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  1. Title says it all. And go ahead and close the topic it is the easier way than to fix your cr*appy MM. One team 5+ 60+ WR the other best player 53 WR.... GG WG .. balance. 9 minutes of pure enjoyement. And no it is not 1 game.. today i lost with kraken, with 190k and 3 kills... with 64 planes shots down .... balance.... WG BEST BALANCING GAME PROVIDER !!!
  2. _Nimfernal_

    Nerf Krasny Krim !!!

    Case in point .. Krym is way too OP for TV. Nerf or move it to TVIII.
  3. _Nimfernal_

    Nerf Krasny Krim !!!

    But you can get 4k dmg by TV HE salvo .. how its not OP...
  4. _Nimfernal_

    Nerf Krasny Krim !!!

    Titel says it all, This boat needs bad nerf bat - amazing AA, amazing guns, let not even mention the armour... can tank Yama shells full broadside :) PS: Not trolling at all
  5. _Nimfernal_

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Thank you all :)
  6. _Nimfernal_

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    I agree with opening post.
  7. I really believe that the poor lad (team of lads) that came up with this "great" idea for the NTC should be looking for a new job... I was reading the OP and i was like "What the ... is this even serious". My 2 cents: - Regrinding a line - nope, thank you, waste of time - Giving even more performance advantage to the veterans - nope, thank you, I don't even need to say why, and if you can't figure that out, well.. - Getting hammered by some dude with the same boat as me, but you know, re-grinded and over performing - nope, thank you PS: Can you, please, tell me, what the range, for example, of my Belfast/Moskva/Stalingrad/Alaska/ ..../.../.../../.. torps for level 2 will be ? I am not that good at maths but i believe 10% of nada is not that much of a boost, or the algebra got some WG approved patch from the same dev team behind this brilliant NTC idea ? The moment this "amazing" NTC feature hits the game I am out for good.
  8. _Nimfernal_

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    This patch is effin joke. My personal oppinion i do not like this changes. They should of removed the CVs at all instead of release this cr*p of a patch, would of been better.
  9. _Nimfernal_

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    I think the crates are pretty meh and overpriced for what you will get. However I knowingly that i will not get the value for my money i bought the 5 pack just for i don't know whatever reason... Result 60 meh cammos and 25k fxp, so my advice is don't be stupid as me ... don't waste money for that, unless you really really want some perma cammos, and yet its a gamble and you can end up with pretty much bunch of not that useful cammos. I don't mind supporting the game financially, if we want to play we need to do that, what grinds my gears is the fact that WG are offering pretty much nothing useful for quite the $$$ amount these days, like seriously who will pay 40ish bucks for a toothless pixel commander... even i am not that stupid.
  10. _Nimfernal_

    EU server down?

    I guess EU hamsters are on a strike right now...
  11. _Nimfernal_

    Strafing changed ?

    Thanks for the support guys, found my issue - obviously my Nvidia 940 is a blob... After disabling "animate small objects" everything works as it used to.
  12. _Nimfernal_

    Strafing changed ?

    Well, i suspected it as well, but its going on for 3 days, that's why i am asking. Will try on min requirements,maybe somewhere there is my issue, thanks.
  13. _Nimfernal_

    Strafing changed ?

    Hey guys, first of all sorry if i missed relevant topic, so did anyone else noticed the strafing for the CV fighters had been changed since last patch or is it just me ? I have noticed a change, for example, in the totally not OP Saipan, strafing method - let's say when you are locked with enemy fighters and you straf, lets say the close by TB squad, fighter squad used to go right after the command is issued, and wipe the TB squad. Now the fighter group makes 1-3 sec circling and then strafs. Was this changed and i missed the patch notes or .... ?
  14. _Nimfernal_

    DD's has god mode!

    Is it fair the damage system to be able to one-shot a CA ? And yes, Izumo is not the best BB.
  15. _Nimfernal_

    DD's has god mode!

    So after all the nerf-bats DDs still can damage BBs Shame !!!! How can anything that is not BB damage other BBs ? NERFFFF, WAAAA...WAAA... !!!!