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  1. In aircraft carrier option, not hybrid.
  2. FYI 22 and as far as AA goes, 25mm were used on IJN battleships, not 20 mm. You sure you copypasted right information?
  3. As long as guns don't shoot planes and torpedoes don't fly - it is all fine. You just need to adapt.
  4. New explosions able to scare the living sh** out of mermaids. Finally.
  5. The point is exactly the same as in Tier 2. Sail around and shoot at the Reds, while heaving a good laugh about it. Besides that, there is no point. It is a computer game.
  6. Not ALT-Tab related in my case.
  7. In the meantime though, while waiting for the replay.
  8. bb ap vs dd

    Don't be silly. It first overpenetrated 3.3 of compartements and then detonated. Obviously.
  9. He's got the point though with some premiums being OP. And maybe MM consistently hates him by putting all of them on enemy team only - in which case I could understand frustration.
  10. Because red one tastes better. Go away you blasphemer... All those brands belong to Heineken and SAB Muller and originate from the same condensed wort... Simply - bottom of the beer ladder... Literally every beer you can get in local pub is better. Not to mention ones from mini breweries.
  11. Until WG releases premium Rodney.
  12. Just got 2 SC both, 'super'-wink, wink-upgrades. Is it current theme -> and we are back to the roots...?
  13. Almost exactly same result as in Zao with 4 kills and 250k (T9 mostly) damage. Although I got 12k of free xp (probably different signal flags?).
  14. There is something to what you are saying. I had those issues mainly when I was still working in other apps, while game was indeed, loading in the background.
  15. Have the same issue.