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  1. SeaBaer__67

    Update 0.8.5: Monsterwelle

    Servus, denke Du musst zumindest Account Lv 12 sein um auf der Monsterwelle mitzureiten. Lasse mich selbstverstaendlich gerne berichtigen, so ich mich im Bezug auf das AccLv irre ;). VG
  2. Hi, Looking at the new captain skills I cant help but predict one unintended consequence: more BBs will spec for CE and manual secondaries, and as a result of this there will be less brawls. Firstly, every BB player loves his manual secondaries. However, rationality dictated CE on some BBs in the past. With the new captain skills, this problem is no more. Captains of Nagatos, Amagis, Izumos, Yamatos, and of course all German BBs can happily spec for CE and secondaries. Consequently, the number of BBs with secondary builds will increase notably. Secondly, this will reduce brawling in the game. When everyone has secondaries, no one has. Since you really only want to engage targets with manual secondaries that cant fight back, I predict that BBs will avoid fights with other BBs under 10km by slugging it out in the back until the last moments of the game. So overall, we are going to see even more passive BB play.
  3. SeaBaer__67

    Sorry WG Storm is cool buts breaks balance !

    I have a feeling cyclones are only popular because they give a nice big buff to German BBs which are coincidentally also one of the most played lines. Other classes suffer from Cyclone, and there is no way to "adapt" except sitting it out. Good luck trying to pick an 8km engagement when in a US cruiser or RU DD. In both lines I'd much rather stay at range, but cyclone forces you into stupid fights. Those of you that are recommending team play as a remedy I would like to remind that in 99% of the games it is already a miracle if you get your team to focus on two capture points at the beginning of the battle. At the end of the day, cyclone is just another RNG element, favoring whichever team happens to have more ships suited for brawling or whichever team was clustered up before the cyclone hit. Lastly I would like to add that standard battle plus cyclone is an absolutely dreadful combination - low render range increases the risk of losing the base, so everyone will camp even more.
  4. SeaBaer__67

    A new (old) favorite, the Kiev

    Personally, I prefer DE over SE on the Kiev. I find that staying at max range and changing course constantly is already very good damage mitigation. On top of that, fire chance can be quite unreliable, especially against higher tier ships. So I prefer to improve my chances where I can; in this case with DE.
  5. The only thing I immediately see is that your main battery ratio is below average on many of your ships. Since you only have 1k games so far, it is probably just a matter of gaining more experience by playing the game. Alternatively you can also check some of the Youtuber's aiming tutorials (e.g. ichase or notser).
  6. SeaBaer__67

    Thank you WG for honoring me in the game

    Thank you for your responses, guys. I see many of you are in fact in personal contact with Dasha. I think that's great, but I have to admit I did not know she employed that many suitcase carriers. Since this is my acceptance thread, I'll also have to ask everyone to not make derogatory comments towards one gender or the other.
  7. As a long-term player, I was very humbled when I recently found out that the developers decided to give credit to me personally in the game : It appears they even used the same default photoshop font that I use for my forum picture in order to be authentic. To avoid any confusion, I want to stress that my profile picture predates the in game mention. Now, I dont know the details on why they chose me. I find it plausible that Dasha put in a personal recommendation . In any case, I am very humbled and want to thank all my supporters. Autographs available upon PM . Edit: Upon re-visiting the picture, it seems there has been a small lapses. The proper title is of course Captain ABCD, but I'm sure this will be fixed in the near future.
  8. SeaBaer__67

    Bastion poll! Remove it yes or no?

    It seemed to me like you tried to dismiss No-votes from people with little or no actual high tier experience. As I laid out above, you cant do that, since your poll doesn't specify that these requirements have to be met in order to vote. But maybe you were just trying to give insight into the voting patterns. Something like "The majority of votes in favour of removal stem from high tier players, whereas people voting against the removal tend to be more low tier players. This suggests that there is a preference for removal from those that actually played bastion."
  9. SeaBaer__67

    Bastion poll! Remove it yes or no?

    The problem is that OP's poll leaves some of his assumptions implicit. From reading the thread, it seems to me like the OP actually meant "No, do not remove Bastion, because I have experienced the game mode and enjoyed it." and vice versa. What has now happened is that people have added their own qualifiers to the simple "No." vote. For instance "No, because I want Bastion to be improved first." or "No, I haven't experienced it and want to try it first". Sorry, but if you don't specify what your "Yes/No" means, then don't be mad when people vote with different reasoning than the one intended by you.
  10. SeaBaer__67

    Bastion poll! Remove it yes or no?

    I voted for removal, since Bastion only increases the snowball effect we already have in domination type games. Consider the following: Which team is most likely to hold the caps in a domination game? Other things equal, it will be the team with better players/coordination/CV/DDs etc. So already that team is getting an additional reward in the form of accumulating points. Now in Bastion this goes one step further, as the defensive elements make it even more challenging to turn a cap. I find this game mode highly unpleasant. I often see how teams "give up" because they didnt win the initial fight for the caps. Players will then sail around at the back of the map, until the game is lost by points.
  11. SeaBaer__67

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    Thank you; I'm in.
  12. SeaBaer__67

    Campaign 'Honorable Service' is over for me before it began

    As others have said, the missions are repeatable. They stop being repeatable once you unlock the final mission on each stage. I think the campaigns are a great addition. It disheartens me that people are investing the time to vent about trivial stuff, instead of just giving them a try!
  13. SeaBaer__67

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    This is very kind of you. The ID is captainabcd and my ship of choice the Warspite.
  14. SeaBaer__67

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    It is obvious by now that the mission is bottlenecked with regards to RU ships. While I made some good progress initially, I've been stuck at the same number of kills since then. In the meantime, everyone has realised that RU ships are a scarcity, which further discourages people from actually playing them due to the focus fire. Additionally, some players will prioritise the mission objective over the game objective, which I dislike. To remedy this, WG should start another RU special.
  15. SeaBaer__67

    Odem Mortis Community Cup - Discussions

    I just want to say how enjoyable the OMC cup was. Great teams, entertaining matches, and very well done casting on Twitch, where the two guys/one cup format was working really well for me. Also a big thank you to the organisers from OMNI for basically doing WG's work and bringing us such a professionally done cup.