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  1. I'm wondering how WG is supposed to deal with this if you're firing from behind a smoke screen.. Not actually in it but still hidden... (sohehow my txt is underlined. Sorry for that). also from a "realistic" POV: shooting in smoke. Granted: it's giving an air drag. But has anyone noticed the staggering smoke plume a BB cannon is producing?? If all it should IMO actually add to the smoke duration.
  2. Getting more and more the hang of Kurfurst. WR is still abysmal. But only did 11 matches. So that doesn't really make a reliable stat yet. Apart from WR I think my stats are going decent. No stuff of legend of course but not too shabby as well.
  3. I'm not playing at all tonight OP. Don't feel like it. But thanks for the headsup. And I can completely relate to OP: don't play Rank in a ship you don't fully know!!
  4. Granted: smoke can be a big help for you. I won't deny that. But if you're saying a ship you're playing is depending on smoke, I'm afraid I'll have to draw the LTP card. Actually the only main purpose of smoke I'm seeing is to smoke up my BB's. The team rewards it gives to hand them over 4 or 5 salvo's of invisifiring is a real match changer IMO. Heck: given some practice smoke "pewpewing" is going to be an instant death sentence cause you'll be wasted in your precious smoke by shell fire or by torps... Really OP: smoke spamming is SO 2016....
  5. Oh Suzanna. Oh won't you cry for me?
  6. Looking at your stats I must draw the conclusion you've won Bismarck with the event. Now I don't want to mock you but you've missed the entire preparation before getting there. and you are, again I don't mean any insult to you personally, the living proof of the worries from forummates who postulated their worries of people able to rush into BM. Which I must admit have pushed from the table "oh, don't be ridiculous. It can't be that bad?" I'm proven wrong with your thread. My advice, how hard it might seem to you but still, is to start grinding the BB line from scratch. Nassau and Kaiser are in the low tier with the glorious chaos of the low tier battles (the main reason why I love to dust of Lucille (my sealclub) occasionally). Konig is a hell of a ship. IMO a New York 2.0. The main focus and reason to play and enjoy is starting with Bayern however. Boy did I struggle with that ship in the beginning! Until I figured out how to play it... And that goes for all it's successors. Once you're comfortable with Gneisenau, then you'll be ready for playing BM properly. But that's my opinion.
  7. It's not only WG EU who hates CV's, OP...
  8. Granted. Slow loaders are an issue. But IMO it's not that big of an issue. In the vast majority of matches they wake up in the 1st or 2nd minute. In the vast majority of the cases nothing important has happened in that time period. And not all people can afford the latest state of the art high tech computer systems and dito connections. Lat than that starters almost always apologize because they crashed. I've had some "non loaders" myself. Now I don't have numbers but my experience is telling me allgame AFK-ers are quite rare. And in those cases it's about 50-50 in my (dis)advantage. However: I don't understand why people who know they are slow starters jump into CV's or DD's in Rank battles. In Rank the delay can or better put: is catastrophic. Just stick to BB's and cruisers where starting up some later isn't that big of a deal. And no: though I can understand your POV, waiting for everybody to press ready isn't the solution. To be honest: I'd be tempted myself not to press it in a line up I don't like.
  9. You know what you saw OP. So I'm not arguing that. My POV is I've never seen any sign of clans "rigging" whatever match ever. On the contrary: especially, let's call them the "top clans" like OMNI, TTT and OM very well try to cooperate with the given team. And when facing fellow members shoot the living daylights out each other like mortal enemies. IMO there are 2 reasons for that: 1 wrecking a fellow clan member will give the player good reputation among his fellows and 2 they can't afford to "rig" a match cause when that's been proven WG will shut them down. Allowing proven cheating in a game will certainly kill the entire game. So I can figure they won't allow it. Even if it means banning a very important CC. Having said this I often get the feeling the mere presence of an, especially top clan, is intimidating people a lot. I'm trying to remember they're playing exactly the same ships I am. And to be frank I am not impressed by their play at all: sitting behind islands, waiting for a enemy to pop up which they might snipe? That can work in the clanwars but I so often see that fail completely in the chaos of Random battles. I know: you're talking about Ranked. But I'm absolutely no fan or Rank whatsoever. Do some matches farm a lot of flags and leave it to that. There is, in my case, that unbreakable ceiling of a certain Rank which I'll never be able to break through. So if it takes me, say 20 matches to get to R15 or 1000 it doesn't matter. 2 lost matches is the end of the Rank day for me. Another losing spree of 2 is the end of the season. "That's my exit strategy: that's it Ferry. You've hit the highest Rank. Spare yourself the frustration and move back to Random." So no Jollies/ Flints/ Blacks for me anytime soon. And you know what? I couldn't care less.
  10. Awesome OP. I've had the honor to visit Texas and Midway. Last said in San Diego together with the other ships: a US sub and a USSR sub. I highly liked it!
  11. OK. Enough harassing OP. (or is it?). One word of advice OP: please don't state opinions as facts. If you'd only stated "I find Cleveland this or that because this or that again" You might have gotten decent answers. As a matter of fact: I share your opinion.. I don't like Cleveland at all. But you'll be butchered by this childish posts. I have come to completely trust the Forum community and prepared to make myself vulnerable. I can say people never ever let me down when I was stuck/ asking for advice.
  12. *bumb*
  13. I have the perfect algorithm that's insuring you will never lose 1 match in it ever again!
  14. Sorry. I honostly didn't know it wasn't allowed to be debated.
  15. Yes please make it quicker. I've been saving some containers the last couple of days...