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  1. Hi, I am wondering if there's a mod floating around that shows which ships have the strongest AA either in the player list or directly on the HUD. Anyone able to help me out?
  2. Mercy_Main

    WG Cpt skill rework: actively discouraging team play

    T O X I C
  3. Mercy_Main

    Web/chat server unavailable

    Having this issue as we speak
  4. Mercy_Main

    0.9.11 - General Feedback

    Hi! Downloading the latest update as we speak but it's taking ages to install. Is this a massive update or is my pc being slow?
  5. Mercy_Main

    Regarding chat bans

    To add to this though I do think it would be nice if WG included a reason for the chat ban. I can't find the reason for my recent chat ban anywhere and I genuinely can't recall what I've said! :D
  6. Mercy_Main

    Dutch forum?

    I understand you people saying the Dutch section wouldn't be used because the Dutch know English sufficiently, but in my humble opinion it's still a nice thing to see a Dutch section where people of our own country can communicate and crack jokes that foreigners wouldn't necessarily understand since Dutch is a complicated language
  7. Mercy_Main

    Dutch forum?

    This one expired too. Got a new link? Maybe post a permanent one lol
  8. Mercy_Main

    Dutch forum?

  9. Mercy_Main

    Dutch forum?

    I'll give this a shot5
  10. Mercy_Main

    General CV related discussions.

    CV takes skill! If someone manages to kill your engine with bombs consider them to be pretty f.ing good!
  11. Mercy_Main

    Dutch forum?

    Can we please have a section for the Dutch on the WoWS forums? :)
  12. Mercy_Main

    Where can I see my Karma?

    What's the point of karma points exactly? Are there any benefits to a high karma score?
  13. Mercy_Main

    Regarding chat bans

    If you're going to be abusive in the chat expect a chat ban. It's happened to me too in the past. No point ranting about it on the forums though lol
  14. Mercy_Main


    Belgian law prohibits the purchase of containers? What kind of nonsense is that? Is the Belgian government afraid gamers are going to turn into gambling addicts, or...?