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  1. How many French BBs did you get?

    0. 2 reasons. 1 I'm in another small motivation crisis to play wows at all. 2 I don't want the ships won. I truly like the grind as part of the fun of playing. I like to earn the ships. I actually hated I won the British BB's beforehand. I'd really wish these missions would be optional.
  2. The middle of 2 Brothers again

    I contacted @AdmiralHipst3r @Flambass and Jingles for that matter. This was their unanimous answer:

    Am I the only one who quit reading after point 1?
  4. Can it be refunded ?

    Here we go again. Zooming out on your question OP, it's still beyond me why WG doesn't make it possible to run a "test drive" stint in premiums. I've proposed a lot of times to make it possible to "rent" a premium vessel for, say, 10% of the acquisition cost in which you can play it For, say again, 10 times. After that give the possibility to buy the ship for the rest of the cost or leave it. That way they can create a triple win: still make revenue, let players get to know the ship and most of all: avoid bad publicity here on the forum or elsewhere. F.e. I am doubting about Alabama since it came out. Had a "hate-love" relation with NC and that's why I am not ready to set back 44 for it. But I'd be happy to spend 4 for 10 tryout battles to see if I like it or not. If I like it, I'll happily kick in 39 afterwards. If not, it's not "the end of the world" for me. Same goes for free XP premiums. Pay 75k for the test runs. Like it? pay the other 675 to achieve it fully. If not: that 75k is to be overcome quite easily. Why is that so hard? I honestly believe my idea will draw much more RL income.
  5. Ah @xXx_Blogis_xXx! Finally you made your stats visible. Respect, my friend! Glad to see my assumption confirmed you bought 200 Golden Gallions for that 2.5B credits...
  6. Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    An airpipe. Insertable. To save deck space. Finally! Submarines confirmed...
  7. How do I get more patches?

    I got some duplicates from drops as well. My best guess is WG has initialized it first with some missions to see how it's being received by the PB. From what I'm reading lots of people like them. So I figure it'll come back in a more permanent manner. But I would like to advice WG to make it optionally invisible. I absolutely don't care for emblems etc so I have modded it out.
  8. Toxic Moaning Community

    I think you're whining OP. What I've seen is the community is fairly benign in wows. Yes there are some [edited] players who will flame. Heck, I won't throw the first stone: I admit to use some "powerful" terms in gamechat. But if you can't stand the "heat" from the polar kitchen in wows: I sincerely advice you to consider tetris. Or even more challenging: Pac Man.
  9. Game Faults Survey

    None as well. Yes sometimes when the modpack is outdated but that's my own fault. Apart from that once, maybe twice a "non-loader" ("for ever" in the waiting queue when the match already has started), lags due to server issues. But other than that no problems which I can blame the client for: might as well have been windows issues.
  10. Vive le France Collection

    Now I'm doubting... Shouldn't it be "vive la France?"
  11. What statistics tell?

    Well I'm not complaining about Hipper at all. I just found the grind very tedious because for me it shined in litterally nothing. But for me it also sucked with nothing. Just did it's job not more, not less. I more or less like ships with some "extremes" F.e. Molotov: packing huge punches with those guns but oh boy: I really need to be carefull not to take citadels from the side by the water splashes of missed shells aimed at my neighbour....
  12. What statistics tell?

    Indeed nice progress on stats OP. Like said: it's only part of the whole story. I use them to monitor my progress as well. And feel good about my progress. OC I have those aweful days but that's only a moment. As long as those lines are steadily going up I'm satisfied. Yorck and especially Hipper I found to be definitions of mediocreness. They shine nor suck in anything. Making them very boring for me. At least in Yorck I can remember 2 or 3 epic matches. In Hipper none. My stats reflect my feeling perfectly with my performance in them. Bit parallel on topic: looking at my H'burg stats I must say I feel a bit shocked. I love playing this ship and have the feeling I'm performing very decent with it. But my stats say I'm on par-ish with the server (give or take). What could cause this paradox?
  13. Where is my Jolly roger II

    Took you long enough. Wonder when the "where is my Flint?" whines are coming up... It always takes some time after Rank for the rewards to show.
  14. Convince me to go Soviet DDs

    They still aren't my cup of tea. Have grinded it uptill Kiev. Trashcant research I got for free and bought it on sale. Never played the thing. I like the DD "mental warfare" play and I can't find this in the IMO 1 trick ponies: pewpewing with mach 5 and being a PIA.
  15. King of the Sea Tornament streaming now

    again now. Really awesome to watch. Must truly admit those matches are of way much higher lvl than I could perform. That's good: now I have something to strive for! really: Making a mistake in random ia bad, in CW it's a huge problem. Here it's instant sinking...