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    Photography, maritime art, psychology, geopolitics, nuclear science, physics, naval architecture, outdoors (endurance walking, running).
    Beer gourmand extraordinaire, your very well mischievous friend and guy who finds humour even in the worst of circumstances.

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  1. Skyllon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    You didn't lose credits - on contrary - you've made hefty 1701c profit! IMHO If anything credit earnings should get lowered, not raised on premium account... Clan base should give you additional credit boost and basic flags are not only cheap, but also abundant in containers, so...
  2. Skyllon

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Must be US made Fanta... No wonder BVO is banned in so many countries... See what it does to Ponies!?
  3. Skyllon

    credits disapear

    In case of doubt you can always open the ticket, but I'd blame lack of coffee as the main culprit...
  4. Skyllon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    That formula is long gone in this game. In WoWs you get premium camo and print credits at T10... And even without it, with standard signals (+20 credits / -10 service) and Clan Base bonus it is hard to lose credits at T10.
  5. Skyllon

    Future Clan Battles [idea]

    Anything that brings variety and doesn't break immersion or ballance, is automatic 'yes' for me. In case of doubts, WG can always try 'test' season first, before going full in. Everyone would have to sacrifice something in order to accomodate T10. Total number of ships per side could've been flexible to address it. You could've just had few higher tier ships or larger number of lower tiers. Even consumables could count toward total number of points spent as well as Premium ships requiring more points. It definitely would make things way more complicated and for average player too difficult to comprehend, but would lead to large number of fun encounters. True, though any competitive gameplay on high enough level requires lot of coordination and analysis.. Hence different leagues. Those better at it just advance further.
  6. Skyllon

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    That's actually funny. Tap to Klaus. His commentary is often hilarious. And rants are on point most of the time! I'm telling you... It's those pesky russians! Oh so we have allies? That's handy. I'm slowly running out of friendly ears willing to not listen to my bitching!
  7. Skyllon

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Let his spine rest for some time. You know. Winter is awlays coming... In the meantime I'm sure @lup3s deeds are enough to inspire some benevolent soul to take over the reins of summer lottery.
  8. Skyllon

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Come on! Anyone can link someone elses stats!
  9. Skyllon

    Talk trash in white when losing

    Since you don't care, why would you ask?
  10. Skyllon

    What If - S1E2

    Your very mature response in uncalled for... Be aware it might even induce some kind of shock / long term damage to our forum troll...
  11. Skyllon

    What If - S1E2

    You are proposing skill WR based MM? One WG said will never implement? As much as I'd like to see skill increase in Random Battles, I feel there is no cure for potato infested waters...
  12. Skyllon

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    False readings on all indicators, since his incompetence is beyond belief...
  13. Skyllon

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    It's coming. Be patient. WG only has to decide - Coal/Steel or free XP.
  14. Skyllon

    Bring bach old Zipangu port please.

    As soon as grass starts peeking through melting snow on the vast plains of the North Sea! Spoken like a true... staret! P.S. On the sidenote. More Bach is always welcome!
  15. Skyllon

    Why is this camo mission only on the NA Server?

    No mission for 1000 Coal and few camos?! Not worthy reaching for pitchforks indeed, but at least let them use forks... Yeah, it's a brownie. Great morning snack! You should try some!