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  1. like I said: It's me not the ship. On the verge of giving up here. Yes I know: T5 BB's aren't the most accurate shooters. But in my GC the accuracy is stuff of legend. In missing that is. I really feel the Rainbow Warrior will do vastly more damage to an injured whale as I'm doing on a broadside cruiser at minimum range. I've bought Duca D'Aosta and GC from the pov of trying other lines and maybe thus helping to introduce a Dutch ship. But my passion is going that far. I'm getting done of almost guaranteed misses and getting totally wrecked by any ship looking funny at me. I didn't experience those problems with any other T5 BB's ever. I absolutely don't want to play Baltiless Cearerea again.... To a dark place with the bonus winrate mission. Heck if I want to hexiple my winrate compared to that abomination, I'll take out Lepramore any time. Sorry my beautiful ship. I'm afraid you'll rust in peace in port...
  2. Harvesting floods in Kamikaze (R) is possible... My K-R is my second Charles Manson, a.k.a. serial killer in my career in wows. I know: all is highly situational and absolutely no guarantee. But you might consider not spreading your fool spread on a BB but only 1 or 2. Usually 1 torp hit is a flood. Floods are very much feared. And quite rightfully are. So if you manage 1 flood: the "victim" (usually a BB with Kamikaze) will instant DCP it. So the next spread will yield you a "perma" flood. Also observe your targets: call it sealclubbing all you like, I don't care: I do it the same and in the beginning of my "career" I've bee seal clubbed a gazillion of times (for me the best way to learn to imporve). In the Kamikaze range tier there very much BB's who will DCP 1 fire. When observing them, you might want to hold on to your spread a few seconds, so the DCP isn't active anymore. If you don't give them euthanasia right away, you might give them a nice perma flooding. And to get to the real secret, don't tell anyone cause I don't want to let them know it: those tricks also work on higher tiers. If not the best at tier 10..... But hush, don't give this secret away!!! And certainly not the fact I'm using that same tactic in my Conqueror. Oh, you'll be amazed by the number or players who DCP 1 fire instantaneously... That'll wake my Bloodhound Gang right away... tl:dr: have some patience, give the game the chance to play itself out and time you spreads accordingly...
  3. Ishi and Spee I really like. Yet can't make them to really function. Maybe I should try Ishi from my RN BB experience again. Spee is still a mystery to me... If I play it in a BB "style" I quickly see myself faced to the real BB's and being citadeled like any ordinary cruiser. If I play it "cruiser style" I find myself unable to cope in a cruiser to cruiser knife fight.... It'll be punished, rightfully, if I go take a long bath, shave, have a cup of coffee, prepare the next moth schedule and having a phone call with my mom between 2 salvo's. There's 1 "tactic" I haven't tried out yet: Playing Spee as a BB with DD style... That might sound so Jingly it might even work....
  4. Too bad. We didn't hold Storm league this session. Still I am so freaking proud of my clan! Though we didn't hold it, we sure as heck didn't give it away for free. We managed to earn the barn behind the church today and are able to increase our forces. Also I have the feeling we (mostly me) are open for improvement. So this was the absolute most glorious defeat we had to face: we had a Schwarzenegger moment there. In union....
  5. You're saying exactly my feeling: not feeling you're doing better but yet steadily increasing your stat performance. As stated: stats are telling part of the story. The main challenge, and I am speaking to myself now even more than to you, is to face your own handicaps. It's so easy to blame the "others" when in fact I am failing. Too bad the blame the others is so much fueled in YT. Some more modesty is in place. But my absolute respect to your progress on the stats!! FFS: you wrote purple and blue numbers on your last session. Yes, that were 3 battles. But still: seeing your increase I'd wish that was my progress on my stock positions. Soon I'll be asking your advice OP. Love to meet you in combat and shoot the living daylights out of each other! Also my utmost respect for you to manifest yourself vulnerable and being open to advice. Wows needs players like you. More than WG probably assume themselves. Apart from some salt, which can be hilarious if you grow a skin I must confirm the Forummates are your absolute best allies in wows. No, by far an epic player myself statwise, and with appropriate humility, I see myself with pride writing purple and blue numbers on the short and mid-term. (no today was a good day to die.... )
  6. Hey OP. Please look at the other replies we send you regarding this question.
  7. Oh, and it isn't the US navy here OP. You don't need to capitalize all letters. Which AFAIK the US navy them self has abandoned.
  8. The island/ smoke pewpewing isn't a thing of recent. It has always been there. Camping BB's as well. It has become more prevalent since the BB influx when the German line was launched. And yes I totally agree BB's have been overbuffed. The ships you mentioned. Chapyev, Leander, Kutuzov, Atlanta. Chapayev, Kutuzov and Atlanta aren't strong opening phase ships. So I understand they pick a more low level position in the beginning of a match. They start to shine in mid to end phases. I still need to figure out the role of Leander and the rest of the RN cruiserline. In 99% of the cases i see them hiding behind islands doing nothing. In 99% of the rest of the cases pewpewing from smoke from 50 lightyears away, giving me enough time to make a coffee before I adjust my course. The British BB's. For me that line was like the US cruiserline all the way. Every time I thought I 'figured it out' the next tier played completely different. I was shocked to find out in KGV actually giving as much broadside as possible gave me the best chance of getting away with a AP salvo... Also shot AP most of the times. Playing Monqueror now I highly like that ship. And yes in the opening phase I take a lower profile as well. When I find a good shooting spot I'll use it. Conqueror isn't the best brawling ship ingame. So softening targets up first will give me an advantage later. And with not the best brawler I mean it can't take much hits very well. Even its superheal can't keep up with being focused down by 4 or 5 ships. However make no mistake: it can brawl. Trick the red into believing you keep spamming HE and he'll be inclined to give you broadside. Close range AP salvo's are devastating. And it's vital you don't make the mistake of camping there all game long. When a push is made be ready to join it or it'll be smothered and you're next. It's all like you already answered your own question: positioning is the most vital part of wows. Also the most difficult one. And there is not "1 every time working" strategy: for nearly every position there's a counter position. wows is not a lightning fast pace game. Try to mobilize your team to surround the island camper, flush him out, focus him down. And if you don't get support, try to position yourself where he can't hit you either, thus rendering him less useful for his team. A ship unable to fire or play an objective is almost as good an opponent as a sunken one. Regarding the smoke pewpewers that won't have to be a big problem too often. First when playing a DD the answer is simple: fill the smoke with torps. Same with torp capable cruisers (watch range and friendlies of course). Cruisers (and others) with radar: radar the smoker even if you but can't your teammates can fire at him. I also switched fighters to spotterplanes in most relevant BB's. With practice and patience you can quite well deduct the position of the pewpewer by looking at his gun blooms. Chance of hitting is of couse far less then when he's targetted but, also considering you're a WOT player, you know what they say which shot has the guaranteed chance to miss... Special note for smoke abled cruisers from BB POV (also cruiser): don't shoot right away and see if they're slowing down in TV. That means they're preparing a smoke pewpewsession. Take a few seconds to aim, do that with roughly 1/2 to 1/3 speed lead and fire the second they disappear. Stat is still my main hobby in this game: brake, fade, boom. So lovely to almost see the outcry of the player who just thought for 1 millisecond "phew I'm safe, cause they don't see me." Last special note for RN smokers: if you can't "pinpoint" it's location turn your nose or aft towards the hail. That'll mitigate the damage most. Best is Aft and sail away from the cloud: the longer the distance, the harder he's finding it to hit you. Wiggle in a unpredictable pattern and those shot that do hit aren't the end of the world. Usually it takes like 20 to 30 hits to see a 1000 dmg pop up.
  9. IIRC I have had 3 BB detonations in all games I played. So I won't use flags on these ships (CW aside of course). Slightly more with cruisers. So no flags there as well. Only on high tier DD matches.
  10. One of the major issues of the debate is the question whether or not the LB are a form of gambling. IMO in a way they are. Even here at wows. You know by forehand what will be in the Yamamoto box but it's a chance of which particular flag or collection item you'll be getting. But it's not like you'll have a chance to win 1 million euro's from a lootbox. The raw deal is: you lose money and you get a product back. In all the LB cases access to a computer program. From a business perspective I can fully understand it. and I'm not even opposing it. Not in business myself but I figured out the game. "Fool the people, let them give you their cash." It's as simple as that. And I can vote with my wallet. Hard. I'm happy to pay for what I want as long as I'm having the feeling that product is what I want. Wow, WG I love your game so much and I want to have that ship so badly, I'll throw in the admiral version in an eye blink. The shell closes the second I got the feeling something's being pushed to me. So no way in life I'll be buying BF II, not even would take it if it'd be a F2P game. I don't like the feeling of "oh, buy that LB and you might get the Darth Vader hero instantly, because that figure will make you very much more powerful in the game" (don't know if I'm stating a fact here. All I saw were some YT movies). Another example is I very rarely go shopping. Main reason is I simply refuse to pay for a parking spot: I'm already coming to spend money but I will not spend more in some imagined money wrench. Oh, funny anecdote: in the last "media hype" called "credit crisis" when the world economy was threatening to fall apart once again our MP called people to buy a new car and don't be so pessimistic all the time! I said: "sure thing Mark. You lower your insane VAT to a reasonable level first and I'll race to the nearest garage right now." That was, like, 5 years ago? Still driving my same car (which I still very much like). But I think not all people can reason the same way and let their emotions get in their ways. So "succumbing" for the urge to buy those LB's out of "fear" not belonging to a certain group. I mean no offense OC and not saying I have all the wisdom. So I do think it's a good thing policy is being made up to form rules to make it clear for everybody and protect people who are needing that.
  11. I absolutely hate the mechanic. And don't raise the "realism card." We're talking about the same game in which you can see perfectly clear outside when in a smoke. Said smoke is hanging around the exact amount of time in a cyclone. And I can name tons of other "realism bunking" arguments. Also deto is a matter of pure (bad) luck. No skill whatsoever involved. Even with LWM's analysis: I lack the skill to precisely aim at the 75th anchor shackle to increase my chances by 0.00001%. Not even when the red is 10 m away from me. let alone a mach 5 pewpewing Khabarovsk at 15 km.... Heck I cry tears of joy if I even hit the [insert very malign word here] ship. But it's so uncommon I can't be bothered with it. Very often getting detonated would have been my mercy blow anyway. Guess I'm "lucky" there. When I have the feeling my last detonation is a while ago, I take the sealclub and go for some rounds in lower tier DD's to meet my quotum. *boom, flags, thanks, bye*
  12. I must say I see a very good progression in your stats OP! You keep up this good work please!
  13. As you'll probably know the internet is exploding around the lootbox debate. EA is in a ****storm about the crates in BFII now. We obviously have lootboxes (LB) too in Wows. I'm curious to your POV on this matter. Personally I don't mind them. Wows is a F2P game. If you want you can invest RL cash to gain advantages. But if not IMO this game is perfectly playable without. The 3 categories of prizes from LB's are combat, cosmetic and economical. The current LB's purchasable are from the Yamamoto campaign. The content is clearly stated beforehand: 1 dragnflag (?) and 2 Yamamoto items. The Dragonflags are purely economical and the Y-items can be won ingame through the daily containers. So no argument from me. I only had reservations with last year's Christmas containers. IIRC you could win banned ships like Gremmy and Nicolai. Now IMO that is gambling. Paying for a chance to win ingame items which gives you an deemed unfair advantage. And that's what the debate is mainly about (aside to buy items in a non F2P game). So I don't have any problems with the LB in wows. All things can be won if you're a F2P-er and I really have the feeling I want to purchase them and not having too (besides the Christmas ones). What are your thoughts?
  14. Assuming the color of the shipskin is your own choice I can't otherwise see anything out of the ordinary. Though it looks like you have a remove fog mod. But it's looking the same as with me.
  15. Parallel on topic: does anyone know if planes are able to see DWT?