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  1. Last stand

    Because I have the flu and am feeling grumpy..... I wish that they wouldn't label an issue as "SOLVED" when what they really mean is "FIX BEING DEVELOPED" In my days in software development we only marked a Bug Report as "SOLVED/CLOSED" when it had been through internal QA, issued to customers, and found to actually fix the problem.
  2. Since Facebook (and distrust of it) is being mentioned it gives me an excuse to post this golden oldie. Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network
  3. Top 5 most popular ships of 2017

    Excellent explanation. The "Quality Poster" description is well deserved! You and @Verdius make a compelling argument IMHO
  4. German premium ships candidates

    love the list - but you forgot the legend - SMS Seydlitz
  5. Utterly pathetic and desperate. You have gone from accusing us of imagining things to saying that you, personally, have noticed no difference. And, yes, Wargaming's stats do not lie - but yours apparently lead you to - shall we say - "incorrect conclusions". I'm glad that I started this thread now. Some great observations by many posters and some light relief from certain posters.
  6. As MrConway has posted (and credit for a speedy explanation BTW ) there is an issue and people were not seeing "Ghosts". You forgot that only Wargaming have ALL the data. Now, are you man enough to apologize?
  7. German premium ships candidates

    It would be nice if Wargaming could find some way of including the Auxiliary cruiser "Kormoran" in game. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_auxiliary_cruiser_Kormoran) It would be a fitting tribute to a brave and resourceful crew. She did exactly what she was supposed to (sink Allied merchant shipping) and took on and sank an opponent which was nominally stronger (HMAS Sydney).
  8. German premium ships candidates

    YES! I'll take all of them! My credit card is waiting...
  9. AI Targeting

    Another bot targeting gem that I encountered earlier this evening When Cyclone hits and the enemy team have a carrier.... 1) The carrier knows exactly where you are (even though you head for a remote place as an experiment) 2) Bots appear on an attack run no more than 3km away giving little reaction time. 3) Bot dive bombers seem unable to miss in this situation, even if you try evasive action The other thing with the new Coop matchmaking is that carriers are so common that it's a no-brainer to fit a full AA spec to your ships.
  10. The community contributor "Notser" posted a couple of videos on YT about there being more citadel hits on Battleships since 0.7.2 went live. The first video on March 8th introduced the subject "World of Warships - Intriguing Adjustment" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97Z0ddSFTx4) The second video on March 13th "World of Warships - Follow-up Intriguing Adjustment" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY1UEgJyAfs) showed a statement from Sub_Octavian which had been received after the first one. Wargaming are saying that they had not intentionally made any changes but they had noticed changes in combat statistics including the number of citadels. Sub_Octavian's reply shown in second video:- Notser's view seems to be that this is neither a nerf nor a buff, since for every Battleship that loses another Battleship gains by this (unintentional) change. Also he feels it rewards good players more, and punishes the bad players who just sail around broadside. What do you think? Should Wargaming "fix" this or leave it as it is?
  11. With any recreational activity there has to be some sort of "payoff" in order to justify doing it. The payoff in WoWS could be that you simply enjoy the act of playing the game, or hanging out with friends, or some other reason (as in my case). To the OP: Work out what the payoff is for you. If it is not sufficient for you, or if you feel that you can get a better payoff spending your time doing something else...then just quit.
  12. Steven Seagall gone?

    I thought that you were supposed to have quit the game anyway? I don't want Seagall back. I now have a special US commander who has a standard US commanders voice (not that half-asleep-recorded-in-a-toilet sound of Seagall) This commander has a nice inoffensive name, and is not associated with Seagall in any way. Good. Seagall is unsavoury (to say the least) and it was not one of Wargamings better decisions to form an association with him.

    I don't see why we shouldn't have combat dolphins. After all, when (if) Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers are added to the game there will be Swordfish bombers! Oh the Huge manatee! (Bonus point of you get the jokey reference)
  14. Aigle Suks

    Aigle is not a bad ship (and this is from someone who has posted his extreme dislike of the ship in other threads) Aigle is a challenging ship with a high skill ceiling - and this means that it is difficult and frustrating for average players such as myself. It is depressing because when I play it it reminds me how poor I personally am at the game, not the ship. LittlewhiteMouse summary - spot on IMHO I bought the ship to do the special daily missions to get more containers. I hoped for more Battleship missions - but did not get them - which added to the frustration of course. Though it feels to me that I get more than my fair share of luck in WoWS, Aigle was not a lucky ship for me. For example, I tried using some of the very same islands as cover that I saw in Youtube videos - and always got chased away by carrier planes! (You have to laugh!) I'm keeping Aigle in reserve. When I am feeling really down then I will sell it to cheer myself up.
  15. new game mode: Allies vs. Axis

    Yes - there is no UK Aircraft Carrier line either. You know, the one whose unique feature will be that they don't actually have any aircraft, but they have special 20km Deep Water Torpedoes that hit ALL kinds of ships.