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  1. PSlack83

    Midshipman Slack Youtube

    Well it is out there, the Savage Battle Game Mode. This time it is to Music, thank you MingSing for sending the replay through.
  2. PSlack83

    Midshipman Slack Youtube

    Its the Return of the RING! This time its ranked and its more about the teams rather than the players, Enjoy. RANKED RING
  3. PSlack83

    Midshipman Slack Youtube

    Sometimes there are games, which you really shouldn't win. Hollow Victory
  4. PSlack83

    Midshipman Slack Youtube

    this time we have the pleasure of watching Liuthu that is having a bit of pest issue A Swarm of Bees
  5. PSlack83

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    Overall I have enjoyed this ranked season. The spilt has been good in some aspect. 1.People who have gone past ranked 10 can't then fight it out with the likes of me. Meaning I have fought in battles with less unicorn players. Making the fights less punishing if mistakes are made. 2. Most of the games I've taken part in have been good natured and competitive. With teams wanting to work together. Okay, I can't get to ranked 1 as I don't have a tier 10 ship. But overall I agree with it as what's the point grinding out tier 10. Pete