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    Photography, maritime art, psychology, geopolitics, nuclear science, physics, naval architecture, outdoors...
    Beer gourmand extraordinaire, your very well mischievous friend and guy who finds humour even in the worst of circumstances.

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  1. Skyllon

    i am so so mad at wargaiming ( rant )

    Definitely not a quality bait, so... Steel bait? +1 for trying though.
  2. Skyllon

    What to spend 35k Doubloons on ?

    Beer? Oh, wait...
  3. Skyllon

    +300 Ship Emblem

    I see bright future ahead of WG when they introduce Karma to the ingame shop!
  4. Skyllon

    200% coupon

    You got shafted buddy. WG's support guy is wrong and if he's not, then wording is misleading. Typical WG's shenanigans. Very reason I don't spend a dime on any of their titles...
  5. I'm sure someone can find meme including misadventures of Mr Creosote and after-dinner mint...
  6. Skyllon

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Thanks for the run guys. It was good while it lasted. If anyone wants to keep in touch - shoot me PM. Stay safe and grumpy! cheers PS I'm disappointed... 3 weeks of no posting get you only the top of the 4th page! Sigh... Blessed be the time when you needed only few days for that... PS2 Sony for the accidental bump...
  7. By all means: It is not you personally. It is this kind of thinking that is putting me off. In wider aspect - people not playing the objectives and losing easly winnable games... Also... This is not a sport... Not even a team game... Ranked is hardly copetitive mode... It is nothing more then glorified Randoms...
  8. You and all alike as well as many changes and overall dicrection this game is heading, are the very reasons I don't really play this game anymore...
  9. Skyllon

    Steel camos?

    Can't wait for Kursk.
  10. Skyllon

    make Karma useful, suggestions please

    Sure. Make maximum number of actions larger and scale it. Current max report number in inappriopriate considering state of the game. I need something to more effectively vent my frustration.
  11. Skyllon

    4/5 of hits (Shatter, overpen, ricochete)

    So you could one-shot paddling players and make them whine in chat after get deleted from 20+ km while stationary.
  12. Skyllon

    Mikasa protected MM

    Skill should be either progressive or set slightly below 60%, but given WG incompetence and judgement of a drunk squirrel, it is probably never going to happen...
  13. T8? Hmm. Probably something still light, but with a kick. After all it's not Tier 7 anymore. Imperial IPA?
  14. Judging what I witness on regular basis in this game, I wouldn't be so sure about that...
  15. Are you saying there's a bug in World of Warships! To the Gulag! On more serious note though. You can get them twice for the double the efficiency. Just need to figure out how to mount two modules in 1 slot.