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    Beer gourmand extraordinaire, your very well mischievous friend and guy who finds humour even in the worst of circumstances.

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  1. New camera in port.

    I actually like the new Port Camera. Nice improvement.
  2. Insignia & Emblems

    Interesting idea, but questionable execution. Patches / Emblems should only be a part of player profile. "In your face" approach will only add to toxicity, for many it will be a trigger... And why you guys insisted to put them in the 'spectator mode'? To remind me what my Patch looks like? I'd rather have less obstructed view of the battle. Just remove them from the battles.
  3. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Port is laggy as hell now. New division window is absolute atrocity... And Patches should only be a part of player profile, actual battle is not the place for them.
  4. After so many battles, you still don't know BBs explode moment they enter the Cap? Haven't you read tutorial?
  5. Lol, that was entirely my point.
  6. Remove / Disable Patches From 0.7.0?

    I wouldn't say disable entirely, but remove them from spectator mode (they add nothing and since number of combination is not that large, patches at this point are not that unique). Also "In your face" feature of patches will only add to toxicity, since for many it will be a trigger... Patches and Emblems should only be a part of profile and maybe some other parts of the game, but outside the battle.
  7. Kill feed

    Calm down, it is nothing new. Just the way WG promotes future Premium Shop items. P.S. Also, you know:
  8. Division Ready-up and chat window

    Oh, reason is obvious. Now WG can claim they've been working on improving chat...
  9. Been pointing that out since very first run of patch on the test server. Not only that, but insignia shown at the bottom left corner of the screen (when in spectator mode) takes space pointlessly too. Just another example of feature not needed that brings nothing to the gameplay. Emblems could stay, but only as a part of personal profile (like achievements) In short, time wasting effort that should be put into fixing plenty of existing issues... UI responsiveness, pens on dds, mm not ballancing radar ships (especialy in ranked), unreliable chat, just to name few.
  10. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    Oh, yet another premium BB...

    You need to freexp to Name Spelling Perk ASAP. Yuri(j). That's how it's spelled.
  12. Christmas events - thank you WG

    Indeed, very nice events we had during this Christmas.
  13. Polish beer is absolute crap in regards to one made by 'corporate' breweries. To get good beer you need to look for anything that comes from small/ medium and microbreweries. But when it comes to lager, no better place for it then Czech Republic. After all it originated from there - my personal favourite is Svijany. I can't honestly say UK beer is not good. It shares similarities to Polish market. Most popular brands are kind of meh, but pubs have great variety of ales and bitters from various local breweries and it is easy to find nice gems. And even among popular brands there are few worth a mention - Fullers ESB, Blindside Truman, Sharp's Atlantic or London Pale Ale, just a few that come to my mind. Of course you need to have a taste for this particular kind of beer, but hardly you can say UK has crap beer.
  14. If you invested heavily your time in the game, you were able to gather sufficient amount of doubloons to get couple of premium ships. (8 ranked seasons, different events, Supercontainers, etc). So it was able to slowly build up your collection of Premiums without spending money. But there will be hardly incentive to do so if there is nothing in the tech tree you might be interested spending those harvested doubloons on.
  15. Couldn't help myself and improve this message.