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  1. sunshine, you haven't played CVs before or after 8.0, i guess, coz you seem to have clearly missed something... planes would fall out of the sky, while being shot by invisible ships and through hard cover (ISLANDS) for any other ship, there is a rule "if it can shoot at you and hit you, you can see it (exception smoke and US cruisers behind island)" so line of sight means visibility, if firing your guns. so called invisifire was ruled out of the game for DDs some time ago, coz ... guess what, BB Kevins complained... and rightfully so...

    1. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain


      Guess what, I have played some CVs before the REEEEEwork, and tried them after. The "AA trap" is not like, you can shoot at the planes and stay invisible, but similar to holding main battery fire until the enemy is at the spot you want them to be. And yes, WG is working against thinking with all the measures they have.

      Sorry for the late reply but I'm not too active on the forum