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  1. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    And people really wonder why high tier games are not popular?

    n that's true, but when you fire your gun your spotting range become bigger, this will be a problem in a, for example, 5th skill tirpy with 12km spottingrange. nut in the end your right in all the line, i can se too the firebarrage at the start of the game to touch quilckly as possible the right barrel temp. thx!
  2. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    And people really wonder why high tier games are not popular?

    i try to explain my point of viwe: If WG insert a real life scenario ( i know is an arcade games of course ) for example the main battery guns have to shot some hit befor touch the right barrels temperature, this means the very first shot you try where always a shorter one then when you fire with hot barrel, this can force the BBs to be closer to the opponent in the first part of the match, n if you must do this CLs n DDs must do the same thing to escort/protect. This can change a little bit the strategy n force to abandon the "camper way of life" especially in high tier match. i know my english is so orrible but i hope you understand what i mean...
  3. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Whats your favourite ship ?:D

    The mighty Zao of course.
  4. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Now this is what I call an update......

    Live in middle of the nature they say... enjoy the beautifull 'n sunny tuscany hills they say... 'n download WOWS at 0.9 MB/s a HUGE patch of your game
  5. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    famous ships

    Is exactly here the problem, our designer are too focus on beauty line then utilty, watch the roma secondary armament, she has 12 single barrel 90mm for AA n anti destroyers function, she need a two barrels but for her designer they where ugly, they ruin the "armony" of her line, yes they can do better work against Air Attack or close range fire support, but if they are ugly no way to add another barrel.... sry for my really bad english , i hope you understand what i mean
  6. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    famous ships

    Italian people my friend, fight against USA UK URRS n all the "minor" allied of them, i whant to see how UK courage we seen if the side where changed........
  7. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    famous ships

    Italian captain whant to sail the mighty 'n beautifull RN Roma! Pls brothers of the "Bel Paese" vote for the most sexy ship ever built.
  8. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    iRank 1!

    I found 3 of them in the last 3 vitoryes in a row when i get Rank 1 n imo can be good say thx to the guys who have help you to take the top rank..
  9. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    iRank 1!

    Whant t say a HUGE THX to: Glorfinder xSudden Admiral_Piri_ 1Tiger87 Malador ode2soul Good game guys thx a lot hope youll end at top rank soon!
  10. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Well done Deamon really, i hope WG give us as soon as possible the Mighty Italian Navy, because even if she don't have won the war or even block the Englidh one she is sure one of the modern n sexy Navy of the WWII. My fear is the stat of the italian ships, i hope she dont be under perform against all the other nation ships....
  11. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Stuck at rank 10?

    IMHO thers 3 ships where you can be sure to score a good match ( you can even lose the match for lot of reason, in the end the primary goal for you is made a good prestation ) Number 1 -TIRPITZ, no way, fast reload huge armour n of course TORP! Number 2 -ATAGO, heal agility n the same toprp of up there I know this two are premim ship not all of us puchase it Number 3 -MOGAMI, the IJN 203mm are probably the best gun of theyr type, n the 155mm are simply amazing try with one of this 3 ships n you'll see the rank goes up ^.* GOOD LUCK!
  12. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Real problem caused by ninja changes to AP

    This picture confirm the fact: AP do damage, even in close combat, all of this shot are fired under the 14km from the target, n to the crusiers New Mexico is the BB who made this massacre.
  13. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    can you stop rewarding bad players in ranked

    Same problem here i play a few match 10 to be honest n win 8 of them, but in 6 of my match thers minimum 3 players tht score LESS then 500 stars points, n i must score legendary match licke 2.8/3k to win, yes i'v win n gain stars but why i must play so hard to carry on bad/noob players? In the last three match thers the same less 500 stars players who win 3 in a row thx to my super game, n he laught abaut how lucky he is to be in the same side of my, not so fun to my in the end. How lucky can be i to score always 2/3k stars in a match for win? Sry for bad english guys
  14. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Ranked battles....what fun!

    I understand the WG company must have a game open to the more large amount of player, an elite game for few gamer dont give money, n i understan they point of wiev, but in this way rank battle is a little bit more then a nonsense, high rank must be gained only for top skilled player in my opinon, maybe not even for me, im an avarage player with 58/59% of victory n 37/40k of med damage, but if i go haead in level without my skill, only if others player carry me this eliminate all the fun n pride of gaining level, become only an alternative random battle mod.Sry for my bad/orrible english
  15. Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato

    Ranked battles....what fun!

    Not true bro....ive write a post, where explain my opinion.....rank 10 is locked for back step n the tomato player you have found in early rank ( like 18 ) are still here who wait you.....ive seen player with LESS then 45% amount of victory in RANK 9.....One of the explicit thing that happen to my: our team have all 2 cap circle 890 points 1 Colorado FULL HP, 1 New Orleans FULL HP n an alf life Myoko against an alf life enemy Tipitz.....well we lose, the colorado show her broadside for all the fight to the last enemy Tirpitz n die under the 100 Citaldels hits who have recived n the cruiser come to engage it one by one, n he totaly annichilated our hope of victory, in the end 3 ships vs 1 alf hp Tirpitz = LOSE MATCH In the end High tier = Skilled player; No at all Carlo_Fecia_di_Cossato / Marco