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  1. Just a note, the CV changes were never claimed to be completed as of or the hotfix, WG always intended to adjust numbers of the various mechanics in CV play post-release, because they could not get better numbers from doing more PTS testing etc. So the CV will see a lot of changes probably over the next couple of months. PERSONALLY, I believe the nerf in the hotfix was to please the majority of the players who came out with a loud outcry against the CV rework, that didn't want to wait for the next patch where WG would have time to properly assess what was causing the issue mechanic wise. I also think that was overall a wise choice in that weak CV will be an easier mouthful to swallow as players get use to playing with a larger CV population (frankly some of the issues with the rework has less to do with the rework and more to the absence of CV in the majority of the games prior to the rework), now they can buff CV to a more intended level. Hopefully, fix the huge down tiered problem CV currently have.
  2. Zouron

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Having had the opportunity to try out the proposed carrier re-work on both Round 1 and Round 2 of the public test server, I thought I would provide my feedback. My feedback is focused on certain gameplay aspects which I feel need further refinement. For each aspect I have outlined what I am currently having an issue with, and what I feel should be changed/added to resolve this issue: Torpedo Bombers for Tier IV Carriers I feel that the torpedo bombers available for the Tier IV Carriers are currently too powerful due to a combination of factors: ● The required drop distance is too short, making it too easy to score torpedo hits even against Destroyers. The targeted ships have too little time to react to my incoming drop ● It is too easy to score a hit regardless of the angle of my opponent’s ship (i.e. full broadside compared to on the nose/rear) ● The torpedoes are too accurate in that whenever I drop a torpedo, it is guaranteed to land dead-centre of the aiming reticle with no variation This leads to the torpedo-bomber gameplay becoming rather boring and monotonous as I have been able to just focus on a single ship; gradually wearing their health down. Additionally, the above factors make it feel as though little skill is actually required to use the torpedo bombers compared to the higher tiers. To improve this the minimum drop distance should be further away and even on a perfectly aimed in torp there should be some minor variation of the torps run path. Disengaging attacks made using Torpedo Bombers and Rocket Fighters Across the tiers, I feel that the attack run of the torpedo bombers and rocket fighters lasts too long currently, meaning failed attack runs (e.g. over-shot the target in preparing to attack) become frustrating and very time-consuming. I suggest that the duration of the attack run is limited to ~8-10 seconds. This would be long enough to avoid players abusing the attack run mechanic, but short enough to avoid the attack run becoming overly frustrating if the player misses the target. Carrier Control I feel the current state of controlling the sailing path of one’s carrier is poor in that it does not enable the player to take evasive action if they are about to be attacked by enemy planes; or receive incoming artillery fire. Additionally, the player’s inability to control the speed at which the carrier moves makes it difficult to conduct tactics such as moving with the fleet. This could be improved by: ● Giving the player the ability to manually control the speed and path of the carrier whilst their planes are up in an emergency (e.g. spotted by enemy aircraft). The player could be given the ability to quickly switch to the carrier; with their planes being put into a holding pattern over their current location ● The auto pilot should provide the player with the option to adjust the carrier’s movement speed alike other classes of ship ● A future development could be that the mini-map shows the predicted sail path of your carrier’s auto pilot, allowing the player to know when to adjust the auto pilot when sailing close to land, or through a channel Return path logic for planes The current logic used for the return path of the carrier’s aircraft removes the ability for a carrier player to conceal their position as the planes will always fly directly back towards the carrier. Moreover, this leads to planes which have flown behind enemy lines to fly through the AA auras of multiple enemy ships, seeing the elimination of the planes the player previously navigated around the enemy’s strongest AA regions. To resolve this, once the planes have been ordered to return to the carrier, the return path logic could force them to fly around the edge/just outside of the map - flying to the nearest edge first before gradually making their way around to the carrier. Plane Ready Time (Tiers VI and VIII) Currently, I feel the ready time for aircraft at Tiers VI and VIII is too short and encourages me to throw my planes away (i.e. flying through heavy AA) without being punished. If the ready time was increased by 5-10%, I think this would serve to encourage the preservation of aircraft at these tiers. Attack Reticles Firstly, I find it very difficult in general to make attacks over mountains as the reticle appears to treat the mountain as if it were a cuboid rather than a land-mass with a specific peak. This leads to the reticle being inaccurate when I attempt to make attacks in such a scenario. I believe the reticle needs to treat mountainous terrain more accurately rather than use the simplified logic that is currently in place; otherwise enemy ships will be able to use mountain peaks as a very powerful shield against carrier aircraft. Secondly, the reticle bloom for the torpedo bomber squadron currently encourages the player to aim in well before they are in the right position to prepare dropping a target. Reason being, once I have fully aimed in with the squadron, the reticle barely blooms even if I make extreme turns with the squadron. Meanwhile, if I make any turns (slight or extreme) before the squadron is fully aimed in, the reticle bloom is huge. The net result of this is that it feels less skill is required in mastering the art of torpedo drops as I can just set my squadron to aim in from far away, and then direct my squadron onto target without the possibility of significant reticle bloom. To resolve this, I suggest the reticle bloom logic is reversed in that: ● If I make turns with my torpedo bombers before they are fully aimed in, the reticle should experience some bloom, but less than currently experienced ● If I make turns with my torpedo bombers after they are fully aimed in, the potential reticle bloom should be much greater - especially if I suddenly turn the planes through 90+ degrees This will then reward players who take the time to plan their attack runs, only aiming in when their planes are in the right position to attack. Rocket Fighters When using rocket fighters against “gunboat” Destroyers who are firing from within a smoke screen, it currently feels as though the fighters are too powerful in dealing damage to said Destroyers as the tracers of the Destroyer’s guns can be used to guide the planes onto target. I am not sure what the solution to this is or if it is a “work as intended”. I would also like the make the observation that the use of the American “Tiny Tim” rockets seems to largely reduce a carrier’s ability to deal consistent damage to Destroyers. The limited amount of Tiny Tim rockets drop tend to spread too randomly within the targeting reticle, making the Tiny Tim as frustrating to use as the “old style” bombers. A fix could be to ensure the Tiny Tim rockets have a greater chance to drop closer to the center. Dive Bombers I am really enjoying the aiming mechanics for the dive bomber squadron at the moment, however there is one additional feature that I think could one day be implemented: An attack angle indicator could be added for the AP-bomb equipped aircraft - this indicator showing the angle of the bombs to the water surface. This would assist players in judging when they are at the optimal drop-point in their attack run. Controlling plane speed I currently feel that the need to control the speed of one’s aircraft is less tactical than it could be through a number of factors: ● The “fuel” gauge is depleted when the player both decreases and increases the speed of the aircraft ● The “fuel” gauge automatically regenerates mid-air The net result of these items is that the player is encouraged to move their aircraft around the battlefield at maximum speed; meaning planes get to target extremely quickly. To make this aspect more tactical, I suggest that: ● The “fuel” gauge should only be depleted when the player increases the speed of the aircraft ● The “fuel” gauge should not automatically regenerate mid-air, but only re-generate through use of a consumable (i.e. a War Emergency Power) Thank you for reading.
  3. Zouron

    Insignia & Emblems

    If they really want us to use emblems etc, maybe make a custom flag that can show off our emblem insignia on the ship (maybe a stern flag)? or as a coat of arms engraved on the side of the ship? Honestly, I loathe the current system.
  4. Zouron

    Division Window

    The old one didn't take up much screen space, it was easy to deal with, the new one takes up a lot of space, it is WAY to easy to minimize and forget you are not ready (highlighting ready instead of shifting between not ready and ready was IMHO a bad move). 1) Please separate chat from division list! 2) PLEASE go back to the old "not ready"/"ready" format.
  5. Zouron

    General Carrier balance changes

    I am not sure if it is carrier or operation related, but after putting out a fire I was unable to launch planes. This happened during the new operation and I was using Kaga.
  6. Zouron

    New Operation: The Ultimate Frontier

    I would like to point out not everyone is against a hard operation, I find the difficulty spot on.
  7. Zouron

    Graf Zeppelin - AFTERMATH

    I completely agree with Strappster, beyond that I think, that while iChase review of the GZ as a poorly performing ship is accurate, his language was not, he as much admitted that, at the very start of his video where he said he couldn't stop using profanity. Also, his moving for WG staff to be fired was well beyond the line THAT said I think they should have given him a warning or strike or whatever rather than doing a knee jerk reaction of kicking him from the program. This situation pretty much reminds me of other events in the not too distant past and I wonder if the community is becoming more toxic or if the communication between WG and the community has been flawed all along and now the issues have accumulated to the point where we have such extreme reaction from both sides. I believe there seems to have come into being a perception of mutual distrust, that we don't trust WG and possibly vice versa, just look at the stuff being tested as idea smoke changes, radar changes etc, the community is in an uproar the moment there is a single mention of it regardless whether it will ever get approved. I am not sure what the solution is long term but at least for now the storm has settled.
  8. I might suggest go watch Yuro's youtube video "How to Furutaka", it's still valid.
  9. Zouron

    Hardest ship to play?

    It is also quite worth mentioning that since its introduction it has received more than a few buffs, a quick search revealed at at least the following: Dresden, Kolberg and Karlsruhe: AP shells have been recalculated - armour penetration has been increased Karlsruhe: engine protection against HE shells improved threefold. For the Karlsruhe cruiser, the main battery reload time was decreased from 8.57 seconds to 6.5 seconds For the Karlsruhe cruiser, the traversing angles for the front turrets (towards the opposite ship side) were changed from 25 degrees to 70 degrees Hull (B) was replaced with the new one. The new hull has two additional broadside torpedo tube mounts (4 mounts in total for this hull) and an extra 88 mm L/45 MPL C/13 AA mount Average AA damage within the 3 km AA engagement area radius increased by 2 points (from 3 to 5 points) Main turret's armament has been improved: 5mm have been added to the lower part of the turret's shield - 1 mm armament layer has been removed from the back side. The Karlsruhe we have today probably isn't that bad... but I am one of the sad people who played it prior to ALL these changes, so for me, it will forever be a nightmare.
  10. Zouron

    Hardest ship to play?

    Hardest Silver ship for me is probably Karlsruhe, but that is kinda because I played it in its initial version only and that was... bad. So I am probably gonna say Minakaze of the current ships. For premium ships it is Campbeltown, me and torpedo boats just don't get along very well. concerning Krasny Krym vs Marblehead, I will say Krasny Krym is a superior ship with a fully upgraded captain (you can get AFT!) Marblehead falls too short in AA, Range and Concealment, though the damage output is not that bad once you get IFHE, that extra HE penetration helps it a lot.
  11. Zouron

    Realistic Camouflage

    Sorry that is not an extreme example of a WW1 cammo, the idea is to dazzle, not looking good, that being said I would equip a dazzle cammo instantly. While I like good looking ones (which might different from other people here) I would also adore having real world cammo patterns.
  12. Zouron

    Nerf Emile Bertin!

    seems like you found a ship that suits you.
  13. Zouron

    Atlanta help please

    Concerning playing Atlanta as an AA cruiser, there are a few steps to doing this (there are probably people who are better but these are my thoughts). 1: check what the CV is. High tier Japanese will probably go for DDs, while most US will primarily go for large targets. 2: check what the most likely targets are: Isolated BBs with little cruiser support is a typical example. 3: select whom you can protect while staying somewhat safe. This is a combination of island cover and massed fleet, islands provide cover from fire and LOS, large fleets provide distraction (they tend to blow up anyone spending too much time in the open). 4: follow them around, be aggressive you need to be in a position to stay in cover from BBs + CA and engage planes and enemy DDs + BBs. 5: Enemy CV never throws any planes towards you? THIS IS AWESOME means you just ensured no one you escort got CV dropped just by you being there. An AA specced Atlanta is very dangerous for a CV. note! You can cut the AA consumable short by turning off your AA temporarily, this will initialize the reload so you can be ready again faster, remember your AA consumable is unlimited. REMEMBER sometimes you will die without accomplishing much, it might be bad luck or you overextending, regardless it is never those your escort's fault because you made the choice to escort (even if it can be rage worthy when following them gets you killed).
  14. Zouron

    Ship Models Errors Gathering Thread

    yes? or at least sensible translations otherwise it wouldn't be warships but just random blobs under weird physics firing pixels at each other.
  15. Zouron

    HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee in the premium shop

    Might be asia only https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/18/wows-isoroku-captain-mission-asia-only/