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  1. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    +1 The WG fondness for the loot crate intensifies. And they wonder why people such as me are increasingly turned off.
  2. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Poll: Drop chance of normal Italian cruiser container

    *UPDATE* I have now opened 14 crates obtained from directives/missions ....and still no Italian cruisers! Everything that I have seen about them from CCs, or heard from other players leads me to believe that they are very much an "acquired taste" (to use the diplomatic phrase). This may be a blessing in disguise. I don't like the idea of having to grind these things from tier 1 so I won't bother. People who know me think that they would drive me nuts anyway!
  3. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Royal Navy is being discriminated against by WG

    Very eloquent - but you can only say that because you are a neutral. You don't have a dog in this fight. There is no fleet from "God's Own County" (yet)
  4. I feel your pain. hy - Hearts and Flowers from the World's Smallest Violin
  5. Me too! (Though at this stage in my 4 year journey through WoWS I am no longer bothered)
  6. I have obtained 4 bundles so far. All have contained good stuff, such as economic flags, camo, coal & credits. I'll keep doing this until my luck holds, but as soon as they offer me that bloody ship I'll stop. I'm not wasting 70 tokens on worthless crud.
  7. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    +100 *WILD APPLAUSE* Never mind all those plays that Shakespeare wrote - this is true poetry in the English language!
  8. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    It's not the number of clicks - it's the principle of the thing. In the spirit of the current arc, my mesage to WG is: "You toucha my port - I smasha your face"
  9. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    Dear Wargaming, Please leave my settings alone. I choose a particular port because that is the port that I want to have. Please stop changing it whenever you feel like it when you create some new event/arc. (Or at least give players the option to keep the port that they want)
  10. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Italian Arc - First part

    Point of Information to you , Sir! One of the missions in the first directive DOES require you to have a "recent premium" - The one that you have to play with the Genova.
  11. Admiral_H_Nelson

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Well, i've heard of THREAD necro........ but CONTAINER necro?
  12. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Cyclone yes or no

    Nice attempt at a Straw Man, matey. I never said anything of the sort of course. I don't mind you likeing the brawling mode of battle. But it is just arrogance to take the attitdue that because YOU like it then it must be " a good thing". How about adopting a more realisting argument of recognising that we all like different things ?
  13. Admiral_H_Nelson

    Cyclone yes or no

    Opinion stated as fact. I disagree 100%. Brawling favours ships which are suited to that mode of fighting and is disadvantageous to those who are weak in that regard. I'm thinking especially of tanky BBs on the one hand and cruisers without torpedoes on the other as prime examples.