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    Beer gourmand extraordinaire and a guy who finds humour even in the worst of circumstances.

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  1. Skyllon

    Is this the worst state of the game ever?

    Remember, there's no bottom WG cannot break through.
  2. Skyllon

    scandal on turkish server

    Free advise. Use google to your advantage. Some trivia:"Turkish" is a character in the movie Snatch. (I did include a clue in the joke itself!) Now go and explore.
  3. Skyllon

    Awesome Containers

    Cheer up. Those flags come out only from the first three containers from the short list.
  4. Skyllon

    World of Triremes

    What's the point? Everyone knows russian triremes would end up best ones in the game anyway...
  5. Fire effect and water splashes feel almost as if got reverted to what had been before the last "overhaul". Not only bad, but in effect total waste of studio time. I guess WG has just hired new Art department manager who's never played the game... I'm glad land explosions have gotten improved though! One of the most important aspects of the game, widely requested by the community! /s
  6. Perfect idea for the April Fools event!
  7. Skyllon

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    Get real. Button will appear in random news article only after watching Twitch for at least 4 hrs straight.
  8. Skyllon

    Smaller Teams for Random Games ?

    Perfect for brawling. All that salt coming from rammed Bismarcks... Ah... Good times.
  9. Skyllon

    MM Changes for Tone?

    You ask, I deliver! Salt is real and free after all!
  10. Skyllon

    What Ranked League do you play this season?

    Obviously bronze. My stock Akizuki needs some experience.
  11. Skyllon


    All is fine. Bugs in this game are like Operations. On weekly rotation.
  12. Skyllon

    clip of the day

    Always funny coming from 40%WR players!
  13. Skyllon

    11 Hours and 47 Games

    Does this post really require separate topic? Since you consider that some sort of 'achievement', why not post there?
  14. Still not doable just by playing occasionally.
  15. Spamming Narai, are we? How in the hell have you managed to do that playing just occasionally?