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  1. John435i

    Commander Skills Update

    Dear WarGaming/CM's, As a long time loyal client and big spender on this game, I would like to express my disappointment in WarGaming as a business, in relation to the latest game developments with the Commander rework. By writing this open letter to WG, probably the longest post on this forum, I hope my feelings will reach some people in the management. Although I doubt it will, this is bothering me so much, I have to get this off my chest. It hurts me to see the way things are going lately with WoWs, a game I like and love for over 5 years. I am what most of you would consider a whale, so an interesting client group for any games developer. At the same time most free players disrespect my kind, although we make it possible for them that these free to play games exist and remain free to play. I am not proud to admit what I am going to do here, but I feel I have to for the sake of this game. Whales are usually players that want to be competitive and/or want to reach the highest levels of the game (like getting all the ships), but are lacking the time to achieve this by normal game play. That lack of time is usually the result of hard business work, which in some cases, makes it possible for them to have enough money to "buy" back the progress they could not make in the game due to lack off game time. That way the whale can still achieve the maximum in the game without having to spend too much time. This is a generally excepted business model for many games. As long as a whale knows what to get for his money, this is a normal business transaction. "Is the progress or content I buy, worth that price for me?" If yes, buy it if you have the money. This way, I’ve spent over 11k euro's on the game since September 2015 (yes, I kept track on my spending’s). Most players would call this insane and maybe it is. For me it was a way to enjoy my beloved game to the max, which was worth it to me to spend that amount (and again, I feel fortunate to be able to do this and so should WG). I was a happy customer. That big amount of money I've spend on buying all the premium ships, but most of it I've spend on converting Ship XP into Free XP that I used to obtain special ships, tech tree ships or spec my Commanders faster. I always play premium time and my ships are always packed with economic flags. This way I managed to get all T10 Tech Tree ships and spec about 40 commanders up to 19 points. This process still took me 5 years of almost daily gameplay, despite of all the money I spend. However this was worth it to me, because I knew what I was into and what I was getting in return: to be able to play and enjoy the game as much and as competitive as I could. This gave me satisfaction and I was still a happy customer. Now I read about the new Commander rework WG is going to introduce soon. This will throw me back so much in the game, it totally horrifies me. Yes, I am worried about the negative effects some of the new perks will have on the gameplay too, but what worries me the most is the setback I get in strength. I do not like having to fight somebody with the same ship, equal skills but a better commander. That will make me lose and I do not like that. If I want to remain competitive at the same level in the game, so I need to get my 40 elite captains (one for each T10 Tech Tree ships and some extra for special ships like Smolensk, Colbert or Atlanta) back on the same strength they are now a.s.a.p.. This will require 21 points in most cases, which is 1.2 million commander XP per commander. As I am not in the fortunate position to have tons of credits, free XP or elite commander XP on my account (I am a whale), I have to grind myself back to where I came from, or like most whales do, take my credit card again and spend money. Normally that would not bother me, but this time it buggers me more than you can imagine. Now I’m not paying for something extra or new, but I have to spend a fortune, just to get back where I am now. Now I am no longer a happy customer. In order to regain my 40 elite captains I need 48 million Commander XP by using Free XP. I do not have that so if I want to buy it, it will cost me the staggering amount of € 6.220, only to keep what I have now already! Think about that for a moment.... This is probably too much money for most whales, at least for me it is. No longer being able to keep up with the game by using money, whales will likely lose interest in it. This results in no longer wanting to spend any money on it because it has reached a level they can no longer afford. Hence, you have effectively killed your whale… As an owner of a degree in Marketing I can't understand that a company is willing to (excuse my language) piss off their most loyal and best spending clients so hard, that many of them probably stop spending a dime on your products ever again. Even if you think you can squeeze more money out of the rest of the player base, than these loyal whale customers are going to spend in the future on your game, you forget something very important: The players willing to spend so much money on the game, usually do that because they like it so much. They are your loyal ambassadors, promoting the game to whomever they can and in doing so, they attract many new players. This is something you can measure in what Marketeers call “Net Promotor Score” (NPS). Will your clients positively “Promote” your product to others in their environment? Most large listed companies like the one I work for, are very keen on keeping this NPS as positive as they can, because they understand the value of it. What do you think WG, that actions like this Commander rework (and the CV rework, and the Santa Crates, and the Puerto Rico disaster, etc., etc.) would do with the satisfaction of your biggest clients and ambassadors for your product? Look what your long time best known ambassadors of your game are thinking of it now? Influencers like Flambass, Jingles, Flamu, iChase, are getting frustrated too because they see the game slowly go to ruin and your company seems not willing to listen to their expert opinions. They even quit for some time or start to focus on other games. The main reason they are still involved is that your game was so good, they still play it, but for how long? These guys and others like me, will ruin your NPS which will be disastrous for your company in the long term. Those CC’s are the people that made me and many others enthusiastic for this game. This made me and probably some others too, spend huge on your product. If people are listening to these influencers now, what do you think the effect will be on new players that are considering to spend money on your product? Please take this free advice and do something with it because I care. It is never too late to change. Yours truly, a worried and very unhappy whale.
  2. John435i

    Commander Skills Update

    Flint is not a Premium ship but what WG calls, a Special Ship. That is why they have repaired the Range nerf to Atlanta that occurred by removing the AFT perk that most owners used on it. Flint has been left as is because it is a Special Ship that was never for sale for doubloons or cash. WG stated before that they have the right to adjust these Special Ships but as far as I know, they never have done that so far. Only thing WG forget with Atlanta is that if you used BFT on it (what most owners did), it gets a reload nerf of 10% too. So WG should do what they did with the M.Kutuzov after the previous captain rework: adjust the ships basics in such a way that it stays the same without these necessary captain perks. That would mean that Atlanta should also get a 10% reload buff, besides the Range Buff, or give the people that have it an opportunity for a refund. If they do not, they might face legal issues.
  3. John435i

    Commander Skills Update

    Seems a good option until you realize this will cost you a fortune in doubloons. Say you have a 10p captain you want to "recycle". That will cost you approx. 1665 doubloons. That will gain you 183k elite captain XP. To restore an old 19p captain back to elite status (21p) you need to recycle 1.2 million Commander XP wich will cost you a little over 10,900 doubloons = approx. 36 euro...for 1 captain! In the last 5 years I have played this game almost daily, I have build up approx. 40 elite commanders with 19 points. Having to fund an upgrade of 40 elite captains Either you will need to do another 3 years of hard grinding to restore their elite status or spend a smashing 1440 euro to recycle the amount of commander XP you need, if you can recycle that much (which 99.9% of the payers can't). Other option is to have 48 million Elite Commander XP available. With that you can upgrade 40 captains from 19 to 21 points. Wonder how many players can do that. So only other option to avoid years of grinding is converting 48 million Free XP. That will cost you a staggering 6,220 euro for the necessary upgrade of your 40 elite captains! This is about the same amount that I have already spend on this game.....over 5 years. Do you really need 40 elite captains you say? 40 is actually not so much. One for each T10 tech tree ship (33) + a few specialized commanders you need for certain ships (Atlanta, Smolensk, Colbert), and the lines to come (Pan American CA, Italian DD, European BB, new German DD's) makes 40. This seems a minimum standard if you have all lines done which most veteran players have. So WG gives all these game veterans that played the game in the last 5 years, a big fat finger. Sorry guys for all the blood sweat, tears and money you have spend on the game to get this far, but we have decided you can begin all over again and we call it "progress" . WG has pulled some nasty stunts in the last 2 years but this one beats them all! Last commander upgrade was at least an improvement and you could re-spec your captains to their old level for free. This time it will cost you a small fortune or years of grinding to reach the same level of competitiveness. This is the worst example of P2W that WG has introduced since the beginning of the game. To be able to remain competitive in Ranked and Clan Battles, I need to invest big money or have a disadvantage to any player that did!
  4. Since last night (so before update 0.9.9) I had a sudden very annoying issue with the game. Till then I used to work with a 2 display monitor setup where I was running the game on my primary screen (on the left), and some windows app (e.g. match maker monitor or Spotify) on the other screen. Suddenly my mouse cursor was no longer restrained to the game window, and I was clicking things on the other screen if I moved my mouse too far to the right. So far the game had never done that. I could only switch screens with ALT+TAB which worked as intended. The mouse always stayed within the game window when playing the game. I was running the game in 2560*1440 Windowed mode on a Nvidia GTX1080 card. This worked flawless until then. It even resulted in a complete screen freeze of the game. I had to reboot the system to close the game down. Switching to FULL SCREEN or any of the other screen modes did not make any difference. Rebooted the system, but so success. Another game I have, Elite Dangerous, was having the same issue from that moment on too. It did never done this before, till that moment. The only thing I can think off that happened, is that I was running both games at the same time when the issue started (1 game minimized). I had never done this before. Since that moment, both games are affected by this "bug". In Elite there was a small workaround by switching to "Full Screen" mode which is a little less convenient when running two screens as you can't ALT-TAB between screens without losing sight on the game screen on my primary display. For World of Worships this solution did not work unfortunately. Was it a certain key combination that triggered this issue? Or running a Steam game (Elite Dangerous) and a non Steam game (WoWs) at the same time? Can anyone please help me with this issue?
  5. Also applied for the Prime Gaming subscription bonus and was expecting the bonus items (captain, premium time, doubloons and credits), but although my Prime Gaming account page says the item is claimed, nothing shows up on my WoWs account. Linked my Amazon Account to my Wargaming account, logged off, logged on again and still nothing. Eventually I did send a ticket to Support....this seems not "working as intended". UPDATE: Just received the items with about 1 hour delay. Maybe good that Wargaming and Amazon mention upfront that it can take some time to process.....saves frustration!
  6. John435i

    Dutch tech tree

    One possible T9 or T10 alternative are the post WW2 light cruisers "De Ruyter" and "Zeven Provinciën". These would be very similar to the French "Colbert" but with 8x 152mm guns instead of 16x 127mm. Both "Colbert and "Zeven Provinciën" were commissioned in 1953 and are examples of the latest modern light gun cruisers ever built. Ships have excellent AA and ASW characteristics. From Wikipedia: Type: Cruiser Displacement: 12,040 tonnes Length: 187.32 m (614.6 ft) Beam: 17.25 m (56.6 ft) Draught: 6.72 m (22.0 ft) Propulsion: 4 Werkspoor-Yarrow three-drum boilers 2 De Schelde Parsons geared steam turbines 2 shafts 85,000 shp Speed: 32 kn (59 km/h; 37 mph) Complement: 973 Armament: 8 × 152 mm main guns 8 × 57 mm AA guns 8 × 40 mm AA guns Armour: 50–76 mm (2.0–3.0 in) belt 50–125 mm (2.0–4.9 in) turrets 50–125 mm (2.0–4.9 in) conning tower Ship armor and hitpoints should be similar to Colbert, maybe a little more as it is slightly bigger and better armored. The gun characteristics however should similar to Minotaur, which has also dual purpose 152mm, but with addition of HE. It has to be balanced with consumables (smoke, heal, hydro, radar) and more range than Colbert and Minotaur, as the ship has less DPM (only 6 sec. reload and 8 guns). Gun arcs, range and shell velocity should be like the new Alexander Nevsky (also 8 guns, 6 sec. reload, but much better armor and bigger shells, but no smoke). The Dutch light cruisers can be characterized by excellent gun accuracy, range, AA and ASW, compared to other cruisers of equal tier as they are lacking behind in armor and firepower. Excelling in AA and ASW is also the gimmick of the European DD line, so that would be in line. The Scharnhorst like Battlecruisers now at T9 and T10 in this tech tree, could be made premium or special ships, just like the other Battlecruisers in the game.
  7. New Members are still welcome!!!!
  8. Hi Dutch Captains! Wanna have more fun in your game playing together with other Dutch WoWs players or just make use of the benefits of a strong naval base? Looking for a Dutch clan that honors the legacy of our most famous Admiral, Michiel Adriaansz. De Ruyter? Than join Sons Of De Ruyter [SODR]! Help us to make this clan strong so that others will learn who used to rule the seven seas! We are looking for active players, preferably with average stats but beginners are welcome too, as long as you are an active player. Purpose of this clan is to offer more opportunities to play in Divisions instead of solo, and together build a strong naval base so we can all benefit from that. If we have enough decent players, we can also participate in Clan Battles. Please send your applications to [SODR]. I am looking forward to it! Hoezee! PS: non Dutch players can apply too, but chatting in clan battles may become an issue...
  9. John435i

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    Accidentally hit an enemy bot in PvE with torps launched almost 30 seconds earlier (he sailed in from very far). Got pink for next 7 games. 6 PvE games later and not doing any damage to friendlies whatsoever, I am still pink for next 7 matches. Seems like a bug to me... Next I played 1 Random game and teamkiller status was removed.....
  10. John435i

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I always participate in the tests but seldomly post a comment. This time however I fear that great damage will be done to the game I like so much. Therefore WG please note my statement although most here already mentioned these things before: FIrst the positive things: I like the idea of flattening the tree from 5 to 4 point skills and give some more options. Concealment Expert is vital for DD's and CA's so going into higher tiers without it gives you a great disadvantage and makes you a liability for your team. Having to grind a captain almost 100 games to get it is no fun. Making it a 4 point skill is a good thing. I like the option of buying extra skill points with Free XP. If you want to grind you captain a little faster, it is ok. It is so expensive for the higher point captains that almost nobody will use it, but ok, it is your choice if you want to spend more doubloons to help WG make more profit. I like the reduction of skill points required for the higher point levels. THis way you can grind a little faster which is nice. What I do not like: RDF is an absolute game killer. Please remove this skill! I am quite an experienced BB player and I only get stopped by DD's that once in a while take me out with torps from ambush. BB's are already much better performing than DD's and CA's. These classes should not be nerfed. If you want to get rid of too much ninja gameplay for DD's, think of something else. I can no longer get my same setup for the same (or about the same) amount of points. As most players do, my regular 15/16 point BB or CA captain spec's are: Basics of Survivability (1), Expert Marksman (2), Superintendent (3), AFT (for BB) or Demolition Expert (for CL/CA) (4), Concealment Expert (5). Than add Basic Firing Training (1) for a 16 point captain. In the new set-up, this would require a 19 point captain to keep! That means I have to pay big money to upgrade my captains to the level they were or to grind for many months to get back to the old level. This I really don't like and feels like a big punishment for all the effort it took me to get were I am now in the game. Conclusions: WG please remove RFT and get Basics of Survivability Back to level 1 (all other new level 1 skills are rubbish) so inexperienced players can get at least some more survivability. Basic Firing Training should be made a 2 point skill and that way it is possible again to maintain the most common 15/16 captain spec that the older players like most without spending more points. If you do not want to promote more HE spamming: make Demolition Expert a 4 point skill again. It is very powerful for the high tier Russian cruisers and combined with AFT and Concealment, it might be a bit too much. Advice: do not try to fix something that is not broken! Every change does not automatically mean improvement. Be careful with that....
  11. John435i

    Co-op Battle Missions

    I have played Assault now several times on Co-op but did not manage to win one single time. This match is absolutely brutal. I have killed 3 to 4 ships each time, and some of my team mates killed 4 or so too, but each time we end up with 2 or 3 heavely damaged ships fighting against 3 enemy full health BB's and that is no match. There should be less BB's on the enemy side, otherwise I think the chance of winning Assault would be <10%. On the other side: it is much fun. Did 60-80k damage in a Kiev each time but if you and your team play very well, you want to win too....
  12. John435i

    New Commander Perks Feedback

    Despite of the many negative elements the new version brings, there are things I do like in this version. Team battles is a nice feature. Buffing the secondary guns is also interesting but should not need a captain perk. Personally I always found secondaries way too weak compared to reality. If a DD could get close to a BB, that big boy was in serious trouble. Now getting into secondary gun range makes you think twice.....Just like in reality. Just for the Russian DD's: just give them a little bit more torp range to compensate. I think the manual AA and secondaries captain perk is a good thing for most ships but specialized AA ships like American cruisers are getting too much of an AA buff. This will kill CV playing fun completely. If we think CV's are too OP in current game version, why not increasing the minimum distance to arm aerial torps? In reality these were never dropped so close to a ship because the planes would be devastated by the ships AA and torps need some time to arm. I now find manual torp drops too devastating for BB or CV targets. Maybe WG could play with this aspect: increase effectiveness of close range AA (if you still insists in dropping close, pay a higher price in losses) or increasing the minimum firing distance for aerial torps? Increasing the damage from dive bombers (use AP bombs!) is also an option to compensate for less torpedo hits. I find these now very unrealistic. A few bomb hits usually sealed the faith of most ships. Now you get set on fire and the damage is less than a few hits from a BB. Till now a good Midway captain can kill almost any ship in the game in 1 strike from 1 or 2 squadrons torpedo bombers. That is so frustrating if you are the unlucky target. Stopped playing my Zao for that reason. However solving this by buffing the AA on the ships will kill the fun for lower tier carrier players. Advice for WG: back to the drawing board!
  13. John435i

    New Commander Perks Feedback

    Completely agree with these comments. I noticed first hand that DD's pretty much dominate each game on the PT server. Light Cruisers are getting pretty useless from tier 6 and above. Now you need to get a Furutaka or Aoba for tier 5 or 6. The DD's are getting more difficult to kill (also because of the slower turret traverse on the CL), and you can not keep a BB at distance due to the nerf in range form your captain skills. Faster torps make them even more deadly. A Cleveland is now only good for AA support. The moment you come close to a BB you get shot to pieces without doing much damage in return. I bought a M.Kutusov because I had a Russian captain with the Advanced Firing Training skill (19km range). Overall it was still not a strong ship on tier 8. Now it has become an expensive peace of junk. Completely worthless and only good to be an AA support for the big ships. However only shooting down many aircraft does not give you much cash or XP but these are the main reasons you buy a premium ship. Thanks WG! You get many unhappy Kutusov captains this way