 20 storey building and it magically disappears... Philadelphia Experiment, anyone? why is this module needed at all? WG could take it out of the game.
  7. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    what a threadf*ck ... this thread has totally derailed. it was about improving FLAK, not how about to avoid it! shame on you!
  8. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    if anyone feels like teaming up with me in his tier 8 CV so that I can hunt the enemy planes, you will find me online at about 20:00 - 01:00 Thai time (approx. 15:00 to 20:00 European time in Summer, we don't have DST)
  9. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    ok... as I'm hunting planes in a destroyer (Öland), I mostly have my flak off until I switch it on - so that moment I control... is there an optimum range for switching on the flak to get flak clouds to surprise the planes with?
  10. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    I can't do these missions in co-op as they are campaign missions
  11. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    shoot down 300 planes in a single battle? I'm in !
  12. HassenderZerhacker

    t7 bb shocking

  13. HassenderZerhacker

    FLAK... how to?

    I got missions to shoot down aircraft, so I have been looking more closely at what my AA does. Sometimes (well, rarely...) it does damage such as 2000-3000 one, two or three times in a row within a few seconds. This happens rarely, so my question here is what can I do to make this kind of damage more often? Second question: sometimes my flak stops doing damage. This happens for example when torpedo planes fly lower to launch torps. Why do these planes stop taking damage from AA ? Third question, as I read attacking planes have options to avoid AA fire, what are my options to reduce their chances of avoiding it?
  14. HassenderZerhacker

    Just got chat banned for no reason

    you were playing CV... private user profile, all right. I'm trying hard to feel sympathetic. EDIT: probably renamed the account too !