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  1. Ferry_25

    Will you keep playing WoWs?

    Coming back after an absence of 4 months. I didn't feel like serving as CV XP pinata. In the current state I think they are annoying but to be overcome. Also it seems like it's on the same blissfully extiction level as before the remake. I still like the game but not playing it as fanatical anymore. I stopped caring about my stats. Winning seems to be a complete RNG based thing and only based on (un)luck. Also not burning myself out anymore for those endless missions.
  2. Ferry_25

    why t6 carriers play against t8?

    "why carriers play" FIFY
  3. Ferry_25

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    First, OP. Open your stats so we can look with you to see clues what is going wrong. Second: winning has got nothing to do with your skills. If your team doesn't know what it's doing you can't save them.
  4. Hi people. I'm back. I missed you a lot and I've been lurking on the forum/ YT/ Twitch channels in the mean time. Working on a come back and I rediscovered WASD has some vague resemblance to this game. So bear with me... My POV on this matter: I think the premium consumables idea is just dumbing this game further. The regular and PC's is a matter of thinking things through. If you're loaded with credits it's an easy choice but if credits are a bottle neck I think players require to make strategic choices. F.e. a DD. Premium smoke is a no brainer. But premium DCP? DCP on a DD is an emergency con anyway. Just to fix your engine (even with LS) to get the F away from a situation. And when you're screwed that extra 20 seconds cooldown won't matter because you'll be picking another ship anyways. So that's IMO a ffing bad idea. MM improvements? I'm neutral on this matter. I don't care anymore being the only bottom tier ship in a 2 tier overmatch battle. All the more income for me. I'm still delusional enough to take on a 1 on 1 with Tirpitz vs a Yamato. I'll eat him alive. I get the "seal clubbing" agrument. But having been seal clubbed a ffing lot of times, forced me to learn this game. My proposal would be to make a soft cap on +/-1 T MM. And give new players 500 matches with a hard cap. But then release them to the aces. Learn of quit. And for my, totally not anticipated POV on NTC.... In itself I think it's a great idea. Being a OCD hoarder I have all the non CV ships in port. The R BB line lured me back I must admit so I'm grinding that line now. But every time I hit T10 I'm struggling to decide what ship to play now. Also loaded with resources. So it's hard to find incentive to re-play any ships. Even my b*ttload of premiums is getting old in the long run. I'm actually crazy enough to love the grind. So to reset the whole thing and start over? I can't say I don't like that idea. But to get me vastly OP ships as a return? Nice as that might sound I think that'll upset this entire game. I'd propose other rewards instead: steel, coal or whatever. Make a good economic incentive instead of combat. But I also get WG's POV. Let's face it; they want to make money from their work. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'd advice WG to think of more realistic options to make that occur. My first thought would be to make an exchange for doubloons for steel. And I'm leaving it by that. Because like WG, I'm not working for free. (-;
  5. Ferry_25

    Where are CVs?

    I get it my friend. Totally. A CV is a ship. Same as an invulnerable soldier with unlimited ammo which can't miss in Quake is still a soldier. Getting almost only negative responses to my posts I get wows and me need to go our own ways. And I knew this would happen one day. You have fun with planes fighting ships for all I care. My heart is bleeding because I loved this game. But again: there will always be a moment when I shun away from a game. And this is it I'm afraid. So all the best of wishes in being a Mammoth trying to fight off mosquitos. And yes: I've shut the door quietly. Have fun with world of warplanes where boats are playing a mere fool role as XP/ credit pinata. Send me a postcard of how much fun you're having! Really anxious to read your awesome adventures for being that pinata fool! Cheers my friends. Thanks my friend. Should it comfort you: you cut me really deep. I always tried to contribute on this forum on this IMO wonderful game. Real hard to see a comment from you of all people on this one. I will go out quietly. Just know you cut me with your words elastion.
  6. Ferry_25

    Where are CVs?

    Granted. You're absolutely right of the fact me still reading the forum. Fact is I haven't lost interest in world of warSHIPS. Repeat: SHIPS. In case you don't get it: the things that float and don't fly. SHIPS. I'm roaming the forum to see if by any miracle planes go to where they belong: world of warPLANES. Repeat: PLANES.In case you don't get it the things that fly and don't float. And I'm not playing this abomination anymore. Just check my stats to confirm that. I have always kept them open so players will take me seriously even if I'm the mother noob of all noobs. tl;dr: CV's out or I'm out. And I know with the ego culture that'll be me out. But I don't hurt anyone with hoping for a Planexit.
  7. I am doing that my friend. With the most adequate and least effort tool at my disposal: not playing at all. I love wows. It's the 1% of the games which "hooked" me Now I am WORKING the problem by walking away. So I guess we totally agree here.
  8. Ferry_25

    Where are CVs?

    IDK OP. For me the only acceptable outcome and number of CV's which might bring me back to this game is very rude and blunt: 0. I have played the either they out or I'm out card already. I'm here to combat ships and not air edited. In what form whatsoever. If Wg would remove the ridiculous game client and give me the possibility I'd love to try out wowp. I simply refuse to download and use the game center.
  9. That exact same thing. However coming from an unlimited number of plaes while my "awesome AA" will be HE spammed to oblivion during the course of the match. That "limited 1 squadron" in the air with 2/3 planes attacking me comes from a platform who does hardly take any risk in combat and can metastasize those 1 squadrons with 2-3 planes attacking me for a granted limited time: 20 minutes... IOW: I'm done playing this freakshow until I'm actually fighting ship to ship combat in WG's own meta. Wows seems to be the only platform in which they manage to squeeze totally unequal vehicles against each other. An airplane =/= ship. Now am I that stupid not to understand that. If so: please explain like I'm a retarded 6 year old why a plane = a ship.
  10. Ferry_25

    Over-nerfed CVs

    Yeah. Excellent idea. as long as I don't get harassed by stupid planes while I'm playing it. Heck I'd play Pacman in an instant as well.... Or Donkey Kong, Sim city. All the same for me.
  11. Ferry_25

    Over-nerfed CVs

  12. Lol. Exactly the "necro" of this thread triggered me. I already got an E-mail of having some doubloons waiting for me for not having logged in to my client for a while now. I'm at the CV "horrible disease" out or I'm out phase in wows. I know I'm losing that one but I won't be arsed to start my client and play one more second while having to worry about air *horrible disease* attention to send me to the next same game because I can't leave it without getting pink. So throw all the rewards for not logging in and play for all I care. Planes out or I'm out. In case you didn't know it: planes and ships have 1 thing in common. Propellers. That's it. Both vehicles don't like each others' habitat. As long as WG doesn't make their second neuron fire in seeing WOWS =/= WOWP and vv they can throw any reward for not playing that they like. Don't worry: I closed the door as quietly as possible. I vehemently loved this game and being a P2W I also lovingly have supported this game. It's the freaking airplanes which drove me away.
  13. Ferry_25

    Over-nerfed CVs

    Not having replied for a while but I feel I need to reply on this one. There is no such thing as over nerfed CV's IMO. Every plane (which flies and doesn't float to be perfectly clear) does not have any place in world of warSHIPS. So the best nerf to any CV whatsoever is to bring them to RL status: make the first squad be able to launch after 20 minutes. Then this game would be properly balanced and it would be highly realistic CV wise. World of warSHIPS. World of warPLANES.....
  14. Ferry, ok, laten we een beetje vraag en antwoord spelen, terwijl we wat drinken. Mijn vraag aan jou: wat zou het voor dit prachtige spel betekenen indien er geen vliegdekschepen meer in zouden voorkomen? Wat zouden de gevolgen volgens jou kunnen zijn voor dit spel? Ik bedoel, hoe schat jij dat in?

    1. Ferry_25


      Dat het terug gaat naar waar alle titels van WG zover ik weet over gaan: gelijke voertuigen met gelijke sterktes en zwakheden. Vliegtuigjes vs schepen zal nooit of te nimmer een "gelijke" strijd zijn. Ik bedoel: ben ik nou een idioot om te zeggen dat de CV's drijvende vliegvelden zijn? Zowel post als after 8.0? En kom niet met de "realisme" kaart. Ja, in het echt hebben de CV's de hele marine veranderd. De hele vloot is gebouwd rondom het beschermen van de vliegdekschepen. Uitgezonderd de kernkop dragende onderzeeeres. Maar dit spelletje heeft niks met realisme te maken. Verklaar anders het "romulan cloaking device" met concealment (now you see me, now you don't), radar, sonar, torpedo's die op 10 km, 0 cm, 0 mm, 0 Um zinken enz. Als antwoord op je vraag: ik zou het prachtige spel weer omarmen zoals ik dat jaren heb gedaan als die vliegkanker oprot. Daar hebben ze gvd een aparte titel voor. Ik wil mij zorgen maken om geen vuist met torpedo's in mijn reet geschoven te krijgen, niet BS liggen zodat ik te tering in geschoten word, niet mijzelf dusdanig te isoleren in een BB om kapot ge _HE spammed te worden. Maar allemaam ship to ship. En niet die kutvliegtuigjes. Kijk gewoon naar de CC's op twitch: de CV dicteert het spel nog steeds volledig. Ik weet dat "arty" gehaat word in WOT. Nou is WOT een titel waar ik geen enkele lol aan beleef. maar wat ik heb gezien is zelfs Arty een vehikel met rupsbanden en een loop. Net zoals alle andere voertuigen. Alleen in wows moet er de een of andere ego trip [edited] zijn waarin ongelijke voertuigen met elkaar moeten knokken. Een boot wint het niet van vliegtuigen. Nooit ooit. Zoek maar Yamato, Bismarck, Tirpitz op het internet. En dit is een spelletje. Ik snap het. Helemaal. Maar in dat spelletje wil ik gewoon met gelijke voertuigen knokken. Ja, zat uitdagingen daar. En ja, ik baal ervan om ge-one shot te worden. Maar in al die situaties was het 99% mijn eigen stomme fout en in 1% stomme pech. En niet door een of andere puistenpuber die het leuk vind om het spel te bederven door vliegtuigjes te gebruiken. Pre 8.0 zag ik geen enkele plae attack als ik in DM of andere US cruiser speelde. Post 8.0 moet ik mijn tijd "uitzitten" als de andere CV een harde voor mij heeft en mij naar het volgende spel blast, zonder dat ik er iets tegen kan doen. Ja, keiharde AA maar dat is nog volledig vanuit de AI tegen een echte speler. En die CV kan oneindig vliegtuigjes blijven spammen.


      Anyway; world of warSHIPS.... Ik ben op het punt aanbeland "CV eruit of ik eruit." En tot nu toe wint het "ik eruit." Kijk voor de gein even naar de komende Stiff upperlip CV's. Die maken de andere CV's als onschuldige idioten... En ik kots ervan. Bakx en ik leiden een waanzinnig gave clan en ik kan mijn ogen uit mijn kop rukken dat ik dat in de steek laat. Maar ik speel dit kutspel niet meer zolang dat vliegtuig kanker zo'n dominante rol speelt. En ik bedoel dit alles in PvP. In operations mogen ze zoveel mogelijk CV's inzetten als ze willen. Laat ze een battle of Midway of Pearl harbor of whatever verzinnen. Ik weiger alleen nog langer tegen PvP vliegtuigjes tegen boten te spelen.


      Hoe schat ik het in? Geen CV's betekent ship to ship combat. En daar is nu al zat op aan te merken. Helemaal mee eens. Ik wil alleen een competitive omgeving met gelijke voertuigen waarin de wits van de speler de beslissende factor is. Kijk naar alle andere PvP's. Van de old school: Unreal tournament bv. Iedereen begint daar als een first person shooter waarin je de meest krankzinnige wapens kunt vinden. Maar nog steeds als een "soldaatje." Daar kun je niet opeens in een Superstardestroyer zitten en gewoon de hele planeet opblazen om te winnen. Alleen in Wows kan dat. En dat maakt mij dat ik vaarwel zeg tegen dit spel.

  15. Ferry_25

    Help please

    Spot on my friend. Also thank you all for all your wonderful and very good advice. Indeed the "step back, re catch my breath" is exactly what I'm doing now. However even in regard of your excellent advice and correct "me, whining for the millionth time about CV" there is this nagging, for me so far impossible driving away "force" from this game. Heck: I don't even give a FF about WG now conidering direct nerf a premium ship. I simply won't buy them anymore. It's that simple. No, my whole problem is I want to "fight" equal vehicles. In which this game are names "ships" (World of warSHIPS). In case you don't know: those are very clumsy vehicles which by some reason manage to float on water. And which don't FLY, go around with mach 2 with propellers and have very heavy guns on them. (water is the substance below air to explain in case you didn't understand this). So I want to combat against ships and not air vermin. Pre/ post 8.0 with all "patches/ fixes/ BS" whatsoever. I'm ready to say it now: Either CV's be gone or I'm gone. And I don't mind at all if you hate me for the latter. I simply refuse to play 1 more PvP match against planes while driving boats. Not even with 100% effective AA. World of warSHIPS. That's my proposal. Take it or leave it. I don't care anymore. Edit: I know. It's 99,9% likely I'm going. Don't worry I'll close the door quietly. But I want to say thank you to all you wonderful people who has helped me beyond imagination to become better. I am so proud of evolving from a total useless braindead noob who doesn't have any idea what he's doing to the level of a total braindead noob over time. Thank you so much. And thank you WG for the wonderful time I had to now. I've been honored to give my contribution with P2W wallet warrior in wows. Ferry signing off with the vain hope one day WG comes to their senses and make this game free of a totally utterly different vehicle which can't be balanced in any way namely planes. Spam them in operations I don't care. But in PvP IMO it's only a recipe for disaster. Sh*t. I'm actually confirmed this will be my last post on the forum as well if things doesn't change. Which I don't expect. Happy to have known you all people. Seeing my "avatar?" That is actually me with my wife. On the cruise ship "Rotterdam" all dressed up for the "captain's dinner" tl;dr. TY. I'm off. It's the plane spam off or me and I know it'll be me.