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  1. I completely agree with Strappster, beyond that I think, that while iChase review of the GZ as a poorly performing ship is accurate, his language was not, he as much admitted that, at the very start of his video where he said he couldn't stop using profanity. Also, his moving for WG staff to be fired was well beyond the line THAT said I think they should have given him a warning or strike or whatever rather than doing a knee jerk reaction of kicking him from the program. This situation pretty much reminds me of other events in the not too distant past and I wonder if the community is becoming more toxic or if the communication between WG and the community has been flawed all along and now the issues have accumulated to the point where we have such extreme reaction from both sides. I believe there seems to have come into being a perception of mutual distrust, that we don't trust WG and possibly vice versa, just look at the stuff being tested as idea smoke changes, radar changes etc, the community is in an uproar the moment there is a single mention of it regardless whether it will ever get approved. I am not sure what the solution is long term but at least for now the storm has settled.
  2. I might suggest go watch Yuro's youtube video "How to Furutaka", it's still valid.
  3. It is also quite worth mentioning that since its introduction it has received more than a few buffs, a quick search revealed at at least the following: Dresden, Kolberg and Karlsruhe: AP shells have been recalculated - armour penetration has been increased Karlsruhe: engine protection against HE shells improved threefold. For the Karlsruhe cruiser, the main battery reload time was decreased from 8.57 seconds to 6.5 seconds For the Karlsruhe cruiser, the traversing angles for the front turrets (towards the opposite ship side) were changed from 25 degrees to 70 degrees Hull (B) was replaced with the new one. The new hull has two additional broadside torpedo tube mounts (4 mounts in total for this hull) and an extra 88 mm L/45 MPL C/13 AA mount Average AA damage within the 3 km AA engagement area radius increased by 2 points (from 3 to 5 points) Main turret's armament has been improved: 5mm have been added to the lower part of the turret's shield - 1 mm armament layer has been removed from the back side. The Karlsruhe we have today probably isn't that bad... but I am one of the sad people who played it prior to ALL these changes, so for me, it will forever be a nightmare.
  4. Hardest Silver ship for me is probably Karlsruhe, but that is kinda because I played it in its initial version only and that was... bad. So I am probably gonna say Minakaze of the current ships. For premium ships it is Campbeltown, me and torpedo boats just don't get along very well. concerning Krasny Krym vs Marblehead, I will say Krasny Krym is a superior ship with a fully upgraded captain (you can get AFT!) Marblehead falls too short in AA, Range and Concealment, though the damage output is not that bad once you get IFHE, that extra HE penetration helps it a lot.
  5. Sorry that is not an extreme example of a WW1 cammo, the idea is to dazzle, not looking good, that being said I would equip a dazzle cammo instantly. While I like good looking ones (which might different from other people here) I would also adore having real world cammo patterns.
  6. seems like you found a ship that suits you.
  7. Concerning playing Atlanta as an AA cruiser, there are a few steps to doing this (there are probably people who are better but these are my thoughts). 1: check what the CV is. High tier Japanese will probably go for DDs, while most US will primarily go for large targets. 2: check what the most likely targets are: Isolated BBs with little cruiser support is a typical example. 3: select whom you can protect while staying somewhat safe. This is a combination of island cover and massed fleet, islands provide cover from fire and LOS, large fleets provide distraction (they tend to blow up anyone spending too much time in the open). 4: follow them around, be aggressive you need to be in a position to stay in cover from BBs + CA and engage planes and enemy DDs + BBs. 5: Enemy CV never throws any planes towards you? THIS IS AWESOME means you just ensured no one you escort got CV dropped just by you being there. An AA specced Atlanta is very dangerous for a CV. note! You can cut the AA consumable short by turning off your AA temporarily, this will initialize the reload so you can be ready again faster, remember your AA consumable is unlimited. REMEMBER sometimes you will die without accomplishing much, it might be bad luck or you overextending, regardless it is never those your escort's fault because you made the choice to escort (even if it can be rage worthy when following them gets you killed).
  8. yes? or at least sensible translations otherwise it wouldn't be warships but just random blobs under weird physics firing pixels at each other.
  9. Might be asia only https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/18/wows-isoroku-captain-mission-asia-only/
  10. I only got the CO from the Bronze bundle, no sign of the XOs.
  11. My biggest disappointment with all this is the flags only is available is the (overly expensive) gold packs. :(
  12. Yeah, I know, but honestly, I wouldn't put anything past the EU team these days. (admittedly I also stated it partly as a joke but as I am explaining that now it is no longer funny. *sighs* so sad.)
  13. nah they are probably telling themselves "This is the EU not Japan, so no one cares about some anime stuff, let's skip it altogether."
  14. ​More like we can mount flags and signals because those are viable in port.
  15. I tried that a few times it is interesting mechanic really, it mixes things up a bit. It very much favour US CV as oppose to IJN CV, because of the large fighter squadrons, since they can immediately turn around and engage/strafe back with devastating effect.