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    Cyberpunk ( Cyberpunk 2020/2077, Ghost in the Shell, Shadowrun, William Gibson ), Fantasy ( Dragonlance, Elder Scrolls, Warhammer ), Mecha ( Battletech, Gundam, Macross, Patlabor ), Science Fiction ( Alien, Starship Troopers, Star Trek ).
  1. Tiguurrr

    Did they change the modding?

    I found a huge tutorial on how to do it all now. That... looks annoying. But thanks!
  2. I so wish I had money right now and wasn't poor so I could get me some Tacos... Or chicken wraps as I usually do. Either way is fine by me.
  3. D'aww that tank looks so cute. Reminds me of the tanks from Advance Wars series. Though not cuter than Metal Slug Tank.
  4. Well, there's a more darker turn in the cog actually. The high politics of Sweden were more or less Nazi-Sympathizers. I am sure there were some that argued for neutrality to save our own hides in the long run, but the majority were pro-nazi. It was the people who were absolutely against the idea of Nazis. So the only way to avoid a potential coup or such was to be neutral. Of course I am pulling this out of my [edited]from bits and tidbits I've read and looked into our own old history, and then just pieced it together logically in my head, but it's in no way historical accurate. The stuff that is is though: Those in power were pro, those who weren't were against it, and we still shipped materials to them, but we also reported when we spotted Bismarck which led to it's eventual sinking. We had a slight problem with this as well back in the day with Danes occupying Sweden. But one man with skies skied all the way from a mid-north place down south and kicked them out. .. Or something like that. Personally, I think that Norway, Sweden and Finland should stick together like glue. Keep each other's back safe and clean and protected from others. Denmark can come too, if we can somehow dislodge it and squeeze it between Sweden and Norway. And Iceland of course. Better yet, let's dislodge our whole segment and join with Iceland as a super-island!
  5. Finland holds the East towards Russia. If Russia were to try and invade, they'd have to go through Finland. I think the main issue was that Sweden decided to play Neutral in WWII and basically throw Finland to the Wolves. Which makes a really funny image in your head if you think about it - The person on the left is stoic and raises fist at the attacker. The middle one attempts smug Diplomacy. And the right one is failing arms in every direction. For a while, it was, as we conquered our way through it and Europe. And then our King got shot in the head if I recall correctly and we decided that it's too much a hassle. I don't see how ?_?
  6. Tiguurrr

    Did they change the modding?

    I've been gone for a long time, but last time I played this you could replace the face of the Captain. Have this been changed? Because it doesn't seem to work when I tried it a few weeks ago.
  7. ._. I have surprisingly little to say to that.
  8. Tiguurrr

    Introducing: PvP missions (Escort)

    You know what, I like this idea. But in order to properly justify it, the maps would have to be longer on one axis pretty much. There are plenty of stages like this in the various Gundam likes like Rengou vs ZAFT 2 Plus ( easiest memorable example for me ) where you either need to attack a ship that's passing through, or defend your ship while it's crossing a hostile territory. I wonder if it was a mission like this in Zeonic Front hmm.. Though in those kind of games, you were playing a pilot and not a captain but, the idea is still there. I actually quite like this. Though I can see certain flaws with this idea if you happen to have someone crazy like myself. Like if the solitary goal is to destroy the convoy, you might opt to ram all the ships you can for the greater good. But yeah, I definitely like this. And now, I start to think waay overboard!
  9. Tiguurrr

    The "Situational Awareness" is gone...

    I don't think I like this change. .. No, I don't like it at all. I understand it's usefulness, I have picked it myself for some captain. But I don't think this is a good change, at all.
  10. I always thought the Carriers style of gameplay seemed a bit meh since I like to actually steer my ship more, but I have yet to actually use a Carrier so, yeah. quoted post removed Really? That makes me sad. I wanted to play Artillery in that game when I first started because I thought the idea of trying to get the long distance shots in to be intriguing. Kinda like using a Howitzer in Battlezone.
  11. Tiguurrr

    Possible solution to sniping

    I didn't quite get this post, and no matter how many times I re-read it, it just doesn't click to me. But.. Are people seriously complaining about sniping... in a game about warships... That have artillery cannons meant for long distance bombardment? Sure, I'll stop my bombardment if you stop shooting me long enough so I can ram you instead if that makes you happier
  12. Tiguurrr

    I always lose..

    This cannot be a serious post now can it? It's basically saying " Nerf the other players because they win ".
  13. Tiguurrr

    Suggestion: Last Man Standing Mode

    I disagree. Battleships would not have the advantage at all. If anything, Battleships would either cruise straight in to try and blow as much crapup as possible, cruise on the side and bombard other ships only to get taken out by hunting Destroyers, or they'd be spinning in circles, desperately trying to stay alive while panicking about every torpedo warning. Carriers would hug some island far far away and nuke everything they can that come within spitting distance of them. Cruisers would bombard everything they'd see like someone that's jacked up on jet or something, and Destroyers would hunt hunt hunt.
  14. Tiguurrr

    Suggestion: Last Man Standing Mode

    I think this sounds like a good idea, but scrap the first suggestion. The second I think sounds great. I was actually writing something similar preemptively until I read dot 2.
  15. Tiguurrr

    Stop mods

    Aimbot is not a mod. It's a program that attaches itself to the running program in order to manipulate the data to be favorable for the user. I.e. headshots. For example I have made my own 'tiny mod', which is very simply, that I replaced the images of my Captain with images I prefer to have as Captain. I think you can see the difference there.