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  1. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Lost connection to game-servers due to internet glitch. 2. Reproduction steps Open Client. Start game. Disconnect internet. 3. Result Game disconnects from server - obviously! Now I cannot just log back in once connection is reestablished. In stead I have to close down the client and restart is from the Launcher. This is a seriously way too long process. 4. Expected result Being able to press Play in the Launcher and the game logs in again - no client restart needed! 5. Technical details Not needed.
  2. DenmarkRadar

    Feature Request: Short-cut on keyboard

    Dear WG. I would like to suggest that you implement short-cut keys in port: Suggestions for English/US: P => Port M => Modules Shift + M => aMmunition & consumables Shift + U => Upgrades E => Exterior Shift + C => Camouflage Shift + S => Signals Shift + F => Flags T => Tech Tree P => Profile Shift + R => service Record Shift + A => Achievements Shift + O => cOllections Shift + Y => summarY C => Clan G => campaiGns When the ship carousel is visible: Have the Arrow keys navigate the carousel: Up: Ship above (can be up to 4 lines deep - at a single line nothing happens). Down: Ship below (can be up to 4 lines deep - at a single line nothing happens). Left: Ship to the left. Right: Ship top the right. When looking at a battle result: Arrows Left and Right shift between the 4 views: Overview - Team Result - Details - Credits & Experience Arrows Up and Down shift to the Next respectively Previous battle result. Oh and a single one while in battle: Ctrl+F4 => Open the confirmation for Return to port. This would make the in-port controls much easier from a keyboard point of view... Sincerely DenmarkRadar Oh, and if I knew how to make this as a mod I would :-)
  3. DenmarkRadar

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    MM still be f'ed in the membrane: Care to guess which side had the OP USS Saipan and which side had the UP USS Ranger ??? Care to guess which side had the 2 OP IJN Kamikaze R/IJN Fujin ?? Maybe the side that doesn't really need them... yeah, you'd be right. FFS WarGaming, FIX the damn MatchMaking !!!!
  4. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    Why did this update reset ALL my preferences ? Everything, Graphics settings, sound settings, Ships displays, port, game mode ! STOP doing that and certainly MAKE the user face a warning before entering the first battle in Co-op mode.
  5. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    1. Description In-game news cannot be marked a read 2. Reproduction steps I don't know - my client just refuses to mark the news about "Carrier re-work" as read. 3. Result Annoying notification in the top let-hand corner that I cannot get to go away. 4. Expected result In-game news marked as read. Preferably an option to not get in-game notifications about news on the site.
  6. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    Stuck on Sleeping Giant Link to replay on replaywows This should not be possible - under any circumstances.
  7. DenmarkRadar

    General Feedback

    Suggestion: Please make the clan-battle loan-ships not visible as an option. Akin to the "Show no Arpeggio"
  8. DenmarkRadar

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    Dear WG. Please make an option to not "be notified about news in game". The little red ! in the top left hand corner. I would really like to not have it. Thanks.
  9. DenmarkRadar

    US Cruisers

    I really couldn't give a toss about the Pensacola - I wanted an upgraded Cleveland. For all that I care they could have not given me the Pensacola - saves me from selling that piece of hot garbage.
  10. DenmarkRadar

    US Cruisers

    Dear WG. As someone who truly enjoyed playing my USS Cleveland at T6 it was a HUGE disappointment that I was given a version without ANY upgrades of the new Cleveland to "replace" my fully researched and upgraded T6 USS Cleveland - that had 620k+ xp stored on it. I realize that you had to move Cleveland, and that's OK but having a fully researched and bought ship replaced by a ship without ANY upgrades made me seriously consider just selling T8 Cleveland.
  11. DenmarkRadar

    Shells disappears when hit to enemy ship

    I suggest uploading your replay to https://replayswows.com/ Then you can link to it from here.
  12. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    National+ voice does not work for Musashi with Yamamoto - he speaks English.
  13. DenmarkRadar

    Other Improvements

    Dear MrConway, I know and appreciate that you are not personally responsible for the Match-Making, but dear Gods man, please try and talk some sense to the people at WarGaming. This is a screen shot of a recent match on Trident in the EpiCenter-mode. I anonymised the players names, except my own... Now I have to confess to being a programmer and if I slapped my balls on the keyboard I could make a better match-making, than the one that came up with this matching. Enemy team has 2 DDs vs. our 1 (me). Enemy team has 2 smoke cruisers vs. our 1. Enemy team has an average of 108 battles in their boats vs. our 52. Enemy team has an average win-rate of 53.0% vs. our 43.5% Enemy team has 2 unicum level players vs. our ... none. Enemy team has 2 superior level players vs. our ... none again... So I got screwed royally by Match-Making ... Would you care to speculate about the result ? No F'ing need to ... we got smash-stomped, just like your (not you personally, but WarGaming) Match-Making algorithm wanted it. For crying out loud: DO SOMETHING. Playing games like this is no fun - at all - just pure frustration - because I know that chance of winning is about 1 to billion. Oh and playing on the opposite team is also shite, because the game is over before you can do anything of impact.
  14. DenmarkRadar

    Suggestion: Preferred Container

    Dear WG. I have a type of container that I want to recieve - pretty much every time I get a container... and it's not the default selected one, so I have to select my type and the press OK. How about an option to choose a specific type of container as your preferred (default) type and then the client automatically selects it, so I'd only have to press OK, and not make sure that I have the correct type selected.
  15. DenmarkRadar

    General feedback

    The setting Controls > "Always Start a Battle Completely Zoomed out" does not work. It only zooms out to the second-most zoomed out leaving you with annoying noise from turrets. And switching from Guns to Torpedoes to Guns means that now you are no longer fully zoomed out for Guns... leading to annoying noise from turrets.