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  1. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Armada: Benham

    I could easily let myself go at this point and say a lot of things which would get me instantly and permanently banned not only from the forum, but the game itself. Yes, I feel THAT strongly about the decision to make Benham a ship which you can only get by playing the Rogue Wave mode, or paying exhorbitant amounts of cash for containers. The carrier rework was supposed to increase inclusivity. Now, WG have gone backwards. The highlight (ha! ha!...."highlight") of a new patch is something which appeals to a limited set of people. A new mode, and mission. The mode is not "eveyone's cup of tea" , and the mission requires a big time committment in summer. I don't know who designed this new mode, but whoever it was I think that their parents must have met only once, and then briefly. I'm racking my brains to try and think of ANY change in WoWS that I have found more unattractive than this one. And is it some sort of homage to Johnny Cash by any chance? ("Ring of Fire")
  2. I have gone to the trouble of creating this post in the hope that by doing so the problem will go away. i.e. Sod's law will apply I wish to complete the Azur Lane collection. I have 29 out of the 36 necessary tokens. In fact I have had this number for weeks now! Since my last unique token I have had 32 duplicates (and many of the containers that I have received have not contained a token at all of course, which is WAD) The odds of a sequence like this is 1 in 1,011 so I am feeling pretty unlucky. It is beginning to feel like the days of my youth when I collected bubble-gum cards. There were always one or two which were very rare and hard to get. Of course that made you hand over more of your pocket money! Ordinarily I would just swap some duplicates and complete the collection - but this has become mildly annoying and I want to see if I can get closer to completion before doing that. Anybody else had large sequences of duplicates for this collection?
  3. Admiral_H_Nelson

    HMS Rodney.....

    I was not aware that they had said this. Thank you for informing me. But having said that, it would seem odd to have Rodney in the game considering it's actual record in combat. Why, that would be as daft as giving Warspite shorter range than its peers. Warspite, a ship that had one of the longest ever recorded hits in actual combat.
  4. Admiral_H_Nelson

    HMS Rodney.....

    and Kii, Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau but apart from that what have the Romans battleships even done for torpedoes?
  5. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Yoshino in next patch

    The bard never referenced "4chan" of course, but he did reference "2b" "2b or not 2b that is the question..."
  6. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    What? Time for a split of the Russian cruiser line already?
  7. Admiral_H_Nelson

    WGC 19.3: What’s New?

    Wasn't there some threat that using WGC would become compulsory some time in the future? Has this threat now been removed, or is it still hanging over our head like the "Sword of Damocles."?
  8. Did anyone get the Russian ships from "In the Service of the Motherland" earned by playing (i.e. "Free" one via "Victory Competition" - not bought via "Premium Shop")? Of course not, silly. Naturally there will be a tiny few that get these ship missions, just so that a few famous Pro-WG colonels can claim that "All is right with the World" - but realistically if you want the missions you have to pay real money.
  9. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Can we have 4/5 secs to esc from a Battle queue?

    Yes to all this. In which case, the best thing to do is to remove the "Leave Queue" button from the waiting screen altogether. When I make a mistake (which us potatoes often do) it is far easier on the temper to just "go with it", rather than to see a "Leave Queue" button which you cannot use because you have been put straight into battle. At the moment, that button is just there to create frustration. Either make the damn "Leave Queue" useable - or just remove it. I say remove it.
  10. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Credit where credit is due: Wargaming containers

    +1 Credit where it is due - that is a good move by Wargaming!
  11. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Dry Dock: Kremlin

    Fantastic craftsmanship from the modelling team - who always do a great job! Why, the ship looks exatly like it did in real life! .....err......wait......what do you mean : "Only Blueprints"? Way too many paper ships in this game for my taste. YMMV of course.
  12. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    So, in summary, they are both free, but one is "free-er" than the other.
  13. Admiral_H_Nelson

    The new premium ship policy

    There are a couple of major drawbacks with that plan, regardless of any other advantages it has. a) Ranked battles at tier 10 b) Clan battles at tier 10 Lots of players will react angily at having to pay to take part in ranked and clan battles, and refuse to play. The major thrust of all the competiitions and rewards from Wargaming is to get people to play more, so such a move runs totally contrary to what they want to achieve.
  14. Admiral_H_Nelson

    The "Victory" Competition: Time Is Running Out!

    A man decided to learn English as a foreign language. He made very good progress, but felt that he needed to go to England to practice what he had learned. So he booked a flight to London and landed on a typical June day - heavy rain was falling. As he got off the plane he said to the Stewardess "Is this what you call 'Raining Cats and Dogs'?" (Proud of his new-found knowledge of common English phrases). "No Sir", replied the Steardess, "This is what we call 'summer'!" ### Good luck on the High Seas Captain!
  15. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Good point! And isn't it sad that we had to wait for LittleWhiteMouse to explain how AA really worked, rather than Wargaming themselves, who persist in hiding VITAL INFORMATION from the players.