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  1. Why is this info only given after I spend the 30 euro on the ship yesterday? I dont need doubloons i have enough. Dont need the flags dont need the 10 point captain. So far I got all the free ships and the Missouri Mushahi Alaska kronstadt and Nelson. Come on WG this is not so cool!
  2. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    In my Vlog I also open the package with the price of the contest! The mailtime start at 02:54 and I open the package at 3:14
  3. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    Thanks!!! What a timing right on my Birthday! LOVE IT! Now i want the HMS Valiant in the game! 10x Double 4.5inch Dual purpose guns
  4. Victorbart

    Too late to spend my GNB Diamonds ?

    I shared it on facebook in week 2 and didn't got any diamonds for it..... I got the katori and tachibana for 600 diamonds. Fine ships and got delivered. from my last 300 diamonds 1 got a port slot, flags, and 3 days premium, But it wasn't delivered...... I like the contest but don't make mess of it. The crates are a good idea and fun. I played more then 500 battles for it to get my 900 score.
  5. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    To celebrate my victory I took the warspite for a spin! And did even better then my winning score + kraken It was a nice active battle all over the map.
  6. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    YESSSSSS!!!! THANKS I really love the warspite I have 787000 XP with it now. And a 16 skill captain. I played 336 battles with the ship so far and a 58% winrating. Allways fun the ship to play. And with the premium ship you never loose money even on a battle which didn't work out. The strength are the secondarys. So you don't need to use main battery guns for DD's. And you can fight 3 targets at the same time. Most time I play really aggressive with the warspite. I allmost never fall back in it. Always pushing! I had read about this contest on Jingles his facebook. But I was unlocking the 2 new ARP ships Done it in 1 day and 3 days . After that I took the warspite for this contest and had the 166k game! So I quickly looked up the contest and saw wait a minute this score is really good! let's send it in! And I won! We should keep a Warspite topic and continue the ranking like this. And keep trying to beat each other just for fun. So we are really motivated to play the warspite to it limits and get big scores! The ship has everything to be great.
  7. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    I uploaded my pictures to a site like IMGUR. And then put imageslinks on here. Nice result on your secondarys
  8. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    Not the best game in damage but 13661 secondary! We almost lost the match. I just captured cap A, Cap B + C was captured by the enemy. I was left with 4 carriers in the game out of reach. And enemy had big advantage in points! But both friendly carriers captured B and C! and just in time with enemy score of 987 So there scored was frozen and the carriers killed both enemy carriers I love this game!
  9. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    Nice scores. Long time ago I have had ones 25k secondary damage. I parked my ship in between a carrier and BB + shooting on a third ship with main battery.
  10. Victorbart

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    I think I just got my best warspite game to date in terms of damage.