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  1. BigaCubensis

    Known Issues

    I experienced huge map loading time since patch. Entering to battle too late, killed. Restarting game, ship in port, no report about result of battle.
  2. BigaCubensis

    USS Indianapolis

    My friend Pirítóskenyér, you seems to be a professional and you have probably good results with any ship... Im just a below average player with 49% WR instead of your 60%. Never killed more than 6 ships in one battle Simply I cant play properly with Indy, never sold premium ship yet, but I will do it and try an Atago instead.
  3. BigaCubensis

    USS Indianapolis

    Theoretically it should fire as a Pensacola, but for now I dont feel the same glass gun thing. I do citadels frequently with Pensacola but simply cant with Indianapolis.. Sth isnt OK with this ship, too bad I didnt buy Atago instead of her. I dont recommend.
  4. BigaCubensis

    Indianapolis ?

    I love Pensacola and maybe Im a good player with it. But seems wasnt a good idea to buy the Indianapolis. Theoretically the same guns, but I feel they damage far less than by Pensacola. I used to citadel with Pensa frequently, but very few with Indianapolis. I wish I bought Atago instead of Indy...
  5. 10 million damage? I just done with the 100 kills. I really wanted this captain, but 10 million damage is physically impossible for me. Lets say I can play 5 games per a day which is maybe doable, and play average 50K damage (which is rather a dream). In left 26 days it means only ~5 million damage till deadline... It wouldnt be so hard if mission wouldnt require Tier 7+ ships.. or running paralell with kills. But OK you are right, this 16 skill captain is only for best players (or for time millionaires)... I have all ARP ships but I would gladly exchange them for this captain...
  6. BigaCubensis

    Is the Myoko overpowered?

    With range nerf it is no OP anymore
  7. BigaCubensis


    Tooltip says ARP Kongo's deck armor is 38-120mm. Can anyone confirm that normal Kongo with Hull C has the same (IIRC Hull B gives +6 armor, but lets see with newest hull)?
  8. BigaCubensis


    Thanks it answers all my questions. Though I still think camouflage should give a bonus too because I cant replace to normal ones. I assume it gives a -4% accurancy as stock gives. Or not True, warshipstats should include upgrade settings not only modules. For deck armor I checked Hull C for Kongo in comparision (upgrades dont affect armor) but litle better for ARP, but sure warshipstats could use wrong stats for ARP.
  9. BigaCubensis


    Hehe I sunk 3 ships in first ARP Kongo game yesterday. Not my best+battle lost. But it seems then so I had only a placebo effect or she really better than normal? Well even if she doesnt have any ship extras, it is a really fun, I had only US BBs before.
  10. BigaCubensis


    Hi, the warshipstats gives better stats if I compare vanilla Kongo (max modules) with ARP Kongo like better deck armor, better rudder shift time. It is warshipstats wrong or doesnt count upgrades? Though if Im correct ARP Kongo has also empty upgrades (only modules maxed out). Also I think the ARP camouflage should give any bonus, because you cant change it which would be injustice if ARP paint doesnt give anything. If anyone has both normal Kongo and ARP, could correct/confirm it please
  11. BigaCubensis

    Incredible lag issues

    it drops sometimes to unbelivable 1200-1800msec with a stable ISP... lag + Pensacola = instant death
  12. BigaCubensis

    Server issue - lag high ping disconnects

    it drops sometimes to unbelivable 1200-1800msec with a stable ISP...