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  1. Ferry_25

    Is it me ?

    Allright! We highly appreciate when new-ish players are open to learn something. When something goes bad, always question yourself first. I've learned that the hard way myself. Further advice: you might want to save the RN cruiser line for later. That is IMO and in general consensus the hardest cruiserline to grind. I have been objecting that line for a long time until I took the challenge of actually trying it. And I was proven wrong (gladly): I had the most thrilling matches with them. Only thing: you really, like really need tp know what you're doing with them. The slightest mistake will get you punished severely. And even then I have been very effectively and smoothly blasted to the next game in one salvo quite often. One trick I'll happily give you if you persist: never, ever, ever smoke up, slow down to "smoke pewpew" when you're spotted. My biggest hobby in wows is to one shot those blokes in RN cruisers with a BB. I patiently wait and fire at 1/4 to 0 lead just at the moment he disappears. Harvested quite some dev strikes with that (and negative karma as well). I found out the maneuverability (hardly bleeding speed in turns) is one of the biggest survivability skills in this match. There is also one very easy trick: you actually don't need to bother angling against BB's: they'll wreck you anyway. Even if you have taken the double armor perk on the ship (A.K.A. taking cammo on it). Edit: I love Scotland! One of the most beautiful places on Earth I had the honor to visit.
  2. Ferry_25

    Playing WoW like WoT

    Same trick goes for Clan Wars as well I might add... I know behind which islands they are going to lie down. Catching them full broadside is a true feast! 2 citadels when RNG is merciful. 1 in the follow up salvo and the cruisers happily melt him down to the next game. I don't think it's an OP ship. It only needs a slightly more hammering down to the bottom. In randoms it's even easier: always the same islands, just kite around it and either farm citadels or invisi burn it to the next match. Yes the stats on Balansgrad look awesome but really: it's not that hard to bring them down. Just don't play their game and make yourself vulnerable to their incoming.
  3. Ferry_25

    Yelling at CV's for no fighter cover (rework)

    I don't agree. @El2aZeR knows what he's doing in a CV. Play to win. He'd sacrifice me only if it would mean protecting a more important target in order for us to win the match. I dare vouch for that cause I've seen it.
  4. Ferry_25

    Yelling at CV's for no fighter cover (rework)

    OK thanks. Didn't know that. Glad to have been proven wrong there. Still not counting on that 1/10000 matches where my CV will actually do that though. Yes I know you would but what are the odds of having you on my team?
  5. Ferry_25

    Yelling at CV's for no fighter cover (rework)

    Basing solely of what I've seen on the PTS streams so I completely assuming I'm wrong (also hoping that thoroughly): do those fighters actually do something other than give tourist fly around tours? Cause if I didn't know better the attack plane squadron only needs it's player to roll it's face slightly in the wasd direction to avoid it completely in a time limit of 30 seconds. Edit: and in which universe there are CV players who actually help their teammates? Even in the current meta I have seem those like once or twice in my 11.709 matches?
  6. Ferry_25

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    Finally a good poll. Filled in immediately. spoiler alert: get rid of them please.
  7. I miss the Non CV gamemodes only. But in the "black and white" mode you stated your poll I'm on the no side. Yes: one of the whiners you'll get rid of. So congrats. I know every game has an ending for me.
  8. @wot_chikor It was an awesome match against the Bots in clan wars!! I must acknowlegde you as the better side. Deep respect and thanks for the total nailbiter!
  9. Ferry_25

    CV rework hull control

    The rework is getting real close now. Excited to hear your stories about it. From what I've seen from PTS streams I find them still far too dominant. I'll stick to ranked, tier 2 and other non-cv (NPC CV excepted) game modes for the time being. Perhaps I'll manage to rank out the first time in my life.
  10. Ferry_25

    Playing WoW like WoT

    Lol. I love those players on the red team! Hiding behind their islands being utterly useless 90% of the time and peeking out at a very predictable and regular intervals to be farmed at their broadsides.
  11. Ferry_25

    Is it me ?

    OP's average 3 kills in a DD flies for coop. Not in Randoms. Don't get me wrong if OP is a new player I'd say he's (she) doing fine so far. Regarding the question: no it's not you. We all have losing streaks/ periods in which nothing seem to work. Bad hair day? Lousy teams? Bad luck? We've discussed this thoroughly. Consensus seems that nobody knows and it's part of the package playing this game. My advice: build up more Random experience. But don't rush the tiers. Also grind 2 (3 at the most) lines at the same time. This game is not getting "easier" the higher the tier. And yes I know because I made that mistake when I started wows. The same goes for buying high tier premiums. Should you consider that: I strongly recommend doing so when you've actually reached that tier in silver lines. Or perhaps buy it now but play it later in case an amazing offer appears.
  12. Ferry_25

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Threads like this make me wonder why WG just doesn't imply a "test buy" thing. Like say pay 5% of the actual prize and give 5 matches in 2 weeks to try out one ship. And if you decide to purchase it, give a 5% coupon. That way I think they'd get rid of 95% of threads like this because in those 5 matches people get an idea of how the ship functions and if it's something for them or not instead of wasting their hard earned cash/ resources of the bat.
  13. Ferry_25

    Reward from WG for server problems

    Does anyone know if the 2000 oil is per player or only once?
  14. Ferry_25

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    Watching king potatoes' stream now. Worcester full AA build seems nice. Short range flak. Either dodge and miss or get plane shredded. That's the next best thing I like to see!
  15. Ferry_25

    Kronshstadt. I'm asking your advice

    Necro-ing my own threat. I bought KS in the mean time. Not played too much matches yet but so far I'm heavily struggling to make this ship function. Actually no clue what I'm doing wrong exactly. But it'll be more getting used to I guess. Also played it to fulfill some missions. And I've come to believe a mission match will half the chances of having a decent one.