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  1. DenmarkRadar

    General feedback

    Ahoy Commodore MrConway, I have a few small suggestions for the Premium Store: Please implement a filter to not see the ships you already own. Add mark/warning that your account already owns the ship when browsing that particular ship. The above is obviously only possible when logged in, so let it be so Sincerely and so on and so forth...
  2. DenmarkRadar

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    I agree - my shopping at WG is on pause atm too. If they nerf/retier the GC, then I'll be sad, but buying stuff must go right out and away. @ WG: Please look up my spending habits - you will not enjoy them being gone (while my personal spending is nothing - imagine 1000 players of similar spending "going away")
  3. DenmarkRadar

    Suggestion: Improved Game through Discovery

    True - the system is not perfect. Yamato/Musashi would stick out like sore thumb. Also the visuals/contour might be revealing. But there's a difference between you knowing and you getting the ribbon/xp
  4. Currently at the onset of a Random battle, you know exactly the enemy ships you are facing. This is highly unrealistic and sometimes depressing... I suggest a "discovery" variation on the known conditions at the start of battle: 1. Your team's ships are known to you and all players on your team. 2. The general composition of the enemy team is known (for instance: 1 CV + 3 BBs + 4 Cruisers + 4 Destroyers) 3. However the exact ships you are facing is unknown - so the 3 BBs might 3 Yamato or 3 Conqueror... 4. Enemy ships must be spotted and "Discovered" (A new ribbon different from Spotting). 5. Discovery of the enemy ship is done by one your ships spotting the enemy ship continuously for 10 secs - 1 minute, depending on class and range. I imagine the destroyers are discovered fast, since they tend to hide. The Battleships take longer to discover. For the CV it is by spotting the planes for a set period of time. The range aspect makes it so being 50% closer speeds up the discovery by 100%. The default time being measured from the ordinary spotting range outside smoke for the ships given configuration and commander skills. 6 .The period of time from point 5. might be cumulative through the battle or suffer a reset if the enemy manages to hide. 7. Being sunk automatically discovers the sinking ship to the one who contributed the most damage - unless already discovered. The enemy team obviously face the same uncertainty.
  5. DenmarkRadar

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    I can only answer you this way... Aerroon does the "No UI"-challenge in the Haruryu ... and somehow WG still thinks that this can be brought to work with minor changes...
  6. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    1. Description The Battleships Bayern and Gneisenau (I suspect all Battleships, but not confirmed) show a wrong value in "Air Sector Reinforcement" in port when "Manual Fire Control for AA Armament". Shows 50% should be 45% according to the description of the skill. 2. Reproduction steps Train "Manual Fire Control for AA Armament". 3. Result See above. 4. Expected result See above.  5. Technical details None.
  7. DenmarkRadar

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Yeah. My HMS Neptune recently faced stoopeed (it's so dumb it can't spell right) MM.
  8. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Client loses the user-name and password despite it being set to "Remember password" 2. Reproduction steps Use launcher a few times to launch the game and log in. 3. Result User-name and password have been cleared and are now blank/empty. 4. Expected result Still having the user-name and password available to login without having to restart the client. 5. Technical details Not needed.
  9. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Lost connection to game-servers due to internet glitch. 2. Reproduction steps Open Client. Start game. Disconnect internet. 3. Result Game disconnects from server - obviously! Now I cannot just log back in once connection is reestablished. In stead I have to close down the client and restart is from the Launcher. This is a seriously way too long process. 4. Expected result Being able to press Play in the Launcher and the game logs in again - no client restart needed! 5. Technical details Not needed.
  10. DenmarkRadar

    Feature Request: Short-cut on keyboard

    Dear WG. I would like to suggest that you implement short-cut keys in port: Suggestions for English/US: P => Port M => Modules Shift + M => aMmunition & consumables Shift + U => Upgrades E => Exterior Shift + C => Camouflage Shift + S => Signals Shift + F => Flags T => Tech Tree P => Profile Shift + R => service Record Shift + A => Achievements Shift + O => cOllections Shift + Y => summarY C => Clan G => campaiGns When the ship carousel is visible: Have the Arrow keys navigate the carousel: Up: Ship above (can be up to 4 lines deep - at a single line nothing happens). Down: Ship below (can be up to 4 lines deep - at a single line nothing happens). Left: Ship to the left. Right: Ship top the right. When looking at a battle result: Arrows Left and Right shift between the 4 views: Overview - Team Result - Details - Credits & Experience Arrows Up and Down shift to the Next respectively Previous battle result. Oh and a single one while in battle: Ctrl+F4 => Open the confirmation for Return to port. This would make the in-port controls much easier from a keyboard point of view... Sincerely DenmarkRadar Oh, and if I knew how to make this as a mod I would :-)
  11. DenmarkRadar

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    MM still be f'ed in the membrane: Care to guess which side had the OP USS Saipan and which side had the UP USS Ranger ??? Care to guess which side had the 2 OP IJN Kamikaze R/IJN Fujin ?? Maybe the side that doesn't really need them... yeah, you'd be right. FFS WarGaming, FIX the damn MatchMaking !!!!
  12. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    Why did this update reset ALL my preferences ? Everything, Graphics settings, sound settings, Ships displays, port, game mode ! STOP doing that and certainly MAKE the user face a warning before entering the first battle in Co-op mode.
  13. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    1. Description In-game news cannot be marked a read 2. Reproduction steps I don't know - my client just refuses to mark the news about "Carrier re-work" as read. 3. Result Annoying notification in the top let-hand corner that I cannot get to go away. 4. Expected result In-game news marked as read. Preferably an option to not get in-game notifications about news on the site.
  14. DenmarkRadar

    Bug Reports

    Stuck on Sleeping Giant Link to replay on replaywows This should not be possible - under any circumstances.
  15. DenmarkRadar

    General Feedback

    Suggestion: Please make the clan-battle loan-ships not visible as an option. Akin to the "Show no Arpeggio"