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  1. Ferry_25

    How would you repair WoWS?

    Very good question OP. I haven't gone through the whole threat so I'll most likely repeat already mentioned suggestion. Also I can only refer from my own POV. I'm already 1.5 years gone from wows. But I still love the game. I often watch on twitch and am lurking the forum. What would make me re-install in a heart beat would be; - bite the bullet and remove CV's from randoms. Just face it: planes and ships are different vehicles. They can't be "balanced." Either ships become plane shredders or v.v. - in the mean time develop operations far more and make room for CV's there. Make f.e. the battle of Midway scenario. - rework radar. My suggestion would be only the radar user can see the ship and the rest of the team only see the ships in range on the MM lit up - one of my biggest frustrations: pen without dam. I get the idea of not hitting a vital part of a ship but give it half overpen damage - cherish the core playerbase more. I get it: a FTP game relies on new players but make the core PB your ambassadors instead of "insulting" them. Also keep your biggest critics close to your company. I know: getting criticism feels bad but it can only make you better - IDK what the current situation is but when I still played I also got a bit burned out over the avalanche of missions, special events a.s.o. I'm not saying: stop those. but ease down a bit please Any way: my 2 cents. I hope you're all doing well, people. I miss you! For me the CV is the biggest dealbreaker. And I'm silently hoping those things will be gone one day. That day I'll smash that install button.
  2. Ferry_25

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    I just heard the news. That T1 ship..... Lul, hebbie nog gen*ukt? I think they look lovely! But FML. Airstrikes.......
  3. Ferry_25

    Games ending too quick

    The landslide matches is one of the 3 reasons why I stopped this game which I still love. The other 2 are RNG and CV's. But I'm lurking the forums regularly. I don't have a definitive answer to the landslide problem. IIRC those were far less prevalent in the earlier days. I get it: not every match can be an awesome nailbiter but this got, for me, to ridiculous proportions. So far my presumptions for the landslide causes are powercreep, more and more "gimmicks" and making it to easy to jump into high tier ships for novice players. But also lack of self insight from said players. I clearly remember I bought Atago way too soon before I knew enough of this game and got clubbed to my senses real efficiently. First learn to walk before you start to run! IMO it would help if newer players get informed that this game isn't getting easier on high tiers. The contrary is the case. So some kind of warning could be a win-win: don't buy high tier premiums too quickly. That'll save disgruntled players for WG as well. My 2 cents anyway. I hope you're doing well, people. I miss Wows and the debates on the forum. If you look for me: watch the night sky. I'm mapping the galaxy with ED. O7 to you all.
  4. Ferry_25

    Put CVs in a separate game mode

    I think it's an amazing idea, OP. I would reinstall in a heartbeat if I could have a non CV option. I'll take some extra waiting time in queue for it.
  5. This desync thing might be a main reason why I uninstalled and gave up. First I know I'm not the best shot by far. But I'm experienced enough to see if I f-ed up a shot or when one doesn't make any sense. I've dev struck enemies who I thought to have angled well enough to mitigate optimally and v.v. Also I can vividly remember tons of times where I clearly heard water splashes and that blasted 0.5 second later: "nope, sorry, you got triple citadelled. my bad" effect. As if I were pulled back that half second into the shot. I always thought it to be RNG. But it has been happening too often to shrug it off on RNG.
  6. Ferry_25

    This game is a mess

    Uninstalling is 1 thing. But I won't delete my account. I loved this game too much for that. And nobody can know for sure if it'll bounce back. I highly advice against deleting, OP. Letting your account rest doesn't do you any harm, does it?
  7. Ferry_25

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    I made your move roughly half a year ago and I'm lurking the forum from time to time. But now I'll make a post. Thanks for the good laughs, your wife's cake is legendary for me. Also thanks for the awesome div we had back in the day.
  8. Ferry_25

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    I totally agree OP. With the condition to remove CV's from this game as well. I'm on the sideline now, sometimes lurking this forum. Still in love of this game but my interest and wallet has an inverse relationship with CV's. Don't start the historic BS: I want to Duke it out with ships. Not planes. PM me when CV's are gone. Until that moment me and my wallet are.
  9. Ferry_25

    Your favorite captain...

    For me it's Dasha on Helena. First I grinded my life force out of getting that special winning cammo, which I think is the most amazing one in the whole game. Given it's beauty and more it's symbolism. When Dasha came on the slave market I bought the US one and put it on Helena. I know D hasn't got any specific buffs/ talents but in my case? She's kicking *ss to a next level on Helena. Very decent AA defense against sky cancer and also a very good DD hunter. But a real PIA for all other ships when I get the chance to kite/ dodge. I love to play Helena once CV's are removed from this game. "Lol, Ferry, that will never happen!" Good point. Fine by me: my wallet is the extreme most patient item you will find in the universe. CV's on the block, wallet on the lock.F.e. I refuse to pay to park my car in a shopping area. So far my record is on 27 years for that in my favor..... At the moment I'm playing awesome other titles right now which cost me the prize of 1 premium ship. (-;
  10. Ferry_25

    Indomitable. Just plain bad.

    PM me when we're playing world of war SHIPS. again. Signing of until then. in/un/on/endomitable or not.
  11. Ferry_25

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    Hi! I want CV's gone.
  12. Ferry_25

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    Funny you ask. For me quite a few ships which seem to have a general consensus of being very good. In my case: Yamato. I loath this ship. My particular model seem to be capable of firing fluffy love balls, doing hardly any dmg and catching fire by the friction of the water drops from missed shells on my hull. Furthermore I lost my way in Jutland to Daring. Played 1 game in Daring and it went as horrendous as my Jutland suffering. Guilio Ceaserea is my Italian Yamato. Same deal. Those are my examples I can remember.
  13. Ferry_25

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    Oh brother/ sister! We haven't had a christmas sh*tshow for 2 years until now. This dwarfs Arp Nachi and santa convoy combined!
  14. Ferry_25

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    Mostly Swedish!? I'd love to see how drakars manage against CV's!!!
  15. CV on the block, wallet on the lock.

    1. Blixies


      I hope we can still be friends! I only play CV since the rework.

    2. Ferry_25


      Lol. My wallet hasn't got anything to do with personal matters, Blix.


      Edit: should I be arsed to start my client. Feel free to div and I'll take my AA specced Kut happily with you.

    3. wolfje63


      weer leuk ferry alles weer in het engels  loopt het eindelijk mooi  beginnen ze weer met wat anders  oka laters der