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  1. Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    tl;dr. From what I've read I can say only one thing: *edited*....
  2. This. The Lemming train is a proven well played tactic. The only thing with all the cowards in this game is stopping the train. The LT must push on. taking lead in turn and it'll devastate the enemy. The problem here is people are so afraid to damage their pixel ship the train is usually smothered before it can shine.
  3. Z39 in Shop

    Looking for more "verdict input" on this ship. Now I'm suffering through a losing streak. I'm very curious to this ship. But suffering a Z23 and -52 phobia (I don't dare to take those ships out ever again.... Check my stats and know what I mean) I am extremely reluctant to buy this ship. Even if it's been produced by Wilton Feyenoord and RDM historically. Yes. It's THAT bad....
  4. It's me or ...

    Don't mind him: he's a fake abomination...
  5. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    Thanks people. I think I'll try different builds when I reach Republique.
  6. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    Or would a secondary build be viable in the French BB line? For me it's working perfectly in the German BB line.
  7. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    Relax bro/ sis. I'm only asking for advice here. Not to start a "opinion war." Edit: my goal is Republique. I'm looking for the optimal build for JJH in that ship.
  8. Who stole my Dreadnought? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Totally agree with you OP. Heck make it 130 but lose the stupid 4 enemy criterium. IMO the reward is for tanking. That insane number of enemies is absolutely garbage.
  9. It could very well be my "luck" but since weeks/ even months I'm encountering pretty balanced radar ship matches. Some rare exceptions perhaps. But even then for me that seems quite balanced. from the feeling 50-50-ish on both receiving or delivering side.
  10. Cost of Tier 9 BB's

    Don't know if it's been mentioned. Didn't read the thread. My 2 cents: OP you have 927 battles under your belt, from which 799 in randoms. My guess is you rushed through the tiers too fast and aren't ready at all in any way for T9. Get the F back to lower tiers and build up more experience before wasting your own and your team's games in the high tiers please. Not to mock you: I made that exact same mistake myself.
  11. I was only joking about that "don't defile MtG" bro.... Calm down please.
  12. Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    Boosted him to 19. 3 points left. Intention is keeping him on the French BB line up till T10 with "tank build" So far: Prio target, Expert marksman, AR, Superint, Concealment expert and fire prevention. I'm in doubt. BFT, to counter some planes? Basics of surv for more fire "immunity?" Or Expert loader/ Jack. Or expert loader/ High alert? What's your advice?
  13. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    Wow! If you say you suck, I beat you by miles in doing so! I have oozed my way to current WR (52.4%). Coming from IIRC 48. My goal is to reach 60 before '19. (2119 that is...).
  14. Don't start: I know I suck in the realm of sucking. Bu for the first time I made it to R10. Yes this hypocrite said he'd call it a day with rank earlier. But I had a "what the heck" moment and gave it another shot. Blown all my compliments to my teams. Really if even 1% of all my matches would go this way...
  15. Destroyer engine vulnerability

    Last Stand not taken in a DD = Noob.