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  1. MariHasekura

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to join. :3 Prize #1: Kii or (if Kii isn't availabe) Ashitaka Prize #2: Mutsu Prize #3-5: i would love to get dubloones :) Prize #6: Mutsu Prize 16: dubloones please :3 Thank you very much for all the players donating to this <3 Happy Christmadness x3
  2. MariHasekura

    PRAVDA Kai - Open Now! [KancollexGuP Community]

    Okay.. Then... I hope i can join. - Understand English (really?) => understand, yes. But my english isn't the best and i don't know some vocabulary. - Other language is fine too, bruu~~~ => is german okay? - love your ship => i love all my ships! - ship as your waifu => i have many waifu =D - active and open minded => i guess - not rage too much or troll hard => i rage sometimes but never troll - respect other's opinion, and waifu => always! - Mature and can handle rubrub => what's rubrub °^° But... I do not play very well yet. I hope that's not a problem. °^°
  3. MariHasekura

    PRAVDA Kai - Open Now! [KancollexGuP Community]

    I love your skins... especially the tirpiz one <3 maybe... i join you... if I dare myself >////<
  4. I would like to register. ö-ö/)