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  1. Okay, so I'm not opposed to detonations in general, but the current implementation is utterly terrible. The big problems are full health detonations and detonations caused by HE misses. The former should not happen at all, because all it does is create frustration. Instead detonation chance shoud either scale with % damage taken, starting at 0%, or only apply after a certain health threshold is reached. The latter simply invalidates all arguments citing detonations as some sort of "realism flavoring". Currently, HE ist the most effective ammo for causing detonations. All that is needed for a detonation roll to happen, is for a HE splash to intersect the magazine area, which makes no sense whatsoever for ships that have actual armour around their magazines (remember that clip of a destroyer blowing up Yamato?). If a ship has a citadel, it should only be possible to cause a detonation by an AP shell penetrating the magazine (and, of course, by torpedo hits in the turret area, as is now). The current "nearby HE explosion tipping over scented candles in the magazine" mechanism just feels wrong.
  2. There is however a 50% commander-xp bonus for every battle played, no matter if won or lost, so it's fine I guess?
  3. You need to have a battle played at T8 in order to get those rent ships, so it's not that bad.
  4. Really, this complaining about the matchmaking (and in a similar vein "low skill playerbase") hast to stop. It is apparently just random, as one can expect from a battle mode called "random battle". The only problem is the fallibillity of the human cognition: Postive outcomes are attributed to oneself (skill, etc.), while negative outcomes are attributed to external factors (stupid team, imbalanced MM, OP ships, etc.). So keep that in mind next time you get that High Caliber: Maybe it was not only your superior gunnery and excellent positioning, maybe you got a little help from the MM in the form of a few broadsiding, oblivious potatos on the enemy team.
  5. If I remember correctly, this is already the third time RU has missions to unlock a tier 5 premium. I think they had missions for Marblehead and Krasny Krym before. I doubt EU would have lost many sales giving those two out for free, especially the latter.
  6. So, about the "deal 100k damage to russian ships" mission: Could it be easier and faster to do this mission in Coop? If you queue for coop in a russian ship you're guaranteed a russian ship on the opposing team. And the more people are doing it, the more efficient it would get. Additionally, it would spare the people playing russians in random a lot of grief.
  7. Eh, I thought this thread was about matchmaking? ​So, on topic: It is certainly a good idea to do something about the possible overabundance of T10s, but why stop there? Currently, the most frustrating thing that can happen is when you're one of very few bottom tiers in a mostly top tier battle. I'd really like to see something similar to the new WoT matchmaking, as it solves both problems. It creates two-tier and single-tier battles, when there's too much of a certain tier in queue, and in 3-tier battles the lower tiers will be in the majority. Plus it males sure you are not bottom tier more than three times in a row. ​All in all, it sounds pretty great to me, and it allows keeping the three-tier spread in general. ​Sure, it will likely increase queue times, but corrently those are very short to nonexistent during the usual hours.
  8. BBs are already close to useless at long range and deadly for cruisers at close range. Making this more pronounced would be a terrible idea, every BB would be surrounded by a 10km "no sail"-zone for cruisers. Combine that with the usual '5 BB per team' battles and cruisers would have a really hard time surviving if they do anything else than stay the hell back and spam HE from max range. The BBs in turn would be utterly helpless against this, since their long range accuracy has been reduced. So in conclusion, be careful what you whish for.
  9. I'd favor a stepwise reduction of visibility after firing. Basically the closer the enemy, the longer you'd be spotted. Sure its one of the most complicated solutions, but it would allow for lots of tweaking between ships (different slopes, number of steps, linear/nonlinear/exponential reduction, etc.). Also visibility should be allowed to extend beyond gunrange after firing, at least for BBs.
  10. ​Oh, don't get me wrong I'm certainly not one of those "this should be a simulation"-guys. Its just nice to have a bit of historical context in some aspects, when the gameplay allows it.
  11. There are two things I'd like to mention concerning the french cruisers and other new/upcoming lines in general: First, why is it that every new line has to be at least decent (meaning above average) to be considered wothwhile? Do you want powercreep? Because that's how you get powercreep! Don't get me wrong, noone's hoping for a line of turds, but as long as they end up somewhere between "best" and "worst" and​ as long as the difference between "best" and "worst" is not too big (*cough* Kutuzov *cough*) a new line should be fine Second, there are those people who say ships should be faster and/or better armoured to make them more competitive (see also: British cruisers, Akizuki). They are sad that WG at least tries​ to keep some aspects according to historical specifications. They should be mad at early 20th century naval engineers, for not having anticipated this game. I imagine the following conversation back in the day: Engineer 1: "This design finally fulfills most of the requirements, while beeing within treaty limitations, and at a reasonable cost too!" ​Engineer 2: "Yeah, but... what if in 80 years someone makes a kind of.. electronic game based around warships? But with mechanics based on tank combat? Then this design is woefully inadequate! Also it is for some reason very similar to other nations proven designs, we should include some kind of gimmick or other unique characteristic for the sake of differentiation. Engineer 1: "..." Engineer 2:"Finally, if the ships are ever odered roughly chronological in some kind of tiered "line", it will feel very inconsistent if we deviate too far from previous designs..." ​Engineer 1:"You're fired!"
  12. The skillpoints are displayed as "undistributed points"/"total points", not "undsitributed points"/"distributed points", so you never had a 17-pointer to begin with. I must admit that the way it is displayed can be quite misleading and I get it mixed up once in a while as well.
  13. In my opinion, the best solution would be a sort of compromise between applying the firing penalty for the full 20s and only applying it for an extremely short time: Have the firing penalty gradually reduced over time. So right after firing everyone within your gunrange ( or even beyond) can see you, but after a few sec the penalty is reduced and only closer enemies can spot you. This repeats until your detection is back to normal. Different guns/calibers could be differentiated not only by their initial penalty, but also by the characteristics of the reduction function. I could even imagine new upgrades which modify these characteristics, e.g. an upgrade that decreases the initial firing penalty for an increase in penalty decay time.
  14. You may have to remount the camo, but it should definitely be available on both ships, as stated in the patch notes.
  15. ​Yeah, that one baffles me as well. It is the same for the Hatsuharu (who at least has slightly better guns, concealment and speed), and ist was like that for the old tier VI Mutsuki. I guess it is supposed to be a free xp sink for all but the most masocistic players? I mean, what are you supposed to do in a Fubuki, when you can't launch torps without being spotted? Use your guns? Well you can take on tier V japanese DDs with some confidence, everything else is risky to hopeless. You could sit in smoke, but you need someone to do the spotting and it won't do that much damage, since the smoke duration is relatively short and ROF is low. Generally, there is not that much you can do to help your team in a Fubuki with stock torps. If you could at least upgrade them directly, it would not be as bad, but first requiring a 10k xp hull upgrade ist just cruel.