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  1. This special soviet treatment all russian ships receive is the reason I unistalled and the silencing of CCs just showed me WG rather wants to hide behind NDA than deal with critics. All those overpowered russian cruisers are nothing but a desperate attempt to get more money out of the RU server. Dont get me wrong, I would like to enjoy the game and the new soviet ships but the blatant unbalance is killing the game for me. Just take a look at how they treated Odin and Pyotr, -10k hp for the Odin while Pyotr receives buffs across all boards.
  2. Huzagackl

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I am basically done with WG. Its no coincidence the ship that can actually harm Stalin and Kremlin got nerfed to point of being a joke. Why should I ever purchase a perma tier X camo again when WG just says lets completely destroy this ship because we can. Why should I ever spend a single cent to speed up the grind when all the sudden the target of your grind becomes obsolete?
  3. Huzagackl

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    My trust, and the trust of many more players. I consider Wows a dead game now, reaching its last phase, the phase of squeezing out what is left.
  4. Huzagackl

    Poll, Black Friday 2019 in Asia/EU shops

    Either they removed the black friday containers or I am blind.
  5. Huzagackl

    Changes to test ships

    I was excited about the Siegfried, but after watching a couple of streamers playing it and listening to their opinions this ship already looks like a nogo, not worth the money or time required. So how does it come it received a nerf already and what is the strength or selling point of this ship? Overpeformance on spreadsheets might be the reason but I have never seen a Siegfried overperforming, even in the hand of very good players.
  6. MM fix: Great! Premium Consumables: I dont care. NTC: This will break the game if you choose to reward with boosts to combat ability. Make the rewards economical or visual, like turn the ship into a "premium" ship or get access to unlimited free camos for the ship you upgrade. If you reward with combat boosts you will destroy the game for new and old players at the same time. New players will get clubbed and old players will feel forced to regrind again in order to min max for optimal clubbing. This is terrible design and needs to change! Rewards for regrinds is a nice idea, rewarding with (insane) combat boosts might kill the game for many people.
  7. Huzagackl

    Cannot start a battle

    CVs made the game too popular and the server cant handle it.
  8. Huzagackl

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    Funny how the guy with hidden stats is trying to stat shame with imaginary numbers.
  9. Huzagackl

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    Removing CVs is the only fix at this point. CVs games will always be boring clumped up campfests in which you die an annoying death of thousand needles. Either lose almost all CV players or x% amount of non CV players, this is what it boils down to. Why should I bother investing time and money into a game which no longer entertains me or even annoys me? Why destroy the game for 22 out of 24 players? No tweaks will ever fix this. Create a new mode for CVs only or remove them completely.
  10. Huzagackl

    CV Rework Discussion

    CV rework made me play less wows since it was introduced and I also stopped investing that much money. Was considering buying a Lenin but then I saw how it gets slapped by AP Bombers. My biggest gripe with the rework is the fact that CVs no longer risk anything, they are just an annoyance to the game you cant really fight against. Before the rework you felt like you did something when you shot down planes and the CV and to made important decisions like do I want to risk my planes in order to attack this AA specced ship? Right now they just spam fighters and no longer need to care about plane losses which renders all AA specs pretty much useless. When you face a CV there is nothing you can do, they will sit in the back farm damage without any risk and destroy the actual gameplay and experience for all the other players. Just look at the stats, Top 5% T10 CV players have like a 30/1 K/D and 80% WR with 170k damage. This is absurd. My solution: Remove CVs as a class you can play regularly. Make CV gameplay an optional reward for your team when you accomplish certain tasks. Spotting damage and spotted ships provide a Torpedo Squad to call in and optionally control yourself or you could even can give the command to one of your teammates. Taking damage rewards a fighter squad and capping objectives gives some sort of dive bombers. Right now CV games turn into a passive campfest and every attempt to flank, get into position or play aggressively gets punished by any halfway competent CV. This game is not meant to played with CVs, 3 types of ships are enough and can be perfectly balanced ala rock paper scissor. Adding CVs destroys every balance this game could ever achieve in the first place. Adding CVs destroys the game for 22 out of 24 players in each game with a carrier. Games without CVs are the only enjoyable games, no matter the tier. I am afriad WG is too proud and afraid to remove CVs from the game, while being unable to balance them in the first place. Eventually this will destroy the game for more and more players until its too late.
  11. Huzagackl


    Ich befürchte du bist zu schlecht für T8. Ne nur Spaß, wenn du erstmal raus hast wie weit man vorzuhalten hat und aufhört in geraden Linien zu fahren ist die Atago ein feiner Pott.