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  1. Chat? Bots don't need to communicate. Community? Is that even a thing?
  2. Thank you for the pack of camouflages. Let's try to get now the Base XP and the Damage to Station/Generators. 445k damage and 2k xp so far :D
  3. M4rsh4L

    Divisions Broken

    I know a guy that has the exact same problem. A problem from the Beta back in 2015. Stuck in a division forever. Reinstalling is not an option FYI. Send tickets to Support and just wait for the help. They need to gather information so they can create a fix. And hope they give you back the Premium Time you waste for this.
  4. M4rsh4L

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    I don't know why the vast majority of Asashio players are so afraid of using the guns... Shooting you first when the enemy is almost spotting you, at 5.5km, then dodge, shoot again and popup smoke if something else gonna keep an eye on the enmy and you can win knife fights even against Harugumos. You have to take the initiative. You are the one that knows exactly where the enemy is. All your guns are ready and in the objective. The enemy still has to see you. So use them FFS and kick his bow with 4k damage of powerfull IJN HE shells. And not to mention that i keep finding Asashios or PA DDs that try to kill other DDs with torps instead of shooting... Reading is so hard...
  5. So... how is it going so far for you guys? I thought i wouldn't get more than 7 fires in a battle because they don't last more than 10min average. Then i got one with 13, then 16,...
  6. M4rsh4L

    Announcing SKIPPER

    Seems that MM is a joke to you. Glad to know you don't match with my wallet anymore.
  7. M4rsh4L

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Churruca or Canarias. Or Lepanto if you dare.
  8. They should remove auto drop, and those that can't play manually just stop playing them. And balance both CVs using PR. But they don't want to "classify" the players. So here we are, trying to fix one class and failing, because now it's so dumb proof that is actually boring after 5 battles.
  9. Ok, let's try this. If you lemming train...who crossfire? You think that your... ...can win against half enemy BBs properly angled in your bow while the others do crossfire to your broadside? You can't be protected from all the directions. You, going in line by one side of the map will never win against that. Because it's the worst tactic possible. Specially if one decent DD sneaks to your flank while you try to kill those angled BBs that are waiting for you.
  10. Lemmings come from this myth. Or the game with same name, "Lemmings". Play it and you will know why they say Lemming Train.
  11. M4rsh4L

    Soviet Victory Day

    That's why we type in english @wilkatis_LV. If you had PM in english, we would respond in english too, but i don't think you tried. Rules were simple enough, i don't think you had to understand what he was saying. Language won't stop me to participate in german or french contests even when i can't understand them at all . Anyways, if you know where is the official spanish forum, please don't hesitate to give us a valid link
  12. M4rsh4L

    Soviet Victory Day

    @wilkatis_LVIf all the participants have done 1 try and there is still time because it's early or whatever reason, you can repeat. The tier is whichever you have in common with the other participant in the division. If he has max tier VII, i supose you won't put a tier X. All classes/nations/tiers. The 2 highest scoring will get 1 ship each. You choose which ship you want, Makarov or Molotov. He can give 2 molotov, or 2 makarov, or 1 each. Time is 22:00 CEST (UTC +2). Wait for confirmation from @PSChild