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  1. GO NAVY! 0.7.7

    "Are you an Eagle or a Shark?" - Neither, I'm a seal! Actually, I like the look of this event. It feels as if Wargaming have examined previous summer events and improved a lot of things to make it feel less "grindy". I estimate that I can get some useful stuff just by playing normally, and I am encouraged to play more games (but not feel oppressed by having to play excessively) First impressions - Good Job Wargaming!
  2. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    So it will be a lot of fun if the Ocean map ever makes a serious comeback! Grinded past Dallas now and did not enjoy the ship. It is unfortunate in many ways that this ship is the replacement for the old Cleveland. I will be interested in trying the ship in Ops to see what it is like, but it is a "Port Queen" for now.
  3. Bug Reports

    When the Narai Operation finished I was dropped back into the logon screen, not taken to the results screen as is usual. No diagnostics or messages provided by the software. I only tried the op once. Will not be trying it again, sorry, because of other priorities.
  4. Bug Reports

  5. About Helena and Dallas

    Dallas has been anything BUT fun for me. It will be very interesting to see how this ship performs in Operations - where you have to keep moving towards an objective and have to spend time in open water. From my experience in PvE with this ship the AI programming knows that it is weak and prioritizes its destruction in the same way that it goes after destroyers. P.S. The weakness of the runner continues. You need a minimum 14 point captain (Since you need both Concealment and IFHE) with Last Stand as the level 2 skill
  6. Haida is in shop :)

    Will there be enough room at the map borders for all these ships?
  7. ARA Nueve de Julio - a ship famous as a political prison

    Are Wargaming releasing the Nueve de Julio because they think that it will generate good sales in Argentina and the rest of South America? If so, then it may backfire. For all we know, most of the target audience may regards the ship as a symbol of a hated extreme right-wing regime, and refuse to buy it.
  8. Cyclones [poll]

    As a mere potato/seal myself I am not entirely sure how this would make thinks better, but it feels like something worth considering because: a) Wargaming themselves apply variability with concealment (e.g. varying benefit of "Concealment Expert" according to ship type) - so they must have their reasons b) In my experience, Affeks knows a lot about the game so his opinions are worth thinking about.
  9. I agree about the tutorials. You never know, it might, just might ...... HELP IMPROVE THE WORRYINGLY LOW PLAYER RETENTION RATE.
  10. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Indeed it was, in my Friedrich der Große. I am very pleased for you that you have a Canadian ship at last - and a famous one at that. (Also pleased - if I may blow my own trumpet - to fluke my way into being top scorer )
  11. Cyclones [poll]

    *Applause* Excellent analysis! Which of course means that US cruisers from Tier 6 upwards are doubly shafted. They don't have torps for the Alpha Strike capability, because they were given better AA & AP instead. Well the AA bit gets nerfed by the cyclone, as you explained so clearly.
  12. About Helena and Dallas

    Well the standard line is that : "Whatever replaces Cleveland at tier 6 has to be weaker because Cleveland is too strong". Cannot disagree, TBH. Ofc, I never expected Dallas to be as good as Cleveland, but it feels a poorer replacement than I expected. Instead of "Cleveland-Lite" it feels like "Cleveland Extra-Extra-Lite". In Tier 6 Operations I was using Budyonny and Cleveland. (I tried others but they were very, very much less effective as those two - in my hands anyway). Looks like I'll just be playing Budyonny from now on! P.S. Has anyone else had their rudder knocked out several times a game like I have in Dallas? Is "Last Stand" a mandatory skill for this piece of crap?
  13. Cyclones [poll]

    It seems to me that there is a substantial minority of people (just over 1/3 rd) that don't like cyclones. Not only that but they feel strongly about it. (Yes, I am one of those) Now, it is theoretically possible to "opt out" of experiencing cyclones - but Wargaming don't like doing this sort of thing. (See also "detonations"). However I think that Wargaming need to be careful about things which players find annoying. By themselves they are just one factor, but when there are many of them they be a dis-incentive to playing the game. (Not leaving the game completely, just playing a bit less.) BTW, this week I have seen a lot more cyclones(1). After a run of three successive battles with cyclones I just shook my head sadly and closed down the game. (1) And in before anyone claims that this is some sort of confirmation bias - because it isn't.
  14. You have to give Wargaming credit for their ingenuity. While the rest of the world has known how to get oil from coal for a long time (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coal_liquefaction), Wargaming have found a way to reverse the process!