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  1. Kattin

    time for TX MM to move to 1 range?

    how about no
  2. Kattin


    Dodge those black puffs and bonk him with rockets, shouldnt be impossible.
  3. Kattin

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

  4. they got problems with the update service, just try again later dude
  5. Kattin


    Perhaps its time to just git gud, Seems you are part of the problem. Damn scrub.
  6. Kattin

    fix this turd of a ship ( Des moins )

    Hello, Runner357 tells you to get good, he cant reply himself as he does not know how to use a computer.
  7. Kattin

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

  8. <edited> No naming and shaming guys. Respect the forum rules. Next time poke your friendly Community manager (MrConway for example) for such reports, we do take them seriously. Thanks
  9. Kattin

    Server Down

    Works fine, Thanks. And to everyone else, 1 hour and you are Edited about it? Just move on, crikey. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  10. Kattin

    Server Down

    Seems like everyone has ADHD, Patience for Christ sake.