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  1. TheAlba2014

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Luck everyone!
  2. TheAlba2014

    The Ring - SAVE A CC

    Ha...well fair enough. He may have done some great things with the wealth he amassed as Beau points out, but his views on the people that lived in the areas he made that wealth form were definitely a sign of the times and gladly few and far between these days (Rule Britania! ) SJW types? So it's revisionism to comment on the facts of the man's views held at that time in the world that existed then? He wasn't the only one that held such views, but it'd be a little one eyed to not acknowledge them. Anyway, as to the ring it remains to be seen if they've learned from their mistakes the 1st time round.
  3. TheAlba2014

    The Ring - SAVE A CC

    Don't think you'd want to associate yourself with Cecil Rhodes these days old chap, he said plenty more about other people besides Englishmen
  4. TheAlba2014

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Easy to 5 star, expect hard mode to be just that and present somewhat of a challenge. Diving/surfacing animations seemed a little clunky. All in all a nice if not very engaging operation, much preferred the April Fools bathtub if I'm honest. Let's hope subs stay in ops and never come to random battles, as in their current state they don't add anything to the game that a DD doesn't already do.
  5. TheAlba2014

    British Camouflage, not very British!

    I thought you'd find the fact that the bonuses are half of what the yanks got for their gaudy camo...simply not sporting old chap! I mean it's like saying that their twice as good as the Brits
  6. TheAlba2014

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Final crate from all of the directives this week and I got the Acasta mission...took a while to get one
  7. TheAlba2014

    USS Indianapolis - Review

    PM'd you Strefs, I had been trying to redeem the code!
  8. TheAlba2014

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Maaan...I was looking forward to testing the ships. I thought perhaps WG was being generous and letting more people test their shiny new ships
  9. TheAlba2014

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    You mean you don't know who he is?
  10. TheAlba2014

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    I think that's why it has taken so long, they're literally having to rebalance the entire game with regards how AA works on all ships and not just how CVs play. Bit of an odd decision to throw AP bombs into the mix by WG, seems to me they made their job rebalancing harder by introducing them. Your point on RTS players is why there is such a big skill gap I agree. Maybe they should add a pause button for CV players to figure out what to do next , just like you can in total war titles. Seriously though, of all classes CV needs an introductory mode of some sort to teach players how to play, be it operations or co-op. I like the idea of a single player flight school where you have to "graduate" with basic skills before progressing to play in PvP.
  11. TheAlba2014

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Agreed. The poll is a strawman argument, I don't think anyone has said CVs shouldn't be reworked in some way, we all know that this is happening and may be released before the game dies (year of the CV!). So if you don't like playing against CV as they are now, fair enough, but it is premature to say remove from game until we see what the rework brings
  12. TheAlba2014

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Assuming that your premise is correct and this poll forced WG to nerf CVs, what exactly are you proposing should be done to meet your expectations? And make no mistake about it we are talking about your expectations. I've not voted simply because I believe CVs need reworked...I'm sure I heard something about that from somewhere
  13. TheAlba2014

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Never really ltp CV myself, but I miss the days of a CV in every game, they've definitely been missed in my opinion. I agree a lack of CVs has shaped ship and commander builds, plus promoted a lack of awareness of how to play amongst some when in a CV game. I'm hopeful once the rework goes through (finally?!) that the campiness that has developed in recent times will be seen less. Not as easy to stay stationary behind an island in a CV game!
  14. TheAlba2014

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    Oops on my part, was planning to buy containers today to make up my token shortfall to get a permacamo (on 95 with no way to reach 75 loyalty for the remainder). I guess WG saved me some cash...thanks WG!
  15. Clearly sold him on the fact there was a Doves team in the Go Navy! event too. Kakaw!