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  1. Thank you for the good wishes Minty. I was there too short so I haven't really connected with anyone hence no goodbye. Anyhow I managed to join the same clan my warship buddy is in, so I guess I am finally done searching around. Hope you guys make it to the top ;)
  2. Looking again. For a ACTIVE Clan Battles clan, that is Storm level and has nice potential to go higher. I do not care much for grouping in Randoms. English speaking or/and Deutsche Sprache
  3. TY all for your interest, I have been playing with and decided to join OCTO
  4. Hi Looking for a clan that regularly plays or will play CW, especially Saturday and Sunday. Preferably Gold league with good potential to go higher, important is that the team takes CW at least semi-seriously. Nice, mature, friendly atmosphere with a twisted sense of humour is a plus. In CW I do what I am told and I shoot pretty well. I rage only when playing randoms :D I offer services of my Moskva, Hindy, Zao and soonTM Des Moines as well as my Montana and Yamato. All in all I seek a place with players better than me from whom I can learn something new and whose company will make me play better. Sincerely, Ex
  5. Exarsus

    The Dreadnought Challenges Thread

    doubleollie147 has the same number on website stats as in winners table. so that XP is base XP. I feel somewhat hard done
  6. Exarsus

    The Dreadnought Challenges Thread

    One question. I have bought Arizona on 22.07.2016 and have played my first game on it and had 3369 XP. How come I get nothing?
  7. Any chance I fit the description?
  8. Exarsus

    Gameplay down the drain in 0.5.7

    Then stop camping and scratch the paint off that shiny new ship
  9. Exarsus

    Ranked BB queue a joke

    I tried playing cruisers but the BB players in Q are so awful I had to switch to my New Mexico. Also I thought climbing up the ranks should give you better players, not worse
  10. Well the OP isn't far off, Tirpitz is the most inaccurate ship in game. So much so that RNG sometimes really eats on my nerves. Last week had a close encounter with Monty, aiming waterline from 6km, all shells went over Monty, I wanted to smash my screen literally, the game was over before my torps reached him sadly. Then again yesterday, couldn't pen Nagato from 10km for the love of Jesus, unbelievable misses, ended up torping him from 2km cos the guns just refused to obey. This game can sometimes really bring me on the verge of madness. And pls add special MM as a negative point for this ship cos I mostly end up in games against T9-TX with her.
  11. Exarsus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The power of Stalinium 144k dmg
  12. Exarsus

    Molotov available in the premium shop

    Take a look at the price of Atlanta and tell me what do you think Indianapolis will cost
  13. Exarsus


    So I bought the little boat that could and voila, my first match in it with Cleveland captain