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  1. GrazyC2

    What the heck have they done

    Not with all the radar going in those tier's I stand no change I only have 10 km torps guns like crap so ??
  2. GrazyC2

    What the heck have they done

    No Doubt 20200709_152807_PJSD106-Fubuki_41_Conquest.wowsreplay Watch the replay col Pete and I get an penalty for that ?!?
  3. After the update : 1. I been thrown into T7/T8/T9 That's an horror for an T6 DD. 2. Penalty system gives me an penalty while another pink is shooting at me ??? 3. Please War-gaming next time make an announcement if consumables are reset !!!
  4. Yeah battle was over before it started
  5. Ok this guy is Pro or cheating He is taking out our team, Plus there is a DD sailing none of us can catch because before the shells land he moves away just in time !! 20200708_204011_PBSC205-Hawkins_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay This battle I lost my points because of it, but you tell me they are pro or cheaters ??
  6. If you have an focus point yes you can guess where it went or still is. Because most DD's setup smoke and start waiting I destroyed god knows how many waiting in the smoke...
  7. Damn 5 minutes in the game team gone Only me the queen Elizabeth and the Ranger left against almost a whole team we tried but suddenly shells flown from every direction so we stopt our engines called out Kill USSSS and we didn't lift a finger till we were dead. not even worth doing anything and this is going on the whole damn week. Players loosing so fast there ship. Do I have to babysit whole Europe... How many times you have to tell them don't sail broadside against opponents. This is a nail biter. There must be an good game in here somewhere... 20200708_193229_PBSB106-Queen-Elizabeth_41_Conquest.wowsreplay Watch the mini map you see the mistakes they make !!!
  8. Thats what I think somtimes, but it is the system that calculate your shot, for your eyes you should citadell the guy or woman instead you miss...
  9. Yeah I dislike cheaters means there just not smart enough, Also hate being called a cheater..
  10. If I see this video with all the colors and angle that change green if he aims there to shoot, looks a lot like the aim bot...
  11. That was just a lucky shot hahah I had it couple of times shot some Torps didn't see anyone and suddenly a DD came around the corner right into my torps eating them all. and he went bezerk calling all sorts of things about my mother !!!
  12. Yeah that's a aim bot, you may have fun 1 day next day your account is gone. because that's a big NO NO for WG. and they are right bad mod.
  13. I think it is for players good to talk about this, there experience prove with clips and all this way we might learn from each other and start less calling each other names about your mamma or mine... That's why I set up this discussion that no one is cheating but just being lucky on someone else his stupidity. Because I'm quite done being called a liar or cheater because I shoot the hell out your citadel because you give me broadside.
  14. You laugh your pens off hahaha