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    Photography, maritime art, psychology, geopolitics, nuclear science, physics, naval architecture, outdoors (endurance walking, running).
    Beer gourmand extraordinaire, your very well mischievous friend and guy who finds humour even in the worst of circumstances.

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  1. Unique Achievements

    LOL, you weren't shown much affection when you were growing up. It is right up there! Just read the topic, but only after morning coffee!
  2. Unique Achievements

    Glad you stated the obvious, probably will attach page long description next time, just in case. Sinking ship by setting fire in RN cruiser doesn't happen that often. Purpose of this post is to come up with ideas of other similiar situations, that are rather rare and could yield achievement either nation or class specific. There you go! It has secondaries, but still it is rare occurence. I knew I can count on the Toxic(ity)!
  3. Unique Achievements

    Probably screenshots like that, have been posted thousand times, but I've missed them somehow. Anyhoo... I think it should be self explanatory... On the second thought, if those existed, we probably would have witnessed all sort of craziness... EDIT: And in case it isn't obvious. Sinking ship by setting fire in RN cruiser doesn't happen that often. Any ideas for other similiar situations, that are rather rare and could yield achievement either nation or class specific?
  4. Z39 in Shop

    Or Desha, boosting close quarters stats...
  5. Z39 in Shop

    I might need morning beer to wake up, but aren't those captains in the shop, just regular 10p captains? In their description there's not a single word about special perks...
  6. Z39 in Shop

    If it comes I have the feeling it will be bundled with Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz and Graf Spee under in the "Ultimate Seewölfe Treasure"... Seems to me it is aimed at new players. Still overpriced AF... New portraits are always welcome though, especially since WG removed 2 of them some time ago.
  7. True Scrub would never spend so much doubloons for beautification... Unless it's a good l(oo/ic)king window, of course. And above all: Beat the quarters! Fake Scrub sighted on the horizon!
  8. Simple sulotion for border humping?

    Mines? We already have them in the game. Let's spread love all around the battlefield!
  9. I'm already considering either taking break or calling it quits. If this crazyness makes into the game it might speed up my decision process.
  10. Sigh... How about reworking xp / credit system instead? Or reworking Ranked Battles? Or even fix the chat? Only suitable proposal is point 4. Rest has no place in Random Battles... " Bonus points for the capping team and same amount of points lost for the rivals " Yeah... Let's make battles even shorter... Especially ROFLstomps. Anythings that shortens time in pain is appreciated...
  11. I'd like to attend that reportfest!
  12. FTFY. (it says ''propaganda'', very nice name BTW ) No clue who 'Derpy' is, but let me follow my intuition... P.S. You've made my day with your dragon!
  13. Шикарно! In any case Comrade Staling approves!
  14. I give up... You win. Rainbowphagia you mean? Well my Friend. My imagination has some standards. In order to befoul this natural phenomenon I simply go to Germany. The only language on earth that makes it sound like industrial process of some sort...
  15. Where are the other premium ships?

    That's exactly what Comrade Stalin had in mind by limiting selection of goods in shops to bread and vodka.