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  1. Admiral_H_Nelson


    +1 @YabbaCoe That is not the kind of response that is expected of a Customer Relation "professional". It kind of fits in with perceived Wargaming company standards though.
  2. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Tier X ships you own and hate?

    Delny. All of my other tier X destroyers AND Tier 9 destroyers do more damage-per-game than Delny does in my potato-level hands Heck, even some of my tier 8 & 7 destroyers do more damage! OTOH.................It DOES mean that Khabarovsk now gets me Elite XP by being used by my only 21 point Soviet Commissar commander.
  3. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Anniversary super container haul

    41 containers Rating = 7 (where 5 would be "Average") Good 60,000 Coal 100,000 Free XP 8,000 Gold Satisfactory 44 Days Premium "Meh" One Ship =T7 Gorizia + 10 pt commander to quote the ship review from Little White Mouse "Horribly inconsistent and unrewarding punctuated by the occasional, surprising burst of wonderfully big numbers" Battle bonusses to boost either Free XP OR Credits OR Ship XP OR Commander XP (I prefer the old Camo system , which mostly gave MULTIPLE bonusses) I wondered how the rework of bonusses would leave the players short-changed. Now I found out!
  4. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the little sh*ts have been in co-op for ages. And of course the sh*t-type fan boys will be lobbying WG to get them included in EVERY mode. Their attitude is "I must have what I want, even if others have to suffer!" They argue that if we don't like it then we can stop playing. I'm sure that many will do exactly that. Then they can play with themselves. I'm sure that they are people who like playing with themselves anyway.
  5. I never claimed I was any good at the game. As I said in the OP: " I'm not a gamer. WoWS is the only online game that I have ever played. I am not a good player, I freely admit that. I am overwhelmed by them now.  " I have many, many faults besides the ones that you claim. But at least I am not a cheerleader for submarines. That would make me the lowest-of-the-low.
  6. #1 Just to clarify................my point was that I had a very strong game(remarkable even) by my standards and came, third meaning that two others did even Better. It certainly felt like an above average team. Even so, we only completed the base op and a coupld of secondary missions. We failed three missions. my complaint is that the operations seem to have been made significantly harder judginf by my experiences today. They are more stressfull and hectic and I don't find that fun. #2 I think that you have been misinformed. Please check out this post from @Leo_Apollo11 He quotes the statement from Wargaming on the NA forum ""Unfortunately, the info we presented regarding the earnings in Operations appeared to be incorrect. The base income in selected Operations was reduced by 20% percent in comparison to the income there before the patch. This was done due to the introduction of Random Operations in 0.11.8. " (My emphasis)
  7. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Oldest WOWS Player

    I am 67, but people say that I don't look a day over 66. If I keep playing this game the way that it is going I won't reach 70......................
  8. Sorry for the rant but I have to let this out so that my blood pressure can then calm down. I used to like operations (except Newport of course) I have played Narai, Hermes and Neporrt this evening. Earlier today I played Cherry Blossom. I now hate the wretched things. I'm not a gamer. WoWS is the only online game that I have ever played. I am not a good player, I freely admit that. I am overwhelmed by them now. I played my heart out to get a good score(for me) in Cherbourg in Narai that I never thought possible. We won but missed several secondary objectives AND I ONLY CAME THIRD. Competitive modes (Randoms, Ranked etc) were already closed to me, and now it seems that Operations are closed now. It used to be rumoured that Wargaming didn't like operations because of the way that they were farmed. I think that they have found their solution! (By accident or design). Random selection of the operation is a cr*p idea for all the reasons mentioned in other threads, but if you choose your operation in a division, they admit to nerfing the rewards! I did not think that I could dislike Wargaming any more but they have surpassed themselves. Dear Wargaming,
  9. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Hermes is a Disaster

    Juat played Hermes in Tier 8 Harbin with DFAA instead of Hydro (for all the good that it did me) Relentlessly focussed by the bots even though I was furthest away ship away from them most of the time. Stressful, overpowering. Only suvived because I had the smokes and the *New* Heal. Played several other ops this evening. Not a fan - will create a thread.
  10. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    @Varian_Dorn be like "I don't want to hear or see anything that might contradict my opinion. Please don't confuse me with the facts!"
  11. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    Watch this example from a real game. Start at the 7 minute mark. AS the saying goes these days "Educate yourself" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-15IT3XErcY&ab_channel=Flamu How could the Des Moines have avoided being wrecked by the submarine like that? You know, it should be clear by now how strong the feeling is that submarines greatly reduce (even ruin for some) the enjoyment of the game for the majority of players. What sort of person insists on their own enjoyment even if it causes the suffering of others? I think that there is a name for them. Taken from the name of some French Marquis. ASIDE: I'm beginning to think that removing team damage was the preparation for introducing submarines!
  12. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Yo... Wedgie....WHAT ze actual fluff....

    Done that loads of times! Usually with two waitresses and a watermelon!.
  13. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Operations nerfed ????

    WG cannot help themselves. They are
  14. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Hermes is a Disaster

    I'm getting the distinct vibes here thet the Ops Rework has been another "Wargaming Rework Triumph" [/sarcasm]
  15. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Changes to reload mechanics and special commanders

    Now I haven't. You are wilfully avoiding the issue that I raised. At this point you are behaving like one of these creatures " Like I mentioned in the post above, in some cases you will lose a bit, but in most cases, you will actually gain more than you lose. " Like I said I don't care about all the other "cases" I don't care about all the other "cases" I don't care about all the other "cases" x 100 I use the skill to catch out ships when my guns are fully loaded if they are not fully loaded then I just fire what i have and set the guns to the new ammo for when itthey reload. Many people have followed this method and it seems to work well. But of course arrogant wargaming are at it again! "You do it our way b*tches!" Sorry captain, I cannot wish you "fair seas". Instead, I hope that you get tormented by those wretched submarines that you insist on ramming down our throats. That would be karma.