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  1. _Nimfernal_

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    This patch is effin joke. My personal oppinion i do not like this changes. They should of removed the CVs at all instead of release this cr*p of a patch, would of been better.
  2. _Nimfernal_

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    I think the crates are pretty meh and overpriced for what you will get. However I knowingly that i will not get the value for my money i bought the 5 pack just for i don't know whatever reason... Result 60 meh cammos and 25k fxp, so my advice is don't be stupid as me ... don't waste money for that, unless you really really want some perma cammos, and yet its a gamble and you can end up with pretty much bunch of not that useful cammos. I don't mind supporting the game financially, if we want to play we need to do that, what grinds my gears is the fact that WG are offering pretty much nothing useful for quite the $$$ amount these days, like seriously who will pay 40ish bucks for a toothless pixel commander... even i am not that stupid.
  3. _Nimfernal_

    EU server down?

    I guess EU hamsters are on a strike right now...
  4. _Nimfernal_

    Strafing changed ?

    Thanks for the support guys, found my issue - obviously my Nvidia 940 is a blob... After disabling "animate small objects" everything works as it used to.
  5. _Nimfernal_

    Strafing changed ?

    Well, i suspected it as well, but its going on for 3 days, that's why i am asking. Will try on min requirements,maybe somewhere there is my issue, thanks.
  6. _Nimfernal_

    Strafing changed ?

    Hey guys, first of all sorry if i missed relevant topic, so did anyone else noticed the strafing for the CV fighters had been changed since last patch or is it just me ? I have noticed a change, for example, in the totally not OP Saipan, strafing method - let's say when you are locked with enemy fighters and you straf, lets say the close by TB squad, fighter squad used to go right after the command is issued, and wipe the TB squad. Now the fighter group makes 1-3 sec circling and then strafs. Was this changed and i missed the patch notes or .... ?
  7. _Nimfernal_

    DD's has god mode!

    Is it fair the damage system to be able to one-shot a CA ? And yes, Izumo is not the best BB.
  8. _Nimfernal_

    DD's has god mode!

    So after all the nerf-bats DDs still can damage BBs Shame !!!! How can anything that is not BB damage other BBs ? NERFFFF, WAAAA...WAAA... !!!!
  9. _Nimfernal_

    How are you doing in the CotE event? Share your progress

    Well i managed to score 260 coins so far, but i had 5 days off (GF went to her parents, i was not able to get to my hometown, so ....). Basically i had nothing better to do ... I honestly don't see how anyone sane or having life will manage to score 800 coins.... that is just insane.... I will probably score around 500ish at the end of the event.
  10. _Nimfernal_

    Clash of the Elements Event

    I lost all my dimonds or whatever it was, because they closed the store.... and still i think it was better
  11. _Nimfernal_

    Clash of the Elements Event

    Well GNB was better IMO .....
  12. _Nimfernal_

    Clash of the Elements Event

    Well, generally I like the event, i think the idea is good, but saying the rewards are overpriced and far from worth the grind is the understatement of the year...... Seriously, who will grind like that for TV IJN DD ? And let's not start with the "amazing" upgrades......... So for most people it will basically be one big 3-week cammos and flags grind
  13. _Nimfernal_

    How to TV and TVI these days ?

    All of you got some really accurate points, and that is why i made this thread - because 10 people can have 10 different opinions and all to be correct. Personally i am OK with this MM I deal with it (as it was mentioned) when i have to, but (there is always a but) I do not enjoy it and I am not sure that all newbies (not noobs) can deal with it. I have close to 5k games and find it annoying, i can not imagine what is the feeling for a new player. Anyways, thank you for your opinions there are quite god advises there
  14. _Nimfernal_

    How to TV and TVI these days ?

    Hello to all of you First of all three things, before i waste your time with my jibber-jabber: 1. Please excuse my English - it is not my native one. 2. I used the magic heavenly "search" function, but i kind of did not found what i was looking for (if that is my bad, please, let me know). 3. I do not make this post for raging or ranting or whining or trolling no matter what follows, i am really looking forward to see your 2 cents or whatever you cool kids call it these days So without wasting anymore of your time with nonsense i will go straight to the topic - please, let me know how do you manage to do well (or at least decent) these days at tires V and VI with the current MM state ? I am generally not a good player, i consider myself as an average Joe, Bob, Derpina or whatever and i kind of found the above mentioned tires real pain to be played these days by an average player. Why you may ask ? Well, that is because, in my personal opinion, pairing in most of the games for these tires for example NY and Gneise or Benson and Farra or Budy and Chapa (list goes on and on) in the same matches over and over again is far from balanced. Yes, meeting higher tires is common thing in the game and i am OK with it, yes you have the relevant counterpart as you at the enemy team, but the enemy TV will not be the one, that will shred you with "freedom love" - the NC will. The differences between TV and T7 and T6 and T8 can not be ignored, after all if these boats were so similar they would of been the same tires... I assume many of you found themselves being the only TV in a TVII battle or TVI in a TVIII. So how do you play in this "rare" matches to actually achieve decent game ? Sure the unicums will do fine, but what about the average players ? How they are supposed to actually do something (excluding the lucky card here) meaningful in order to both help the team and having fun ? Because, i may sound crazy, but the meaning of playing games is actually to have fun, not to farm stats, how much "fun and engagement" does have a player being wiped out in his Minekaze by a completely balanced and not OP Belfast for example over and over again ? And we all know that being up-tired by 2 at these tires is around 70% of the games. So how do you mange that ? What bring you to play these tires knowing that you will probably be deleted by up-tire quite fast ? Personally, I am managing this by dodging playing tires V and VI like Khaba avoids 20+ kms Yamato shells, seriously I do not playing these tires at all - they are far from fun its just annoying grind to the higher tires. But today i played few games there because i am helping a friend of mine to get used to the game and advance (he has around 400 battles). So what i am supposed to say to him to keep him playing and having fun ? Maybe "Yeah, waste your free time getting deleted all over and over again, but hey 1 in 4 or 5 battles you may get lucky and be paired with equal counterparts and have balanced game" ? We all will benefit from having as low amount of newer players dropping the game because of furstration as possible. I can keep going on and on with this topic, but saying the same thing 100 times does not make difference - it is still the same thing. So, please, let me know how we are supposed to play these tires and having fun at the same time ? And, please do not go from unicums point of view, but from an average or a new player perspective. Anyways, thank you all for spending your time to read this really not short post.
  15. _Nimfernal_

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    So WG because of less than 20% you are punishing 80% of the players ? Well done, you should start your own marketing/business school, seems like you got it covered pretty well. In few words "RIP super league".