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  1. What do you mean? So we have to wait the next patch? 2 more mounth? ......
  2. I have already tried, the problem is the stain of blood, make really angry, wife, girlfirend or mother ....
  3. Is very dangerous.!You can detonate alone when finish countdown
  4. So guys, after 219 battles, ranging between rank 9 and 8 in the last 2 days in just 20/25 games I've reached rank 6. how? ill stop using all type of ship. Ill start use only 3 ships: Fubuki Farragut Leander: Then THE 3 LAWS 1st_ The playing time. Start at 10pm stop at 11 and start again at 1 am. 2nd_rotation ship, Do not use the usual ship more than 2 times consecutively. 3rd_ After the third consecutive victory, 3 lost are guaranteed if you do not interrupt the usal rotation ship.     Tomorrow I put some screen to make you understand better. Joke? Reality? do no just try it. Ciao Alessandro
  5. Yeeeees !! Even if i try to collect all the ship ( im at 137 right now ), when take the shimakaze, after used 6/7 times i immediately sell. It will be the last one i will buy again..... or not.
  6. .... then? It always 1 vs 10 ships ...
  7. is it true the bb line is not ready for the NEXT PATCH? .....
  8. Why? Is not enought the shell dispersion?
  9. well just because i prefer to put 10new ship in my port instead of 1 similar of my IOWA. only for this.
  10. Guys do you know how much time we have to wait for this bb line?......1 mouth? I have 1.3k free xp to convert, i/m uncertain if take Missuri or wait this bb. .....
  11. It would be great! But i do not think they make a premium with 2 hull reserch ..... oh oh wait we dont tolk about premium ship right??? :D :D so we have a chance!! :D
  12. come ooooooonnnnn why??????? Again the 2nd build????? ITS Horrible!!!!! Why they dont make a 1st build hull????? ......its the same of warspite. HORRIBLE !!!!!!! THIS is the beautifull QE the 1918 version ....
  13. VERY very happy for the Iron Duke. but...... i want ....... the...... RESOLUTION ....... in this CAMO!!!!!!!!! make it premium!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... !!! ... !! ... !