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  1. Zemeritt

    California Tier VII

    Frage ist eher: Ob neue Prems in der Waffenkammer überhaupt auftauchen und nicht Shop-exklusive sind.
  2. Shima was real tho I was talking about WG interpretations (Saint Louis) /designs (aka Roon)
  3. Maybe we get Buffalo, Alsace, Or some other T7-9 WG BP. But I wouldn't be surprised to see a russian BalancedB in the next batch aswell. Mino? I doubt it since she's a T10 and WG/AL have yet to take that step towards that tier.
  4. Yep, even I have not pushed Saint Louis to Dev-Lvl 30 despite her being my first PR ship Interesting. I wonder how many which will end up now in AL. On T9 aren't that many ships left. About time. Then all of the 6 Cvs will be golden.
  5. Zemeritt


    Famous? What is famous about a ship getting sunk by old shore defenses, because it was rushed into operation?
  6. Zemeritt


    Weil die Umikaze eines der wenigen DDs mit Sekundärbewaffnung ist:
  7. Was soll da denn groß kommen außer die Aganos? Nagara und Sendai sind der Kuma extrem ähnlich, die möchte ich nicht künstlich gepusht höher als T5 sehen. Dann wäre da noch die Ōyodo, die aber eher ein CLV(?) wäre.
  8. Well, I could be arsed and got the medal for the event today. Not sure if I rly want to farm the designs for the gold 203 tho. The majority of my ships got to lvl 70 that way. Atm I have some SR blocking the commision tab because I don't want to use GB on them. Also: From daily building on this event I got 5 Formidables so far. I feel bad for those ppl on twitter/discord who spent 300 cubes without getting a single one
  9. Schätze, das der RLD auf Level der IJN 203mm liegen wird.
  10. Zemeritt

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Wieso? Wurdest du von den 3 Schimmels crossdropped?
  11. Zemeritt


    Hmm, wenn ich ein Schiff versenke, bekomme ich nur einen ganz leisen Sound Selbst wenn ich alles auf max. stelle, ändert sich da nichts.
  12. Not related to Taihou. but I realized that Littorios bikini skin has different lines on the JP/CHN Server as on the EN. I hope they'll fix that if they add her VA. (pls do that soon tho, I don't like mute secretaries)