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  1. Hey fellas, I'm a fairly good player who mainly plays randoms and does some weekly operations here and there, and per the tittle, i'm looking for a clan. What i'm looking for: - English speaking - Easy going with no obligations (I play randoms regularly but I can't do organized play due to my daily schedule and time zone differences). - Clan members on the same skill level as myself, higher wouldn't hurt too :). Edit: Clan found and joined, would appreciate if mods would take this post down.
  2. Any updates on this one from the dev team?
  3. It's really really odd. There must be a bug in Montana's armor, or in Neptune's shells.
  4. Even if the shell from Neptune somehow managed to penetrate the deck\belt armor, shouldn't it penetrate the citadel's own armor as well to score a citadel? I don't think neither the penetration capabilities of the shell nor the special fuse time it gets would allow such a thing to happen.
  5. Support says they have forwarded the issue to QA and specialists and are awaiting their answer. Let's hope they actually share the reason once they figure it out and not just secret-fix it if it is actually a bug.
  6. If we go by the in game armor viewer, a shell from Neptune should have no way in hell to penetrate a Montana's deck or belt from ~16km, let alone reach the citadel, pen it and do damage to it too. There must be a bug somewhere in game's damage registry, ballistics\penetration calculation and Montana's armor model causing this.
  7. I don't think he did. If you look at the last screen shot with UI turned on you can see that Montana is slightly angled away from Neptune. By the way, after taking a closer look at Montana's armor layout and thickness I'm more inclined to believe this is just a weird bug. I'm not sure a 152mm shell from Neptune landing from that angle on Montana's deck and belt would ever have enough penetration to go through them, let alone reach the citadel and damage it. I sent a ticket to WG too but as said above, I guess we are going to have to wait a while for a solid answer.
  8. Well, all you need to do is look at minimap and find "dead ship" marks. Trust me, you won't find many of them close to camping BBs. EDIT: Got a new fun screenshot to share. Note the chat and the minimap. Btw, the BB in question here was full HP, literally, not 1 single damage taken.
  9. Okay guys, I did a bit of "investigation" and found some interesting results. The details may be a bit of overkill but I guess they are necessary. For a better and more exact understanding of what happens to second salvo, watch this video before going through the texts and screenshots bellow. This video is very important in defining the fates of the shells that may or may not have caused the citadel. So let's get to it: Neptune fired 4 salvos toward Montana. The first three salvos hit some shells and the fourth missed completely. First, third and fourth salvos do not matter though because the citadel happens in the second salvo. Now let's take a look at a few pictures to see what happened with second salvo. This is the moment when the second salvo fired by Neptune reaches and hits Montana. Note that all twelve shells fired by Neptune are present. (3x4 152mm) This screenshot shows the result of first salvo fired by Neptune. Two normal pens, seven shatters and obviously 3 misses. This is the result of second salvo fired by Neptune. If you take results of first salvo into account too, it means the second salvo managed 1 citadel, 1 shatter, 1 bounce and obviously 9 misses. A closer look at second salvo. Nine shells have missed Montana (Red) and three shells have hit Montana (Green). From this angle it seems that of the shells that hit, one hits Montana's deck armor just behind the third turret (Green 1). Note that it may seem like Green1 ends at the roof of third turret but if you look closely in the video (at 1:00 mark) and the screenshot bellow (to some degree) it is clear this is not the case and Green1 actually flies past third turret and hits the deck behind it. another hits Montana's belt bellow the waterline (Green 2), and the other hits the edge of Montana's deck between second and third turrets (Green 3). Another angle which confirms what was observed above. A hit on deck just behind third turret (1). Note that if you take a closer look at lower back of turret where there is a lot of smoke you can see a little bit of white shell trail, that I guess confirms Green1 actually passed right by third turret and hits the deck behind it. It is also clear in the video (at 1:00 mark) that Green1 hits deck area behind third turret), a hit on belt bellow the waterline (2), and a hit on the edge of deck between third and second turrets (3). And here is the result of second salvo after hits with UI turned on. It confirms two important things. Firstly, 1 citadel, 1 shatter, 1 bounce and 9 misses is in fact true for the second salvo. Secondly, is that the damage number pops up close to hits number 1 and number 2. If where the shell hits and where the damage pops up are tied together, then we can conclude that the citadel is either caused by hit number 1 or hit number 2 (see images above) and if where hit happens and where damage pops up have nothing to do with each other, we will have a harder time determining which hit results in citadel. Okay, now that we established the facts lets get into conclusion. We got three hits, and three results to assign to hits. The Hits: Hit Number 1: On the deck armor just behind Montana's third turret. Hit Number 2: On the belt armor bellow the waterline. Hit Number 3: On the edge of deck armor between Montana's second and third turrets. The Results: Result Number 1: Citadel Result Number 2: Shatter Result Number 3: Bounce And that's it. I won't try and assign The Hits to The Results since I don't think I have enough knowledge of game's ballistic and shell mechanics. But what are your thoughts? Do you think the 3 Hit\3 Result conclusion is right? If it's right, then which Result belongs to which Hit?
  10. I'm not sure which one is worse. Creating a similar thread (which clearly isn't the case with this thread, I read the thread you mentioned and it's different), or going around derailing and ruining threads.
  11. In the case of barbette, taking the Neptune's shell velocity and mortar-like landing (i.e the angle at which the shell hit's the barbette), wouldn't the shell auto-bounce off the barbette? Another point to consider is Neptune shell's penetration power, does it have enough power to go through Montana's barbette? EDIT: Never mind, the post above (posted at the same time as mine)answered both my questions.
  12. Yeah, It really got me surprised there, had to double check everything, including my eyes. Battle's replay is attached to this post and I'll also attach it to OP for easier access for others. On a side note, I just thought maybe I hit something else beside Montana. Maybe a cruiser or something that was close to it and unspotted got hit blindly. But after a closer look at the video and the whole replay I noticed that, at the very moment that I shoot at, and hit Montana a friendly DD is very close to him. So close that he would have spotted anything close to him, if there was any. So I'm 100% sure that I hit and Citadelled Montana. 20170703_125255_PBSC109-Neptune_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplays
  13. This is not a "funny and sad game situation" thread though, is it? Nope it's not. This is a Camping Battleship Compilation thread. Anyway, what's with the forum policing? Feels good to go around and police others doesn't it? In that case, why don't you just keep off the internet and become a real police? Now that would be fun.
  14. You got a hard time reading the OP don't you. I'm not discussing, proving or arguing anything here and I'm not asking for a discussion, I had a few fun screenshots I shared and am asking for more screenshots from others. Why the hate? Join the fun instead! Next time you get shafted by your own BBs like this, take a screenshot and post it here and share the fun! Also, I didn't really get the ego part but never mind.
  15. Okay, I've never citadelled a battleship with my Neptune before, or any 152mm gun for that matter. Especially at +15km range, especially a tier 10 BB. Just played a match with my Neptune and while moving up a flank I took some pot shots at a Montana ~16km away, behind a mountain. He was turning away so I guess by the time my shells hit him he was angled away from me. First salvo lands for ~2k, second salvo lands for one citadel and third salvo lands for ~4k, for a total of 10k dmg. 4th salvo missed and I stopped shooting after that because I was in shock of what I just saw. I'm not an expert on Montana and it's armor layout so I'd be really glad if someone could explain to me what just happened there. I recorded it so you can watch the video here. How did a 152mm shell from a Neptune (fired like a mortar) citadel a Montana at that range? I'm confused, could use some explaining. EDIT: Replay attached. 20170703_125255_PBSC109-Neptune_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplays