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  1. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    PM-ed you Colonel Edit: again: a very lousy match. I knew that right away. That's not the point in question here.
  2. Not sure if I had to put it here or on the Funny/ sad thread... @xXx_Blogis_xXx, @El2aZeR, and Boris. (sorry I can't find your exact player name somehow). I pointed out my POV regarding CV's. But this match in Dallas I totally went for the cooperation with my CV. Creating a very nice "no fly zone" while camp capping in trident epicenter... Nothing epic but still also nothing to be ashamed off.
  3. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    Sh*t. How do I send this? I can't do it through PM which I just found out
  4. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    I'm asking for your help. Had this, utterly atrocious match, no doubt about that, with Dallas. There was an enemy Scharnhorst who shot the living daylights out of me. Over islands, me dodging like an imbecile (other ships were barely able to hit me) but that player shot me to bits, citadeling me like I was nothing. Again: no matter how many islands I had and no direct line of sight (as far as I could see). I thought: wow! That player must be a pro. But checking out his (her?) stats I found out this was his first or second match in Scharnhorst ever. With not too much matches under his belt to begin with (700-ish IIRC). That Scharnhorst was on my *ss all the time. but also a Spee with much better distance and angle. Dodged as unpredictable as I could. The Spee didn't hit zip Sh*t on my while that Scharnhorst did 1 catastrophic hit after the other. Now I'm 99% sure I screwed up somewhere or that S was very lucky (sorry, I don't buy it he was that good, regarding his stats. I would have bought it if he had like 1000 matches in it under his belt). But there's that 1% nagging tin foil hat which gives me a headache this guy was an aim cheater. I have the replay but I can't post it for not to name and shame. Would anybody like to take the time and watch it and get me back on my feet to eliminate that 1% and tell me where and how I screwed up? Let me know in PM and I'll send the replay. Again: a lousy boring ROFL stomp match on the receiving end. It's that Scharnhorst which is bugging me to hell.
  5. which premium ship?

    Solid point. I've posted this a couple of times, so save your breath on quoting me on it. I bought Atago way too soon back then. I didn't have any clue since I was playing in the t4-5 regions. In the beginning that ship was a living nightmare for me. Because I was too inexperienced to even have a clue to play in higher tiers. Broadside being punished severely? I didn't know then! It almost made me quit the game for all. So OP: it's your freedom to buy any high tier premium ship you want. Just don't come and whine here about you sucking in it like I did with Atago.
  6. It might. All I'm trying to do is to improve the quality of the game and discuss things from arguments. And I'll keep doing so within the "house rules" until I'm being shut up... Should I get a 365 ban, this'll be the last post I ever going to make.
  7. which premium ship?

    This. My advice would be to take a premium account instead. And don't rush the tiers. Build up more player experience in different lines. On your, not to mock you, lever I'd say premium account would be your best choice.
  8. required vessels?

    None. IMO all tanks should stay in Garage because I think WOT sucks. Like WTF is the fun in this game??? Drive 100m, get tracked, get blown and get to the next match? With 1 puny gun?! And limited ammo? Thanks but no t(h)anks. I let all of my tanks to rot in peace in their holy garage. Never ever going to play this abomination again. Before you draw the L2P card. I don't want to learn this. At least in wows beginners are given some form of protection. Maybe in WOT as well, Which means I suck beyond the realm of sucking. Which even diminishes any motivation to ever install this plague again. On topic: that's a personal question. I think everybody has that or a few ships which they can't manage to function. For me it's the Italian line, Yamato, U52, CV's and the RN cruiser line. I know I'll be "lynched" by players who think differently. But like I said: it's very personal.
  9. Oh the ever lasting TK threads again. This'll give me probably another 2 weeks ban but I think the current system has completely gone haywire, beyond any reason at all and full of complete hysteria. Now I haven't been around since the closed A and B but long enough to know what I'm talking about. All this absurd system is targeting is the 0,0001% of the game population who blatantly intending to ruin someone else's game. "Back in the days" being pink meant you screwed up so badly you got openly mocked. Heck: I didn't dare going into a random and went back to coop to clear my name. Nowadays you get pink because of a system crash and if a player has a lower end PC and isn't able to restart in time you'll get pink. I think it's beyond retarded. Regarding team dmg I'm closing on to 10k matches now. I've seen 3 or 4 trolls at max ever? The other team dmg caused to me was by an honest mistake. A panic spread, trying to save my *ss in a close situation, accidentally hitting me instead of the target, a TV drive by shooting. And I've done the same things. I always apologize in said situations and got apologies when receiving. My sincere suggestion would be to build in a "forgive function." Something like: "you suffered TD. Do you forgive him?" Yes: no harm done. No: suffer the consequences. As it is now it's better to let your teammate "rot" than to take a risk with shooting/ spreading him/ her. OK, that's my POV. Cu in around 2 weeks I guess....
  10. server down?

    Oh please WG!!! Restart your Croatian server!!
  11. Not to stray too far off topic, so this will be my last response to you. As far as I've seen Dallas is a true support ship. Specced it AA as much as possible. This captain is lvl 12 still. So I don't have AFT on him. But so far I've found myself immune to air *horrible disease.* Shredded all full torp bomb strikes in my vicinity. The "Flammu trick" is working perfectly. Switch off AA until the bugs are in your aura and swith them on again. The aura = the detection range by planes. So they will alwyas be too late. Anything to drive CV's from this game! Don't know how Dallas will react to Saipan planes though. Didn't meet them yet. Also Dallas is an excellent DD hunter. It's very maneuverable and can deal tons of dmg to DD's. Closing this debate now because it's off topic.
  12. server down?

    Indeed: I just got kicked out of the client a couple of minutes ago. Without me logging off. I was finished for today anyway but it sucks when you're in a match....
  13. That's not even far from the truth! Except Manneken Pis will definitely have a higher chance of setting fires...
  14. great, just great, Emile bertin will be nerfed

    I still refuse to count RN cruisers as ships. So my personal MM is calculated by the ships minus the RN cruisers. They are there for some unknown reason for me. Every RN cruiser on my side I'll calculate as a loss and on the red side as a kill. And before people start: yes I've seen the awesome matches of RN cruisers harvesting Krakens and doing 300k dmg. But those are as rare as me winning the Jackpot. For me RN cruisers just suck. They only shine when Mercury, Mars, Earth, Saturn are alingend with 70 million galaxies. A cruiser without HE just sucks. There's no other way you ever convince me: they suck.
  15. gameplay errors

    Only explanation I have is you got hit by a, obviously no Bayern torp and a Bayern salvo at roughly the same time finishing you off. In which case the server screwed up and didn't understood which one was your mercy blow and somehow messed it up. Still very interesting though. Do you happen to have a replay? I'd love to watch that one.