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  1. Robbed of dreadnought by WG spaghetti code?

    Isn't it damaged by 4 ships? A hit doesnt necessarily means dealing damage, as my shells are extremely well experienced in....
  2. The problem with Seal Clubbers

    I guessed as much. On a more serious note though. I don't think it's a problem when people stick in lower tiers. Everybody has their right to play as the please. I love to get my club out of the grease once in a while because I love the chaos of low tier battles occasionally. And I have learned a lot of getting clubbed merciless in my beginning time. The best and quickest way to learn is the hard way. Indeed it might scare people off. But I see that as collateral damage. The play level on high tiers is already abismal enough. No need to pamper more unskilled players to the top. Either learn the hard way or go play Tetris.
  3. The problem with Seal Clubbers

    Errr. almost 4k Random matches, already T10 experience. What where YOU doing in a low tier match OP?? If I didn't know better I'd say "sealclubbing..."
  4. Hindenburg armor nerfed?

    Double post. sorry
  5. Hindenburg armor nerfed?

    I've been more closely watching this matter in combat. Indeed it seems the armor is protected very well with the citadel... A BB looks funny = citadel or miss. Seems to be hardly anything 'in between." Edit; don't mind these screenshots. They somehow creeped in and i can't get rid of them in an edit.
  6. Petition to remove storm

    I'm missing the "neutral" option in the vote. I'd have picked that one. I neither like or dislike storms. What I am missing is visual effect. Particularly on Tears of the cruiser. First hurricane I see in which I still tempt to get my sun oil...
  7. Oil event buggy or we get screwed

    We didn't have this problem. sometimes it takes a few seconds to get a score to come through. But no setbacks in the numbers.
  8. So who killed the server

    A few minor lag spikes. Nothing game braking here.
  9. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Pfff all those whiners about detonation! My last one dated back from 27-05! And I'm running a Montana! I'm not going to run that dumb flag on that ship. Like hell you're going to detonate me!! No way...
  10. Ah! I was wondering why I got 35 signals extra. Now I know... Perhaps it'll take some time to get through, OP.
  11. The worst bot yet

    I don't get it OP. You must be wearing you tinfoil hat. Get clear like I am: surely this is Skynet awakening!
  12. Advice for a noob

    I'd advice you to go for the IJN cruisers. I think they're the best "allrounders" They excel or suck in anything. For battleships I recommend the German line first as well. Indeed most "forgiving" Though not the most accurate main guns. But if you learn to handle those, shooting with other BB lines will only be easier And destroyers I'd go for the USN line. It's important to grind different lines of shiptype. Even if you don't like them: know thy foe. Can't give you CV advice though. They are as popular as artillery in WOT....
  13. Just what is the appeal of Yamato?

    I can't give you an answer OP. I can't make this ship to function at all. Don't start please: I know. It's me, not the ship. I "had to" play it for the supercontainer T10 mission. Too proud to do it in a COOP. Same old disaster as always. Moving a tad forward, not overextending IMO, getting citadeled, burned, torped by as it felt 25 ships, shooting bouncers, overpens, shatters in return. Had to make an appointment for next week in order to start turning left or right and in my case "damage saturation" means: double damage on a section per HP gone from it. I keep it for historical reasons, because despite all I love the esthetic looks and for the yearly SC missions. For me it's gamewise the biggest disappointment in wows. If it weren't for said reasons I'd actually have sold it a long time ago...
  14. Kronshstadt. I'm asking your advice

    Free XP has creeped up to 1.1 in the mean time. If they wait much longer I'll be able to 'buy" Krohnstadt already before Alaska/ JB arrive.... I actually saw a few KS's in combat as well. They were mostly island huggers thinking you were playing WOT. Moving back and forth every 5th minute or so, heavily citadeled/ nose burnt in the process. So that's not how I'm going to play it. Lots of Balansgrad players going the same thing for that matter. But Stalingrad is a next century project for a potato like me.
  15. What happens on Thursday?

    On Thursday they revoke all the anniversary gifts. This was either a very late or very early April 1st fool prank...