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  1. Ferry_25

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    I totally agree OP. With the condition to remove CV's from this game as well. I'm on the sideline now, sometimes lurking this forum. Still in love of this game but my interest and wallet has an inverse relationship with CV's. Don't start the historic BS: I want to Duke it out with ships. Not planes. PM me when CV's are gone. Until that moment me and my wallet are.
  2. Ferry_25

    Your favorite captain...

    For me it's Dasha on Helena. First I grinded my life force out of getting that special winning cammo, which I think is the most amazing one in the whole game. Given it's beauty and more it's symbolism. When Dasha came on the slave market I bought the US one and put it on Helena. I know D hasn't got any specific buffs/ talents but in my case? She's kicking *ss to a next level on Helena. Very decent AA defense against sky cancer and also a very good DD hunter. But a real PIA for all other ships when I get the chance to kite/ dodge. I love to play Helena once CV's are removed from this game. "Lol, Ferry, that will never happen!" Good point. Fine by me: my wallet is the extreme most patient item you will find in the universe. CV's on the block, wallet on the lock.F.e. I refuse to pay to park my car in a shopping area. So far my record is on 27 years for that in my favor..... At the moment I'm playing awesome other titles right now which cost me the prize of 1 premium ship. (-;
  3. Ferry_25

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    PM me when we're playing world of war SHIPS. again. Signing of until then. in/un/on/endomitable or not.
  4. Ferry_25

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    Hi! I want CV's gone.
  5. Ferry_25

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    Funny you ask. For me quite a few ships which seem to have a general consensus of being very good. In my case: Yamato. I loath this ship. My particular model seem to be capable of firing fluffy love balls, doing hardly any dmg and catching fire by the friction of the water drops from missed shells on my hull. Furthermore I lost my way in Jutland to Daring. Played 1 game in Daring and it went as horrendous as my Jutland suffering. Guilio Ceaserea is my Italian Yamato. Same deal. Those are my examples I can remember.
  6. Ferry_25

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    Oh brother/ sister! We haven't had a christmas sh*tshow for 2 years until now. This dwarfs Arp Nachi and santa convoy combined!
  7. Ferry_25

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Mostly Swedish!? I'd love to see how drakars manage against CV's!!!
  8. CV on the block, wallet on the lock.

    1. Blixies


      I hope we can still be friends! I only play CV since the rework.

    2. Ferry_25


      Lol. My wallet hasn't got anything to do with personal matters, Blix.


      Edit: should I be arsed to start my client. Feel free to div and I'll take my AA specced Kut happily with you.

    3. wolfje63


      weer leuk ferry alles weer in het engels  loopt het eindelijk mooi  beginnen ze weer met wat anders  oka laters der


  9. Ferry_25

    Potential damage taken undervalued?

    Is there any value of potential dmg at all?
  10. Ferry_25

    So I'm coming from the Tanks...

    Most had been said, OP. Welcome to the 2D wet world! Good luck with your games
  11. Ferry_25

    How about a commander thats somewhat aimed at CV's?

    I guess in world of warplanes there are plenty of captains with special skillsets...
  12. I love it OP. Awesome job! +1 from me.
  13. Ferry_25

    looks like he commited suicide...how?

    Like said: he could have been pink from the beginning. Indeed you don't see pink enemy ships. And could have TK-ed (accidentally or not). What I don't understand is why you got solo warrior. OC I don't mean that out of jealousy just the reward requires winning while 4 enemies remain. (killing them or winning by cap). At the moment of the incident the game wasn't finished yet. Reds had enough points not to be pushed to 0 by that alleged TK.
  14. Ferry_25

    On DDs and detonations...

    I'm still neutral on the matter. Yes I think it's a silly game mechanic. But it happens so rarely I can't be bothered with it. Funny thing though how some are drawing the "realism" card. The only thing realistic about this game is the awesome graphics of the ships. But otherwise it's a mere arcade game. Any rudimentary idea of "realism" I had was shattered yesterday seeing Flambass taking a AP shot with Graf Spee vs a bow in Musashi. Of ALL the results "realistically" expected, 3 overpens aren't among those... A shatter, bounce or pen should have been "realistic." Ok: 1 overpen: that one shell that happened to bounce off upwards on the turret and pen the smoke stack. But 3? No I find the penetration without dmg the most infuriating game mechanic. Way worse than the detonation. No matter how much arguments thrown at me I refuse to believe a shell size of a human or higher manages to get through a hull and doesn't do any dmg. How did it get past the hull without damaging it??
  15. Ferry_25

    Team Kill

    Like @Saltfaceis saying: don't play CV. Second: that scraping dmg doesn't count for anything. Those things happen to us all. But I can imagine people sticking to CV's to have it sacrificed first. Hence go back to Saltface and my advice: stop ruining this game and abandon plane filth. We're here to duke it out with ships. Go play wowp if you're into planes.