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  1. Mercy_Main

    How to get rental subs in newest update?

    silly me, thank you!
  2. The sub section is no longer in the armory. In the changelog it says subs will remain unavailable temporarily in random battles but it doesn't say anything about ranked and coop so I assumed they would still be available for rent
  3. Mercy_Main

    Islands in game

    We need the Ocean map available in all tiers
  4. I find it incredibly difficult to time the bombing runs right and actually hit my target. Is there some kind of trick or tool I don't know about that can help me predict the path of my target (taking speed into account)
  5. Mercy_Main

    Richthofen full secondary setup?

    hi, Would Richthofen make for a viable gunship if i were to go for a full secondary setup? What would be the maximum range be, and is there anyone here who's tried this before? Asking for a friend
  6. Mercy_Main

    trash match making and terrible games

    stopped reading after first sentence knowing its gonna be a rant
  7. So I've been trying to play as Midway with the AA commander abilities (interceptors) maxed out but its not very effective because its hard to actually intercept enemy flights especially when up against a richthofen or immelmann. What would be the most ideal carrier to have a full AA setup? Is it even worth it?
  8. Mercy_Main

    can we get old cv gameplay back?

    I think the new mode is fun, but yes do i miss the RTS version
  9. Mercy_Main

    Question about reports

    oh thats good to know. I thought your account would get suspended or something if you'd lose too many karma points lol
  10. Mercy_Main

    Question about reports

    I mean its not fair if enemy players decide to report you for no valid reason after you've damaged/sunk them and this is kind of inevitable with some salty players, hence the question
  11. Mercy_Main

    Question about reports

    In some cases when I'm playing CV I get reported for apparently no reason and I lose two karma points. Does this happen only when teammates report you, or also when an enemy player reports you? If the latter is the case I think that's not really fair
  12. Mercy_Main

    T8 cruiser with torpedo planes?

  13. Mercy_Main

    T8 cruiser with torpedo planes?

    So the other day I seen some T8 cruiser with torpedo planes in the match I was in. What's the name of this ship?
  14. Dit is lichtelijk overdreven maar ieder zijn of haar mening uiteraard!
  15. Mercy_Main

    Port ship movement

    Shock value