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  1. katie111

    Team Damage requires better automatic system

    SERIOUSLY? He ran into one of your torps huh? He can do 30 kts maybe, your torps can do 50-60, WHO RAN INTO WHO again??!!! YOU ARE a team killer and should be branded as such, you dropped torps where it was clearly unsafe to do so. The torpedo is THE most damaging weapon in the game and should be treated with more respect, if you can't handle the penalty and cant take responsibility for your actions, DONT PLAY with them and stick to ships with guns! I am so sick of this "it wasnt my fault" attitude, its like what drunk drivers say "he just stepped out in front of me, wasnt my fault!" Man up and take responsibility for YOUR actions or stop playing the game.
  2. katie111

    How to solve teamkilling

    This teamkilling nonsense needs sorting out as people are just so careless about it because it simply DOESNT MATTER if their name changes colour!!! Who cares? It's like a badge of honer these days!! I was just teamkilled in a Ranked match, I was in the center in a Farragut spotting and engaging an enemy DD and or other DD, a Kamakaze R, decided to fire all 6 torps at the SAME SHIP I was shooting at! I was between two islands and had nowhere to go, 4 mins into the game and boom, ruined. His responce in chat? After asking TWICE what he thought he was doing he finally broke silence and said "I'm sorry you ran into my torps". This shows the mentality and the 'stuff happens' attitude and WG need to do something like Simon suggested to stop these idiots ruining a good game for the rest of us.
  3. katie111

    Has the training room gone now?

    Oh great, the only thing I found that I could use to practice and get better and WG help bugger it up!
  4. katie111

    Has the training room gone now?

    I saw a post by someone a cpl of weeks ago about the training room and got the modpack to use it, after the update, its gone and the updated modpack doesnt list it anymore, anyone know what happened?
  5. katie111

    Randomly place on map

    Because that would be daft, fleets sail in formation, thats what is supposed to be being replicated. What if you get an enemy DD spawn in the middle of your fleet?
  6. katie111

    Where is my Camo?

    How helpful but thanks for trying.
  7. katie111

    Where is my Camo?

    Started playing ranked, have got to rank 18, was going through the rewards and see I should have got 10 camo packs for clearing rank 21, I dont have any! Anyone know whats going on with that?
  8. katie111

    DDs STILL too dominant in ranked. Stop it.

    OMG, do you know what a massive douche you jus made yourself look like? wow, jus wow. well done
  9. katie111

    DDs STILL too dominant in ranked. Stop it.

    Then maybe the OP should have said "...... under rank 10" ????? Thats not what he said so thats not what we're talking about is it?
  10. katie111

    DDs STILL too dominant in ranked. Stop it.

    I cant believe that anyone who needs to complain about a certain ship type has the skill to reach rank 15.....
  11. katie111

    DDs STILL too dominant in ranked. Stop it.

    Where you get that from? I've played about half a dozen games so far, (only started ranked today) and only ONE had a DD as top player! The last game I just had, our BB ( a fuso ) was the top and our 1 DD was 2nd from last! Isnt it true to say ANY ship has a chance of coming top (so long as you cap and do reasonable damage)???
  12. katie111

    HELP! How can I be on the 'winning team'?

    Yea, what the hell, i'm always on the green team!!!
  13. katie111

    HELP! How can I be on the 'winning team'?

    Well, that made me smile at least!
  14. katie111

    HELP! How can I be on the 'winning team'?

    Thanks for the tips but I know that kind of thing. I know i'm not a great player and ive often 'sucked' myself but my point is, even when I do WELL, I loose and thats what you see in the stats. Look at this game from this evening, I capped first for the team as well, yet despite all that, I cant do anything about players who get half what the other teams lowest player gets can I? (oh and no im not, im MUCH better than my avatar! :p )