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  1. mel1111

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    The top of the list atm is your "fantastic" Epic games test. Big promises were given regarding purchases at the Premium shop, well it is EMPTY! So if there ever was something demotivating this was it. Have fun with your tests. I have had enough of WOWS "promises" No way to play clan battles test, No way to play ranked. It is a big have. Just because we could not get premium ships to actually do those battles. I am not the only one being critical, there is a lot of talk going around, that WOWS screwed up once again Best, Mel
  2. mel1111

    WOWS "Coming Soon" to Epic Games Store

    When I tried to get an answer from them why the premium shops was empty I did not even get a ticket. So much for "player support"
  3. mel1111

    WOWS "Coming Soon" to Epic Games Store

    I was also my last test for them
  4. mel1111

    WOWS "Coming Soon" to Epic Games Store

    Yeah I am in the Beta test. Big promises were made, but Premium store is empty. And when you ask why you do not get an answer
  5. mel1111

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Just hope you don't do that set back every week. If something is demoralizing it is a set back. Lots of people do have something else to do (like work and family) besides playing WOWS
  6. mel1111

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Sorry to say, but last time play in silver was even worse than bronze
  7. mel1111

    PT 0.10.1 - General Feedback

    Just a few flags
  8. mel1111

    PT 0.10.1 - Updated Brawls

    Agree with this statement completely
  9. mel1111

    Server Down?

    Half of both teams were not able to enter the battle. Maybe WOWS should put some time in making the servers reliable in stead of stupid updates
  10. mel1111

    ranked over or not ?

    First of all the sprints are far too short. Anybody working will not have the time to reach rank 1 in 6 days. Like me. Getting to rank 2 yesterday and today the "nice" surprise you can start all over again. crap! I for one will not play this type of game anymore as long as the time limit is so short. Waste of time
  11. mel1111

    Commander Skills Update

    And not a single reaction from WOWS in the Forum on the remarks made
  12. Maybe all players should just boycott the game for 2 weeks. Maybe that makes WOWS awake

  13. mel1111

    Commander Skills Update

    It looks like WOWS wants to get rid of the longtime players. I have 160 ships and I can reset Skills on 22 of them. "Great". And then you can only do so if you first finish combat missions. This is the next move to get your money out of your pocket! It is about time we put a stop to these criminal moves.
  14. It may be a good idea to use English text in your ads and not Russian if you want to market things in Europe. My Russian is about as good as my Chinese
  15. mel1111

    Collector's Club Launch

    Thx, just got my badge.