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  1. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Is "AprilWhiteMouse" a relative of "LittleWhiteMouse"? (been out of action for 3 months due to illness - I lost track of all this stuff)
  2. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    In the section "OTHER CHANGES", under the heading "Turning Circle Radius Changes" it says: We would like to thank AprilWhiteMouse, a participant of our Community Contributors Program, for drawing our attention to this issue. Who is "AprilWhiteMouse" ?
  3. Admiral_H_Nelson

    New line to be announced this week

    Folowed by a line of Russian BBs (Circa 1905) to act as counter to the RN trawlers! (for those who know their naval history)
  4. Admiral_H_Nelson

    What is your biggest purchase regret! (edited)

    The worst purchasing decision for me was Prinz Eitel Friedrich. I could not "win" the ship in the Christmas event where you could get it for doing missions, because the time-gating of that event meant that there was no way that i could possibly get it. (Stupid me for having a real life) But it was a German BB so I HAD to have it. Never again. I understand that people get on OK with it in Random battles and OPS - but it is my worst ship (never mind BB) by a LONG margin in coop.
  5. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Asymmetric Battles?

    It's always the same on here............. Wargaming put forward some new proposal, and the "usual suspects" on the forum immediately jump down their throat before it has even been tested! "it will be just like the CV rework/submarine/Research bureau" etc etc etc they moan. . . . . . . . . And the "usual suspects" will be correct! ...as usual!
  6. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Kirov and Moskva

    Randoms give much better rewards, I agree. I have never played any other online multiplayer game. I was only attracted to this one because of a lifelong passion for naval history, and the chance to "play" the model ships that I made as a boy! After 2000 random games (which I found more like work than a pleasant game) I took refuge in coop...and the odd game in Ops. Sad, but there it is.......glad you find that your character and temperament can handle the game rather better than I did though!
  7. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Kirov and Moskva

    Fair enough - no hard feelings or recriminations. You are correct that 200k silver is nothing for reassigning a captain, but by my estimation I need 125,000 elite Xp (which is a heck of a lot to get playing coop for an average player) However since you play the real game (and I fully understand that competitive modes ARE the real game) I assume that you have no need to be so concerned with the realities of coop life. Never mind, I am just hanging on to the game by a thread at the moment - probably not taking the hint that the game is giving me that it is time to find something else to do. Argument over - Fair Winds and Calm Seas! Over and out
  8. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Kirov and Moskva

    It's more than a few games for me! Look, I respect that your stats show you to be a good player - but no need to get cocky just because you are talking to a coop peasant who is not fit to tie your shoelaces.
  9. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Reassign commander button

    The OP's request is a good one (and to be fair has been requested before). I strongly support it. However, I suspect that it will only be implemented after special captain "Godot" is added to the game.
  10. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Kirov and Moskva

    I trained up my 19-point Moskva captain because I wanted him in a silver ship as a specialization. Now he is specialized to a ship that anyone can play. In general, THERE IS NO POINT in having a premium/special ship with a dedicated captain. If I choose to move a captain to another ship specialization(or to respec) then fair enough - I pay up. But this is (semi) forced on me. But the only choice I have here is to leave the beggar on a ship which any damn Russian captain can play - or to move him to some silver ship where he will be more usefule. It is a choice that is only forced on me because of the way the Moskva situation was handled. And it begs the question - why was not other line splits handled like this? What is so damned special about the Russki cruiser split? (Unless the new method is simply to encourage the mugs players to spend valuable resources)
  11. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Kirov and Moskva

    Yes, but to use my Moskva captain as you say, I not only have to pay to respec him (Fair enoguh) but i have to pay to MOVE him as well. I would have been happy if WG had said "The Moskva captain will be given the specialization of the tier 10 ship that replaces it in the silver tree", because I dont have to pay to move him. And can still use him in the Moskva as a special ship as well as any other Tom, [edited] or Vladimir.!
  12. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Kirov and Moskva

    This. I am in exactly this position (as are may people, I suspect). I will have to spend scarce resources, once i get them, to move the Moskva captain to a suitable silver ship. Who would willingly leave such a high value captain in a ship that ANYONE in the same navy can play as captain?
  13. Admiral_H_Nelson

    0.9.5 - Armory Update

    I get exatly the same problem The scren has been sitting there for over 10 minutes now, looking like this also task manager shows
  14. Firstly, thanks to the OP for raising this thread and helping me get a few things off my chest. Thinking about these subjects has helped me clarify my thought. I am currently on an enforced break from WoWS due to multiple illness. These have caused real-life disruption but fortunately I am retired and (touch wood) none are diagnosed as life-threatening. How did you come to wows? I was doing some research about ships on youtube as part of a life-long passion for naval history, when I spotted something about a new game. I joined WoWS in open beta, the first and only online game that I have ever played. How do you see the game's future? Pretty strong for several years yet (at least 5?). I think that the audience is changing as the arcade feel of the game take gerater prominence. However, I think that there are more fans of arcade games out there to attract than there are fans of naval history. your place in it? Different to how it has been in the past, certainly! I worked through PvP to tier 8, at which point I realised that the game was more like work (to me personally) than fun. It didn't help that I was slightly-worse-than-average (to put it mildly) despite many studies n my part in trying to improve. I guess everyone has a limit beyond which improvement is still there - but very small. I personally face two main threats or issues in continuing to play the game. ISSUE #1 For a while I found a home in Coop and Operations. Since then there have been two major blows. Ops has been ruthlessly cut back, and Coop has seen a big change in gameplay due to the number of competent PvP players DOING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THEM and choosing to do some directives in Coop. This has made play a lot more difficult and frustrating, since in Coop you are essentially competing for XP, cash etc against your own team mates. ISSUE #2 As I have said in other threads, I respect the ships and sailors of all the real life navies, and the qualities of all ships implented in the game. I also support and understand that each nation/line has been given a unique "flavour". totally sensible by Wargaming. The snag is that this does not fit in with my own preferences.I only feel emotionally attached to my favourite countries, which are the UK, Germany & France (and should include Italy!!!). Sadly, most of the gimmick/flavours that I dislike the most seem to grabbed by my favourite nations! For example, I have abandoned the French DD line at Mogador(57% complete) and the Italian cruisers at Zara (67%) because I cannot stand the play style any more. As for the British ships the frustraton is greatest of all. These are extremely effective, competent ships in the main…….but not funl to play for me (of course fully respecting that for some players these will be their favourite ships) Luckily the German fleet is quite solid throughout, with the least exciting being the DDs. If I have a future in the game, then I have to treat it as "light relief" and not get hung up trying to do directives & missions and win ships that I'll never find time to play. So, despite being the proud owner of some 22 tier 10 ships, I need to avoid these because of ISSUE #1. Due to ISSUE ##2 I am left with a handful of ships to play regularly at mid tiers and/or in ops, FRANCE: De Grasse, Lyon, Dunkerque GERMANY: Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, Nürnberg, T-61, Graf Spee UK: Belfast, London (maybe) ITALY: Giulio Cesare Eventually I'll just get bored.
  15. Admiral_H_Nelson

    for about Moskva Camouflage

    Well, I certinly feel "disadvantaged" compared to preious line splits & reorgs. A precendent has been set here which I find unsavoury. Wth previous line splits, whenever a ship was replaced at a tier where you already owned the affected ship, you kept both the original ship AND it's replacement. You also kept any camo that you had purchased for a silver ship at the same tier. Example - the US Cruiser line split. The former Tier 9 Baltimore went down to tier 8. You got "Buffalo" at Tier 9 for free as its replacement. If the Baltimore had camo before the move then the"Buffalo" got camo, and the Baltimore retained it also On a separate point, I now have a Moskva with the same captain that it had before - a 19 pointer. Now you NEVER specialize a captain for a premium/special one that can accept ANY captain for that nation. it's a waste. But it costs valuable and scarce resources to move this captain to a silver ship. The most obvios choice would be to the Tier 9 Dmitri Donkey, since I would have to grind that POS to get the tier 10 that replaced Moskva..........but I feel disinclined. Said it in another thread but it bears repeating. "it's the straw that breaks the camel's back" Completely hacked off with WG at the moment - for many reasons. Suns, carrier, Research Bureau, loot boxes...the list goes on and on.