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  1. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    Or they can add a Submarine skills, like how CVs have their specific skill right now?
  2. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    @_Fives excuse me, but when you see the thing you like getting stomped into the ground, it's not nice, is it? I have more than 10% of my random matches in Atlanta and Flint (and that means more than 1,5k Atlanta matches alone), and I'm very fond of that ship. Not because it's overpowered, it's really far from that, but because it helps you learn positioning and situational awareness (foreign concepts for most, I know). And when an unique ship with unique playstyle is getting hit HARD by overall changes, undeserved, since if it needs something, it's a buff (to AA) and not a nerf, then for some reason it pisses off people. And the cherry on top of the cake is, yes, I've payed for it, and I have a lot of ships earned and bought alike that are effected negatively by this mess WG thought up in their drunken frenzy once again. Btw, it's not crying, it's pointing the facts out.
  3. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    The torment of the Atlantas continue. After the CV rework, where their AA went from godtier to meh, then the IFHE and armor rework, where they lost firechance and chance to pen some things, and now this, where they lose 2,2 km range, because reasons. It will be amazing playing them in a T9 match with 11,1km range, having no armor, nothing, while all the BBs will be sniping from max range (that's nearly double your range, let me remind you), while you won't be able to reliably hit DDs. Oh and if you get spotted you'll just die as usual. But apparently it's still a good time to get some more money from the Atlanta B before they ruin it. Amazing job WG!
  4. sunshine, you haven't played CVs before or after 8.0, i guess, coz you seem to have clearly missed something... planes would fall out of the sky, while being shot by invisible ships and through hard cover (ISLANDS) for any other ship, there is a rule "if it can shoot at you and hit you, you can see it (exception smoke and US cruisers behind island)" so line of sight means visibility, if firing your guns. so called invisifire was ruled out of the game for DDs some time ago, coz ... guess what, BB Kevins complained... and rightfully so...

    1. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain


      Guess what, I have played some CVs before the REEEEEwork, and tried them after. The "AA trap" is not like, you can shoot at the planes and stay invisible, but similar to holding main battery fire until the enemy is at the spot you want them to be. And yes, WG is working against thinking with all the measures they have.

      Sorry for the late reply but I'm not too active on the forum

  5. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain


    "For all classes of ships, except destroyers, visibility from the air now cannot be less than the range of the ship’s air defenses. This will prevent cases where a squadron comes within range of a ship with its air defense switched off with the ‘P’ key, after which the ship activates anti-aircraft weapons and causes serious and sudden damage to the aircraft." The best thing I can come up after reading this: Thinking is OP, please nerf. (you have the ability to pay attention to the incoming planes while you are not doing anything else? well, now you don't) Why does it hurt exactly to let the AA ships use thier AA for the best effect? This is the 3rd nerf to my Atlanta in a row, and it already struggled against T6 CVs before this. And why is it so fun for WG to try to please the minority of the playerbase, the CVs, why screwing everyone else over?
  6. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain

    0.8.1 Radar Render Delay

    The issues is, this is another nerf to teamplay and coordinations (just like the smoke firing bs and not the murdering of AA range). You just cant have ships effectively working together, you lose the burst damage on the coordinated radar use. And radar is far from the biggest concern of the DDs at the moment. Why does WG tries to fix things with a hammer that are not, or just barely out of order?
  7. MakeAACruisersGreatAgain

    King of the Sea Prediction & Giveaway Winners

    It's a lovely pumpkin, thanks a lot! Also thanks for RAIN and TWA for fulfilling my predictions :D