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  1. TheAlba2014

    Spending coal

    You big tease, I wish JB was still available for coal!
  2. TheAlba2014

    New line to be announced this week

    Give more Clyde Built RN ships (that'll be more DDs then)
  3. TheAlba2014

    PR inconsistencies

    What name? That was your choice to show those stats. Besides I have explained my comment if you read my next post, you're entitled to your opinion as I am mine thanks very much. Have a nice evening
  4. TheAlba2014

    PR inconsistencies

    Nah...more the number of battles with a T4 CV to be fair, nothing to do with stats.
  5. TheAlba2014

    PR inconsistencies

    That he's a filthy seal clubber?
  6. TheAlba2014

    Kirov and Moskva

    Does it not? It can be, and is indeed both things. People bought the Moskva and people bought the silver T10 ship of that line, the two aren't mutually exclusive. The fact you added a new ship in a tech tree automatically means it can be unlocked, nothing new there regardless of tier. It doesn't negate the fact it replaces a T10 silver ship for a line that people now no longer have, and the issue, as has been stated elsewhere, is your criteria for RB. 5 T10 ships, now there will be people that lose out until they regrind the new T10.
  7. TheAlba2014

    Kirov and Moskva

    First of all I don't have a dog in this fight, I'm benefiting from the change as I've recently unlocked the Moskva but haven't purchased her. Now, how can that statement be true if you reset the line today or previously but haven't completed the regrind for RB points. Those points are currently for the silver T10 ship of the line, the Moskva, and will be rolled over to the new silver T10 ship of the line. Yes we keep the Moskva, but technically you have replaced the silver T10 ship of that particular line as evidenced by the RB point rollover. People had the silver T10 for that line, then they don't. If only there hadn't been the introduction of RB eh?
  8. This whole topic is reminding me of the Waterboy, "My momma...my momma said..."
  9. TheAlba2014

    Thunderer availability

    I have all but the Benham from the list you gave. If that is the case...que sera, sera...
  10. TheAlba2014

    Thunderer availability

    Missed my chance to get the JB, hopefully it's not lost to loot crates forever more
  11. TheAlba2014

    Unique commanders

    Yeah, it was discussed before
  12. Thanks lafeel! So...perhaps more of a "learn to play" issue, as presumably OP has trouble with burning to death...got it!
  13. Oh...and if anyone has one, can they post a translation of what the hell this topic is about?
  14. TheAlba2014

    Naval History in Photos: the Battle of Midway

    According to the wiki entry she was Clyde built too at Fairfields...the more you know I guess
  15. I have a dream...