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  1. Wargaming don't seem to have "Technical difficulties" in renting out ships and 19-point captains for the Halloween event (and before that the Dunkirk event). Just sayin'..........
  2. From the point of view of the players - yes I agree 100%! The point that I was trying to make (obviously badly) is that it may not be good from the point of view of wargaming. With the current system I tend to gamble a bit on premium ships - not always successfully. Wargaming have gotten more money out of me that they would have if I had been able to try them out before buying. OTOH is this balance by people who are hesitant about buying a ship then buy it after a trial period? I don't know. I suspect that Wargaming also have mixed feelings about rental.
  3. I'm not whether this rental idea would increase sales. or in fact decrease them. Being able to try a ship is great, but it may actually put you off buying the thing. For example, we can already play ships that we don't have from the regular tree on the PT server. My own experience is that it's about 50/50 whether I say to myself "Yes, I want to grind for this ship". or "Nah! Not worth the effort"
  4. 0.6.12

    +1 The changes to detection mechanics wrt smoke are the most significant in patch 0.6.12. WHY ON EARTH DID YOU START ROUND 2 OF PUBLIC TEST BEFORE IT WAS FIXED! Anyone who has worked in a professional Software Testing Team (as I have) will be laughing at Wargaming for this shoddy effort. You only need one game - ONE FRIGGING GAME - to discover this bug. How on earth did it ever make it through internal "testing"?
  5. 0.6.12

    I had the exact same problem with Akizuki in three battles today. FFS wargaming. a MAJOR change to the game and you still manage to screw it up this badly! Don't you do ANY testing before throwing the code onto Public Test?
  6. I seem to get a heck of a lot of slots in the Reserve! At time of writing I have more ships than I have captains to fill them. (and that is counting only the regular ships, not premiums) I now have 85 reserve places - all free! Is there a way to sell them, I wonder?
  7. Day 1 = 24 hours premium Day 2 = 250 gold I'm pleased with this since I don't need Free XP at the moment. The "OR" is a very nice ship (in performance, if not in looks) and this is a decent bonus. I hope that Wargaming do this kind of thing more often.
  8. I remain neutral about the upcoming changes to smoke mechanics, but I applaud the fact that Wargaming want to test the changes beforehand and the measured language that they have used in their announcements. I am concerned about one thing, however. The announcement of 0.6.12 Round 1 Testing is at It says: " As the smoke screens are being changed significantly in the forthcoming update, especially for the three premium cruisers (Kutuzov, Belfast, and Perth), we understand that there are going to be some questions concerning the new mechanics. While some of you may find the changes a tad sudden, let us assure you that we're fully prepared and hope to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please consult the upcoming patch notes for the full list of changes and tweaks in Update 0.6.12. " My opinion is that the test is "less than optimal" if it does not include the three cruisers that Wargaming themselves have noted as being "especially" affected by the smoke changes. I believe that players should have the chance to try them on Public Test so that Wargaming can collect data for evaluation. What do you think?
  9. French is one of the worlds great languages. That comment is unworthy of you!
  10. You are correct. "Hardly Comparable". Cruiser have it much worse. Battleship drivers face this terror from ONE carrier - which they seldom meet in battle. Cruiser, on the other hand, face an overpopulation of BB Babies in most battles (try searching for a few threads on why a hard cap on BBs would be a good thing). The subject has bee done to death so I won't re-hash all the arguments here (unless you get belligerent). And as far as counterplay of cruisers against carriers, well I'd far rather have the AA firepower of most regular "silver" BBs than their counterpart cruisers at the same tier.
  11. You are correct...... but now you know how it feels to be in a cruiser when a BB hits you just as hard .... and you did nothing wrong.
  12. What!? Release an entire line of ships based only on AP ammunition. No HE at all? It will never happen. /sarcasm
  13. Thank You for answering!
  14. Thank you very much for posting this. It is good to know what guys on the other language forums are saying.
  15. The prize campaigns will start on 15/09 instead of 14/09 To get the goodies you need to play 2 battles on any tier I-IX ship instead of 1. To get the supercontainers for playing on tier 10, you need to play 2 battles per ship, instead of 1. All other giveaways and rewards will stay available under the same conditions as announced on the portal. *Bump*