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    game bullying by person

    Hi everyone, I am sorry if this topic is in the wrong category, but I would really like to report a person who was playing in my game. I reported him via the usual manner of unsporting conduct but he was really persistent in trying to ruin my game. So I want to make an extra effort to try to ban him. He fired upon me consistently through the whole game and he was also ramming me. We played Raptor Rescue, so team damage is not a thing so he didnt lost hp of it, thats why he could continue for the whole game. His ingame name:*edit* I play this game now for over 4 years and I never had someone so toxic in my team. I would really like if someone able, would ban him or otherwise because such people are reasons to stop playing. Thank you,
  2. Chiefrockalicious

    wrong tier Myoko in display panel

    Hi, Iam new here so i thought this place would be the best way to give wargaming some advice. In the display panel at the bottom of the screen in port is showing a tier 5 for the Myoko. So, good luck changing it.