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  1. DenmarkRadar

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    Well, they sure as heck deleted my original post with that picture in. I assume it was because I offered my "respect" to @YabbaCoe, @Crysantos, and WarGambling itself. All I can do is quote a greater man: "There is no argument for censorship, only arguments from power." and then express that I hope they do enjoy their "power"... while it lasts.
  2. DenmarkRadar

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    Can confirm that WarGambling really did go live with this code. I was logged in as an EU user while trying it. I assume only CIS-region users can use the code.
  3. DenmarkRadar

    Tonight's official Livestream a request

    To quote a truly great man: "There is no principled argument for censorship, only arguments from power." Further, @YabbaCoe, you really should start playing the game. Back in the days when the employees if WarGambling played WoWs the game was a lot better, since you as Devs would learn about the sometimes glaringly obvious flaws in the game and work fto fix them. #GiveItATry ... I hope you enjoy your "power"...
  4. DenmarkRadar

    How to have fun in Subs

    Find the old DOS-game called Gato Install Gato Play Gato Fun was had... in a game meant to be about submarines.
  5. DenmarkRadar

    Tonight's official Livestream a request

    I am pretty sure LittleWhiteMouse, regardless of what name you call her by, want nothing more to do with you. You abused her good will, you tarnished her stellar reputation, and you defamed her claiming that she, a native English-speaker, was unable to phrase a question and understand a reply given in English. And you did all that protect the fragile ego of some Russian-speaking buffoon in St. Petersburg, who barely speaks enough English to order a coffee. * When I say you above I mean the you known as WarGambling, the thrice perjured liars and oath-breakers. I wish you a weekend.
  6. DenmarkRadar

    End World of Warboats

    A CV does not have a bowspit, nor does it have multiple masts.... the precise definition I used in my original post.
  7. DenmarkRadar

    End World of Warboats

    Merriam-Webster seem to agree with me... https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/whats-the-difference-between-a-boat-and-a-ship
  8. DenmarkRadar

    End World of Warboats

    US Navy refer to CVs as boats...
  9. DenmarkRadar

    End World of Warboats

    Dear WG. Please do not destroy the great game of World of Warship by turning it into World of Warboats. Now the difference between a ship and a boat is that boats only have one mast. In modern parlance that means that Submarines and Aircraft Carriers (CV) are boats, as they only have one "mast" For the sub is the usually centrally located command tower and for a CV it is the tower containing command, radar, and airstrip management monitoring. You should remove CVs and Submarines from the game, since they are not ships.
  10. DenmarkRadar

    [POLL] Subs in ranked. Are you enjoying them?

    The current season of Ranked battles is a test-platform for Submarines.
  11. DenmarkRadar

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I managed to call WarGambling "thrice perjured liars and oath-breakers" in their feeback-form. I'd say that's a good day.
  12. DenmarkRadar

    [POLL] Subs in ranked. Are you enjoying them?

    I intend to play 0 games of ranked this season. If WarGambling want me to be part of their test-platform they can bloody well pay me.
  13. DenmarkRadar

    People close your wallets

    Already did when WG perpetrated the #PayToRico debacle...and my wallet is staying closed.
  14. DenmarkRadar

    Sub Octvain where art thou

    That joke just never gets old - I lubs it
  15. DenmarkRadar

    Wargaming shitstorm reaches outside media

    Well, the DG might just be a bit high-up in hierarchy for this story... maybe ask him for a good contact about gaming/IT news He likely knows an editor or 2...