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  1. Harriberru

    Credit Grinding Monster - Atago or Tirpitz?

    Atlanta get's oneshot by BB's within 10km so i would not recommend it.
  2. Harriberru

    Credit Grinding Monster - Atago or Tirpitz?

    Murmansk confirmed.
  3. Harriberru

    Montana Ninja Nerf?

    Ahh ok, since it says my iowa has 98 in AA. So yeah that explains a fair bit.
  4. Harriberru

    Montana Ninja Nerf?

    From what i can see Montana had almost 100 in AA defense. Now the Montana only has 74.. Is this some sort of ninja nerf? WG doing a hell of a lot of ninja nerfs they leave out of the patchnotes!
  5. Harriberru

    Replay's stopped working?

    You are very welcome sir.
  6. Harriberru

    Iowa at 0.4.1

    Could you look into the reduction of the penetration on the Yamato's AP shells? Had a game earlier with 75 hits and 113k damage, never had that many hits in a game before yet 1503 dmg on avrage, quite frustrating.
  7. Harriberru

    Replay's stopped working?

    OK thx.
  8. Harriberru

    Replay's stopped working?

    I am trying to go back and record some footage from the replay's, but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone know if it's because of the patch or whats going on?
  9. Harriberru

    Team oriented game, split up teams.

    So i heard they were fixing Hot Spots map? Teams are still split up. And know what? The new map also splits up the team. I mean can somone please tell me the purpose of splitting up the team? or is this just developers drunk on vodka?
  10. Harriberru

    Point of going JPN cv line?

    And less planes, now that AA has been increased over the line IJN CV's will lose more planes, Midway got 36 more planes then the Hakuryu CV's in general is hit hard this patch, beeing the most expensive ship to repair credit wise, it will serve no purpose to grind credits on premium ships in order to play Tier 10 CV
  11. Harriberru

    Ranked Battles - Ship choice

    Fuso Hiryu Hatsuharu Cleveland Imo the best ships of each respectable class.
  12. Harriberru

    Where is the German accuracy?

    See people here write that the ships have less accuracy then in real life, boy are they ignorant. Sometimes i get 8 of 9 hits at 10-15km, that would simply not happen irl.
  13. Harriberru

    Thank you for 0.4.1

    Thank you Wargaming for an excellent patch, let's hope the new maps are as fun as they look. Admits all the hate in other threads i think it's important that we thank Wargaming for listening to the community and impliment some great changes. This thread will only be positive, haters have the other threads.
  14. Harriberru

    So, new Carrier MM failed already?

    Besides, i have the Hakuryu and the Shokaku can quite easly sink Essex, unless ofcourse has fighter deck, which makes the Essex more or less useless. Atleast both teams got 2 CV's
  15. Harriberru

    Nerfing chance to cause fire?

    So they are reducing the fire chance for the IJN, so the firestarters called Cleveland and Des Moins get to continue, but the slow firing IJN ships will get nerf? Seems very unfair.