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  1. Ferry_25

    Camo bought for doubloons

    There will be perma cammo's available for doubloons in later tiers OP. I'mAFC (away from client) so I can't check to make sure. IIRC perma cammo's are there from T6 and higher. Having said that: I'd highly advice against buying them. I have double burned myself by doing so. first: lots of cammo's can be won for free who do exactly the same thing and second ships can (and will) always be nerfed to oblivion. F.e. WG is intending to nerf Yue Yang to uselessness. I bought perma cammo for it because I love the ship. So I will never do that again. It's a waste of RL money. Doubloons have been "nerfed" to pretty uselesness anyway. Yeah Somewhat in handy to instant retrain captains, captain repecs and de mounting without selling ship upgrades. But that's about it. Regarding the matter at hand: the perma cammo's and the things around it (winning them for free and the nerfing) has made me actually feel one of the most double crossed purchases I ever made. tl;dr: don't spend doubloons on perma cammo's is my strong advice.
  2. Ferry_25

    [Bug] Stuck in division

    That bug has been here before. IIRC about 1,5 year ago. It should be over with the server restart. I'm surprised it has seem to be surfaced up again.
  3. Ferry_25

    African-american pre-saturday

    Perhaps. I would consider it if the price'd within reason. But I'm planning on taking Massachusetts. I didn't buy it when it came out because over already abundance of ships on my account. Though the black version might draw me over the line. Also again: if I find the price within reason.
  4. Ferry_25

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    Perhaps you have point. The topic is however about subjectivity. Though I did discuss the matter with my tin foil hat dealer and he totally agrees there are different models of the same ship. consensus seem to be f.e. Hindnburg and Monqueror can't be citadelled. Well my models devourer them as candy, regardless what angle. My GS (my frustration premium of the topic) has said problem. So the opinion of my dealer makes my claim evidence seem to be a tad harder I'd say...
  5. Ferry_25

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    Nice topic. Also amazing to see the different POV's. For me it's Guilio Ceasare. Don't start; me not the ship. I can't make this thing to function. IF it hits, it can be nice salvo's. But most of the times it feels like I'm splashing my targets wet: shells landing perfectly around the vessel. Also getting shredded to pieces by every red ship looking funny at me. Angling/ spotted or not.
  6. Ferry_25

    African-american pre-saturday

    AFAIK it's the 23rd indeed. I'm considering buying the Afro American Massachusetts. Just for the childish thrill of that black cammo!
  7. I got one as well. My choice fell on Boise. Silently hoping the mission for the other ship was still on but it wasn't. Still not regretting it. Really like the the cruiser class. And I'm finding to have the most fun on tier 7 anyway. I can't back it up with hard numbers but I feel in this tier is the "sweet spot" Nice and engaging battles. No OD on radar, BB campers, HE island spammers, most optimal spread of newer and veteran players and manageable MM.
  8. Ferry_25

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    Ban CV FiFy
  9. Ferry_25


    I know I'm the village idiot around here when it come to numbers. But in this regard I see in your stats you have rushed to tier 10 as soon as possible. Only playing solo I would say that your not even that bad. What I'd advice you to do is rephrasing your rants asap and ask for advice from players and give backed up criticism to WG instead of this pointless yelling. It won't get you anywhere. Like you put: you seem to have invested some money in wows and demand refund. Why? As even I can see: you're not doing half bad. Why don't you chill out and ask what the problem is and maybe we can help you so you can punch through even better stats and performance. And heck? Who knows: maybe one day you'll be the one guiding us how to get better.
  10. Ferry_25

    Torps are becomming stupid.

    OK OP. Seeing the name of your clan and your interests on your profile you might want to start over your post. Now you're sounding like a whining kid. My advice: ask for advice. A CV or a Shima shouldn't be able to one shot torp a Montana in the vast majority of the cases. In the cases they do it means 2 things: 1 you're extremely unlucky (0.5% of them) or you derped up yourself (99,5%). Some advices from my part: in a CV game make sure you don't get isolated. A full Midway strike will get you if he/ she wants it. In the vicinity of a group it'll be a different story (1st rule of survival: assume your CV is envious to moron level and don't expect anything from him). Regarding the Shima (or other torp vessels for that matter): detected = incoming torpedoes until proven otherwise in 100% of the time. Detected = incoming. Assume they have instant reloads and can spread every 5 seconds. That way you'll "never" get surprised. Keep changing speed and course. Pay attention to the minimap. Strike that: make the minimap a complete utter obsession and try to deduct the most likely DD position in order to avoid more. Lots of the times you'll be able to avoid the spreads or forced to take 1, 2 at the most. Yes it hurts but it won't kill you (disregarding detonation in this matter).
  11. I went to the yes camp. Not getting detonated often. Was always neutral on the matter but lately I'm starting to see it as a dumb, annoying and total unnecessary game mechanic. I think it should be getting rid of asap.
  12. Ferry_25

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    CE is a good choice. However Fire prevention is also not bad. You haven't reached the ship printing upgrade yet (Tier IX and X). So that 1 fire less could mean a "life saver" as well.
  13. Ferry_25

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Thanks for the heads up Blix. Now do you have a solution for the traffic jam of trucks in my port having to carry that sh*tload of coal to the new owners in the neighboring countries??
  14. Ferry_25

    Witch ship is better, (fletcher or jutland)

    For me the answer would be Fletcher. That was as far as I can remember my only T9 ship I played where I had an actual disappointment feeling when reaching Gearing. "What? Now already?" I really had a blast playing it. Regarding Jutland: I have that nagging feeling this ship should be awesome too. But I can't make it to function somehow. My not even being able to call it horrible because that would give it too much honor stats are exactly reflecting my ingame performance and feeling about it. The thing is I don't know what I'm doing wrong. "Shima stealth torp," "gunboat blazing," "cap assist hybrid" or the "spotting scout" None of those approaches work for me. I dare say I have enough experience to deal with radars (I know pretty much where their favorite islands are), CV's, hunter DD's and other challenges. But I'm at a lost. It seems like they can smell where I am and have a sixth sense of when or where my torps are launched. Laying smoke while unspotted: I fire 1 shot and it's back to port. Wrecking me like I was still plain visible. Sorry I wandered off topic too far. tl: dr Fletcher for me.
  15. Ferry_25

    Adding the option to sell permanent camo for 50% credits

    Like NM also said: I have bought quite a few permacammo's for ships I liked and feel double burned by doing so. First because of the nerfs done or coming to them and second for lots of them there were free perma cammo's to be won which do exactly the same thing as the ones paid RL money for (indirectly by doubloons, granted. but still have bought those doubs). So I'm not falling for that any time soon. Regarding the question at hand: I might consider it if it'd be possible to get refunded full value in silver. But I also have enough of that.