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  1. TheAlba2014

    Ever been on the real ship?

    Unfortunately none that are in game, but set foot on a few "modern" ships at launch events and the like when my relatives worked at the clyde shipyards. Always enjoyed a good launch...
  2. TheAlba2014

    Is it Worth Buying the Curry Wurst or Shaba?

    Thanks for the replies
  3. I've unlocked both the Grosser Kurfurst and the Khabarovsk, but I've never bought either, is there any benefit to buying them before their removal from the tech tree? I'm aware I only need the ships unlocked (researched) to obtain them on their removal, just wondered of there was any other upside to buying?
  4. Clearly he's captured his and commissioned the ship in the RN of course!
  5. TheAlba2014

    Challenge: show your karma!

    I believe I'm in room 101...
  6. TheAlba2014

    Most frustrating moments for you.

    I found picking odd tiers helped a little.
  7. Hey, what ships do you reckon are possible candidates for removal out of interest (assume this is based on length of time they've been available)?
  8. TheAlba2014

    Can't sell Puerto Rico? (context menu)

    I'll give you 5 million for it and not a credit more!
  9. TheAlba2014

    Special commanders: worth the 175k coal ?

    Made a thread years ago about it...too good a coal sink I guess It was on @Crysantos suggestions list, clearly this went no further. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/129253-armory-coupon-for-commanders/?tab=comments#comment-3312964
  10. TheAlba2014

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to enter the lottery, same name in game. Thanks again to lup3s, TobyJug and all the prize donators for making this happen again this year!
  11. TheAlba2014

    How to Spend your Steel?

    Thanks Breeze, been watching various vids on YT trying to decide, it's a close one. Not sure if Stalingrad would ever be in line to get removed, plus addition of the superships may change things up too. On the pic, yeah, the good 'ol Vital Spark, wonder if they'll have Clyde puffers in the new dockyard since the Clyde is finally going to be in the game!
  12. TheAlba2014

    How to Spend your Steel?

    Hi all, didn't want to start a whole new thread (there's been a lot of "which ship for x"), but I'm finally in a position to buy my first steel ship, essentially I think it boils down to Stalingrad or Bourgogne? Any thoughts as to what would be the better 1st pick (baring in mind things like potential removal etc...I don't envisage having enough steel any time soon to pick another up before removal if that were to happen).
  13. TheAlba2014


    I wouldn't mind Jean Bart, Smaland or Benham...not paying the kind of money WG wants for something they pulled (in the former two's case).
  14. TheAlba2014

    Sackwille camo announced

    Guaranteed in a Santa crate for you now...