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  1. LCpl75

    Ability to hide your battle icons

    Yup. Does.
  2. LCpl75

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    It'll be months before these get reviewed. Won't be buying Belfast either, wrecked a couple yesterday, with secondaries.
  3. LCpl75

    Windows 10 ruins his game

    Obviously an inadequate PC, cos Windows 10 works better across each of the five devices in my house, and more smoothly, than any OS before it. ​WoT & WoWS both run without lag.
  4. LCpl75

    RN Cruisers...

    Let's be fair, most of the people trolling the complainers and calling you all RN fanboys are the people who's own lines benefit from the mediocrity of the RN line and don't want to see them buffed. Smoke and mirrors...
  5. LCpl75

    RN Cruisers...

    This too. We're firing shells, not mortars.
  6. LCpl75

    HMS Belfast release date

    Releasing it late is an obvious benefit to WG, everyone wanting to play a decent RN CL will buy the one with HE having already tried the aberrations in that line.
  7. LCpl75

    British AP Issue

    I'm told RoF and RN Shell Normalisation is where it's at? WTF? ​Imagine if you took HE away from all the US CA/CL and gave them a puff of smoke.... wonder how that would sit. ​..and why ever not? I mean, realism is so long out of the window, I'm half expecting CoDesque Exo abilities to come along and ruin the game soon ;)
  8. LCpl75

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Disgusting. Who's idea was it to render them AP only? I'll not be bothering thanks. Yet another gimmick line offering near-pointless smoke screens in lieu of HE shells. ​You can barely kill DD's with this. BB's are almost entirely safe. Going to have a field day with Konigsberg, Nurnberg and Scharnhorst now. ​Basically a cynical ploy to have all the Brits who've waited to play their own country buy the Belfast.
  9. LCpl75

    Scharnhorst (A bunch of crap) waste of money

    Yeah, to be fair, I've been wrecked few times, but I'm now more than aware of how to combat her. I would imagine a few people I've ruined feel their Scharnhorst is a terrible waste of money, but then I imagine they paid for it expecting Bismarck meets Zao and frankly getting a very different ship that they can't be bothered to master.
  10. LCpl75

    General Feedback

    Devils advocate: They'd like more data than 2000 people simply rushing and free XP'ing to Yamato and Shima, or just storming through the German BB's. I'm pretty gutted myself, normally take part to play ships I've not yet tried, but there's nothing in here that's new to me, played most high tiers I've not been bothered to grind on live server, so this is gonna have to be testing for the love of the game and very little enjoyment.
  11. LCpl75

    Nürnberg sits too high in the water

    I've been thinking the same of Kirov and Omaha/Marblehead/Murmansk.... none of them sit low enough in the water.
  12. LCpl75

    When is a Kill not a Kill ?

    ​This. Actually came to the forums for the first time to assuage myself of my grief at the lack of team play in EU. I've just lost three consecutive games because our DD's and even CA's are busy skirting the map looking for a cheap carrier kill, rather than contributing to the match or it's objectives. Damage and Wins are more important to me than KDR will ever be. WG needs to look at the value of winning the match and contributing to that win over lurking and waiting for a cheap kill. A kill is a kill, it's an open fight, nobody owns it. That said, I believe kills should be ranked in kill-points to reflect the amount of damage contributed, this might avoid the lurkers that hide behind people waiting for a shot and the passive BB's that lie miles back waiting for a pick-off rather than getting in and providing fire support.
  13. LCpl75

    Why not x2 for the first victory?

    Agreed. 1.5x is fine. Little surprises lik the odd 3x weekend or event mean something then. The sense of entitlement these days beggars belief. WG is a business, giving everything away easily limits incentive and opportunity.