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  1. Well there is wierd crap going on with the latest MM - it now often takes 1:30 or more to put me in a mtch even when loads of players in the evening -- and the last 15 games in missouri - every single one a defeat. Now I realise that this ship can carry a game and I'm not a great player, but its unlikely to be that influential in a match with nearly all T10. I seem to end up (just in the missouri) with teams full of people who *all* decide to go round the edge of the map, or players who parade broadside in front of the enemy. In short the MM seems to have gone completely haywire in the last week or so.
  2. pootle42

    WOWS EU Down?

    aaaannnndd they're gone again.
  3. Ah that would make sense, I dont have captain concealment skill with this captain yet
  4. You get a nice chart up showing how your ship compares with the one you hover over. In particular for DDs it is useful to see how concealment compares. Mostly this seems to be resonably accurate, but I've recently got a fletcher, and it seems to be a pack of lies. last match there were 2 fletchers on enemy team rated 5 below me, but they saw me long before I saw them (not firing and AA turned off) - one I never even saw. Being 5 up did seem a lot, but with stealth paint job and the concealment system upgrade it didnt seem that unreasonable. It wasnt plane spot or radar spot either. Are these numbers supposed to be correct? Do they take everything into account? What else can affect you spot distance?
  5. After a couple of times yesterday when I lost all my settings, now I get a crash when I hit play: Critical Error Occurred Could not load config file: ! System info:.......... is there any quick way to fix this short of uninstall re-install?
  6. pootle42

    so now each day starts with 10 - 12 defeats in a row

    Wow, lots of really useful stuff here, thanks all, I would just say though that as I am still chasing levels in some lines I tend to end up playing a long time in some of the rather grotty ships (well grotty for me at least, probably due to my poor play style for the ship) and then progress quickly through the ones I get on better with. One that especially sticks in my mind is the Pensacola some time back (its a completely different ship now), after the Cleveland, it was a real culture shock. And Ibuki atm is still stock, so I'm not expecting much from that yet.
  7. pootle42

    so now each day starts with 10 - 12 defeats in a row

    i don't think it is much to so with the ship - I usually place mid field or better in Nagato, its just the MM is dealing up never ending unbalanced teams. Ibuki I only just got so I'm still learning best play with it.
  8. pootle42

    so now each day starts with 10 - 12 defeats in a row

    well I'm at 14 now, 1 chance in 16,000, so this seems a pretty drastic run of bad luck
  9. Since the last update especially I seem to have been nominated canon fodder - each day starts with 10 - 12 defeats, and even after that I'm not seeing many wins. What on earth is MM up to now? No point in playing higher tier ships - it'll just burn money today's tally: Nagato Ibuki Nagato Nagato Nagato Nagato Fubuki Mitsuki Nagato Nagato Ibuki Nagato
  10. pootle42

    BRAVO WG (A British cruisers topic).

    well currently on tier 4 and beginning to think my brain no longer controlled my mouse - 10 games this morning and 9 lost ,1 won - and that one win I did nothing 'cos I had to answer the phone. 2 volleys nose on to 1 T4 BB and you are dead, and the torps are pretty slow, so you need to be in your enemies lap before its worth launching them. I thought, every match full of British Cruisers and a sprinkling of BB and the occasional DD - I'll play a BB and bag a few to see if they really are piss poor, but then all the matches I played had no British cruisers in at all. Is the MM deliberately doing this?
  11. So we start ocean, not my favourite map by a long way, but you do what you can. Mostly tier 5 & 6. right at start player xxxx announces in ALL chat that he doesn;'t like this map and is leaving. How selfish can you get? Not only are we a top tier player down , but he tells the opposing team!
  12. pootle42

    tracking destroyers, radar etc

    Ah that makes sense, could be. Wasn't torps as I deliberately didn't fire any
  13. pootle42

    tracking destroyers, radar etc

    Just been chased across the map by 2 cruisers (I'm in Kagero) in a team, they followed every turn I made even though they were well beyond spotting distance and I never showed as detected the whole time. It was towards end of game so there were not that many ships around (particularly on our team..). How is this? I would like to do this too when Im in a cruiser
  14. I'm getting the dreaded "Critical Error. Unable to download updates...." and it says "for details see Log File", but the only log file I can find with a timestamp with a timestamp less than a month old just says 21/01/2016 10:52:37 Cleaner: Start. 21/01/2016 10:52:40 Cleaner: Stop. Where is the log file I should be looking at?
  15. well yes by being very careful you MAY be able to do reasonably well. I had a bogue and switched to IJN 'cos I wanted to use torp bombers more. I went straight to zuiho, and it is a total disaster in the base ship with only minor improvement as you get better hull and planes. Compared with the bogue I have found: reasonably often I cannot even launch a flight as enemy carrier leaves fighters near my carrier and they eat any squadron that takes off. The AA on the base ship has very little impact, even if the fighters come in range. If there is no strong AA on your team you are doomed. Many ships AA can eat entire squadrons of planes with ease. I sent a full squadron of torp bombers against a single tier 5 cruiser and launched 1 torp and lost the whole flight. This was with a direct flight in to the attack angle to minimise AA exposure. So its not just weak against Bogue, planes are pitifully weak against most ships as well. The types of attack I could do in a bogue and lose 1 or 2 aircraft result in complete loss of the flight in a zuiho. It may have the potential to do great damage, but if the planes can't reach the target then damage is ZERO. I'll continue this painful grind a little longer till its all tricked out and see if that helps at all, but not too hopeful. My just give up carriers until they are better balanced.