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  1. TheAlba2014

    Never thought I'd miss the toxicity of WoT

    While the age thing is valid, I think the relative pace of the battles has something to do with it too, with WoT tending to be much shorter and therefore people more "intense". The relative lack of survivability in WoT also has an impact along with self entitled plebs directing you how to play, especially if you're in a light tank Might just be me and a case of git gud, but because of the above I've found the learning curve to be much steeper in WoT
  2. TheAlba2014

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    I have too many ships and too llittle time to play them all so there are many. I see the least value in playing low tier premiums for the reasons already stated, and also ships belonging to nations that don't have tech tree lines in game (Poland, Commonwealth, Italian)
  3. TheAlba2014

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    Yeah, no great loss I guess. I take it you put the commanders to good use? Still find it odd there's a teddy bear captaining a ship in my fleet somewhere
  4. TheAlba2014

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    Yeah, don't have Nachi (couldn't do the requirements back then for her), and don't have any of the dragons. We got a mission I'm sure for the Southern Dragon, but only had the option to buy the Eastern Dragon if I remember correctly. Like you say without different stats it's money for another skin, a collector's thing I guess.
  5. TheAlba2014

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    But it gave you so many more snowflakes to blow off at Xmas!
  6. TheAlba2014

    Motivation for joining a clan

    I started the clan in the hope that members of the larger gaming group I belong to would consider playing the game. Turns out a few had played WoT before and didn't really think it would be their thing, so be it I guess. Beyond that I've never done any sort of recruitment activity here on the forum or in game. I wouldn't mind playing clan battles, but it'll never happen now I guess. Then again I've not had the motivation to play myself since 0.8 hit
  7. TheAlba2014

    ARP and Dragon camo bonus

    Glowing like an 80s episode of top of the pops is it's own bonus!
  8. TheAlba2014

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Off topic...just out of interest why a Scottish defender? I'm intrigued
  9. TheAlba2014

    Game is seriously flawed, XP and free XP booster

    Your hope could also be misplaced in that regard, besides that's hardly equivalent to what we're discussing. Fact is it's random battles, even in high tiers regardless of experience you will get bad players. Should you learn more before you get to T10 by playing the game and gaining experience therefore play better? Yes. Has this happened in game since CBT, for me it's clear not every can or wants to take the time to do so. There's always clan battles for you OP.
  10. TheAlba2014

    Game is seriously flawed, XP and free XP booster

    What makes you think they're any worse than someone that's played for 3 years but still is bad at the game, same end result right? In fact it's worse from the latter perspective.
  11. TheAlba2014

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Personally I don't think any of the emoticons do justice to my reaction to the OP, just wow! Cloaked fighters perhaps When is the first Brit premium CV due for release again?
  12. TheAlba2014

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    This! WG have shown that they are willing to buff premiums over time if required. A much better way for players to make an informed purchase would be to either be allowed to play it on test sever, or be able to rent it on live prior to purchasing (as they've already introduced), with the money spent renting put towards a discount of finally purchasing the ship. WG, please don't release premiums in a state that's difficult to alter afterwards in future, much better adjusting ships afterwards if they require buffs, even if this might hit initial sales at launch (unrealsitic to expect I guess on business terms even if it made sense for the game). I mean your reasoning for such a prolonged test of CVs on live was that you couldn't get enough data any other way to properly balance their game play, surely this also stands to a lesser extent for all premium ships too?
  13. TheAlba2014

    (WIP) Pyotr Velikiy T5 RU BB

    No fear lads and lassies, feeling down about the GC possibly being directly nerfed? Just play the upcoming Russian T5 BB silver ship instead. NB Work in progress, all stats subject to change, like CVs eventually being introduced into WOWS Legends on consoles after we've finished playtesting them for WG on PC
  14. TheAlba2014

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    I've not really played at all since 0.8 hit, this is something that would tempt me to play again. Who doesn't want a participant of the battle of river plate regardless of how good it is. Damn it WG, don't you know I'm still mad at you about GC!
  15. TheAlba2014

    British CV`s - Im soooo excited !