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    Photography, maritime art, psychology, geopolitics, nuclear science, physics, naval architecture, outdoors...
    Beer gourmand extraordinaire, your very well mischievous friend and guy who finds humour even in the worst of circumstances.

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  1. Skyllon

    What do you enjoy most in WoWs?

    Girls, obviously. Duh...
  2. Skyllon

    "Potatoe Factor" and "potatoe paradox"

    So is "Fish and Chips" synonym for burnt-out potato that is about to eat a torpedo?
  3. Skyllon

    Question about halloween mode.

    Not really... It is WG after all... They want you either to play 24/7 or open wallet.
  4. Skyllon

    Please revert auto pilot changes

    Given what mess this game has become, autopilot being what it is, is very fitting. We "Bugs" salute you WG!
  5. Skyllon

    WG date inconsistency

    Most of us do. That's the beauty of this part of the world.
  6. Skyllon

    WG date inconsistency

    I vote for dd-mm-yyyy, but I'm worried Hungary might disagree... In my country month can also be written in Roman numerals...
  7. Skyllon

    One side winning massively..

    Probably have received personal mission: "Play 15 random battles in a destroyer"?
  8. Skyllon

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    I got 0 not only from first 3 directives, but also additional 5 containers... Spreadsheet shows probably I've been receiving too much stuff... Let me at least award myself!
  9. Skyllon

    Remove Random bundles

    But, but, but... Spreadsheet shows players expect thrill of not knowing what they are going to get! Also Random bundles are appealing mostly to Random Battle players. That's why we Co-OP players, don't get it...
  10. FTFY. Anyhoo, what would be the point of that. Just jump into Nikolai @CrniVragand roam the seas in hope to give newcomers the best possible low tier experience!
  11. Skyllon

    Save Random battle mode

    Precisely. Bad Random Battle experience is there to frustrate players so they could engage in peaceful and relaxing Co-OP games!
  12. Skyllon

    What happened to contests and community events?

    Let me try to predict what WereGamink representative might say: "Spreadsheet shows Community finds in-game events - we inform about in the "News Section" of the game client - much more engaging, hence we decided to reduce resources in the Community Department and focus on Game Ballancing."
  13. Skyllon

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Nothing posted since the 6th? Bottom of page '3'? Hope I won't get accused of necro...
  14. Skyllon

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Guys, you forgot to mention how many new bugs there are in new update...
  15. Skyllon

    Missouri: Million Credit Myth

    Best ship to play Co-OP! You don't lose money!