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  1. I think it's human psychology playing... I'm having it very often. The reds suddenly seem completely obsessed with my destruction. (And I'm sure this goes for other players as well. I'm not that delusional to think it's only applying to me). Usually when I overextend. But even if I manage to get back to the group, they still keep focussing me, even if I'm on 3rd or 4th line with allies laying full broadside to them in front of me. Though certainly not the most fun role to play I always try to turn it to the teams advantage. Should I have a few seconds to spare I'll write a message they're obsessed by me. I'll try to keep them busy as long as possible so the rest of my team can happily cap the points they left unattended in order to secure my demise. I've found out the French cruisers can excell in that role: kite away, dodge like a maniac (in an unpredictable (!!!!) pattern) and frustrate the living daylights out of the reds. Yes I only have my rear turret but it's a turret and I will HE spam them back. Often giving a lot of damage in return. Oh: and don't forget the fish!! That often yields some extra dmg because they are all tunnelvisioning to me. However: I always stay polite. After having wasted 10 minutes to sink me I thank them: "thanks for obsessing with me people. Nice caps you had there..." And they stay polite as well: "NP!"
  2. Yeah I had to search my archeology gear in order to figure out what the cammo is doing. It is IMO quite a good deal. I'm still dealing with my environmental disaster in port because of the abundance of cammo's I'm having already. So I'll pass this one. It might be an idea however to state what a cammo does when putting it in store though.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Am I on the right track presuming they have a US-ish playstyle? I like the IJN line (pre horror split) best. The psychological "warfare" and spreading walls of skills on the most unsuspected times and locations (hopefully without getting pink ). I abhoar the "mach 5/ smoke" pewpewing sods of the Russian line. And US is in between that. I already have grinded out the T2: indeed a blast to spread through the nose! Since I've won the Birthday skin for that KM DD. )Completely forgot which K,Z, Q or P that was... FFS: give ships real names instead of numbers!) So that can be an incentive to move on. Right now focussing on the RN BB line and French cruisers.
  4. As far as that's concering I'm often completely in the dark with their business model. Don't want to muddle of course. However I would meet demand with supply if I'd be trading something. I can remember the time where lots of people were asking to bring Tirpitz to the shop. And it took ages to meet the demand while the ship was already designed and had been sold previously. My 2 braincells cannot wrap around it: if lots of people would be wanting to throw money to me for something I have I'd happily provide it for them (within reason and laws of course).
  5. OK I read this post this morning. That comment: "tell me what you like the most?" I'm freaking out here: I love them all!! Silently hoping there's a way of keeping them this year...
  6. Is it me being very lucky suddenly or has the drop chance increased for super containers during the Birthday event? I had 2 regular drops (so not meaning the T10 games) in 2 days. AFAIK 100 AA flags and 100 secondary flags. Always comes in handy.
  7. I really liked it as well. Getting the collection complete shouldn't be that hard: trade 2 for 1. I couldn't do the German DD mission cause I don't have that tier. Still not mustered up the motivation to pick up the line again. (parallel on topic: is the German DD line worth it?). For some others I was too lazy. So I traded 4 or 5 for duplicates. I did even try the RN cruiser mission. But in leander that wasn't very succesful as I feared...
  8. Because like i said: once you get the hang of it and learn to play a more supportive role, the benefits will come out of your pores. It's also highly fun to be crossly underestimated. I've said this elsewhere a couple of times but a good Yamato player will take me serious when I charge him in my Tirpitz. Dead serious. And I can vividly remember my own famous last words in that same Tirpitz: "Lol. It's just a new Mexico. what's he gonna do to me?"
  9. 4) Those dumb red players are so incredibly stupid they can't even understand 1 SIMPLE request: lay still and don't shoot back. Now how hard is that to understand? You'd be amazed....
  10. Indeed: no. This weekend was special because of the 200% bonus. I invested heavily on captain xp grind and got 20 to 30 k results with relevant flags and cammo's. Could have done the same for free XP but chose not to. I managed Missouri in a couple of months. Didn't rush to get it. I think the price is on par. Same like Nelson. Just play and steadily grind and we all can achieve it. Also I think the "OP" thought about Missouri is a state of mind. That radar? It has helped me in what? 3 or 4 times? At the most. If I would be able to swap it for a spotterplane I think I'd do it in an eyeblink. Yes it's a great silver earner but does that make it OP?
  11. Hahahaha!!! What do you take me for?!! FFS! That has happened a million times to me!
  12. Yes. On the Forum we warned vehemethly for this to happen. People get pampered on the lower tiers. The so called "sealclubbing" (meaning very experienced players play ships in lower tiers to farm dmg and kills) is a two ways cutting knife. And sealclubbing is inevitable anyway. Assuming I'm 1 of those "experienced players" who's to stop me from taking out a T2 or 3 ship and club them seals anyway? It might sound very unfair and harsh but in "my time" there wasn't any "tier protection" and I faced the clubbers as well. Thus learning the tricks do's and don'ts the hard way. Heck I was so utterly dumb back then I didn't even know there were different ammo types. Let alone what the (dis)advantages of the two were.... When I sailed in a nice straight steady course and ate the millionth fistfull of torps my second neuron started to fire and I figured out maybe it's a good idea to hit those WASD buttons somewhat more often f.e. The way it is now people are unprepared when dealing with the higher tiers. I honoustly don't care if I'm out tiered by 2 lvls: all the more XP and credit income for me. But that's only possible because I learned from better players back then. Would I have been charished at WG's TLC back then I have the feeling I'd still suck extremely in wows. Heck I see this effect even in T10 matches where people still don't have any clue and happily sail straight into Shimakazes walls of skill... What you could do OP, is stick in T5 a long time. Don't grind on too quickly cause matters only get worse. You think T5 vs 7 is hard? Try 7 against 9... or 8 against 10. Keep on playing 5 until you feel comfortable to being uptiered by 2 lvls and not being intimidated by them. Also follow this Forum: it has tought me the vast majority and insights in this game. Also don't be afraid to ask the "sealclubbers" what you can do next time. Even they aren't evil people and will happily explain it. (most of the times). Guilty as charged: I polish my sealclub now and then and explain to my victims what they did wrong (don't lie still in a smokescreen, keep chaning speed and course, prepare for an incoming airstrike, better risk a full broadside over eating a full torpspread a.s.o.). tl:dr: stick in t5 a long time until you feel comfortable being overtiered.
  13. did it about 2 weeks ago. Our most beloved map with epi. And I had pissed of RNG-us somehow. Playing my otherwise highly liked Hindenburg. My shells were replaced with soft, wet fluffy balls. Shatters, bounces, pen/no dam hits all the time. Combined with getting citadelled straight through mountains and getting set ablaze because of my napalm paint getting within 15 km of the gun flame of the reds. My team undergoing the same fate I quit before I sank... With a perma fire that was wrecking me unavoidable anyway to my slight defense... Won't do that again though. When facing an "RNG is saying nope" session I keep it short.
  14. ok. I won't draw the "don't play those pathetic boats" card now. My advice is never smoke up when detected. A player with 2 brain cells know the boats need to slow down or run out of their own screen. With some practise following a RN sod slowing down and oneshooting him in his smoke is one of my biggest hobbies. You think you're safe when the detected sign flares off. But the shot was on its way before that. Really: if you want a chance to survive: keep the f moving and run back behind your island. Anticipate before smoking up. Try to do it just the moment before you're detected. And plan your exit route back towards your island beforehand...
  15. I don't get it either. It seemed quite balanced: 11 ships vs 11 ships. Radar equally matched. So you were the only T8. Played right Kutuzov is a hell of a ship!