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    Suche deutschen Clan

    Hallo, suche einen deutschen Clan ohne TS. Mat

    Some interesting info around the world

    So basically they announced they dont wont to get rid of their CAMPER players.....they are paying too...So we will still have that stupid standard battle game mode in higher tiers....

    Patch 0.5.7 postponed to 23/06

    They listen only their pockets and the main goal is to significantly reduce the influence of the skilled players even more.....so RNG God is the main thing....and we are all just averga players who are waiting to lose turrets, detonate or so...

    Patch 0.5.7 postponed to 23/06

    Yes BUT, you cant mount both Main armamaent modification 1 and Magazine modification because they are in the SAME SLOT. So either you will have just magazine mod or just battery survivability mod...

    Standard Battle mode removed for tier VII-X games

    The only fking good thing in the new patch...

    Patch 0.5.7 postponed to 23/06

    Guys reported that on test server detonations are way more often than before so we will be forced to use that -70% chance of detonation upgrade and we wont be able to use the Main battery modification mode we had before..

    Patch 0.5.7 postponed to 23/06

    +1 An usefull upgrade for magazine crap.....without an option to choose

    Patch 0.5.7 postponed to 23/06

    So basically, now in the first upgrade slot we can choose between upgrade which will "boost" turrets survivability to 50% (whatever that means in RL) and upgrade which will reduce the chance of detonation on our ship by 70%...And we know that we are loosong turrets pretty often now and that detonation can be really frustrating and more often on some ships (like Kirov or Molotov) we can say, with open mind, that they GOT US AGAIN with their tricks...RNG God is even more important now...All we need is to choose which one to strike us more often...player skills? Whats that?

    Bad news from America...

    This is so sad...and WG cant do a thing about it....once this lands viral on mass the game will die very soon...

    why nerf all the fun?

    Because its all about the money. Grind-nerf, grind-nerf and so on. Soon I will be over with my planned grinding and no more money from me for them. I already gave em too much for a single game. Then I will play other games too which is great cause there are so many great one time pay games out there, you know...

    -25% repair cost discount finally come to EU!

    It will last only till 1st of August...heheh f joke again
  12. This is what WG is doing for ppl who wants to have fun with this game...they enforce "the other ones" to collect kills without caring about mission goals and to afk and abort the mission just to collect missions...disaster

    Dear WG. Stop giving out kill missions. Thank you.

    Completely agree with topic starter...kill missions are "forcing" ppl to collect kills which meand team goals are suffering and team play is nowhere to seen..in fact i also noticed absurd situations...dude next to me is waiting for me to sink enemys HP just to fire that one ready steady salvo to get a kill.... seriously WG....

    USS Indianapolis

    This is a joke. This ship will be Pensa on steroids in t7,...with better armor, and gun range than both Pensa and NO and much better concealment than Pensa. Its basically a super T8 ship in t7. money talk bull**** walk style It will be, along with the Gremy, the OPPest premium in the game and surelly the OPPest cruiser in its tier. even better than RU stronks

    [rant] The Pensacola and her stupid detection range

    Now you know why they didnt fix theinsane conc of Pensacola. So you can buy premium Pensa with normal concealment. Disgusting.