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  1. It would make more sense if you didn't neat pick only the part that fits your reasoning. Same thing that AR, you can accomplish with BFT, which works right of the bat, without the need to have your HP diminished. AR works great when you can survive on low health, which is rather difficult in case of sluggish destroyers. I'm glad it works for you, though.
  2. Well, there is no such a thing as too many cruisers or destroyers, and people responsible for creating the ships, are not the same people who are responsible for overall game design. Yes, game is broken and needs fixing, but this might take WG years, since they need moar 'data'... In the meantime - more dds and cruisers are nice addition.
  3. God... Thank you for enlightening me on the subject...
  4. Can't speak for Harekaze, but in case of Akizuki, Adrenaline Rush gives you very little boost to your guns, even when your health is almost depleted. And guns - not torps - are your main way of dealing damage. Better pick for 2 points would be SSE, since it allows you not only to engage earlier, but also, allows you to be more efficient in helping cruisers and battleships, as well as makes maneuvering inside a smoke much easier - Akizuki unfortunately is a brick of a ship.
  5. Adrenaline rush is absolute waste on Akizuki. You gain next to nothing with it - torps are not main strength of the ship, and its basic gun reload of 3s, doesn't need any further boost. AFT is not needed on the ship too, since it has 11.3km range on start. BFT, DE or Superintendend are way better picks. The rest is done just with good positioning. IFHE is one way to go. If CVs were more prevalent, Manual AA would also be good alternative.
  6. Since you summed it up rather eloquently, it would be wasted effort. If anything, distracting all, from mendatory fenestrelingus.
  7. Absolutely not. Please elaborate. Those were good battles. And that oil is absolutely worth the effort!
  8. See kids... Instead of fighting and picking on each other, forget differences, focus on similarities.
  9. Tier 6 / 7 should be fine to do this. Just don't give up, but neither push too hard. Just relax and enjoy the game. There is still lot of time to finish marathon.
  10. Tip #1 - Play in division?
  11. Roma? Nah... Enough BBs. Burza please. Mendatory excellent concealment. Still, happy to see more destroyers and cruisers! Keep them coming!
  12. You run out of slots or something? 6th page? I mean... Let me help.
  13. You don't need to. You can use free xp. I thought that one was obvious... WG should really implement proper tutorials...