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  1. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    I witnessed the same thing on friday. A Chung Mu went into a cap and smoked up because he got spottet by an incoming air strike. Well the Lexington torped the smoke and he died. Poor guy went home with zero rewards, despite obviously not being AFK. Sadly any form of automated AFK detection, that is not super easy to fool with rudimentary bot programs, is bound to produce false positives once in a while...
  2. Hey, where's my Dreadnought?!

    I suspect the " 4 or more"-clause is there to prevent achievement rigging via sync drops.
  3. Yeah, but that is not caused by players being bad in general, but by the matchmaker being random.
  4. Strange how, to some people, it seems that low skill levels only ever affect one's own team and never the enemy...
  5. This really has to be made a lot clearer inside the game. I guess they mention it in passing in the campaign announcements? But those are probably read by even fewer people than the patch notes...
  6. The problem with this campaign is that they tried to make the missions flavorful (mission 4: BB gunfight, Scharnhorst loses turrets; mission 5: Scharnhorst sunk by torpedoes; etc) and thereby ended up with an unbalanced mess of tasks, especially for the last two missions.
  7. I really don't see the problem with these torps. The old 20km torpedos were bad against everything. You could get a few hits against BBs, maybe get a lucky hit on a cruiser once in a while, but you practically couldn't hit a DD, unless he has a major brain fart. With them beeing DW the chance to hit BBs is massively increased, while the chance to hit cruisers and destroyers is only slightly reduced (from slim to none). This would give those torps a niche as anti-BB weapon, while their previous niche was freeXP-sink. Also it seems they are now top mod instead of stock mod, and that alone would really be a great change. The TRB option however would be quite stupid, if it is available for all torps. I suspect however, that it is tied to the DW torps, similar to some cruisers, which have the radar option only on their B-hulls. Shima would become the ultimate battleship killer, but be really bad at "normal DD stuff". I don't think it would be a great option outside of division play, similar to pan-asian radar.
  8. With "old" I do of course mean the pre-module rework slot 1 modules. Afaik they were not removed from the code, indicated by the fact that some mission a while ago accidentally had "main battery mod 1" as reward instead of "main armaments mod 1". The module could not be mounted in any ship and was replaced with the correct one via patch.
  9. It still looks very much like a bug, as all the slot 1 modules are the "old" slot 1 modules.
  10. Are you sad to see USN CV AS Decks go?

    Just a heads up, the question in the poll is kinda the opposite of the question in the thread title, and since reading is hard I chose the wrong answer (I'm not sad, not 'not happy'). I might not be the only one undercaffeinated enough for that to happen, so the actual number auf AS fans might actually be lower than te poll currently shows?
  11. The fun and engaging game mechanic

    Okay, so I'm not opposed to detonations in general, but the current implementation is utterly terrible. The big problems are full health detonations and detonations caused by HE misses. The former should not happen at all, because all it does is create frustration. Instead detonation chance shoud either scale with % damage taken, starting at 0%, or only apply after a certain health threshold is reached. The latter simply invalidates all arguments citing detonations as some sort of "realism flavoring". Currently, HE ist the most effective ammo for causing detonations. All that is needed for a detonation roll to happen, is for a HE splash to intersect the magazine area, which makes no sense whatsoever for ships that have actual armour around their magazines (remember that clip of a destroyer blowing up Yamato?). If a ship has a citadel, it should only be possible to cause a detonation by an AP shell penetrating the magazine (and, of course, by torpedo hits in the turret area, as is now). The current "nearby HE explosion tipping over scented candles in the magazine" mechanism just feels wrong.
  12. Weekend bonus

    There is however a 50% commander-xp bonus for every battle played, no matter if won or lost, so it's fine I guess?
  13. Solution for CVS clan battle's.

    You need to have a battle played at T8 in order to get those rent ships, so it's not that bad.
  14. Does WG change MM system?

    Really, this complaining about the matchmaking (and in a similar vein "low skill playerbase") hast to stop. It is apparently just random, as one can expect from a battle mode called "random battle". The only problem is the fallibillity of the human cognition: Postive outcomes are attributed to oneself (skill, etc.), while negative outcomes are attributed to external factors (stupid team, imbalanced MM, OP ships, etc.). So keep that in mind next time you get that High Caliber: Maybe it was not only your superior gunnery and excellent positioning, maybe you got a little help from the MM in the form of a few broadsiding, oblivious potatos on the enemy team.
  15. EU not gettinjg Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya campaign?

    If I remember correctly, this is already the third time RU has missions to unlock a tier 5 premium. I think they had missions for Marblehead and Krasny Krym before. I doubt EU would have lost many sales giving those two out for free, especially the latter.