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  1. DenmarkRadar

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Dear WG - Where are the French Tokens awarded from the event in patch I made it to 25% - so I'd like my 2*300 tokens...
  2. DenmarkRadar

    What's up with French Token event?

    Same here - no Tokens. Got the camos when the event ended.
  3. DenmarkRadar

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I have been mulling this idea for a while... so I figure I'll suggest it here since it is affected by MM. Let lower tier ships equip higher tier Upgrades and Consumables - however they are only in effect when facing higher tier ships that "naturally" can equip the Upgrade/Consumable. Examples: A T7 Destroyer can equip the Concealment Module - however it is only in effect should the game include any T8+ ships. A T7 Cruiser can equip a Repair Party consumable - however it is only actually usable should the game include T9 ships. This will make being up-tiered by 2 tiers a tiny bit less horrible. Obviously this would make Concealment Module available to all T6+ ships with certain restrictions on when it is in effect.
  4. DenmarkRadar

    Could we have a "I got a chatban!"-button?

    Funny, but still a good idea
  5. DenmarkRadar

    French destroyers event: Part 2

    Dear WG - where are my tokens ? You really, really want to answer this.... as the limit for earning more tokens expire on the 16th.
  6. DenmarkRadar


    In my clan I edit the message at the top of the clan chat. I think the clan leader and officers can edit it. Again if players do not read clan-chat, then they lose out...
  7. DenmarkRadar

    AA Defense Changes

    Seeing as your moderator closed down my poll for being "too repetitive", then I have no recourse but to ask here: Since you are running a live game and going "balance the CVs" on the regular servers. And currently you have borked BOTH the AA modules and the AA Defensive Fire Skill... is there ANY chance WG might offer a CV-free experience to players that are tired of getting shafted in a match by facing highly skilled enemy CV and having a mediocre or worse CV on your team?
  8. DenmarkRadar

    Make World of Warships Great Again?

    Haha! Almost like maybe this poll is /sarcasm because WG is ruining a good game by running live "balance the CVs" on the normal servers.
  9. DenmarkRadar

    Make World of Warships Great Again?

    ... and you seem to have serious issues using ad hominem attacks too easily and frequently.
  10. DenmarkRadar

    Make World of Warships Great Again?

    Please vote in the poll to make WoWs Great Again :-)
  11. DenmarkRadar

    AA Defense Changes

    AA skill of Defensive Fire is broken... It no longer "scatters" the attack of the enemy attack planes. This makes the skill utter tripe, since any plane shot down is "magically replaced" by a plane you cannot have done any AA-damage to, since it's from the pool of planes that are "safe" from AA and and circling above. At this point I am officially starting a petition for an option to play the game without CVs.
  12. DenmarkRadar

    General Feedback

    When are you updating MatchMaking to take into account the various player's level of skill? I am only asking because I'm tired of being the one player with more than 30% average wins on a team against 8 unicums (65%+) and enemies have an average win-rate of 60%... Because that's the kind of shite that just make me quit the game early, since there's no [edited] way of winning... And this goes triple for CVs... FFS Matching a 20% CV against a 70% one ... I might as well just not play.
  13. DenmarkRadar

    AA Defense Changes

    Regarding planes shot down: During an Air Strike the planes are split into 2 groups: A. Planes Attacking the Ship. B. Planes not Attacking the Ship. This very easily leads to the following deduction... 1. No ship under Air Strike would fire at the Planes not Attacking it (Category B from above), so ANY AA should focus the Planes Attacking the Ship (Category A from above). 2. This is in fact why the Planes not taking part in the Attack (Category B) are "Immune from Damage". 3. Any Planes not committed to the Attack (Category B from above) cannot magically all of a sudden take part in the Attack (Category A from above). 4. And thus: Any planes shot down must be part of the Attack (Category A) and hence reduce the Attack on the Ship. I am aware that this is controversial, but it's Logical. It is in fact the ONLY sane implementation of AA during an Attack-run on a Ship.
  14. DenmarkRadar

    AA Defense Changes

    The description of the benefit of AA Modification 1 is now wrong, since there is no Flak from Medium Range AA. And thus it does NOT provide +2 Flak Bursts at Medium Range. I suggest offering all players a free switch of this module, since it's basically utterly useless now.
  15. DenmarkRadar

    General feedback

    I would like to suggest that in port, clicking on the button "Combat Missions" actually bring you to "Combat Missions"... And not "Events". For the record: The "Events" page is the single most useless page in the game-client. At least make the cards there clickable and lead you to a relevant other page...