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  1. Sonic_157

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    My submission for the contest. It is called "Aegean Sea".
  2. Sonic_157

    IJN Musashi on the way?

    Musashi should be a tier 10 only. There is no reason to put her at 9.
  3. Sonic_157

    Kii in the shop

    Hey guys. Anyone care to make a mini review of it? Is it worth buying?
  4. Sonic_157

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    After downloading the patch, the game couldn't launch. I started an integrity check and now i keep getting this:
  5. Sonic_157

    Yamamoto collection bugged?

    Hey guys. The collectible drop is not guaranteed, there is a "drop chance". I guess you were unlucky with your daily containers. If you check the original news article, you will find this:
  6. Sonic_157

    Ranked Season 7 in numbers

    Rank 1 with the Arizona. I also used Fuso and Warspite.
  7. Sonic_157

    Ranked Season 7 Discussion

    Hey guys. I finally managed to rank out today afternoon. Last day of Ranked, phew! The last 3 days were really hell for me because i made it very early to R7 and then stopped for almost 20 days because of RL. I then had only a few days to power through a large amount of games. It took me 197 games, with an overall 58,4% W/R. 150 battles with my Arizona, 63% W/R. I tried Warspite but, although it had great guns, it only had eight of them and the shortest range of all other BBs. I also tried Fuso and did well in it but i felt it was squishier than AZ and the terrible detection was realy killing me. Some thoughts on the season: As a BB captain my primary job was to support our main cap and shoot at any enemy DD that would be spotted. I cannot stress this enough, if you kill the enemy DDs, then 90% of the time, you will win. i would purposely delay my initial salvos just waiting for the DD to be spotted. When the enemy team is left only with their BBs, its easy to focus them down and kill them. Cruisers were kind of limited this season and i only met a few really good cruiser players. Most of the time, when a cruiser popped up there was a BB salvo waiting for it and this meant losing at least half of its life. Leanders were more viable due to their smoke and torps. As far as tactics, i generally preferred for the fleet to stay together, cap and then slowly advance towards the enemy applying pressure. This usually led to an opening kill, a points lead and usually the enemy team made more mistakes, lose more ships and in the end the battle. This was the most "boring" way to win but it was the safest and easiest and that counts a lot when you try to rank out. Splitting at the start by sending a DD, or a DD + cruiser to the enemy cap for harassing is not a bad idea but, the main problem i had with it was that it rarely paid off. You could end up with a lucky kill or delay the cap but usually the lone DD got spotted and killed leaving your team at a great disadvantage. The player doing the scouting must really know what he is doing and be good at it. Because this was rarely the case, i always advised against it. However, an interesting plan came up 2-3 times. We decided to send only one DD + cruiser escort to our main cap and the rest sailed to the enemy cap right away. This took the enemy by surprise and all of the times we roflstomped them. It was very rare for all team members to agree on that though.
  8. Sonic_157

    Season 8

    Well, this season was Tier VI and the previous one Tier VII. I am guessing that they will probably pick tier VIII for the next one. Give it about 3 months until the new season starts. p.s. @_VAMPA_ i think we played together 2-3 times this weekend. Did you make it to R1?
  9. Sonic_157

    Aiming problem after patch

    I thought about that but 5 days of continuously "bad RNG" is too much. This must be something else.
  10. Sonic_157

    Aiming problem after patch

    Could it be a problem with the locking mechanism? Any supertesters here willing to share some thoughts on the matter?
  11. Sonic_157

    Aiming problem after patch

    Hey guys! Has anyone noticed problems with aiming after the patch? I seem to miss a lot of salvos that would normally have been certain hits. Has anything changed regarding ship speeds or shell arcs??
  12. Sonic_157

    Dunkirk Flag

    I do not understand why some people think that this was "something shady". They have used the same layout for many events in the past and the only info required was your (already known) e-mail. And to answer your question, no spam or ads incoming. Everything seems regular.
  13. Sonic_157

    What does Karma do ?

    Actually, i tend to give all my compliments during my gaming sessions.
  14. Sonic_157

    Todays event at chatham

    Post some pictures guys!
  15. Sonic_157

    Dunkirk event for EU?

    Well, i try to be an optimist...