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    Atlantic Wolves Fleet

    Atlantic Wolves Fleet -AWF- Once a division within the BCU a clan based around modern warfare games, WW2 FPS & MMORPG games, but because that clan disbanded this month, we have decided to become an independant clan away from any connections to do with land warfare. The AWF are recruiting members, we are looking for those with a certain degree of speaking or understanding written English, this is so we can communicate together between the clan. We are a family of friends, that's what a clan is, a group of followers all joining together for fun times but fun gaming together. We have been a pro gaming group for many years under the old BCU and people do not react the same when your pushing them all the time, we are a relaxed group of friends who love to come together for the fun games, we can be a little bit competitive for clan wars. If you can't have fun and enjoy the games you play then its not a good enviroment. So if you want to join us, we offer all clan members the right to choose to come on Discord and chat to us if you have comms, but if you don't have comms and a mic, then we can connect one of the other following options: on Facebook the AWF have a facebook group open to the general public. See below. Atlantic Wolves Fleet - WoWs EU/ US Or if you are not a fan of Facebook then we have a WhatApp group where everyone from our clan comes together for chit-chat and to get to know one another and a place to learn about news and offers from Wargaming. Plus as Commander of the AWF i take it upon myself to run competitions within the clan to seek out good players, to reward them with Dpty Commander positions within the clan, i sometimes run competitions in the training rooms where members can win Doubloons, flags, premium days, and ships. I do this to bring the element of fun to our team and my clan. It keeps us on our toes and competitive against other clans. Finally we have Discord where you can download the App to your Smartphone and connect with us using your phones mic and speakers, there are many ways to connect with us, and the reason why we ask our members to get to know us is so we can chat, have fun, and for me to tell you all about our offers in the clan from collecting oil, and in house competitions plus news from World of Warships. If your looking for a clan to join then come and find us on : Facebook at the above link underlined. Or contact HC Si on Facebook aka (Madcatz) or apply on World of Warships, remember we don't just offer you clan benefits we have competitions running all the time for in clan members. If you want to join us the apply soon as our spaces are going fast, and we don't need for you to have TS or Ventrillo, as long as you can join us on one of the other ways to communicate then we are looking for YOU to join the Atalantic Wolves Fleet. - AWF -Atlantic Wolves Fleet. We are now RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS.

    British Commando Unit / By Land By Sea. =BCU=

    BCU was disbanded and the AWF atlantic Wolves Fleet is now taken over, headsets are not needed if you cannot afford one. If you still want to join a clan and reap the rewards of being in a clan, and as long as you can understand English to a certain degree then we shall take players on. If you have Facebook you can join our group (below), or a mobile number to join our Whatapp group (can send you number private to me on FB). just so we can stay in contact with you for team meetings. Commander Hellcat of the AWF Atlantic Wolves Fleet - WoWs EU/ US

    Is server down again

    got same and been told there is a server downtime delay
  4. you posted after i did in the post last December about Big World game grash critical Error, did you finally get your game sorted or you still having issues, as i found a page on it and tried many ways of rectifying it, and 2 months on found something else on forums that i have tried and its worked. If you still have issues with big world message me back, and will send you info.



    Big world client error

    If "Blue_Fist" option works, then i am going to be very grateful, as ive been told by Wargaming first it was to do with Direct X 11, then customer services looked into my case again and said it was a windows fault after last update, and to remove preference.xml, but when you don't have that file to start with its a problem. Ive tried lots of different ways to sort it out, even contacted Big World, but they were unable to offer any help. So i will try the ways you guys above have tried it and then will see if i can get back to a working game version on my PC, as it really sucks playing on a laptop.

    Missing ships

    i never was given any options, as i reached out to customer services over issue, but i'd rather keep atlanta, as its a very good ship.

    Critical Error Problem

    I had exactly same problem with technical service and customer service rep, saying they don't have a fix and they hope you understand and then to roll back to 8.1 Win. This is terrible manners from a company who rely on our monies to supply there income. To tell gamers to go away and close there tickets without fully investigating the problem, they caused. It's definitely changed my outcome on them also and from now on they can find there source of income from others. to offer no help and no refund is disgraceful. I sometimes think none of the Customer Service reps have any real training in game based technical help.

    Future British battleships and their Tiers

    Tier 1: HMS London Tier 2: HMS Agamemnon Tier 3: HMS Tiger Tier 4: HMS Tier 5: HMS King George V (no sea plane) Tier 6: HMS Prince of Wales (Walrus Sea Plane) Tier 7: HMS Hood PREMIUM SHIP HMS Furious (was designed with a pair of 18-inch (457 mm) guns, the largest guns ever fitted on a ship of the Royal Navy) Tier 8: HMS Rodney (1942) Tier 9: N3 Battlecruiser Tier 10: G3 Battlecruiser

    Balance changes

    WG, what are you doing, you are losing players who once enjoyed the game, 26k was the weekends where I could remember a host of players in the game, now EU server struggles to get 18k in at weekends, and this in my eyes because your down grading several ships, you listen to the likes of Jingles and other beta testers who clearly have strong opinions but that's their opinion but its not the opinion of everyone, I have written reviews for several website over 5 years for games and there in game weapons, ships etc and you have to be fair, straight down the middle and be on no one side, yet lately ships that players have bought, have no torpedoes because you Say its been brought in when it never was equipped with torpedoes, so what really is the point of the Belfast if it never had torps, its a very good ship don't get me wrong but it was great in WW2 and yet you fail to see why players wanted that bit of history, that ship with its full armament, and then you have the beta testers, then saying its overpowered, you what? are you serious, its not overpowered at all, its my theory that so called beta testers are trying to put certain ships down because they do not want their own favour ships to become useless against these newer ships and so what better way to help their own cause, than but slating other ships. The other problem I have and many others in the game, you bring in the tech tree, now I have studied the tech tree so much because my own squaddies who play wows wanted to know all about the ships and there pros and cons, and I don't mean read WGwiki as that is one sided and gives you false hope on ships that really and truly should be in a scrap yard and not even in the tech tree, I know your attempts on making a really exciting game, but seriously I can name about 10 random's I've been in where no less than 7/8 players are moaning over the same thing I am about to say about the tech tree, and that is; its been set up all wrong, when your in a game like Random's you are in with other who have ships like the N. Carolina and Bayern, Fuji, and many others, but look at ships I have just named. These ships are likely to be all in the same game, because of tiers 6,7,8 and that's where this game is at fault, you expect when in game to be under pressure and that's okay nothing wrong with being under pressure but to be out played and I don't mean by the players I mean out played by the ships in game from the start, the Fuso and Bayern were both built in 1915 and 1916 and so the technologies on board those ships are very old and no matter how you upgrade your modules in these games you cannot take away from these ships that there no match for ships like the tier 7 Fuji that was built in 1940 and the tier 8 N. Carolina built in 1941 or even worse a tier 6 ship built in 1915 going up against a USSR ship from 1950. In 35 years in the navies around the world the technologies are superior and yet war gaming think its fair to have these ships in the same game together. Well I do not and other I have spoken to and those who have left their own reviews on our team website think the same, even though many might not of ever thought about this. But War Gaming please revise the tech tree with new ships if you go by tiers it may of never crossed your mind, but to sort it out WG should set up the tech tree by years of the ships built, that way the tech tree would be clearer and when in games the ships would not be so far out from other when playing ships with same techno on guns, armour and AA defence and CV with planes from same era. Finally I think invisible ships should go, listening to others on voice chat in game constantly moan about how a Shimikaze can stay hidden for the whole game and not be seen, its pathetic. It may be fun for some players to hide in smoke the entire game, but the way you DD players play does have an effect on other gamers in the game, and why I think Wows is losing players....as who really wants to sit there firing at ghost ships all game, its not fun, its silly game mechanics and before the smoke was even introduced into this game, it was bad enough with concealment flags and now its worse with smoke. Plus the one other thing I want to say is more for the Developers of this game, and a plea to ask for rougher seas not this crap we have now, but waves that make the ship pitch and roll, heavy rain that nearly blinding and proper storm sounds not this tinny crap you have now. Oh and please, please, please can we have some night games, games that start in late evening light but roll through a cycle into night, it would be challenging and fun, and much better than playing in light in every single game we come into. That is my rant on behalf of all those who rant at me on the forums on the BCU-Squad website. British Commando Unit. Dogs of War
  10. THE AWF, Atlantic Wolves Fleet, are recruiting new members. News will appear here soon to the benefits we can offer.
  11. What Chat channel, i don't see the chat channel as i disable it in games so i do not see what others say within it, the only people i need to listen to is that of my Squad/team mates in Division and those like me using teamspeak 3 to communicate. Most players are youngsters as it states on the main PEGI site. Kids as young as 7 are playing, and what skills do they really understand about naval warfare and the chat they offer in the chat channel is just abuse anyway, so i have disabled the chat when i play in game and see nothing of the rubbish that normal is typed in there. If these young players from 7 - 16 had some real understanding of the game and what team play means then the WoWs game would be a fun game, but over recent months i have heard in forums from those who play in NA servers, who have both games running on different HDD that the EU servers are rubbish as the WG staff can't control the language in game, they don't care about the player or support them, the ticket system is all wrong, and the bundles are terrible compared to those across the pond in US, so what else is new when players stray off course, just get on with your game and enjoy it as much as you can. Or download the NA server on a second HDD and give that game a go, and then see what you think, i personally find the NA games and tech tree and the ppl in chat alot more decent and more laid back that those in EU Server.
  12. Now we have the arm chair fighter, those who go through whole game doing the following. 1/ Not supporting the DD's or Cruisers during battle, especially in Randoms, 2/ Enjoy nothing better to sit back and just use range to fire in to enemy ships, 3/ Are now in for just playing to survive with no damage to there shiny ships what so ever, 4/ BB's are the first to turn and run when your Cruisers and DD's are committed into the fight only to ask for help, to see the Battleships running away. Its almost like a new breed of gamer has emerged since the start of the WoWs game, a gamer who loves to sit back and watch everyone else get badly damaged just so they can participate some 6 mins after the game has started and then mop up the kills when half his/her team is sunk or badly damaged, they players have no intentions of playing as a team, there in it for themselves and its these players ruining the game. WG can we please have Random battles where its All-Out Warfare to the death of every ship in game, this would then stop many players bugging out, not helping out, and will stop these players who think keeping all your damage points and a spanking shiny ship is all that counts. Plus it would be a much better battle than having 3 zones. And talking of stupid Zones, ever thought about making the Zones very small, it would make it harder to take as there small and so would mean more ships getting involved in protecting the one ship that would fit in these zones to take them, causing more team mate to actively getting involved rather than sitting out. Or instead of zones being in a row, scatter them around map and you have to catch them in order to win, creating areas where you know you will end up in a full fire fight and most of the team being involved. Please try anything Wargaming to break the Daily Bore of these maps and the ArmChair player who has no intentions of playing to help the others mates in their team to win.

    Lack of RN Battleships?

    Historical Accuracy mmm that can't be very true when you talk about the RN ships especially tier X Minotaur, which never ever served in the RN, so the developers got that one wrong, it was sold to Canada and became the HMCS Ontario and so the Tier X RN ship in the Tech Tree is a complete farce and no where near right Period!!

    RN Cruisers...

    The researchers at WoWs clearly didn't do there homework when looking into the tiers and the ships for RN. For starters the HMS Neptune is from the Leander Class and so what is that doing in at a tier IX shouldn't the tier IX be in the Minotaur class....but hold on the HMS Minotaur shouldn't even be in the tier X, and shouldn't even be in the Royal Navy as it never EVER served as a Royal Navy ship. On her competition she served her service with the Royal Canadian Navy under a new name HMCS Ontario. So which researcher made that error. We should all protest for a different Tier X Royal Navy Cruiser as they have got it wrong!!! http://www.seaforces.org/marint/Canadian-Navy/Aircraft-Carrier-Cruiser/C-32-HMCS-Ontario.htm

    Containers Feedback

    please don't bring this into the main server, as its a load of crap. Wows seems to be moving away from the original game, and more into a game where daily tasks need to be achieved. Why not have a open warfare game map, with no zones not communication towers on islands and just one massive fight it out to the death, last man standing gets a BIG reward.