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  1. I love it OP. Awesome job! +1 from me.
  2. Ferry_25

    looks like he commited suicide...how?

    Like said: he could have been pink from the beginning. Indeed you don't see pink enemy ships. And could have TK-ed (accidentally or not). What I don't understand is why you got solo warrior. OC I don't mean that out of jealousy just the reward requires winning while 4 enemies remain. (killing them or winning by cap). At the moment of the incident the game wasn't finished yet. Reds had enough points not to be pushed to 0 by that alleged TK.
  3. Ferry_25

    On DDs and detonations...

    I'm still neutral on the matter. Yes I think it's a silly game mechanic. But it happens so rarely I can't be bothered with it. Funny thing though how some are drawing the "realism" card. The only thing realistic about this game is the awesome graphics of the ships. But otherwise it's a mere arcade game. Any rudimentary idea of "realism" I had was shattered yesterday seeing Flambass taking a AP shot with Graf Spee vs a bow in Musashi. Of ALL the results "realistically" expected, 3 overpens aren't among those... A shatter, bounce or pen should have been "realistic." Ok: 1 overpen: that one shell that happened to bounce off upwards on the turret and pen the smoke stack. But 3? No I find the penetration without dmg the most infuriating game mechanic. Way worse than the detonation. No matter how much arguments thrown at me I refuse to believe a shell size of a human or higher manages to get through a hull and doesn't do any dmg. How did it get past the hull without damaging it??
  4. Ferry_25

    Team Kill

    Like @Saltfaceis saying: don't play CV. Second: that scraping dmg doesn't count for anything. Those things happen to us all. But I can imagine people sticking to CV's to have it sacrificed first. Hence go back to Saltface and my advice: stop ruining this game and abandon plane filth. We're here to duke it out with ships. Go play wowp if you're into planes.
  5. Ferry_25

    Tired of all the firestarters

    If you'd ask advice how to deal with HE spam I might be saying something useful. Regarding your question: no I don't like being shot at. Be it with HE, AP, torps. But it's part of the game. So no, HE spam has not been a deterring factor for me in wows. I learned to adapt and how not to affect my matches too much in most of the times.
  6. Ferry_25

    Abysmal modul damage on dds

    Well... DD's wanted to be HE spammed...
  7. Ferry_25

    German higher tiers

    What's MVP?
  8. Ferry_25

    Harugumo legendary module?

    I might have an idea for Kremlin. Stolen from C&C: the iron Curtain. A consumable which makes it temporary invulnerable!
  9. Ferry_25

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Sad to see you leave. I have lost quite a lot of interest in wows as well. Often not playing for weeks. But I won't delete my account. I don't see any reason why.
  10. Ferry_25

    Warhammer 40k Collaboration ?

    If nu BB's can be equipped with a multi melta it'd raise one eyebrow...
  11. Ferry_25

    Is this game become an overpen simulator?

    Hoe rude and ignorant! It's a pen without dam simulator just as much! And yes: I know the explanations of pen without damage shots all to well: my AP shot manages to perfectly hit a slightly larger than M60 half damaged machine gun without doing collateral DMG or it pens the ship, opens the bulk heads, going left and right some corridors and happens to detonate at the toilet section in the ship, again without any collateral DMG at all. With a rough speed of 800m/s. It is really the greatest biblical wonder in this game. Yet it occurs 10 to 20 times per match!!! I call it the wows Testament.
  12. Ferry_25

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Mecri bien mon/ ma ami(e)
  13. Ferry_25

    I need help... :/

    +1 for asking advice like that OP. Positioning is the main "art" with BB's. My rule of thumb: everything is going slow. No rush in a BB. The trick is to find the compromise between border hugging and rushing in like an ibecile. Playing BB's for me is 90% of the game time is focused on the minimap. The gun reload is 30 seconds (give or take some) anyways. So planning ahead to see what my fleet is doing pays off. Also don't necessarily shoot everything that moves in early game. You don't know how many friends that target has with him/her. Again: go slow. It often pays off to have some patience. Last but not least: there are more speeds than full stop and full speed ahead. 3/4 speed will f up lots of aims...
  14. Ferry_25

    Doubloon warning!!!

    Just send a ticket how I managed to lose over 10k doubloons and just found the answer. It's the Italian cruiser containers. I spared italian tokens to exchange for the containers. But turns out the containers are only obtainable with doubloons instead of the token points. So DON'T pick them. Your token points will be just the same and your doubloons will be deducted!!! If you select the containers there is no way to chose for the points!!!!! I discovered I lost nearly 10K doubloons over this...
  15. Ferry_25

    Changing the flag of the European tree

    The Bigos and frikandel made me raise one eyebrow. But other than that I think the EU flag is OK.